Bad Breakup, A Good Thing

Bad Breakup, A Good Thing

Karen slammed the door behind her and chunked her car keys at the far wall of her apartment livingroom. With a scream of frustration, she fell weakly back and slid to the floor, hot tears streaking her face as her head dropped into her hands. She knew the bastard had been cheating on her, but with two different women? Wasn't she enough for him? It had been three years that she'd wasted on him, and she had just recently found out that he was unfaithful shortly after their relationship had begun. Knowing this, she now regretted all the times she'd turned down much better prospects in favor of trying to keep a lost cause alive.

She wasn't undesirable in the least, in all reality. Long, thick, auburn hair fell in a soft curtain down to her lower back, brigh, emerald green eyes, lightly tanned skin, she was always described by her guy friends as "the one you couldn't get, so you might as well be her friend." Standing a mere 5' even, she took great care of her body by both running and being a gym rat which only accentuated natural curves and full C-cup breasts.

One thing neither her nor her friends Allison and Li-ann could figure out why the loser had chosen to cheat on her with the women that he chose. She idly glanced at her cell phone as it's shrill tone interrupted her soft sobs. She answered with a shaky voice, barely able to keep her torrent of emotions in check.


"Hey Little Bit… I just heard." It was Jeff, one of her mutual friends with the betrayer. In the last hour or so, she'd gotten dozens of these calls, everyone seemed to be siding with her in the matter and not to her surprise at all.

"Yeah.. shitty news travels fast. You'd have thought I told my mom about it and she's spread the rumors." She loved her mother dearly, but the woman just couldn't keep her mouth shut when it came to things like this. The whole family knew within a matter of two days when Karen had bought her first bra.

"Babe, it was your mom that called and told me." Damnit! Her and her big mouth…

"Know any hit-men?" She forced a nervous laugh, but a part of her, somewhere deep within actually contemplated this fact.

"Oh, now, K.. why don't I come over huh? We can watch movies, eat ice cream and you can beat me up a little bit yeah?" His laugh came easy, gentle, it was almost soothing to her. She sat against the door, frozen by his offer. The last thing she needed in this situation was the comfort of something with a penis. Then again, Jeff had been a great friend to her for the last six years since she'd graduated from high school, nevermind the incredible crush that lingered there as well that she had never before acted on. Her heart jumped into her throat at the possibility as a picture of him floated into her mind.

6'1", short, spiky, blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, heart-melting perfect grin, and perfect dimples.. They had been gym buddies for a good duration of their friendship, so she knew he shared her passion for working out. She also knew how damn good he looked, the thought made her stomach stir.

"J.. I don't know.." She jumped away from the door as she heard a knock from the other side, she hadn't realised she'd screamed into the phone until she heard him asking if she was alright. "Y.. yeah.. I.. someone's at the door J. I'll call you back." Hanging up the phone hastily, Karen slid to her feet and quickly wiped away her tears. This did nothing to hide the fact that she'd been crying for a good long while now. Rising up on her toes, she glanced through the peep-hole with one hand on the doorknob. Blackness. The jerk was holding his hand over the safety device. She wrestled with her feelings for a bit before calling out softly.

"Who is it?"

"Your knight in shining armor.. now open up, it's raining out here Little Bit." It was Jeff. She heaved a sigh and grumbled to herself. Were all men just bound and determined to be bastards to her? He must have been on the phone while he was driving to her apartment, she'd figured. She opened the door timidly to see him leaning against the wall outside, offering her a gentle smile. "Hiya.. you look like hell, princess."

"Fuck you!" She reached out, fist flying at his shoulder with all of her aggression in tow. She missed as tears swiftly blurred her vision and her weakened spirit made her body give out. With a gentle push from the wall, he caught her and cradled her in a gentle hug. His hand stroked her hair, urging her head to fall against his chest. Even through her tears, she could smell his light cologne.

"C'mon, let's get you inside before you melt." He slipped an arm behind her legs, lifting her effortlessly and carrying her inside, closing the door with a foot. "I carried you over the threshold, does that mean we're having a honeymoon?" There was that perfect grin, and all she could think of was wanting to kill her ex for making her feel so bound to him. His smile faded quickly as he felt the pain behind her eyes. "Little Bit…I'm so sorry, I really am. You're too good for him, princess, you know that, don't you? He doesn't deserve a woman like you."

The floodgates opened and tears poured anew soaking the front of his shirt where her head lay. He lay her gently on the couch and moved to sit where her head would rest in his lap, hands playing through her hair as his words continued to berate the man who crushed her heart.

"You're going to find a great guy, you'll see. He'll cherish you, love you, worship you like you deserve and you won't even give this fucker a second thought, Bit, I promise. He doesn't know what he gave up, and when he realises his mistake, it's going to be too damn late and too damn bad for him." As she turned in his lap to look up at him, Jeff offered a reassuring smile and pulled her up slowly, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Don't worry about him huh? Don't let him win this. He isn't worth your tears." His embrace felt too good to ignore, so Karen let him comfort her, let him hold her. One hand slowly began to brush across her back, her arms draped over his shoulders as she leaned against him.

They sat like this for a long while, sharing a silent moment of closeness and comfort before she shifted her head up to rest on his shoulder. He turned his head slowly, lips pressing tenderly to her forehead. Her blood boiled, heating her skin at the touch, his one kiss prolonged as his lips continued to brush along her skin softly.

"Jeff..?" She pulled back tilting her face up to his, her eyes questioning his intent as the pain still hid just behind them. He stared at her for a long moment, gaze sliding over her face as if comitting it to memory. In a brief bold gesture, he leaned in close, lips pausing just before they met hers with hesitancy. Her eyes went wide in surprise, fighting with her urges to both pull back and continue. Her mind wrestled with the possibility temporarily, his touch finally won out as she remained still against his kiss. Pulling back slowly, his eyes washed over her anew. He brought a hand gently to her face and stroked her cheek with a thumb.

"Karen.. he didn't deserve you, but I do. I swear to you, I want you more than he ever could have. I want you to be with me." The sincerity in his eyes tugged at her heart, rending her helpless in his strong arms. All she could do was nod weakly. He slipped his hand through her hair to the back of her head and brough her close, breathing softly against her lips. "Can I have you?"

His question easily stole the air from her lungs as she struggled to gather her wits. With another brief nod, she barely managed a quietly whispered, "Yes, Jeff." His lips finally closed against hers once more with a sligh urgency this time. One hand gently held her head against his, the other sliding across her small back and with a few small movements, her bra was unhooked. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders in a hesitant embrace.

As he felt her fear begin to fade away, her arms tightened around him and he slowly deepened the kiss. His tongue danced across her lips with a tender touch before slipping into her mouth to meet hers. A gentle moan in response from her only spurred him on. He lifted her easily, never breaking the tender kiss and laid her back against the couch, then lowered himself against her using his arms to support his weight. She slowly slid one leg up to rest against the side of his hip as she seemed to press more forcibly against his kiss.

One of his hands moved quickly to her stomach, fingers dancing beneath the tank top she wore to brush against her smooth, bare skin. Her soft sigh of approval met with a gentle moan of his own and a heated whisper into the kiss.

"Are you sure, Karen? I want you to want this too." His hand slid against the flat expanse of her stomach to her side, caressing it tenderly as he awaited her response.

"I want you. I really do, Jeff. I promsise." She pushed against him, urging him back as her hands tugged at his shirt. He obliged quickly, helping her to slide it away and bare his upper body to her. She dipped in to reaffirm her decision to him and placed feather-light kisses across the top of his chest. His hand gently moved higher not so much as pausing until it found it's target. His fingers gently closed around one of her breasts, squeezing it gently.

He slid down against her, using his teeth to tug her shirt upwards. She lifted slightly, removing her shirt and tossing it away, taking the same time to slip out of her already loosened bra. Her bare nipples hardened to perfect peaks as they finally contacted the air, his fingers attending to one, tugging and pulling as his mouth closed around the other and suckled. Her quiet gasp allayed his worries as to whether or not she actually enjoyed it and he slid his lips across the soft valley between her breasts to attend to the other nipple, his fingers occupying themselves with the one his mouth had left.

Pulling back slightly, he gently tugged the little pearl atop her breast with his teeth before letting go eliciting a groan of protest. He lifted his hips and smiled down at her as his hand went to the clasp of her jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them with a brief flash of red from beneath. She took the opportunity to loosen his own jeans and returned his smile reassuringly. He stood slowly, kicking off his shoes and pulling his pants away to free his body of clothing.

Watching him intently, she blinked and raised her eyes to his when she finally saw his naked body. He grinned almost impishly and shrugged. "Runs in the family I guess, I've never asked. You okay?"

Okay? Okay he asked. Well, he was definitely not average, and larger than anyone she'd been with.. ever. She stood with him, sliding down both her jeans and thong in a quick move, before losing her nerve. His gaze slid over her slowly, taking in the sight of her.

"Damn princess… why the hell would he give you up? C'mere, before someone else snatches you up." He quickly pulled her up in his arms, carrying her into the bedroom and laying her in the middle of the soft comforter. Slipping onto the bed and moving over her, he pressed another tender kiss to her lips before positioning his body between her legs. She slowly wrapped them around his waist, the move placing his thick head just at her entrance. His kiss alone had been more than enough to excite her to the point that her panties had been soaked, she was entirely ready for him.

His eyes met hers as his hips inched forward, pressing him into her. As her searing, wet heat surrounded him, his eyes fluttered closed, body steadily forcing the girth of his full 8 inches into her beautiful body. The delicious pressure of her tunnel squeezed him as his body finally opened again, their eyes met, gazes locking to each others once again. Her full chest heaved as she struggled to take in desperate gulps of air, he simply groaned finally encased in her warmth.

"Shit, you feel good, girl." Her eyes moved away, a deep blush spreading across her little button nose and cheeks. With gentle fingers, he urged her chin back to face him and caught her gaze. "I want to look at you, baby.. I want to see your pretty face." He slowly, cautiously began to pump himself in and out of her, beginning with slow, short strokes that deepend with time. As he picked up his pace slightly, he was finally moving his entire length out until just the head threatened to fall from within her, then pushed back into her depths, spreading her slick walls. Her hands flew to her sides, tightly gripping the covers as her legs locked at his mid-back around his waist. Unable to surpress her deep moans, she simply lost herself in the feeling and moved her hips to meet his each time he buried himself in her.

Their eyes remained fixed on each others as he began to pump ever harder into her, developing a smooth, perfect rhythm. The soft sounds of their skin clapping against each other as their bodies met in the heat of passion. Her arms closed around him, pulling him close against her. He flicked his tongue teasingly against her flushed lips before giving her another soft kiss.

"Come with me, Jeff.. please." Her plea was met by a groan from him as his pace increased, driving his thick shaft harder and impossibly deeper into her. She slipped her lower lip between her teeth, clamping down to the point of nearly drawing blood, her legs tightening around his hips to keep him from pulling out too far. His muscles began to burn with his impending release as her own body shuddered beneath his, her hips rolling in perfect synch to meet his thrusts. He reached up, gripping the headboard for leverage, driving harshly into her, ravaging her body with his.

"I'm.. Uhhnn.. Oh Karen.. I.. oh… " His thrusts grew desperate, body slamming against hers mercilessly. Her back arched from the bed as her own body tensed, locking her muscles and preventing her from doing anything but feeling him bury himself inside of her one last time. He gritted his teeth, gripping the headboard as he poured his thick, silvery seed into her depths. She writhed beaneath him, her nails clawed at his back as her body shuddered uncontrollably with her orgasm.

His first movement was a deep, and tender kiss, wrapping his tongue around hers, their bodies still a sweaty tangle of sex. He made no movement to withdraw from her as he moved to lay beside her, cuddling close. She relished the gentle touches, nuzzling her face against his neck, one leg still draped across his body. As he smiled down at her, he stroked her back carefully. She raised her eyes to his, her look almost hopeful as she broke their silent cuddling.

"Stay with me tonight? I don't think I want to be alone." He simply nodded in response, squeezing her against him to seal the agreement. As they looked at each other somehow they both knew, neither would be getting much sleep that night, but neither of them cared.

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