Brad's First Time

Brad's First Time

Angie never really meant to do this, not really, not even once, but then Angie was never one to turn down an opportunity!

Here’s how it started.

Angie had always liked pleasing men, and had already made many men very happy in her short life. But she had always fantasized about pleasing young boys now that she was approaching thirty, so when the opportunity presented itself, she decided to make her fantasy come true.

She was (and is) a beautiful woman, dark skin without a tan, long & straight brunette hair, and pretty green eyes. These were great accents on a knockout body: not tall, not skinny, but with perfect breasts with small brown nipples (which were almost always erect), an excellent firm heart-shaped butt, and a well-trimmed small pussy.

Angie was staying in a small duplex in a nice suburban neighborhood. Her boyfriend, John, worked during the day and Angie stayed home between her summer college classes. The other half of the duplex was occupied during in evenings and weekends by a pretty couple with an 11 year old son: Brad. During the day, they went to work and this was the first year they left Brad home alone. They asked Angie to look in on Brad from time to time.

The thought of touching young Brad crossed her mind, but she dismissed it as an idle fantasy and went on about her business for the first few days. Brad grew accustomed to Angie coming in to his side of the duplex to check on him, and Angie never discouraged Brad from coming into her side.

Angie began noticing young Brad looking at her with a curious and honest look on his face. “He’s growing up” she thought, “He’s checking me out”. Angie decided to give Brad a thrill and slipped on a light summer dress over her lovely nude body. With no underwear, the summer dress flowed perfectly across her breasts and perfect buns. It was long enough to cover her butt but short enough to show off her shapely, athletic legs.

Angie strolled into Brad’s side of the duplex, her nipples becoming rock-hard under the sheer cotton fabric of the dress.

“Hey Angie” Brad said, not noticing anything new or different, he was drawing picture of tanks and airplanes shooting at one another.

“Hey Brad” Angie replied as she sat down on the sofa beside Brad, “I think I lost an earring in here yesterday, did you see it?”

“Nope” said Brad, hardly looking up from is drawing.

“I’ll just look around” Angie said as she dropped to the floor on her hands and knees and pretended to look on the carpet for the lost earring. As she crawled around, she made no effort to fix the dress that had ridden up her hips, when she looked under the sofa where Brad was sitting, she made an exaggerated looking motion, pressing her cheek against the floor and pushing her butt high in the air. The dress slipped up her hips as she held it her perfect exposed ass high as she could while still on her knees. Still not even a glance from Brad.

“I think I see it” Angie grunted a little too loudly as she reached one hand deep under the sofa while pushing her butt higher still by standing on her tip-toes as she pretended to try to reach something that was just beyond her grasp. Brad glanced up from his drawing and froze, transfixed by the sight of this beautiful woman, on her tip-toes, face pressed against the carpet, and naked butt high in the air.

From this angle, all Brad could see was Angie’s bare back and slender waist that rose to meet a heart-shaped, perfect ass!

“Got it” yelled Angie as she quickly stood up, looking at Brad who was wide-eyed at the memory of the glimpse of the trimmed pussy that he had seen as her dress fell back down over her hips.

“I uhhh, you uhhh, I uhhh” stammered Brad, red-faced.

“Oh my goodness” bubbled Angie, “You’re all red Brad, did something embarrass you?”

“I uhh, saw your butt” said Brad honestly.

“Did you like what you saw?” Laughed Angie, “You must be growing up to be a man! Have you ever seen a woman’s body before?”

“Not really” blurted Brad

“Not Really?”

“Only in a magazine once” Brad continued.

Angie waited for Brad to explain more, but he said nothing. “Would you like to see a real naked woman?” she asked.

“You bet!” said Brad, old enough to find the thought of naked women terribly exciting, but not really knowing why. He knew his little penis got all stiff and rubbery when he thought about them. He still had not connected that the naked woman he was about to see was Angie.

“OK” said Angie, as she slid the dress up and over her head. Shaking her hair free she looked at Brad, who couldn’t remove his eyes from her breasts. She noticed his little penis was stiff and sticking up making a little tent out of his shorts.

“Do you want to touch them?” she asked. Brad could only nod slowly as he stared.

Angie dropped to her knees, bringing her eyes to his eye level, but his eyes were still fixed on her breasts. She walked on her knees slowly across the carpet, towards Brad, whose eyes grew bigger and bigger as she approached. When she got close enough, she took Brads hand and brought it up to her breast. Her nipples felt electric as she put his had on her left breast. She had placed her hand on his thigh, right at the hem of his loose shorts, as she watched his eyes swimming in a previously unknown state of pleasure.

“It’s OK” whispered Angie softly, “go ahead and rub them, hold them, you can even squeeze my nipples between your fingers; girls like that”

Brad was in heaven, he gently stroked her breasts, marveling at their perfection, their firmness: they were better than he ever imagined! He squeezed her nipples, which were much harder than he thought they’d be, just like she asked. Angie moaned gently as he squeezed. He held her breasts, bouncing them just a little in his hands to feel their weight.

He was so happy, so thrilled, so honestly pure that Angie didn’t even think that she was doing anything wrong, even as her hand slid up his thigh towards his throbbing little penis: he was so excited that his little ‘boner’ twitched with each of his rapid heartbeats.

“Now just relax” smiled Angie, “take a deep breath, you’re hardly breathing” as her fingers danced over his erection and tight little-boy balls. Brad finally was able to shift his eyes off of her breasts as he pulled his hands away from her and leaned back. Every brain cell he owned was in laser-focus on the 2 ½ inches of real estate that Angie now found so interesting. He looked at her face; beautiful, angelic, almost glowing as she kept her eyes lowered while she stroked his penis.

“I want us to be naked together” Angie said as she started pulling his shorts and underpants towards his knees. Brad lifted his butt to help her, more as a little boy being helped to undress than as a lover in a state of sexual desire. But he liked what she was doing, he liked looking at her body, he loved what she was doing to him; even if he didn’t know what it all meant.

He pulled his own shirt off and sat with his little rod, stiff and hard, pointing up towards his belly; Angie pushed him slowly back against the sofa. Angie stared at his penis and thought it was precious and lovely, as it sat there rhythmically twitching in a little nest of soft boy-hair. “He’s a little older than I thought!” Angie said to herself as she saw it wasn’t peach fuzz, “maybe old enough to cum” were the words in her mind as she lowered her face down towards his precious penis.

“Uh, Angie, Angie, what…? what…?” Brad stammered as Angie pressed her face in his lap, gently kissing his penis and sighing deeply.

“It’s OK Brad” said Angie, “girls do this to boys they really like” as she continued running her tongue down his penis and tickling his scrotum with the tip of her tongue as she looked up into his wide eyes and smiled.

She smiled, he smiled. He began to relax and took a deep breath.

She smiled even more as she felt his entire body start to stiffen and saw the surprised look on Brads face.

Brad had never felt this pressure in his body before: a huge itchy, tickly feeling washed over him as he looked down at beautiful Angie; nude, on her knees, kissing his penis and stroking his ‘balls’ with one hand.

Angie knew, long before Brad did, what was about to happen. She knew when she tasted the salty pre-cum on the tip of his penis, when she saw the boy-hair instead of peach fuzz… She looked into his eyes as she took his little penis entirely in her mouth, sucking it, tonguing it, coaxing it firmly but gently into a whole new world of pleasure for Brad.

She felt Brads body begin to buck & hunch. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him hard and deep into her face, she didn’t want to waste this ‘first one’ by letting any of it get away. She felt his young hands on the back of her head, clenching her hair, “he’s a natural born lover” she thought as he started to hold and hunch her face harder and harder.

“Gaaa…Gaaaa… GAAAAA” moaned Brad as his confusion grew, but his body knew what to do as it dumped his small load of boy-cum deep into the back of Angie's throat.

“My god, he did it! I did it” Angie thought as she tasted his first cum in her mouth. She tried to suck more and more out of him to prolong her joy.

He pushed her face away since now he was way too sensitive to be touched. He lay panting, gasping… puzzled but pleased.

Angie was glowing; naked on her knees, fresh cum in her mouth. She loved the slightly dirty feeling of having just been ‘used’ by this young boy for his first time of real pleasure. She held his cum in her mouth as long as she could before she swallowed it. She laid her head beside Brad as she kneeled by the sofa. She was pleased, and very turned on, but she would satisfy herself later: Brad had enough new experiences for one day.

She stood up, picked up and put on her summer dress, and leaned over and kissed the drowsy Brad on the cheek.

“You go ahead and take a nap” she said, her eyes twinkling, “I’ll see you tomorrow, OK?”

Authors note: Angie went on to show Brad more over the next few months, she even paid Brad a visit several years later! Leave some feedback if you want to hear the rest of this story.

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