Best Friends_(5)

Best Friends_(5)

It all started when i was about 15, my best friend at the time was Paul we went to the same school and we used to hang around after school too.

One evening his parents said they would be out until late and that his younger sister was going with them. As usual when a situation like this occured we went straight to his dad's porn stash and picked out a magazine each. We both sat on his bed reading the stories and comparing the girls. I always ended up with a raging hard-on and couldn't wait to get home and wank myself silly. i assume that Paul always got a hard on too and wanked after i left.

On this particular night i told him " i'm not reading that porn anymore i always need to wank and i can't always get home fast enough."

He replied " well have a wank here before you go. iI always get my cock out as soon as you leave anyway"
Ten minutes later with a big hard on I asked " are you sure you don't mind if i wank here?"
" no not at all. If its ok with you i'll have one too."
We faced away from each other and got our cocks out. We started to wank laid on his bed with our backs together. Idont know what it was but i was curious to see him do it. I turned over and laid flat on my back. He did the same a few seconds later. so there we were both wanking and staring at the ceiling not daring to look down in case the other one got the wrong idea!

I could resist anylonger so i lifted my head and made out i was looking at my own cock but really i was having a careful glance at his.
Wow he was fucking huge! I couldn't stop staring and said " fuck your cock is big."
" Thanks. Yours isn't too bad either"
Mine was about 6 1/2 inches compared to his 8 inches and it was quite thick too.
i laid back down and carried on wanking but i could not stop thinking of the cock next to me. I have always been a bit curious about other boys but just put it down to teenage hormones.
Then suddenly i felt his hand brush mine out of the way and grab my cock. "If you don't want me to i'll stop " he said.
i couldn't say anything it felt so good having someone else stroke my cock!
So it felt like the most natural thing in the world to reach over and take hold of his cock. He let out a slight groan as i began to stroke him. We turned on to our sides facing each other as we carried on stroking our cocks, occasionally pur precum cock heads brushed together and this felt wierd and wrong but above all it felt fantastic!
"I don't know about you but i'd be a lot more comfortable with all my clothes off." he said
i never spoke i just stood up and stripped naked. i turned back to the bed to see him laid naked and i felt so horny i laid back down and we carried on stroking each other.
I looked into his eyes and he lent forward and kissed me. To say i was shocked was an understatment! "Sorry, i shouldn't have done that" he said.
I replied it was ok i just wasn't expecting it.
With that he lent in and kissed me again, i kisssed back this time. we let go of our cocks and got into a passionate embrace our mouths mashing together our tongues searching each others mouths. Our rock hard cocks squashed between us and pressing together getting covered in each others precum
He broke our kiss and spun round on the bed taking my cock in his mouth i groaned wth pleasure as i felt his hot warm mouth sucking on my teenage cock. His cock was right in front of me i could smell his precum i could see it dripping from his piss slit, i stretched out my tongue and tasted him. Then there was no holding me back as i got as much of his cock into my mouth. we seemed to be sucking each other for ever when he took my cock out of his mouth and said " FUCK ME"
Are you sure i asked.
Yes I am he replied
You lie down and let me sit on your cock.
So i laid down holding my hard cock up as he stood over me then squatted. He lined his ass up with my cock and started to slowly sit down, i could see it was hurting him but he was determined to get it all in.
When i felt his ass press against my balls he stayed very still for a few moments then he began to slowly slide up and down on my cock>
I thought i was in heaven i felt so good i could see my cock slide out when he lifted up and watch it disappear as he lowered himself backdown.
he began to get faster he was wankiing as he rode me. I moved his hand and wanked him as he rode my hard cock.
" i'm going to cum soon" i told him" so if you want to get off it'sok with me"
"No fuck me, cum in my ass fuck me fuck me."
His dirty talk really turned me on i began to lift up to meet his downwards thrust until we were fucking quite hard and fast and i was pumping his hard cock in time with our fucking.

"I'm cumming!" i shouted as i felt my balls tighten and tingle then my cock exploded in the hardest most powerful cum of my life. i was shooting my hot cum deep into the ass of my best friend and we both loved it. After about 3 squirts from my cock his erupted all over my chest and face
I just rubbed all over my body and even licked it off my fingers.

We collapsed in a heap of breathless cum covered teenage fleash, my cock softened and slid out of his ass, he rolled off me and we laid there quiet until our breath was recovered.

This was the beginning of an affair that lasted 7 years. We both went out with girls and had sex with them i even dated and fucked shis sister for a while but when we got the chance we'd do it together. There are a lot more tales from this relationship, including how the next time i took his 8 inches in my ass.

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