Brad's first time with friends

Brad's first time with friends

Angie couldn’t wait to see Brad again. Even though Brad was still a child, almost 15 years younger than she was, she found him incredibly exciting. Angie could have almost any man she wanted. With her long dark hair, pretty brown skin wrapping a knockout body, green eyes & pretty face she could take her pick of many many men. Yet somehow she chose her next door neighbors 11 year old son.

Here’s one of the encounters that happened that summer.

Angie had watched over Brad most of the summer while his parents were at work. She and Brad made love several times a week since they began. She pleased him, he pleased her, she taught him that sex was a natural healthy act. Brad was a good student.

One day Brad’s mom asked Angie if she wouldn’t mind watching Brad and a few of his friends that were coming over for his 12th birthday – it was going to be a sleepover party, but the guests would be showing up for pizza and cake at dinnertime and Brad’s mom just found out she had to work until 11:00 that night. Of course Angie agreed, and her mind started racing, how could she turn this evening into some pleasure for her and Brad’s guests.

As she dressed to come over and welcome Brad’s guests, she had an idea. She began dressing extra special for the birthday party.

Angie always loved stockings and garter belts, they made her feel sexy. So she put on her white garter belt and white stockings. She had a matching white lace push up Bra that was very revealing; it exposed most of the cleavage of her perfect breasts and dropped so low it almost exposed Angie’s small brown nipples. A pair of white thong panties slipped easily over the garter belt.

“This is a good start” she thought as she found a very sheer white camisole and slip. She put those on over the Bra, thong and garter belt. She looked good. The camisole was short enough to expose her firm belly above the top of her slip. Her smooth, shapely legs looked good coming out from under the slip as they reached down to the white high heeled shoes. “hmmmm”, she pondered, “these shoes may be a bit much for the parents”. She decided to wear so more modest shoes while she greeted Brad’s guests, she would change into the spike heels later.

Over all of these she slipped a white, slightly frilly but simple dress. She was ready.

The guests arrived on in the late afternoon and Angie let the boys play a while before ordering pizza. When the pizza arrived, Angie put her plan in motion.

“Come on in boys!” she called. The gaggle of laughing boys, ages 10 to 13, came running in for pizza. They all sat around the big table in Brad’s big open kitchen and watched Angie as she brought drinks from the counter to the table. When she brought the pizza she sat down and began to eat with the boys. Waiting a few moments, Angie made her move.

“Oh No!” she cried as she ‘dropped’ a piece of pizza face down on her white dress. It made a big greasy tomato sauce spot on the lap of her dress. She jumped up and quickly explained “oh my goodness, I’ve got to wash this off of my dress right now before it stains”. As she moved towards the kitchen sink she pulled the dress over her head, the boys sat stunned and staring at this glorious woman who was now somehow dressed, but not covered by the sheer fabric of the camisole & slip.

“Take it easy boys” Angie smiled as she looked back at her audience, “I’ve still got plenty of clothes on’. She turned and began washing the spot of her dress in the kitchen sink. The boys sat dead quiet, not believing their luck as they studied Angie’s back. They stared at her white high heels, they gazed on the stockings that ended on Angie’s smooth thighs and were clearly visible under the sheer cloth of the slip. They gawked at Angie’s perfect round butt that jiggled as Angie scrubbed and scrubbed the dress. They puzzled over the garter belt and saw it was what held the stockings up. The thong panties were invisible from this angle, and the thin straps of the bra under the sheer camisole were just a suggestion of what was on Angie’s front side.

As Angie scrubbed and scrubbed, she stepped back from the sink a little, spread her legs and pushed her butt towards the boys as she leaned into the sink and pretended to focus on her dress. She knew she was giving the boys quite a show and made the most of it, wiggling her butt, pushing it up in the air towards the boys. She began to ache as she felt the moistness under the thong.

“There we go!” Angie said after several minutes and turned halfway around and held the dress up to inspect it, she knew what was really being inspected was her trimmed pussy under the thong, her smooth flat brown belly and the perfect breasts that were bursting to get out of the pushup bra. “I’ll just lay it here by the window to dry” she said as she laid the dress in the afternoon sun.

As she walked back to the table she could see the boys staring at her, she could also see the small bulges in their trousers. Except for Andrei, Andrei was Brad’s 13 year old black friend, and he had no small bulge, but a big one!

“Goodness gracious boys” she said, “you act like you’ve never seen a woman before” as she glanced down at herself. As she looked back up she said “What the heck? You can see right through these” as she pretended to try to cover up. “Well I guess you’ve already seen me…” and she took off the camisole and slip.

She was now standing right in front of them, legs slightly apart, her back very straight, her fists on her hips as the boys marveled at her athletic body.

“You guys want to make a trade?” she asked

“A trade?” some of them asked.

“Yes, a trade” she continued, “I’ll trade you my bra for all of your trousers and underpants”

Young boys love breasts, they may not know much about pussies but they do love nice tits, and it took only a second for Brad to say “I’ll trade!” as he took off his pant and tightly-whiteys and stood there with his little boner standing almost straight up. “C’mon guys!” he yelled and the other boys followed his lead. In a blink of an eye, there was a pile of boy trousers and underwear and 7 little pink boners standing at attention. As Andrei stepped forward, his throbbing black dick completed the lineup.

“A deal’s a deal” Angie said as she unclipped her Bra and tossed it in the pile. The boys all swallowed at once as her breasts swayed just a few inches from their faces. “You can take turns touching them” she said, “but I get to touch you too” as she kneeled down. “Billy, you first” she instructed as Billy eagerly stepped forward and began to run his fingers over her soft skin and hard nipples. Angie reached under him and tickled his balls, and gently squeezed his penis for a few moments. “Next!” she said as the next boy stepped up quickly and Billy sadly moved away.

She let each boy feel her breasts as she played with their hard little dicks, Andrei’s big dick was almost as big as a mans!

“OK boys” she said, “Brads mom will be home before too long, if you can all keep a secret I’ll give each of you a special treat”

“We can keep a secret, we can, we can!” they all shouted.

“All right, each of you takes turns and gets one minute to use my face anyway you want, you can have as many turns as you want, but you should use that time wisely and put your dick in my mouth as soon as you can” she said bluntly, “and everyone has to drink 3 glasses of lemonade before we start, the special treat is over when one of you has to go to the bathroom, OK?”

The boys couldn’t respond because each of them was gulping and pouring more lemonade.

“Out by the pool” she said as she walked onto the back deck. The pool was surrounded by a privacy fence so no one could see what she was doing. Angie hopped onto one of the pool chairs, sting backwards, she scooted her pussy towards the back of the chair as she swung her legs over the back. Now she was upside down in the chair, leaning back she draped her head off of the seat and gave the boys full access to her face.

The boys quickly tried to finish their lemonade as they gazed on the bronze beauty sitting upside down in the chair, long hair hanging down to the floor, mouth open, waiting to service each of them. The white stockings and high heels still on, the thong had disappeared.

“Me first me first!” several of them cried as they rushed into the back yard. Tommy got there first and started rubbing his little boner all over Angie’s face. He gasped as she drew him into her mouth and sucked him eagerly, like a puppy on a mother’s teat.

Some of the boys were already jacking off at home so they knew what was going to happen, and they loved it. The younger boys who hadn’t started masturbating yet loved it too, thought they didn’t know exactly why.

Angie tasted each one, licking and kissing whatever they put by her mouth. It was Tommy who laughingly put his butt on her face as a joke; his eyes opened wide in surprise as Angie grabbed his hips, pulled him to her mouth and obediently licked his asshole clean. “Boy’s don’t wipe very well” Angie thought and started to get a little disgusted, but she loved being ‘used’ and kept on

Each boy then pushed his ass on Angie’s mouth and each boy’s rectum got cleaner than it had been in years. Angie licked around each one’s sphincter and when it was clean she drove her tongue up into each asshole to finish the job. The boys loved it. Once they had their assholes cleaned Angie called out “every boy get 3 minutes now, I want you each to squirt in my mouth!”

“You can make me suck harder by twisting my nipples like they were speed control knobs” Angie said huskily and the first boy pushed his little rod into her mouth and grabbed both nipples hard with his little hands. He twisted hard as hard as he could, trying to twist them off as Angie squealed in pain and pleasure and sucked his dick ever harder as his hands instructed on her ‘speed control knobs’

It only took a few moments of this hard sucking and squealing for the first boy to start hunching her face faster as his little prick squirted boy cum into Angie’s mouth and onto her face. Each boy did the same until Angie’s tortured breasts were red and raw and her face and mouth were covered in cum. Only Andrei didn’t get any on her face since his dick was big enough to stretch the back of Angie’s throat and squirt his cum directly into Angie’s belly.

“I’ve gotta pee” one Ricky said just as the last boy squirted his few drops of boy cum around Angie’s mouth.

“Wait!” Angie said as she quickly jumped up from the chair and kneeled by the pool. Her white stockings were now torn, her breasts were a angry, fiery red, her pretty face & hair were glazed with a layer of fresh cum. “Use your pee to rinse me off” she begged and Ricky urgently stepped towards her and let a thin stream of urine rinse over Angie’s eyes, her nose and then directly into her mouth.

“Everybody now!” Angie commanded, knowing the lemonade had done its work. As the boys peed on her face and in her mouth she started rubbing her pussy feverishly. She writhed and moaned and groaned as she rubbed her clit faster and faster in front of these boys. The last two boys put their tiny soft penises directly into her mouth and peed while Angie sucked and swallowed and then sucked and swallowed even more.

Angie bounced up and down, rubbing her knees raw on the concrete as she approached orgasm, ripping her white stocking to shreds as the remnants hung from the garter belt. “Oh Oh OH OH AAAGGHH” she moaned as the boys looked on wide-eyed as this woman turned into a wild animal as she climaxed.

Breathing hard, almost gasping, Angie looked up smiling at the boys. They smiled back.

She rolled over and dropped into the warm pool to rinse off. As she swam, she asked “who wants to come to Brad’s 13th Birthday party?”

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