babysitting my babysister

babysitting my babysister

Let me introduce my self. I am Mike 17 years old 6’2, 160lbs (pure muscles). And my 14 year old baby sister Jem 5’7, 110 lbs, don’t know the size of her bra but its kind the big.

It all started when my Aunt Gloria got hospitalized because of a car accident. She lived in San Francisco while we lived in New Jersey. When my mom heard the bad news she and my dad got a plane ticket going to San Francisco leaving me and my baby sister alone in the house for a week or so. (My sister is not really a baby. That’s just the way my mom and dad call her.)

Before mom and dad leaved the house they told me to be good (which means no alcohol, frat mates, drugs, etc…) and they said that I should take care of my baby sister. Of course I said yes to everything they have said. Then they said “when u need anything u just call us” then they left the house. It was like heaven w/o them (no one to scold me, no to stop me whenever I do something that they don’t like) but still I got a problem. Me and my sister Jem was not close. I can’t leave her alone in the house cause she’s not old enough, I cant make parties cause she would freaking tell it to mom and dad.

It was 8:00pm when I asked her if she was hungry, she said yes, so I picked up the phone and ordered some pizza. Them I went upstairs to take a bath. When I heard the doorbell rang I opened the bathroom door and shouted to Jem to get the payment of the pizza from my wallet then give it to the delivery guy. After taking a bath I went down to eat. After eating Jem asked me why there was a condom in my wallet? I was shocked to hear that question. I couldn’t say anything. I just said “you don’t care!” then cleaned the table, then went up to my room thinking about what Jem asked me. Then I fell asleep. I woke up at 8:00am in the morning and went down to our basement to do some workout. I finished at 10:00am and I saw gem cooking bacon and egg. After eating Jem said sorry to me because of her question last night, I said that it was ok.

After that I went to my room picked up my dirty clothes then put it in the washing machine. After doing that I went to the living room to see gem watching a movie “gate crashers” I sat down and watched it at the first part of it, there was top less girls and it made my cock stiff. I looked at Jem and she was wearing a mini skirt and a spaghetti strap. Her legs were at the top of the table and I could see her pink panties. After seeing that I sat next to her and asked her if she wants to put her legs on my lap. She just nodded then put his legs on top of my lap. Her legs was just above my cock. After a few minutes she told me she was sleepy. I said she could sleep in the couch with his legs on my lap while I finish watching the movie. When the movie ended I stood up slowly then closed the TV and DVD. I looked at her. And my GOD!!! She was so beautiful. I sat down next to her while she was sleeping. I touched her lips. When she had no reaction I kissed her then I tried to put my though in her mouth. She let me enter her mouth. Then I noticed that she was breathing deeply and she was kissing me back. I touched her breast and squeezed it. She moaned a little. I started to take of her spaghetti strap. She didn’t have any bra on. I sucked her nipples so hard she started to moan loudly. while sucking her nipples I took of her pink panties and mini skirt. I stood there with looking at my baby sister naked. She was oh so sexy. It was making me more horny every time I touched her.
She took off my shirt and pants. After taking off my pants and boxer. She started rubbing my cock and started to suck on it. She was deep throttling me. She sucked my balls, then sucked my cock while playing with my balls. Damn!!! It felt so good. After a while I felt my balls tighten and it was time for me to cum.. I shouted out while she was sucking cock. IM CUMMMMMING!!! AHHHHHHH!!! She swallowed every bit of it. After that I needed a rest. But after a few minutes, I was hard again. I started to put my finger in her pussy while sucking her clit. One finger at first then two finger after a minute then three fingers after another minute. She started to scream out how good it felt “OHHHHH MIKE!!! FASTER PLZ!!! PLZZZ!!! FASTER!!! SUCK MY CLIT!!! OHHHHH!!! SUCK IT!!! I did as she ordered I finger fucked her as fast as I can and sucked her clit as hard as I can. After a while of doping that she shouted out ”IM CUMMMING!!! OHHHHH!!! IM CUMMMING!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! After cumming her body began to get limp.

We took a bath. then went to our rooms. After a while we ate dinner then went to our rooms. We didn’t talk about what happened earlier. When it was 11:00pm I started to get hard because of thinking of what had happened earlier. I got up got the condom from my wallet (just to make sure that nothing will go wrong). Went to her room. When I got to her room I started kissing her and squeezing her breast. I took off her clothes then she took off mine. I told her to suck my cock but don’t make me cum, then put the condom on it so nothing would get wrong. She said “what we are doing is wrong” the I said “but it’s fun and no one is going to find out” she just nodded and sucked my cock and slipped the condom on it. After that I lied her down and started to French kiss her while sliding my cock in her wet pussy. She started moaning in my mouth. I started slow, but she said faster. So I fucked her as fast as I can. We changed position from a missionary position to a doggie style position. She was screaming and moaning so load “OH GOD THAT FEELS SOOOOO GOOD!!! MAKE ME CUMMMM!!! PLZZZZZ!!!!” after that we shifted positions again. I was lying on the bed while she was sitting on my cock. She jumped up and down. It made me wild. She came first “OH MY GOD!!! HERE IT IS!!! OHHHHHHHHHHH!!! YEAH!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!. After that I told her not to stop. After a few minutes I felt my cock tighten and I exploded in the condom while I was in her “OH SHIT!!! IM CUMMMMMING!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! After that I stood up. cleaned my self. Then went to my room to get some good sleep cause I know the next day it would be more wilder that these.


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