Aunt Ruth 1

Aunt Ruth 1

Aunt Ruth 1

I arrived in St. Paul about two thirty and met my Aunt Ruth. She gave me a big hug and I noticed how gaunt she looked and her eyes had dark circles under her eyes. Her steely dark hair had a sprinkling of gray. She was four years younger than my mother but looked older. My Uncles sickness was taking its toll. “Would you like to see your Uncle Al before we go home?” I said “Yes” When we arrived at the hospital she told me Al does not look the same as when I last saw him. I was not prepared for what I saw. My Uncle looked like a skeleton with skin pulled over it. He was down to 110 lbs. from 280. He said hello in a very weak voice. It almost made me sick. He was a man when I last saw him, 6’6’’ 280lbs. He was a street cop on the downtown beat. My Aunt said he was one of the best liked cops on the force and everyone on his beat loved him. I couldn’t stay there very long and excused myself and went out to the waiting room until my Aunt finished visiting. I never went back to see him. I wanted to remember the old Uncle Al.

We arrived at her place a little past six. Her sister-in-law Edith who lived next door greeted us. She was baby sitting Ruth’s three kids. Ted eight and his sister Susan six, were adopted. The youngest Karen was fourand was Al & Ruth’s child. Edith was tall like her brother Al, almost six feet. She had flaming red hair and freckles all over her face. What I could see of her skin was the color of milk. She was dressed in this long pink dress laced up to her neck and went down to her ankles. She was slender but you could see in spite of the dress that she had an ample chest and what looked like a nice ass. She was a true Swede, accent and all. We shook hands and I found she had a very firm hand shake.

That night I met her husband Albert. He was quite a contrast to her. About 5’ 10” and slender of build. He had a soft almost feminine voice, but a real nice guy. The next several days Ruth showed me the business in the basement. They had a lino-type machine, a small printing press, similar to ones we had in school, a paper cutter and lots of type. She showed me how to emboss the small jewelry boxes and showed me all the back orders that needed to get done right away. There was a door in the middle of the basement wall. Aunt Ruth said Al had cut it in so they would have access to his sister’s place from down there. The building was a double. Aunt Ruth’s was a three bedroom one & a half baths and Edith’s side had two bedrooms & one and a half baths.

When I arrived it was Early March, there was snow all over the ground. After I had been there a couple of weeks I decided to go to a movie. My Aunt dropped me off on the way to the hospital, and told me what street cars to take home. I got out about ten because it was a double feature. I waited at the street car stop and was it cold. The weather had dropped from about 29 degrees to below zero. Being from California I was not dressed for that kind of cold. I had a heavy leather jacket, Levis. And tennis shoes. I started shivering and then began having convulsions. Finally the street car came and I was so glad it was heated. We were about three blocks from Aunt Ruth’s house and I was just starting to thaw out when a drunk slammed into the street car and knocked it off the track. The conductor said it would take at least an hour before they could get another car out there, so I walked home. I don’t think I have ever been that cold before or sense.

For the next fiveweeks I worked about ten hours a day filling those back orders. The third day Edith came down to the basement and asked me if I would like to have lunch at her place. She said she was fixing the kids some lunch and thought I might like to have some too. I said “That would be very nice.” We ended up talking for about two hours. I said “I better get back to work” and she said “yes” and “she had better put the kids down for their nape.” Edith took care of the kids while Ruth was at the hospital and I worked in the basement. I had lunch with her every afternoon. I loved talking to her. Even though she didn’t work she was a college graduate.

One day I finished early and decided I would go back up and talk to Edith while the kids were napping. I knocked but got no answer so I tried the door and it was open. I walked in and called her name. Still no answer, I walked up stairs and looked in the bedroom and the kids were sound asleep. I knocked on her bedroom door and still nothing. I peeked in but no one was there. I went back down stairs and decided she must be in the back yard.

As I passed the basement door I heard a soft moan. The door was ajar so I peeked in. I couldn’t see anything but the light was on downstairs. I creped half way down the stairs and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was Edith sitting on a table with her dress pulled up to her chest and her panties were lying on the floor. She had her knees wide open and this guy had his face buried in her pussy. She had a red bush with freckles on her legs. She was moaning and just then she reared her butt off the table and I could tell she was coming. I got hard immediately. I started rubbing my dick through my pants and undid my buttons on my Levi’s and took my cock out. I started beating my meat right there on the stairs. She reached down and grabbed the guys head and shoved it into her cunt and came again. I started to cum and must have made a little moan because she looked up. I turned and ran up the stairs. I went back to the house and down to the basement and began fussing around. I couldn’t get the image of that beautiful pussy out of my mind so I went back up stairs and watched her front porch thru the window. After about forty minuets this young guy not much older than me came out of the house and walked up the street. I saw him go into a house at the end of the block.

I went back down stairs and started to work on some business card orders. I heard the basement door that is between the two units open. I pretended that I didn’t hear her. I kept running the business cards on the press. She stood behind me for the longest time. I could smell her perfume a faint whiff of Jasmine. My heart was racing when finally as I stopped the press she said “Bob” I pretended to be startled but I was shaking. She said, “I know you were on the stairs watching us. I said “I don’t know what you are talking about, but I couldn’t look her in the eye. She said “don’t lie to me because I saw you.” “My husband is a wonderful man and I love him, but he is not very sexually active. I have a lot more needs than he does” she went on. I looked up at her for the first time and said, “How long has that been going on.” She said “it doesn’t matter does it?” “I guess not” I said. “What do you want to do about it? “I promise not to tell anyone, but watching you I got so horny, and every time I’m near you I seem to get a hard on. For the first time she smiled and at me and said again, “I'll ask you again, what would you like to do about it. My heart was racing and I could hardly get my breath. I blurted out, “I want to see you naked and do what he was doing to you, and than I want to fuck you.” I couldn't seem to breathe.

She began to undress right there in front of me slowly. Her dress dropped to the floor and she undid her bra and let it slide to the floor. Her breasts were like cantaloupes but snow white with freckles all over her body. She bent over and slid her panties off and stepped out of them and stood there. There before my eyes was this tall older women with those long legs that formed a "Y" and at the top was this magnificent clump of red hair and a flat stomach just tstanding there. Her bright red nipples were erect. I thought my cock was going to jump out of my pants it was so hard. I reached out and slid my hands up along the out side of her arms and I felt her tremble. I took my hands and gently ran them over those beautiful tits, rubbing my thumbs over her ruby red nipples. My knees almost buckled I was so excited. I drew her to me and kissed her full on the mouth letting my tongue inter and explore her mouth. She hungrily returned my kiss. I reached down between her legs and began to explore the lips of her pussy. I rubbed the out side of her gently and then inserted two of my fingers. I heard her give a low moan, almost a growl. I rubbed just inside her lips up to her clit. To my surprise it was larger than most, about the size of a match stick. I rubbed first the underside of her clit and than the sides. She pressed against my fingers and I could feel her legs shaking as she came.

I reinserted my fingers and began to slowly finger fuck her. Her pussy was starting to salivate and her juices flowed. I took my thumb and lightly massaged her clit. She grabbed me around the ass and pulled me tightly to her and she said Oh my godddddd, and came all over my fingers. She collapsed to her knees and she held her head against my crotch and her arms around my waste. I could feel her vibrate as she came again. After about five minuets she raised her head and undid my jeans. As she looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes she pulled my pants and shorts off. My cock was standing at full attention, so hard it hurt. She kissed it and ran her tongue down the inside of my shaft and than up to the tip, licking and running her tongue over the top. She then put my entire cock into her mouth until her lips were against my balls. She held it there for maybe a half a minuet. I could feel her throat constricting and un-constricting, like she was lightly milking my cock. I almost came. I tried thinking about sharks biting my balls to keep my mind off the sensation I was feeling. (Like I said in my first story I had a 31 year old woman teach me things, including control that would normally take you 10/20 years to learn on your own. But I had not been laid since the train ride here which was six weeks ago.

She began to move her head, back & forth, easing my cock in and out of her very worm mouth. I felt my balls bulging inside my sack. I tried oh how I tried to hold off but I just couldn’t. She felt so good so I reached down and pulled her head to me and came. I could feel it hit the back of her throat. She coughed or gagged once and then began to swallow all that I had to offer. six weeks of stored up cum came flowing out of me into her lovely long throat. I just stood there letting everything drain out of me and my legs started shaking so I knelt down and took her in my arms kissing her deeply. I could taste the aftermath of my love offering.

It seemed like a long time but was really only five or ten minuets when I helped her up; and led her over to an old army cot that my Uncle kept in the basement so he could rest when he was working down here. She laid down on the cot as I moved to the other end spreading her legs and eased up to her honey spot. I kissed the inside of her leg, running my tongue up from her knee to the edge of her pussy, then across her pussy flicking her clit as I went to the other side of her leg and kissing and licking down to the inside of the other leg to her knee, giving it a tickle. I moved back up to her pussy and as I leaned into that dark red hair I could smell that faint trace of Jasmine. I ran my tongue up the inside of her full pussy lips and again lightly flicked her clitoris. She moaned and lifted up her ass forcing my face into that mass of hair. I inserted my tongue into her very hot cunt; slowly scooping her love juice’s up to the top of her pussy and then sucking it all into my mouth. My tongue rolled first on the underside of her clit and then I would slide in a circular motion around it, and then I began to suck her clit. Lightly at first as I slipped two fingers into her and searched for her “G” spot that some women have. Just as I found it she came and shoved her ass up trying to drive my fingers further into her.

As I sucked on her clit and rubbed that “G” spot she started moaning and raising her ass up and down, higher and higher. I felt her spot begin to harden and I new she was close to the big one. I increased my sucking and stroking and she virtually screamed, Ohhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhh shit, oh my godddddddd and grabbed my head and buried it into her pussy. I opened my mouth and let that liquid come pouring into it and over my face chin and chest. I tried to swallow it all but it was just over powering. She had her ass pushed up high as she continued to cum. She was shaking and moaning and seemed like she couldn’t quit shaking & coming, when suddenly she just collapsed in a faint.

We laid there exhausted for about ½ hour before finally sitting up. She just looked at me. Finally shaking her head she smiled and said she had never experienced anything like that in her whole life. “If you can do that to me every time I may never want to give you up,” she said. I smiled and said “maybe not every time but I think I can come close.” She got up and walked to the basement door and said I better go check on the kids. I walked over and gave her a big kiss and hug and as she closed the door I said “same time tomorrow?” She whispered, Ya, you betcha, and the door closed. She didn’t lock it.
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