I had only been watching the video at my ex girlfriends because I couldn’t get any peace at home, when all hell seemed to break out at once.

Christine had invited her friend for a sleep over knowing full well that I had the hots for her, just one look at her firm 40inch chest could reduce me to a wreck. Christine breasts were a nice size considering her slim frame about 36c if I recall set off with a delicate candy pink nipple that was to die for.

I had an idea that Christine was trying her best to match me up with her mate Sharon and I did not plan on this. Whilst watching the video the two girls were doing there best to distract my attention knowing full well I was engrossed in the naked women on the video, it did not take them long to start saying my tits are bigger then there’s and I thought to my self “maybe I can have some fun here as well”.

Well girls if that’s the case why not show me what you have got? I said knowing that they would run a mile at least and I could continue watch the video. After much muttering the girls turned to face each other and started giggling and whispering and then they vanished upstairs, peace at last I thought.

After about twenty minutes all I could hear was giggling galore upstairs coming from Christine’s bedroom, a place that I had enjoyed many a fingering and fucking session
With Christine when her parents had been out and on some occasions when they were in to.

I slowly sneaked upstairs making sure I avoided the squeaky stair that had acted has many a warning for Christine and me. Just before I reached Christine’s door that was conveniently ajar by about a couple of inches I spied what must have been every fellows fantasy 2 girls pressed together tit to tit and lips to lips. Both girls had removed there tops and were embraced bra to bra, Sharon had let her arms slip behind Christine’s back and was slowly removing all restraint to gain access to Christine 36c chest, by now my cock was reaching maximum restraint in my jeans I was forced to remove it and continue to spy on both girls (did they know I was there or did they not care) Sharon lips slowly lower to Christine’s now hardening nipples.
This seemed to continue for ages moans of pleasure escaping from Christine’s lips then Sharon moved her hands downward towards Christine’s skirt slowly working up towards her silken knickers that I knew her to wear on many of our own rumblings.
Her legs slowly parting to allow easy access, Sharon’s fingers working passed the gusset and into the blonde down that covered her pink wet pussy lips. My hand now tightening on my own shaft pulling up and down.
Sharon rubbing and probing Christine’s wet and now willing pussy. Christine pushing herself deeper onto Sharon’s fingers moaning and crying at the same time juices now running onto Sharon’s fingers, she then takes out the fingers and slowly slides them into her mouth to savour the taste Christine sticky cum.

Christine now decides that the time is right to undo and remove Sharon’s white lacy bra that seems to be straining under the pressure of her very impressive 40 breast and unleash them to my prying eyes, oh my god what a sight to behold and only a door between us. I looked on in amazement thinking to my self that they must be a least DD and on someone so young not even seventeen yet. Christine hands now engulfed with Sharon’s breast one in each hand, my own hands busily rubbing my engorged cock to maximum length and girth dying to feel a soft pair of lips sucking it for all its worth.
Christine lapping away at Sharon’s rigid and enormous nipples whilst Sharon kicks off her shoes and drops her skirt to reveal a plain white thong pressing hard up against her pubic mound. Sharon’s own fingers rubbing herself between her legs and slowly pushing the material to one side and showing a bald pussy in all its glory. Christine now taking the time to remove all remaining clothing skirt and them silken knickers standing proudly in front of Sharon who also takes off the last remaining piece of clothing that leaves then both naked and without a care in the world lips and pussies rubbing together. Sharon sinking to her knees and pressing her lips to Christine’s wet and willing pussy lapping away without a care, by now my cock throbbing for release should I barge in or watch some more, they seem to have forgot about me. Or is this a rouse to turn me on, do they know I am watching I don’t know?

Returning to the door I can now see that Christine has spread her legs so that Sharon can look into her deep pink pussy lips playfully rubbing the outer and inner lips whilst slipping in one and then two fingers into her squishy wet pussy, Christine slowly taken by the orgasm flowing down her wet vagina. Sharon lowering herself down to lap up all the juices now gushing down her legs. Sharon wishing she could fuck Christine like a man but knowing she would have to make do with her fingers then Christine pipes up that in her drawers Sharon might find something more suitable.

Sharon then walks over to the drawers and starts rummaging inside and then pulls out a present that I had forgot I bought Christine a rampant rabbit the ideal gift for a dirty bitch like Christine. Sharon then slides the tip into her mouth and then slips it into Christine’s willing and waiting pussy, Christine panting and getting more exited by the minute Sharon forcing the rabbit deeper and deeper into Christine’s pussy.
Sharon then positioned herself over Christine and pushing her own cunt into Christine’s waiting and willing mouth. Christine then started lapping at Sharon’s clean-shaven pussy dipping her tongue round and round Sharon puffy cunt lips and clitoris.

My god was my cock now throbbing what to do wank off to a climax now or burst into the room and fuck the pair of wanton bitches or what?

Whilst continue to watch my urge to fuck was growing stronger and stronger should I walk in and just look shocked and then hope they would let me join in or what?

I looked round the door and was gob smacked both girls were still in the 69 position and lapping up all the juices flowing out of each others wet cunt lips, the light and rythmatic buzz still coming from within Christine pussy. Sharon now gentle rubbing Christine puckering anus and rubbing cunt juices into the arsehole that was now willingly accepting Sharon’s finger in a up and downward motion. Then to my utter amazement I heard Christine say “ are you going to stay out there wanking or come in and give us a good fucking”?

Not needing to be invited twice I sheepishly entered Christine’s bedroom my engorged cock poking out of my pants, tentivly I approached the bed and positioned myself close to Christine waiting for her to say or do something.

I did not have to wait long when she opened her mouth and started sliding her warm and willing tongue up and down my 8inch shaft, Sharon still sliding her finger into Christine’s arse and the vibrator in and out of her cunt. Christine’s breathing getting rapider has another orgasm approached, her mouth now working up and down my
Shaft, my cock now eager to flood her mouth with pent up come from my earlier exploits.

Sharon now watching how her handy work was bring Christine to a shuddering orgasm the vibrator now on fever pitch and my cock now taking on a will of its own and slowly fucking Christine’s mouth the wetness of her mouth acting as a perfect lubricant as I went faster and faster my own orgasm getting nearer and nearer then I just seemed to explode within her mouth and Christine gasped and then swallow all I had to give except to small amount running slowly down her lips and onto her swelling breast. Sharon then releasing control of the vibrator and removing her finger to lap up the come on Christine’s breast and chin. Not being sure what the situation with Sharon was I sunk back onto the bed and admired the view in front of me.

Christine then urging Sharon to help herself to what was available and me waiting for her to take what ever she desired, desperate to get my hands on her shaven pussy and drink down all I could. Christine then decided that she wanted more then just a gob full of come and instructed Sharon to lie down on the bed and Christine then positioned herself on top of Sharon in a 69 position and started rubbing Sharon’s shaven pussy with the vibrator and rubbing her clit with her finger and tongue whilst Sharon returned the pleasure at the ever end, watching Sharon’s tongue flicking across christens clit and the now deep pink flaps of her pussy slowly getting my cock to a upright and horny state,s.knowing that she wanted a good fucking I present my cock to the opening and slowly sliding into christens now excited pussy and feeling my balls
Bashing onto Sharon’s forehead as I slowly increase the tempo and Sharon flicking her tongue onto christens clit and on the pulling out stroke licking my ball sac now covered in christens pusssy juice. Sharon’s tongue now running up and down my shaft with each thrust in and out like a piston getting faster and faster, I then chanced withdrawing fully to see if Sharon would take the bait and take my cock within her own mouth the vibrator within Sharon’s pussy must have had the desired effect because no sooner did I come out of Christine wet pussy than Sharon quickly took the head of my cock within her mouth and started flicking her tongue across my pee hole and around the helmet, whilst this was going on I wet my finger with pussy juices from Christine and slowly rubbed her puckered arsehole, now doing what I wanted to do to her many months ago. My finger slowly sinking into her arsehole as the tension gave way moving in and out, Sharon now taking all my 8 inches to the back of her throat and me slowly fucking her mouth whilst finger fucking christens now loosening arsehole. On the withdrawal of my cock from Sharon’s mouth I then edged the head of my cock towards the space now vacated by my finger and nudged the head slowly into her arse inch by inch

Part four

I placed my hard cock just touching Christine ass hole. Spreading her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. With my cock touching christens ass hole, I said. You like it up the ass don't ya Christine? Christine shook her head and protested NO!!!! You telling me you never had it up the ass? I asked. Again Christine shook her head. You've had it up the ass before haven't you!! . Christine knew the answer was yes, and she shook her head. And you love having big hard cocks in your asshole don't you. Christine again knew to shake her head yes. And you want my cock in your ass right now don't you? Again Christine nodded her head.

Say it. I want your cock in my asshole. I began to push my cock into her ass before I even said to Christine that this might hurt a bit she winced in pain as her ass was being invaded.

Christine asked if I was actually enjoying fucking her in the ass. Her questions seemed to be answered as I violently and enthusiastically slammed my fat cock in and out of her ass enjoying the sounds of my balls slapping against her puffy lips still being licked and tongued by Sharon.

Sharon by now already on her second orgasm grabbed the back of Christine’s head, and pulled her head into her crotch. Sharon again stuck her tongue deep into Christine’s hole and then let out a mawkish squeal and tightened up her thighs as an orgasm ripped through her and came gushing down through her love hole into Sharon’s probing mouth.

I was finally blowing my load into her strained and stretched asshole. Sharon just lay beneath her, her cunt.sopping wet and now in need of a good fucking, Fuck me Sharon said and I don’t mind if you fuck my arse either. Christine pulled herself up slight and you could see my stained cock coming out of Christine’s fucked arsehole followed by my cum escaping down her arse and onto her wet pussy away from Sharon’s face. I watched as Sharon then flicked her tongue and scooped up all the mixed juices together into her mouth.

Christine then got off Sharon and plopped herself down whilst Sharon in a kneeling position really started working on my cock in and out of her mouth trying to help me raise to the occasion again. .After what seemed like ages my cock with the aid of Sharon’s magical tongue and her hand slowly wanking me to hardness, my body slumped onto the bed and I dragged Sharon to a position over my face so that I could get a closer look at her bald wet pussy eager to flick my tongue around in inside her wet pussy forcing her lower and into a 69 position I then had all her charms at eye level and started licking and sucking like my life depended on it . Teasing her clitoris seemed to have the most desired effect when she started to grind her pussy into my mouth my hands reaching to tweak at her hardened nipples then return upwards and placing my hands firmly on her arse and spreading her arse cheeks to inspect and check her arsehole first rubbing it with my finger then flicking across with my tongue along the rim.

Sharon pushed me down and straddled on top of me, moaning loudly as she forced my cock inside her again. With my dick inside her, she rocked herself back and forth on top of me violently. Her gorgeous tits bounced up and down as she impaled herself on my long prick. Christine continued to finger herself watching Sharon ride my dick for all it was worth, her pussy squeezing my dick harder with every orgasm. I could not believe that Christine was getting herself off at the sight of Sharon fucking the shit out of me, but Christine was thrilled to see her best mates experiencing some of the first orgasms together. Sharon continued to get off on my dick, bouncing up and down on my cock, her long blond hair flying everywhere, but I knew I wouldn't be able to take much more of this but Sharon was really bouncing on my cock now and her big heavy tits were bouncing in every which way with no apparent rhythm. I reached up and grabbed her tits pulled her nipples hard, making her cry out in pain and maybe a strong thrust up into her cunt as I shot load after load into her wanting pussy.

Part five

My cock was covered in a thick layer of gooey white sperm. Come over here and lick it up. I said with a glimmer in my eyes. Sharon and Christine shot up and then they lowered their faces to my crotch, just above the gooey mass. Sharon pulled her hair back so she could see . Sharon’s tongue reached out and touched the mass of cunt and ass sperm and licked it up into her mouth. Sharon seemed to wretch and grabbed for her stomach, but she then regained her composure, opened her mouth and gobbled up almost the whole portion. Swallowing hard as she choked down that sperm as if it were warm jell. Sharon’s face was a mess with cum splattered all over After I succumbed to Christine’s forceful mouth. She brought me to the edge, and then began jacking me off, allowing me to explode onto both of their faces. Before cleaning themselves off, they shared a long deep kiss and agreed how good I tasted. …… and said we must do this again ….SOON

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