Away From The Home: Weekend

Away From The Home: Weekend

Harry had turned 74 years old the next time that Sharon saw him. It had been over 4 months since the last time they had been together and almost got caught by his daughter Wendy they were going to meet up the next month but Harry’s wife was not well and so he didn’t go out that time and a week later Sharon had met a guy who took her out and as the weeks went by she became rather fond of him. His name was Pete and he was more her age at 28 year’s old.

Sharon had been in contact with Harry and told him all about Pete, Harry was a little disappointed that he wouldn’t be seeing Sharon anymore but was happy she had found someone she really seemed to like.

So things went well for a month or two for Sharon and Pete, she kept in contact with Harry at the Home, calling him and he her, she’d tell him about how things were, especially the time that that Pete had, had her in bed 6 times in one day, both a had a bit of a joke about it.

Its was after the third month that she’d not seen Harry that things went wrong with Pete, for some reason that to this day Sharon doesn’t know things changed, Pete changed more to the point it was alter that month that she ended things with him.

“Harry, I have ended it with Pete” Sharon said down the phone

“Really what happened?” Harry asked concerned but deep down a little happy to hear the news.

Sharon told Harry all about the split and what had happened with Pete, Harry lending a sympathetic ear, which Sharon knew he would and was glad for.

“Can I see you this month then? I’ve really missed our meet ups” Sharon said with a cheeky giggle, it was true she had missed Harry. Pete was good in bed but she had longed to have Harry’s big cock in her again on some nights with Pete, she had even imagined it was Harry not him with her on a few occasions.

“Sure we can meet up again, to be honest I have missed seeing you too” Harry said, inside bubbling at the prospect of seeing his young lover again for the first time in months “I will call you in a few days I have to arrange a few things before I can let you know when we can meet up”

“Ok but you make sure to call me I really can’t wait to meet up again Harry” Sharon said with a laugh, she felt her pussy begin to moisten again just thinking about having Harry again.

It was a week later before Sharon heard the phone go, picking it up with a hello she heard Harry’s voice and smiled

“Its sorted, how would you like to spend a weekend away with me in the country side?” Sharon was lost for words as she heard what Harry just asked but it didn’t take long for her to say “Yes!”

“Ok don’t sound too eager” Harry laughed and Sharon giggled “Don’t worry about anything, I will pay for everything all I need you to do is drive us there and back if you can, I’ll pay the petrol too” Sharon agreed with that and it was sorted, Sharon would pick Harry up at the car park near the park and then they would drive to the house that Harry had rented for the weekend.

Sharon couldn’t stop thinking about the weekend away right up until the day, at night she dreamed about it, a whole weekend with Harry, just the two of them, no one to disturb them she couldn’t wait to get there.

“Got everything you need?” Harry asked after giving Sharon a kiss on the cheek as she got out of her car and greeted him

“Yep its all in my suitcase in the boot, here let me take yours” Sharon took Harry’s bag from him and put it in the boot alone side hers “There we go, so you all set for the weekend?” she smiled happily

“Sure am, I have the directions here” Harry handed over a piece of paper with the direction on and Sharon took a look at them smiling as she went through, it was the first time she’d found out where they were going, it was going to be a 3 hour trip south for them to North Yorkshire, the place there were staying was a little country getaway that was very secluded, or so Harry had told her.

“Right lets get going” Sharon said as she got in the driving seat and waited for Harry to get in the car too, seatbelts on she started the car and began to drive.

“All my friends think I’m on a work course this weekend” Sharon smiled as she briefly looked over at Harry, they were on the motor way now and traveling at a nice speed

“I made arrangements at the Home and told Angela I was going with a friend I had made to the countryside for a weekend to celebrate my seventy-fourth and his seventieth birthday” Harry said with a smile, Sharon giggled

“I didn’t know I was seventy this weekend” she laughed “I’m looking really good for my age!” Harry laughed and put his hand on Sharon’s leg as she drove, rubbing her thigh a little, she felt flushed, just his touch made her feel aroused.

“You sure are looking good for your age Sharon” Harry smiled and winked at her, which made her smile too.

“God I can’t believe we have the whole weekend together!” Sharon said excited as she got out of the car and looked around at the tree’s surrounding the cottage that Harry had rented for them, it was very nice looking and the sun was just going down a tiny bit, it reminded Sharon of where she had lived most of her life in Cornwall before moving to the North of England.

“Yes this place is ours until we go back Sunday night, that means we have the rest of today all tomorrow and until 3pm Sunday together” Harry said as he got the suitcases out of the boot of Sharon’s car. It was Friday night about 9: 45pm when they had arrived.

“Well then we should get inside then I think” Sharon winked and like her lips before smiling and laughing, Harry laughed too and got the key out of his pocket where he had kept it all day since it arrived from the owner’s who he had rented the cottage from.

“Oh Ohhh Ohhhhhhhhh!” Sharon called out as Harry’s cock thrust into her, she was on her back with her legs pulled up against her chest resting over Harry’s shoulders as he had his cock deep inside her pussy his balls rested on her ass and slapping against it as he thrust hard and fast into her.

Harry had missed the feeling of Sharon’s tight pussy over the last 4 months but with a weekend together he was going to make up for it starting now. Sharon arched her back as she felt the thick cock throb inside her pussy, she was still amazed at how much Harry stretched her when he thrust his cock into her body, it was the most intense thing she’d felt and she loved every moment each time they were together.

“God you seem bigger!” Sharon moaned as she made a tiny thrust back at Harry as he fucked her pussy roughly with his cock the sound of their skin slapping together filling the room along with the pleasure filled moans of the young woman below Harry.

Smiling Harry gripped the sheets on the bed and really pushed his cock deep into Sharon, with her legs on her chest he had much more room to get deep penetration and was making full use of it now, much to both their delight. A moan escaped both Harry and Sharon’s lips as Harry’s cock went deeper then Sharon had felt it before, she felt so stretched and full from the extra depth that her lover was getting in this position.

A big orgasm washed through Sharon’s body, her back tried to arch but she couldn’t really move how she was laid with Harry’s old body on her own, her pussy did tighten really tightly though, Harry could feel it and the extra wetness drove him wild too, but he held off Cumming in her for a while longer yet.

Harry thrust hard into his young lover, he could feel his balls swing and hit her ass each time it brought him closer to orgasm too, Sharon’s voice was going very high by now, she could feel her pussy getting so wet she thought that Harry may slip out but she could still feel the width and length of his cock pounding into her, it drove her into another orgasm, her mouth open she let out a silent scream and dug her fingers into her own thighs so much she drew a little blood her orgasm was so intense.

The violent orgasm Sharon had drove Harry over the edge too, his cock erupted inside her and a torrent of 4 months of pent up sperm shot out into Sharon’s tight gripping pussy, she smiled knowing what was to come, another deep filling that she’d be feeling all night probably but she didn’t care, Sharon just wanted to feel his cum shoot into her, there was something special about feeling Harry’s cum fill her pussy and she was loving every second until he finally withdrew. Sharon as normal went to the bathroom and tried to get all the cum out before she went back to the bedroom and got under the sheet with Harry as they settled off to sleep, it was now nearly 11pm and they had had a long day.

Sharon couldn’t explain it but Harry seemed to be better then she’d remembered and bigger too, in her mind she joked it must be the extra year he’d put on since last time, at 74 Harry was defiantly better then at 73 year’s old she laughed inside her head as she felt his hand come over her body and lightly grip her breast as he cuddled up behind her, his body tightly against her back as she went to sleep with him.

The next day Sharon did some sun bathing in the open, the sun was bright and hot and with the cottage so secluded she had decided it was perfect for some topless bathing, she had been up since about 7am, woken by a large amount of Harry’s cum in her pussy, she had looked at the sheets and seen she had leaked in the night too.

Harry was still in bed until gone 9am, he woke and went to the window looking out he saw Sharon laid on the grass with just a pair of pink bikini bottom’s on, he smiled and looked on for a few moments before going down to join her outside.

“Had a good sleep?” Sharon asked with a smile as she saw Harry come out of the door

“Very much so thank you” Harry said with a grin before he sat on the ground next to the topless young woman

“Me too, I did get a rude awakening though” she laughed “But nothing I’d change, this place is great Harry I’m so glad we came!”

“I am glad you like it Sharon” Harry said with a smile as his eyes looked over her naked breasts, Sharon felt his eyes on her and grinned

“Liking the view there?” she asked without opening her eyes, Harry laughed before complimenting how nice she was looking with the light tan she was developing in the sun.

“I think I could do with going back inside actually” Sharon winked seductively at Harry and sat up before standing in the sun and taking Harry by the hand as they went back indoor’s and back to the bedroom.

“Since you don’t have a boyfriend anymore I think I should take proper care of you Sharon” Harry said smiling wickedly at her

“What do you mean?” Sharon asked perplexed at what he had just said, they were both naked an on the bed but hadn’t started anything yet.

“I have got these,” he said grabbing a box from a drawer and handing it to Sharon, she looked at the label

Viagra!” she said with a laugh

“Yes, trust me I’m told it works well” Harry said taking the box off Sharon and removing one of the blue pills out.

“You don’t need that Harry, you satisfy me just perfectly already” Sharon said with a smile and giggle but Harry didn’t listen he just told her to give him a while and he’d be back.

Sharon waited on the bed naked as Harry got a drink and took the pill, when he came back Sharon was sat up on the pillows against the bed head and her eyes were instantly drawn to Harry, his cock was rock hard, standing firm and strong.

“Wow!” Sharon said with an open mouth, she had never seen Harry standing so firmly, he walked over to the bed and Sharon moved from the pillows to sit next to him, her eyes still looking at his hard cock, the head looking bigger then ever especially.

“Like the results then?” Harry asked with a grin as he looked at his naked lover, she smiled and ran her hand up and down his cock, slowly rubbing it and cupping his hairy balls before she slipped off the bed and onto her knee’s before him.

Harry sighed as he watched Sharon move her face closer to his cock; her tongue flicking out she licked the head of his cock then down the shaft. Harry didn’t taste like any man she’d tasted before, there was something different about the taste of an much older man Sharon thought, it wasn’t going to put her off sucking him but she wasn’t overly excited about it if she was honest. Harry watched her and moaned as Sharon’s mouth engulfed his cock, taking the first few inches in before she closed her lips tightly and sucked hard, her tongue flicking the underside as she began to slowly pull back up off him, her lips smacking as the head popped out of her mouth, she quickly attacked it again, taking it back in she wrapped her hand around the base and began to jack the hard cock while she blew it.

Sharon was no expert in blow jobs, she’d done a few to previous boyfriends but she didn’t have any expertise in it, she was just doing her best with Harry, sucking hard she licked all over with her tongue as her hand rubbed the hard meat, the hairs tickling her hand she wanted to laugh but the large thick cock in her mouth made that impossible.

Harry ran his hands into Sharon’s hair as he felt the young woman suck his cock harder, he was loving this, it had been over 20 years since his last blowjob, he suddenly realized that the last time this had happened the woman who was now giving him one would just have been born! That thought excited him, so much so his cock seemed to swell more, Sharon smiled and sucked again as she ran her hand up and down a little, her mouth concentrating on the head, she licked it over and swirled her tongue over Harry’s old cock.

“Hmmm” Sharon moaned from around the cock, she felt good, the cock in her mouth felt good and she knew Harry was enjoying it, she was doing her very best and from the groans and moans from her lover she knew how much he was loving it too.

Harry held Sharon’s head as she sucked his cock, her tongue flicked over the head and she sucked as hard as she could, the cock as far into her mouth as she could comfortably get it.

Sharon felt Harry pull her mouth off his cock and she looked up at him, he smiled and motioned for her to join him on the bed, she smiled and got on next to him, Harry pushed her back till she was laid on her back and crawled between her open legs guiding his rock hard Viagra induced hard on into Sharon’s tight pussy, she moaned out as she felt the thick cock enter her again and again as Harry began to thrust hard.

Sharon was glad she brought 6 pairs of panties with her for the weekend, the amount of times Harry fucked her those few days she didn’t know was possible, her panties were soaked in his cum that leaked from her pussy, she even took to leaving them outside in the sun to dry off while she was back in or on the bed with Harry.

By the time that they had packed up to leave again for home Sharon had been fucked by Harry around 9 times, her pussy was wide open and quite sore by the time they got in the car.

‘God’ Sharon thought ‘I never felt anything like that before’ her mind was thinking bout the last 2 days, all the time’s Harry had her in bed, he was stood all weekend it seemed thanks to the Viagra

“Did you enjoy your weekend?” Harry asked as he sat with Sharon in the car as she drove on the motorway home, Sharon smiled but didn’t answer for a few seconds.

“Yeah, that was… intense!” she said with a giggle, she could sill feel some cum leaking out into her panties crotch; it was from the last load she’d had from Harry that morning before they set off back.

“I told you, that Viagra would work” Harry laughed, Sharon didn’t think the same way exactly, she was sore, very sore, the sheer amount of times that Harry had fucked her made her that way, she loved every second of the fucking, she always did with Harry but wow was she paying for it now.

“Yeah I can’t believe you stood all weekend,” Sharon said with a laugh “I’m glad we didn’t go out anywhere all the people would have stared at you with that bloody thing how it was in your pants” she laughed harder and so did Harry.

Finally pulling up Harry got out of the car and said his goodbye to Sharon who smiled as she watched him walk with a skip in his step into the Home, she immediately reached back into her bag and pulled a dry pair of panties out, they were stained but at least dry, like all the other’s she’d dried them in the sun while she was with Harry in the cottage. Quickly pulling off the ones she had on she slipped her legs into the new pair and pulled them up, looking at the ones she’d just taken off she saw the wet cum in them and grimiest, putting them in her bag

“God I really need some more panties if Harry is going to take that stuff again” she joked to herself as she turned the car around and went home to rest her pussy and wait for next time she saw her lover.

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