Best Fiends 4

Best Fiends 4

This is the fourth part of my story anyone who read the first 3 will know the basic outline. The first two were true the third only true to a point.

Me and Paul had been more than just friends for over six months by now and we regularly wanked, sucked and fucked each other. But we both liked the idea of a third cock being involved, but didn't know if we could trust anyone enough to just ask them!

One night when me and Paul were having a bit of fun the subject came up again I was laid on his bed with him riding my hard cock when he said " I'd love to have another cock here for me to suck the cum out of while you fucked me!"

"That would be good, but, who?"

"Have you done anything with any other boys?" he asked.
"The only thing I've done with anyone else is that time me and Steve watched each other wank, but we were like only 12!"

"Well I've wanked off with Steve too so i think he should be our target!" said Paul.

The conversation was then forgotten as he began to lift up and slam back down on my cock, he lent forward and kissed me deeply as my cock pistoned in to his arse. His hard cock trapped between us began to shoot hot cum over both our stomachs, the feeling of this made me lose control and i let fly an enormous cum deep in his arse.

A couple of weeks later we had our chance to try and get Steve to join in. My parents were out for the night so as usual Paul came round and we also invited Steve. Our plan was to at first try and get a group wank going and see how it developed from there.

When they both arrived at my house i asked who wanted to watch some porn.
Obviously being teenage boys we were all up for it. A put a video in the VCR and sat next to Paul on the sofa with Steve in the armchair, after about 20 minutes of watching some guy have the time of his life with 2 gorgeous blondes my cock was aching to be let free and i could see Paul's was bulging in his jeans.
I couldn't tell from where i was sat but i assumed Steve was in the same situation.
So I announced "I'm sorry boys but I'm a bit uncomfortable so I'm going to have to get my cock out!"
Paul gave me a pretend look of horror.
"don't look at me like that, you're not telling me that you don't wank when you watch porn!"
"Of course I do but usually on my own!" he said
"Stop this shit, me and you have had a wank together before and so has me and Steve, you also told me that you and Steve have wanked off together so please yourselves but I'm getting my cock out. Join me if you like I won't mind if you don't and if you want to leave the door's there."

Steve was by this time squirming and blushing in his chair now that he realised the wanking sessions he'd had with both me and Paul were not quite as secret as he had thought.
I stood up and unfastened my jeans and pushed them and my under wear down to my ankles my throbbing cock was bouncing in the air as i sat back down and started slowly stroking myself as I pretended to be fully engrossed in the porn on the TV. In truth I was a nervous wreck, I had no worries about Paul but if Steve decided to take up the offer to leave i wondered who he would tell about this.
Now we needed Paul to make his move "Fuck it then" said Paul as he stood up dropped his trousers and began to fondle his hard cock.

Now the moment of truth, I could tell Steve was very unsure of what to do. About 5 minutes later he stood up, my heart was in my mouth was he going to leave. However he turned to both me and Paul and said "if I get my cock out you won't tell anyone will you?"

"No Way!" we both said.

He stood up and dropped his jeans and under wear to the floor he stayed standing for a short while stroking his hard cock and I'm sure i could see precum glistening on the tip.

He sat back down and was slowly stroking his hard cock, you could tell he was still unsure of what was going on but i took it it to be a good sign that once he started to relax he kept glancing at both Paul's and my cocks.

Now the next part of the plan, while Steve was engrossed in the porn showing on the TV I reached over and took hold of Paul's cock and he did likewise with mine. The next time Steve glanced at us there we were stroking each others hard cocks! His mouth dropped open and his hand became still on his cock, however he seemed glued to what we were doing and couldn't take his eyes off us.

"Are you OK, Steve?" I asked.

"Yyyess" he stammered.

"What are you doing ?" He asked once he'd regained his composure.
"What's it look like!" Answered Paul.

"If you want the truth we've been wanking each other and doing a lot more besides for a few months now." I said.

"Are you gay?" asked Steve.

"would it matter if we were? But no we're not we both still like girls so i suppose we're bi-sexual." I answered.

"No it wouldn't matter. I'd still be your friends and I wouldn't tell anyone." said Steve.

Now we had his interest aroused it was time to see how far we could take him.

"Steve would it bother you if we sort of carried on while you're here?"

"No" he replied.

Once he'd answered Paul lent over and took my cock into his mouth and began to suck me. I kicked off my trousers and under wear from my ankles and opened my legs. He reached down and started to fondle my balls as he sucked me, then he pushed his hand under me and gently pushed his finger into my arse. I threw my head back and let out a groan of pleasure.

Steve was transfixed he was literally on the edge of his seat leaning closer, all the time fisting his hard cock which was now shining with pre-cum.

"You getting turned on by this, Steve?" I asked.
He answered in a quiet croaky voice. "Yes"
"Have you ever been wanked off by anyone else?"
"No" said Steve.
"Well it's up to you but if you come and stand beside me I'll do it for you."
He stood up his cock was so hard it looked like it would burst. He was still unsure because after he stood up he stayed where he was even though he was pumping his cock and staring at Paul sucking my cock.

He Slowly made his way over to where i was sat his cock was easily within my reach now, but, I thought I should make sure he wanted this.

"Steve I'm going to get hold of your cock now is that OK?"

I Reached out and wrapped my hand around his hard teenage cock it was already slippery with pre-cum as i began to slide my hand up and down it's length.

He started to relax and move his hips in time with my stroking letting barely audible groans as i wanked him.

"Is that good?"
"Oh fuck man it's great to feel someone else doing it for me!"
"How Would you feel about me sucking you?"
"I think it would be OK because I want my cock sucking and watching Paul suck Yours is really turning me on!"

"Shall we all go upstairs and get naked?" I asked.

Without any discussion Paul let my cock slip out of his mouth stood up pulled his trousers up and set off upstairs. I looked at Steve who just gave me a gentle nod. Then we both set off upstairs behind Paul. Who had not wasted anytime because by the time we got to my bedroom Paul was already laid naked on my bed stroking his hard cock

I stood watching Paul stroke his cock as i removed what was left of my clothes.
Once naked i sat on the edge of the bed I moved Paul's hand and stoked his cock for him.

We both watched as Steve slowly removed his clothes and was now standing naked before us.

"You'll have to come a bit closer if you want me to suck you." I said .
He walked over to the bed, I let go of Paul's cock and put my hands on Steve's hips and gently pulled him towards me. When his cock was just inches from my mouth i looked up at him and whilst looking each other right in the eye i wrapped my lips around his hard pre-cum covered cock. The look of pleasure on his face as i took his whole length in my mouth was a picture! I could taste his salty teenage pre-cum as i swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, his moans were getting louder as i held his hips and pushed and pulled him in and out of my mouth.

In the mean time Paul had knelt on the floor beside us and leant over and carried on sucking my hard cock.

I let my hands move round behind Steve and started to grip his arse cheeks as i sucked him, slowly i started to part his cheeks until my fingers were deep in his crack. I started to tease his arse hole with one finger i stopped sucking and wet my finger in my mouth then put it back on his arsehole, i didn't push it in, i wanted Steve to make that decision. I closed my mouth around his cock again and carried on sucking him it was then i felt him push back onto my finger as it slid deeper into his arse he moaned even louder and began to practically fuck my mouth.

Just at that moment Paul raised his head off my cock and started to lick and suck on Steve's balls, it was to much for him and i felt him tense and his cock twitch as he unloaded his cum into my mouth. i swallowed as much as i could but the rest forced itself out of my lips and started to run down my chin. Paul stopped sucking and watched fascinated as i tried to take all Steve's load. After he finished cumming he pulled his cock from my mouth which was still full of cum. Then Paul leapt on me and pushed me back on the bed and started kissing me forcing his tongue deep into my mouth, sharing Steve's cum with me.

Once my mouth was empty we stopped kissing and sat up, Steve was watching us a little nervously.
"Are you OK Steve?" I asked.
"Yes" he answered "that was the best cum I've ever had!"

His cock had started to soften, "I hope you can get hard again soon, because we have lots more to try with you yet!"

Paul was laid on the bed again wanking his cock and fingering his arse.
"Steve I'm going fuck Paul now if you want to watch" I said.
Without waiting for an answer i climbed on the bed and knelt between Paul's legs, my cock was still wet from Paul's sucking and the enormous amount of pre-cum i had leaked. Paul raised his legs and i put one over each of my shoulders, Paul grabbed my cock and pulled me towards him once my cock was touching his arse i rammed the full length into him, he gasped and moaned with pleasure, I started to slowly fuck him, all the time watching Steve's reaction. Which was good because he was still stroking his limp cock.

I knew i wouldn't last long, so it was time to find out if Steve was interested in going any further so looking up at him i said "Steve why not suck Paul while i fuck him?"

He made his way slowly to the side of the bed once he got there he knelt down, he reached out with his hand and started to stroke Paul's cock.
"Suck it Steve" i said.
He lent over and took the tip of Paul's cock into his mouth while continueing to wank him with his hand.
"Do you like it?" I asked.
He noddded his head wothout removing the hard cock that was working it's way further into his mouth.

We carried on like this for a few minutes, I'd like to say in silence but the room was full of of the sound of teenage boys grunts and groans.
Steve was now sucking Paul like a veteran and his own cock was rock hard again as he slid his own hand up and down the length.

Paul started to cry out that he was cumming, Steve took his mouth off of his cock and started to wank him as fast as he could, Paul's cock erupted shooting hot ropes of cum all over my chest and his own stomach.
The sight was too much for me and with a loud groan i unloaded my balls into Paul's arse. After a few minutes of recovery Paul asked Steve what he thought, to which he replied that he'd never been so turned on in his life.

"So" said Paul "do you want to try fucking with us Steve?"
Yes but if its ok with you two can i fuck one of you instead of being fucked, because i might need to work my arse up to being able to take a cock."

I turned and shifted my arse to the edge of the bed, I lifted my knees up to my chest and said "fuck my arse please Steve!"

He slid himself round so that he was knelt on the floor between my legs which i let fall down on either side of him.
"Will you tell me what to do please?" asked Steve.
"First of all," replied Paul "you need to make his arse and your cock nice and slippery"
Steve didn't wait for anymore instructions, he just scooped Paul's cum up off my chest and rubbed it over his cock then scooped up some more and rubbed it around my arse hole.

He inched hiself forward until his cock was touching my arse, he looked at me for a sign to continue. I nodde at him and told him to push his cock in slowly.

His cock slid in nice and easily , i could feel his length sliding up my man cunt. My own cock started to harden again, Paul was already stroking his bac to full stiffness.

Once Steve was right inside me he just stayed there for a few seconds then slowly began to pull out. He soon got the hang of it and was soon fucking my arsefast but not too hard. I started to wank myself just as Paul shoved his cock into my mouth.

I knew none of us would last long even though we'd all come once already, the excitement was mounting.
Paul started to really pound my man cunt as i wanked myself fast and hard and sucked on Paul's cock like never before.

Steve was the first to shout out that he was cumming, and only seconds later i could feel him pumping his cum deep into my arse, not long after Paul filled my mouth with cum at the same time as i shot my own load over my stomach.

We had several more threesomes over the years, but Paul and Stevestarted doing more and more with out me, until when we were in our early 20's they both "came out" as full time gay and actually became a couple! So that froze me out altogether. I wasn't too bothered because i definatley prefer girls but i did wish i could join in sometimes! After they got together me and Paul got together once more for old times sake, but the truth was he and Steve had had an argument and he was pissed off with him!

Anyway if i get a good review i'll write some more, but probably fiction ones on different themes.

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