Another Page In My Diary

Another Page In My Diary

The weather was on the breezy side, but other than that it was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon, with pleasant sunshine warming things up. I was looking forward to things hotting up later in the evening. My boyfriend was expected today and I had come to work in a daze. My mind was full of being with him. He had gone on a month-long trip and I just couldn't wait for him to be back. Strangely it was the last two days that seemed the most difficult!! Chatting on the internet is all very well, but it can't ever substitute the real thing. The warmth of his body, his hands all over me, making me feel so wanted.

I parked my bike and got to my office. I was on the third floor – it is a pretty office with a lot of glass windows and flowery curtains. The place had been originally intended for a gym, but the owner changed his mind at the last minute and let it out to the office. It is a largish room, bright and cheerful. There is a window which traverses almost half a wall and looks out onto the road; this even has a built in ledge where one can sit and gaze out at the traffic and passersby. Its very quiet most of the time, since ours is a liaison office and we do not have any visitors normally. So I am by myself most of the time.

Today, I feel totally on edge. Its amazing what anticipation of something exciting can do to one's state of mind. My boyfriend and I get along very well as good friends as well – we have a lot of basic things in common in terms of attitude and I feel quite secure in the relationship… well, fun is always guaranteed! even the arguements always end in 'making up. We get very physical!!! very very physical that invariably ends in the clothes off kind!

It is almost lunchtime… and as I contemplate the evening coming up, I am quite excited at the thought of meeting him again. My mind wanders. I decide to have lunch after a few minutes… am distracted by the trees outside the huge windows… as they sway in the breeze. Its so peaceful. I lean forward to rest my elbows on the windowsill and gaze at the far distance. The far off noise of the traffic lulls me into a comfortable state of mind. I hear a soft sound. And then the click of the door. Locked.

My heartbeat accelerates. Steadily. I can smell him. My favorite cologne. I feel him approach me from behind. I smile to myself. His arms go around me. Gently. At the waist. Hands sliding down to lift my skirt. Something clever about crepe skirts, so approachable. I was wearing one on purpose. I hear a sudden intake of breath. It must be because I am not wearing any panties. I can actually sense the slow smile. His hand moves up to caress my breast, under my short tank top. Ah, another surprise. No bra. It's the kind of crushed material that hide my alert nipples. As his thumb and forefinger roll one nipple, his other hand is finding its way down to my navel, playing with it. All this while, not a word. The only sounds are far off outside sounds. Then, his hands approaches my clit. He takes his hand off my breast and lifts one of my legs by the knee, to place it on the ledge by the window. I am still bent over with my elbows on the sill. His fingers find my cunt, now trickling, wet… he rubs it… spreading the wetness over my clit… I moan, more like a deep breath.

The sound of a zip being undone. A slight shuffle. Something nudging my back. Hot. Slightly wet. He holds his cock to rub it against the crack of my butt cheeks… then under… against my cunt. Wet sloppy sounds. His arm reaches for my clit from the front to rub my clit… rubbing it in a circular motion steadily… still bent forward, i stick out my ass, as if searching for his cock… then i feel a sudden thrust into my cunt… he slowly inserts the head of his cock in… out… then in a bit more… and out… each time a little deeper. We are breathing heavily now. He increases the rhythm… and soon we're panting. And not a word spoken so far!! Body language! Now he's thrusting into me hard, waiting to cum. Am almost there too… watching the scenery through glazed eyes. And then we're ready to expode. We do! He stays in me, pulling me close, caressing my breasts as I lay my head back on his shoulder. I can hear the drumming of his heartbeat. I can feel him slip out gently. He turns me around. He has a big smile on. Our lips meet. We kiss passionately. Pull apart. Sighhhh! He adjusts his clothing, packing that sexy cock in. I just slump back on the ledge. He picks up his backpack, brushes his lips with mine, mouthing see you later and lets himself out.

Thats what I love about him. So demonstrative. I feel the emptiness of his absence. I can't wait to finish with work. I plan to do a little shopping later before i meet him.

The afternoon goes by in a haze, with me finishing my routine stuff. Luckily its not one of those SOS kind of days when new things keep cropping up.

Come 4.30 pm, am on edge again. I start my bike, and head for the nearest superstore. I buy jam, baby oil, a can of condensed milk and some cigarettes. I just love it when he does strange motifs on my body with the condensed milk and jam. Smile. Or rather, grin!! The best part comes later, of course.

I am out of the superstore. My knees feel slightly wobbly as I fantasize of the evening ahead. I was originally supposed to meet him where he was staying after work, but am so glad he surprised me earlier by dropping by! As I park at the hotel lot, am excited. I barely recall the motions of going through the hotel reception to his room on the fifth floor. I am approaching his door now. As I am about to knock, it swings open and I am grabbed into his arms as the door clicks shut. We are all over each other. I suddenly notice he's only wearing a towel and I swish it off. Oh yes, he IS pleased to see me! He lifts me on to the corner of the bed, raising my legs to rest my ankles on his shoulders as he enters me in one swift movement with no preamble. Hardly a problem, as I am sopping wet already. We fuck hard and quick to an almost three minute climax. We cum together. He bends to raise me off the bed, and carrying me, settles himself against the propped up pillows, with me astride him. We kiss. He's a fantastic kisser. His hands are inside my top, feeling my nipples. We pull apart and I raise my arms to get my top off. I can feel his cock slipping out of my dripping cunt, and I decide its a good idea to get out of my skirt too. He bundles my clothes and sends them to the sofa. He suggests lighting up a cigarette. We're smoking. Ready to talk. There's lots to share… and time to have some coffee as well.

After the coffee, I get up and stretch and look at him and wink. He says: someone is mightly horny today! and I reply "its YOU!" He laughs… and coming up behind me, stands, both palms on my mound… rubbing it in an upward motion lazily. He slowly spreads my asscheeks, parking his cock along the crack, slowly rocking. He uses his middle finger to rub and press at my clitoris. Now he uses his thumb on it, with his fingers stroking the sides… up and down… and I can feel the precum from his cock lubricating the crack of my ass. I want more. I try to feel for the head of his cock, the hot point against me… my cunt's looking for it, as I bend to ease it in.

I am very wet now. He inserts two fingers into my cunt as I flex. He bends his fingers slightly, rotating them, touching the insides of my cunt, still thumbing my clit. He shifts one hand to my breast, squeezing, pinching my nipple gently. I squeal, turn my head towards him, sucking at my lips, standing on my toes. He spreads my legs a little, lifting my ass up, driving his cock in deep into my cunt, whispering 'i want you' in my ear. He holds me at the hip, moving his cock in and out with a steady rhythm. He shifts his hands to my shoulders now, pulling me towards him as he fucks me, telling me he can feel the silky wetness of my juices on his cock. He's moving faster and faster now, and reaching down, touches my clit again.

He tells me he loves to feel his balls slap against my ass. My eyes are closed, seeing him in my mind very clearly, smelling him. My tits are jiggling, and we're sweating, our bodies slick against each other. His arms are around me, his hand vigorously stroking my clit, feeling me shiver. I push back at him with force. I can almost feel his balls contract as I begin to scream silently in my head. I am cumming, and I can feel the rush in his cock. He shoots, deep inside me. I shudder again with the sheer feel of it. He does not stop. He just keeps going straight on till his cum oozes out of me and drips on the floor. He pulls out gently and I surprise him by grabbing it. I suck it. Taking it in deep, just the way he likes it. As if I am sucking it empty. I play with the tip, licking the sensitive point there. He twitches, holding my hair, smiling down at me. I suck it some more, moving back and forth… and then, he touches me… pulling me up against him. We start to kiss slowly, lovingly. I just cant seem to have enough of him!!

We decide to shower together. I just love it when we fuck against the tiles there. We get into the stall together and turn the water on. I lather his back with the loofah and rub my nipples against his back, slipping with the soap. I reach around to hold his now erect again cock and rub it, stroke it. As i warm up, I realise he wants my mouth on it… I get around him and slowly take the head in my mouth as he turns off the shower. I tease the tip of his cock with my tongue and then suck the head. Slowly and firmly. I hold the base of his cock with one hand, while my other plays with his balls. I now start moving my mouth back and forth on his cock, taking in an inch at a time, increasing the rhythm. His hands play with my hair. I start moving faster, fucking his cock with my mouth. Then I feel his balls beginning to contract ever so slightly, and I feel the rush of his cum starting up in his cock. I drink up some of him… while I let some spurt on my breasts. I smear it around and lick my fingers one by one. He pulls me up and hugs me close, as he turns the water on again in the shower. We let the water flow, savoring the feel of each other.

We are out of the shower now, wrapped in towels. He dries himself. I take out the condensed milk tube and jam from my bag. He smiles, watching. Then gently pulls me close and with the towel off, starts patting me dry. I feel the heat of his body, freshly rubbed. Then he lays me down on the bed, with my ass close to the edge, spreading my legs. He takes the tube of condensed milk and draws a circle around each of my nipples. He draws a line with it from under my breasts, with the lines meeting in a V at my navel. He makes a circle with it. He zigzags to my pubic mound. He now takes the jam and puts a little dollop of it on each nipple. A little on the navel. Now he smears a bit around my pubis, making an imaginary string bikini. We laugh. He sets aside the jam and milk, and spreads my legs wide. He uses his fingers to spread my lips open, and flicks my clit with his tongue in short quick movements. I am on fire with the slow teasing. He inserts a finger in me, moving it in and out in the wetness. He begins to suck my lips and clit alternately, as my clit hardens. He knows I love it when he goes down on me. I can feel the inner trembling inside my thighs. I want more. He tongue fucks me now, putting it in as deep as he can. The milk and jam begin to slightly melt on my body now. He holds one breast and comes up to lick the jam off. He rubs my clit with the tip of his cock, faster now, as he knows I love to climax that way. He's suckling my breast at the same time. As he feels me beginning to orgasm, he thrusts in me quickly and rams me hard. His hands are squeezing my sticky breasts. He fucks me for a full ten minutes, holding back every time he is about to cum, to prolong our pleasure. I love it. Then just as I am about to begin floating, he cums inside me with deep long thrusts. He lays back on me. Both of us are spent, for the moment.

After a few minutes, he licks me off slowly right from my chin down. While his mouth is sucking and licking, his hands are gently playing with my cunt. Bringing me to yet another orgasm as he vigorously sucks my nipple. My heart is thudding hard. I can never seem to get enough of this man. He kisses me hard and lingeringly, and we get back to the shower to wash our bodies off.

Seems strange to be getting dressed now, but we have to attend a party. There is always later. I guess I'll have to save the baby oil for the morning. We have until 11 am. And I think if we are up (that is, if we sleep) by 7 am, thats a good three hours.

Watch out for the next page in my diary!!

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