Ann's Boat Ride – Chp 2

Ann's Boat Ride – Chp 2

I don't know how long we'd been asleep when we all were woken up by a loud noise. I kept getting louder and louder and we all listened closer. Mr. Tacon said he thought it sounded like a helicopter. It did kinda sound like a helicopter landing on the the ship.
Then the sound slowly went away.
We all just kinda sat around waiting and I could tell from the look on Mia and Naomi's faces that they were wondering where there mother was and why she was still gone. The last image they had of her was running up the stairs as their father kept calling their mother a whore. We waited for awhile, surprised we'd been left alone so long. Mom was gathering her strength and I guess was trying to get my mind off everything and got behind me and offered to braid my hair. Not only had I not gotten to wash my hair in days, but mom didn't have a brush so I'm sure it wasn't one of her best french braid jobs. But it was relaxing and let us escape for a moment.
Then three men came in. They handcuffed Mr. Tacon and led him and Billy upstairs with them. They put the Naomi and Mia in the cell with me and mom.
A few minutes later Mrs. Sung Li and some of her men came down and started tying the four of us together. They handcuffed us together and led us out in a line as we heard what did turn out to be a helicopter lifting off. We saw it when they led us up to the deck. It was dark but could see it flying away. Then I noticed and nudged mom, we were just of the coast. I didn't know where, but I got excited just to see land. There were lights though. Just woods. And were still anchored several hundred yards off the shore. All of us still in or white robs, they led us over and put us in the same boat Mr. Tacon had hid a few days before. Mia and Naomi ran over and jumped in when they saw their mother sitting tied up in the boat in her white robe too.
We climbed in and Mrs. Sung Li and several of her men climbed in with us and started lowering the boat to the water. The cargo ship was enormous and it was a long way down. Mom asked, "Where are we?" but Mrs. Sung Li just answered, "No matter."
Once down, they untied the boat and cranked the small motor and started heading towards the shore.
We got out and walked up on the beach. It was a very dark night and we couldn't see hardly anything. From the sound, or lack of, we were obviously in the middle of nowhere, a deserted beach. The suddenly the headlights of two pickup trucks turned on and Mrs. Sung Li and her men led us to the trucks and put us in the back. The only lights we could see were the car lights, the stars, and the lights from the cargo ship anchored offshore. We pulled away and into the woods.
We were driving down what looked like a jeep trail. It was bumpy and we drove for probably ten of fifteen minutes until we pulled up to a small cottage style house over looking a beach. With the trucks idling they helped us out, lined us up, and untied us all. Then Mrs. Sung Li got out of the front of the truck and stood in front of us. She was smiling and I have to admit, that scared me.
But she just turned, pointed to the house, and said, "Welcome new home."
I was confused as I'm sure so was mom and Mrs. Vanessa and her two daughters.
"What?" mom asked.
Mrs. Sung Li smiled again, "Welcome new home. This were you stay now."
Mom immediately answered, "No….we stay at OUR home…..that's where you should take us…..this is enough, just take us home."
Mrs. Sung Li shook her head, "No…you stay here or you sleep on ground."
Mom hesitated, but Mrs. Vanessa took Mia and Naomi and started heading up the small hill to the front door. Mom wouldn't give up but I knew it was no use, so I took her hand and silently led her and followd Mrs. Vanessa inside. Mrs. Sung Li and her men started piling back in the trucks and just before the five of us went inside she said, "You on island. No use trying leave. No where to go."
Then they left and I led mom inside.
The house had no electricity, but there were candles lit throughout the house. We all took a quick tour of the house, but as soon as mom found a bed, she and I laid down and tried to rest and maybe have some pleasent dreams.

The next morning the sun shining in through the window woke me up. Mom wasn't in the bed with me though so I got up to look for her. It didn't take me long; she was sitting out on the back patio that over look the beach. I walked out and looked around. Now that the sun was up we could see where they'd brought us. I was a beautiful, but frightening place; there were no signs of anyone else anywhere around. We could see a long way in both directions down the beach.
Not long after I got up, Mrs. Vanessa got up and walked out on the deck with us. She sat down with us, not saying a word just looking around. It was paradise had we not been forced to be there. After the twins got up they came out and joined us and sat in their mothers lap.
We all sat silently, all probably wondering what was going to happen and how long we'd be there. Then Naomi got up and went back inside she started looking through the kithcen seeing what there was too eat, if anything. She wasn't gone long when she came back, "Mom, there's food in there….alot!"
We all got up and hurried inside. There was a wood burning stove in the kitchen and her mom told us, "Why don't you girls go down and get us some water to boil and maybe wash up, I'm sure you'd love to rinse off some."
But then my mom immediately said, "Yeah, I'll go with 'em though………I still don't trust this island."
It was a short walk to the water and mom put our bucket for water down and hesitantly looked around. She slipped her robe off and quickly eased out into the water naked. We had to do the same, we had no bathing suits, we had no clothes period other than the robes we had on.
Mom made it a quick bathe and didn't say a word the entire time, just looking around, still not trusting that no one else was around.
She eased out first and quickly put her robe back on and then handed us ours as we got out. We got a bucket full of water to boil and hurried back up to the house.
The breakfast we had that morning definitely wasn't the best I'd ever had, but at the time I thought it was since it'd been so long since a real meal. The rest of the day we just anxiously waited around the house, almost expecting something bad to happen. But it didn't.
The next morning I got up and I found mom out on the beach sitting by herself. I walked out and joined her. I sat down close and cuddled up with her. We sat and talked. She kept apologizing for getting us into this but I continually told her it wasn't her fault.
After everyone got up and we ate some breakfast and then Mrs. Sung Li showed up with her men.
Thankfully they brought us all sandals and though they didn't fit us all, it helped as we started walking farther inland through the junglelike woods. We'd been walking about an ten minutes when the jungle opened up into a large field. There was a large building and we quickly realized it was a small airport. It looked abandoned though. The large airplane hanger was all rusted over and the runway had grass growing up through it. Niether had been used in some time it seemed.
Mrs. Sung Li led us out into the field telling us it was an old World War 2 runway used by the Japanese. As we got closer to the hanger we could hear a large crowd inside. We followed them in. I'd never been in an airplane hanger before, it was huge. Out in the middle was a large crowd of people cheering, watching two men in a ring boxing. Actually they were fighting, no gloves, and both men, very bloody. It was mostly men in the crowd but there were a few women and some of them paid us attention as we followed Mrs. Sung Li and her men in and sat on the back row of chairs.
Frightened, we watched as the two men went at it in the ring. It was a gruesome fight.
Then suddenly one of the men went to the floor and the crowd went nutts. He was out cold.
Several men came and drug his bloody limp body out of the ring and into a room in the back.
Then it calmed down for a moment.
But then the crowd suddenly started cheering again. We looked around see what everyone was yelling about and then saw a man leading in two women. They were both in bikinis. They climbed up in the ring and we could see them better. They were both very beautiful, both long blonde hair, both had very large breast. The crowd kept cheering. Then they both looked at each other giggling and then stripped naked. The crowd errupted. The quickly got down on their knees and started making out. The crowd got louder and louder and soon the two naked women were getting down on the matte of the ring. They got situated into what I found out later was a 69 position. I looked away embarrassed to be there having to witness this.
The two women stayed in the ring pleasuring each other in front of the crowd for probably twenty minutes.
Then the got up and waived to the crowd and then climbed down out of the ring. We watched them go seperate ways out into the crowd as men grabbed at their naked bodies. The women just giggled. One of them came over close to us and sat in the lap of a large older black man. I watched her as she started smiling, rubbing on his crotch. The crowd was still cheering loud.
Then this guy got up in the ring and got on a microphone. He started asking for Mrs. Sung Li. When she got up, she motioned for the twins' mom, Mrs. Vanessa. Two of the men took their mom and led her up in the ring with Mrs. Sung Li. As her daughters started crying, once they had Mrs. Vanessa in the ring they got her down on her hands and knees and started tying her wrists to the lower rope around the ring. Then the two men left her alone on the stage with Mrs. Sung Li. The crowd was quiet in anticipation, it was sickening. Then Mrs. Sung Li pulled a large dufflebag into the ring. Then she pulled Mia and Naomi's mom's robe off, stripped her naked in front of the large cheering crowd. She tossed it aside and then quickly pulled out of the bag an enormous black rubber dildo that when the crowd saw it made them errupt. She was smiling as Mrs. Vanessa teared up. There was a suction cup on the base of it and Mrs. Sung Li enticed the crowd even more when she slammed it down on the ring floor. It was standing up on its on, right behind Mrs. Vanessa. She was still tied to the bottom rope and on her knees, her behind raised up and her breasts pressing down against the matte. It was enormous, it was standing up and was taller (higher) than Mrs. Vanessa's raised behind who was still on her knees trying to look back and see it. She looked terribly frightened.
Mrs. Sung Li put some lubricant on it and then started rubbing Mia and Naomi's mom's pussy with the end of it. Then she started pushing it in. The crowd errupted but I could still her Mrs. Vanessa cry out. Mrs. Sung Li still pushed even more in her. It was a terrifying sight, I don't know how it wasn't killing her. She she started pushing it in and out of their mom. The crowd got louder and louder as Mrs. Vanessa was fucked harder and harder. Mia and Naomi were crying out for them to stop, but no one listened.
Then to make it even worse, the twins and I had to watch as Mrs Sung Li suddenly pulled it out of their mother and started trying to push it in her other place. Yes that place. Mrs. Vanessa screamed in pain as Mrs. Sung Li shoved the huge montrosity in Mrs. Vanessa's ass. Mom tried to console the crying, panicing twins but it wasn't helping, they could still hear the screams from their mother. I kept watching though. I watched as the ring soon started to fill with men climbing in from the crowd. Each on coming up slapping and grabbing at Mrs. Vanessa's raised behind. Soon the ring was full of people surrounding her and we couldn't even see her anymore. I just hung my head, thinking, this is never going to end.
Then Mrs. Sung Li's men took mom and I and the twins and led us back outside. Mia and Naomi were fighting with them, screaming, "Don't leave our mother here……you bastards…..leave her alone…"
We were led back to the house and were left alone, just the four of us, but no Mrs. Vanessa. The twins were going into shock and my mother laid in bed with them trying to console them. I fell asleep with the sounds of my mother trying to calm them. No telling what their mother was going through.

The next morning Mrs. Vanessa still wasn't back. Mia and Naomi were quiet and somber. They stayed in bed all day and mom and I didn't bother them. Mom cooked something that night but they wouldn't eat. I felt sorry for them. My mother had been being put through the same torture, but this was worse for them. We let them sleep alone that night and then the next morning we were all awoken from their mother coming in. They jumped up immediately hugger her, but she looked completely exhausted and just collapsed onto the bed and slept the better part of the day. That evening Mrs. Sung Li shows up with her men and two women. The women were tied up and she told us they'd be staying with us. They'd obviously been kidnapped too.
After Mrs. Sung Li and her men left, the two women, Vicky and Judy, took us all in another room and shut the door. They quietly started telling us that they were federal agents and that they were undercover. They assured us the torture was about to stop and that we'd be going home. We just had to wait one more night.
That night I couldn't sleep at all. I was so excited and relieved to finally be getting to go home. None of us slept I think.
Early the next morning just as the sun was coming up, Officer Vicky and Judy led us out to the beach were there was two dozen more officers all dressed in black with machines waiting beside three small boats. They loaded us in one boat and drove us off the beach. We watched as the rest of the soliders snuck onto the island. We waited several hundreds yards off the beach.
A few minutes later we started hearing gunfire, then a coastguard boat came around the bend of the island heading straight forward us. We'd been rescued. I was in shock I was so happy. They wrapped us up in blankets gave us water and I knew then that that was the end of this horrible situation.

It was nearly a week before we finally made it home and friends and family were in Houston waiting. We'd been held captive for over three weeks. Those sickos were going to jail for a very long time. Everyone was tremendous, bringing us food, presents, anything and everything. Both mom and I were put into therapy and both of us realized it was probably a good thing. One session a week just for me, one session just her, and one session a week together with the psychatrist. Mom and Mrs. Vanessa exchanged numbers, but due to the fact that not only did they live in Atlanta and we lived in Houston, but also the fact that mom thought it best we seperate from them to keep from bad memories not going away, we just hugged and said our goodbyes at the airport.
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