Brad's first time, five years later

Brad's first time, five years later

It had been several years since Angie & Brads encounter in the duplex in Ohio. Angie remembered fondly the time they had spent together, when she had taught young Brad the secrets of physical passion. But once her college classes were completed, Angie moved to a different state where she had been working for a computer corporation.

Angie now traveled often on business trips, and her luscious body and pretty face didn’t hurt her sales. Men would go to great lengths to spend more time with her than the other salesmen. They wanted to watch her perfect butt, and perky breasts more than they needed computers. Angie just smiled and talked about her products, she was very animated, this gave her the opportunity to show off her athletic build.

It was early spring and Angie found herself on a trip to Ohio, she decided to look for Brad.

“Brad should be about 17 now” she thought as she drove her rental car to her old neighborhood. She quickly found the old duplex and parked in front. As she walked towards the door she could feel her legs tremble, she was excited and afraid of this encounter.

She knocked on the door, and when it swung open, Brad’s mom appeared. She smiled broadly.

“Well, if it isn’t Angie!” said Brads mom.

“Hi!” said Angie, “I was in town and I thought I would come see the old neighborhood.”

“Well come on” said Brads Mom, “My husbands still at work, and Brad is at band practice at school”

Angie didn’t want to appear too interested in Brad so she went in a chatted with Brads Mom. As they talked, Angie picked up bits and pieces of information about Brad: he was in Washington High school, making good grades, no steady girlfriend. Angie chatted a bit longer then said goodbye, she said she had to go visit one of her clients.

It was almost 4:00 in the afternoon, Angie raced across town to Washington High hoping to find Brad before she had to fly back home. Her heart was pounding. Brad, even though he had been very young, had been one of her favorite lovers. He had always been open and honest as most children are, but he had the passion of a grown man, even then.

She found the high school and parked by the auditorium. She looked in the mirror: her long dark hair flowed by her pretty face, her green eyes and full lips were still as gorgeous as they had been in her twenties. As she got out of the car, she smoothed her dress and checked her reflection in the car windows: she still had a tight athletic body that looked great in her business skirt, jacket and sheer white blouse. As she looked at her reflection, she had an idea that added to her excitement.

She picked up her purse and walked into the auditorium. The auditorium was empty but she could hear the students practicing their instruments somewhere in the back. “Brad’s here!” she thought as she looked around for a bathroom. She found one a walked quickly towards it: her high heels clicking on the hard floor. Once in the bathroom she quickly removed her jacket and blouse and hung them over the coat hook. She took off her camisole, which was essential in the business world when she wore her sheer white blouse. She removed her bra and stuffed it and the camisole into her purse.

As she put her blouse on, she could see her reflection in the mirror. Her breasts had actually become better looking over the last few years: they still had the smooth brown skin and perfect small, hard nipples. But now they had a little more ‘jiggle’ in them since they weren’t so high and tight as they had been in her twenties. They looked spectacular under the almost completely see-through blouse. She put on her jacket to cover her nearly exposed breasts. The jacket and the shadows it produced covered the near nakedness of the blouse. She walked back into the auditorium to look for Brad.

She followed the sound of the music to the back of the auditorium and found herself by a doorway to a small room in which several teen-age boys sat playing their instruments. She took a deep breath as she recognized Brad; he’d grown up well. Brad was now a tall, handsome young man with well groomed blond hair. She watched him for a few moments from the doorway as he guided his fellow students through their practice.

He had an easy, confident air and a quick dazzling smile. Angie’s heart was pounding, she was sexually excited, but that was nothing new. She had a new feeling that took her a moment to recognize: she was proud! She knew her gentle & honest encounter with the 11 year old Brad had helped mold him into this fine young man; how else could he be so confident at 17?!

She waited for the music to stop and stepped into the room.

“Hello Brad” she said, her voice was too was a little lower than it had been in her twenties.

“Hello” Brad said as he turned toward the woman who had greeted him. She was pretty, well dressed, obviously a professional business woman. “Who is this person?” he asked himself as looked at her high-heel shoes, her shapely legs and hips under her smart business skirt and her ‘all-business’ jacket. He flashed that dazzling smile and exclaimed “Angie!” as he stepped forward to hug the first woman he’d ever loved.

“This is great! I thought about you all the time and wondered if I’d ever see you again!” he said as he held her closely. She held him tightly too. “Hey Guys, this is a dear friend of mine; Angie”.

Angie marveled at his muscles, his smooth voice, his poise and self assured manner. She was thrilled that he chose the word ‘dear friend’ instead of ‘old friend’. She was probably prettier than she ever was, but she was still a woman. And no woman wants to be called ‘old’. Brad already knew that, at 17, when most boys are stumbling over their words trying to make any sense at all. “Yes”, thought Angie, “I am very proud of this boy, this man!”

“How have you been” asked Angie, looking deeply into his blue eyes, but her eyes were asking much, much more: “are you happy? Did I harm you? Do you now believe what a natural lover you were? Is everything OK? Was I wrong to be with you? Am I wrong to be here now?” were the questions that raced through her mind.

Brad knew her concerns, and answered all of them with a smile and a slight nod as he held Angie by her shoulders and stared into her green eyes “I’m OK, Angie, better than OK” he said softly, “you helped me, you never hurt me, you gave me a head start into adulthood that has helped me in every possible way, I’m very happy”.

“That’s so good to hear Brad” Angie said, her body finally able to relax “ I missed you Brad, I thought about you all the time too”. She was surprised by the intensity of the emotions that flooded her mind, she had thought it was just sex, but there was something more…She lowered her eyes as Brad held her with his hands firmly on her shoulders, when she raised her eyes she saw that Brad was no longer staring into her eyes. Her jacket had pulled open exposing the flimsy cloth that covered her perfect breasts, he was staring at the breasts that brought back so many memories. As he looked, Angie could feel her nipples harden by the cool air and Brad’s hot stare. “Oh…” she said, “I didn’t have time to buy a gift, so I wore this to surprise you”.

“That’s better than any gift” he said to her, “Guys, you’re on your own, I have some catching up to do” he call out to the musicions as he steered Angie out the door, his arm around her shoulder, her arm around his waist. “Angie?” he said, “I think I love you”.

“I think love you too” blushed Angie, hoping he wouldn’t be some teenage love struck schoolboy, hoping he’d remember one of the most important lessons she’d taught him: “Love your woman Brad” she had told him 5 years ago, “treat her like a queen, but when it’s time for sex, take what you want. The bedroom is not the place for the royal treatment, in the bedroom a woman wants to know she pleases and satisfies her man, and that can only happen if you take what you want. Do that and your woman will be happy and know she is pleasing to you. Then you treat her like a queen later”. He had been able to take what he wanted as a boy, but now she wanted him to take what he wanted as a man.

“Angie…” he started as he guided her into the dimly lit room that held all of the padded floor mats the gymnasts used. “Angie I have thought about you too long, No girl has been able to please me like you did” he said as he closed the door and pushed her down on a stack of mats, kissing her firmly, maybe too firmly. He wanted Angie know that her queen treatment would come later, that he would take what he wanted now.

Angie knew, and was thrilled at his forcefulness. This was better than she’d ever imagined. She felt the moistness growing between her legs as Brad kissed her mouth, her neck, and somehow her breasts were naked to his lips. “How’d he do that?” she thought as she felt his hand on her thigh. She drifted off into a sexual bliss as Brad touched her mound with his hand as he kissed and sucked her stiff nipples.

Angie had taught him that sex was a natural healthy thing. Brad was not at all shy or inhibited about it now, Angie felt her clothes being taken off, felt herself being turned over on her belly, she felt her perfect butt being lifted into the air by one hand while his other hand held her head down on the mats. “I must have it this way” she heard him say as she saw him reach for her purse. She was confused, was he stealing her money? She tried to lift her head. He held her down even harder.

She saw his hand pull out of her purse, it wasn’t her wallet in his hand. It was the small squeeze bottle of hand lotion she kept to keep her skin from drying out in the dry air of all those airplane flights. “What is he up to?” she thought as she felt the lotion being squirted all over her beautiful, round, firm bottom. “Oh no…” she moaned as she felt him squirt the lotion on her anus. She tried to get up, to crawl away as he rubbed to lotion into and around her tight sphincter but he held her even tighter. “Brad.. oh Brad…” she gasped breathlessly, but she didn’t say no again.

She reached back and grabbed his penis, remembering the perfect little 2 ½ inch rod he had just a few short ears ago. “Brad?” she gasped as she felt his fully grown manhood. It was still perfect, but is was much bigger she discovered as she wrapped her small hand around it. She could just barely make her middle finger touch her thumb as she clutched his penis in her hand. His cock was so hard that it throbbed, it was so big she could barely close her hand around it. She pulled it hard towards her face, trying to please him with her mouth , but Brad would not let her. Brad would take what he wanted… she had taught him well.

Brad felt her body relax into submission. He knew that she was now his, his to use as he wanted. She would give him his pleasure now, just like she’d taught him. He knew she would be happy that she pleased him, that she could give him exactly what he wanted. He wasn’t shy or embarrassed. He wasn’t in a hurry or nervous. He was completely in control as he pushed his cock against her rectum. He sighed as he felt her give up any resistance and let him slide in.

Angie was no naïve school girl, she’d had a dick in her ass a time or two in her series of sexual adventures. One time, when she was much younger and ‘experimenting’, she’d had a cock in her ass and another in her mouth at the same time. But she’d never had one so hard, so perfect, so big 'back there' before. She felt her sphincter rebel and try to clench shut. She felt her body try to lay down on her belly to escape from this rear attack, but he pulled her butt up in the air and pushed deeper into her ass until his balls nestled against her pussy. She now pushed back, pushing her butt higher in the air, helping Brad drive his cock deeper into her rectum.

Brad let her relax for a moment without moving, letting her tight sphincter get used to his hard penis. Then he started stroking slowly, gently. Angie grunted softly each time he pressed back in, but she kept her ass high in the air for him. He stroked harder and harder, grabbing her hips with his strong hands as he drove his cock deeper and deeper, over and over, as he began pounding her ass.

Angie was grunting loudly with each stroke, she didn’t care if anyone heard, it felt too good. She reached back and started tickling her pussy, rubbing her clitoris as Brad pounded away at her ass. “Oh God!” she cried, “Grab my tits Brad, grab them hard” she was almost screaming as she felt his hand reach around and grab her right tit firmly. Then her left tit. He held them hard! It hurt! It hurt so good!

He did just what she wanted as he gripped her tits hard with his full hands and used them as handles to pull her towards him as he rammed his dick into her ass, she arched her back to help him keep balance and get more leverage on each stroke. “Oh fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me” she chanted as she rubbed her clit faster and harder as she felt his dick somehow getting impossibly harder, somehow growing even bigger in her ass. It felt like it was going to rip her apart and she knew he was close to cumming as she drove herself to climax just as he started spurting huge jets of semen deep into her bowels.

His pumping slowed, his body relaxed. She lowered herself to her belly with him still in her as they basked in the afterglow of a terrific climax. He finally pulled out and rolled over beside her as she felt her tortured anus try to keep what seemed like gallons of cum from draining out of her ass.

“Brad” she said in a soft, tired, but happy voice, ,”I’ve got to catch a plane, may I call you later, come visit you later?”

“You know you can Angie” said Brad, “you’re my queen” he smiled drowsily, they both got the joke.

She kissed him gently on his lips, he kissed her back even more gently.

She left him sleeping on those mats as she quietly, happily left to catch her flight.

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