Claudia, found but lost for ever

Claudia, found but lost for ever

Claudia, the Woman Next Door

I had watched Claudia since she and Clint had moved next door. She was 5’6” weighted about 120 lbs., had blonde hair down to her waist and it anything was a little top heavy.

She always smiled, had this great walk about her, and wore the sexiest clothes. She had tow children while living there, breast fed both and her chest seem to get and stay bigger each time. Her breasts appeared to stay firm and erect. Often she would wear just a T-shirt, which always, couldn’t be tucked in. Her breasts just wouldn’t allow it.

The neighborhood would have volley ball games and everyone wanted to be on the opposite teams, to be assured of good view of her bouncing, staying breasts. Me I liked to dive for the ball and catch my glimpses up her t-shrit when getting up.

While we had a number of conversations, and I will be the first to admit I couldn’t keep my eyes off her chest. See knew I was looking. It didn’t seem to bother her.

I was disappointed to find out her husband had gotten a transfer and they were going to Europe for three years.

One afternoon, her husband was in Europe and it was about a week before he was do back and they were to move, the house had been sold, She was in the yard with kids. I had gotten home early and the wife was still working. I drove in the driveway and she said Hi. We chatted for awhile, she had the ever-famous T-shirt on. She said she had just made a pot of coffee and asked if I would like a cup. This would possibly be our last conversation so I said sure, “Just let me put my things inside.”

I knocked on her kitchen door and she let me in. While, I had seen her nipples proud before they looked exceptionally large today. I caught myself staring and she did also. She asked me where her kids where, I told her they were playing out front.

She poured our coffees and sat at the table. When she leaned forward her nipples would rub against the table. Her nipples, her breasts were just magnificent.

She was well aware I was talking to her chest as we chatted. When she blurted out, “You like them don’t you?” With my mind elsewhere, my mouth went into motion before my brain I replied, “Yes.” Followed quickly by, “Sorry” when my brain caught up. She said, “Why this is not the first time you’ve looked at them.” My only comment was, “Yes I have noticed them before.” Grinning. She smiled and asked where her kids were and got up to look out the front window. Returning to the kitchen, she said, “They are playing, they should be fine for a little while.” She never sat down. Instead she looked out all the windows backed up against the kitchen wall; I turned in my chair to look at her.

Without saying a word, she crossed her arms, grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled off over her head. I was frozen, there they were, big then life, heaving with every breath she took. Even with, what I would guess as 36Ds, they stood firm. Not needing any support. “Well,” she said. I was speechless, unusual for me, as I looked. The bulge grow in my pants as I wanted caress, lick, suck and fuck her breasts. I didn’t say a thing, until she said, “Glenn, these are not the first breasts you have seen.” “No,” I replied. “But they are the best.”

She stretched out her arms and motioned me to come to her, with her fingertips. I flew across the room, burying my head in her chest. I couldn’t get enough of them; god knows what she thought. My cock was so hard and I was ready to unload in my pants.

We slide to the floor my face still buried in her breasts. What surprised me was I had both hands working her breasts as I rolled the nipple, I wasn’t sucking, in my fingertips. She also was caressing them with her hands. Her nipples where rock hard. As explained before my wife, Cindy has big nipples. Claudia’s were just a big, but where more portioned with the size of her breasts.

I nursed, licked, sucked and fondled her breasts. On top of her now her hips were beginning to grind up into my hard cock. I was rubbing my cock into her pussy through my suit pants. Not taking into consideration there where four layer of material between my throbbing cock and her pussy, I wanted in. I wanted to be buried deep in her and fill her with my love cream.

With a nipple sucked deep into my mouth, and caress it with the tip of my tongue, I fumbled with the button on her shorts, finally getting them unbutton, slide her shorts and panties off, as she raised her hips. She continues to rub her own breasts and nipples, as I sat back kneeling before her pussy, covered with a mass of light golden hair.

I reached for her breasts again; I as guided my cock toward, her awaiting love tunnel. With my hands on her breast, she had moved hers to my ass. As I plunged, my cock in and out of her wet hot pussy, she pulled me closer. She cam, I could feel the additional juices flow from her. As I pulled from her she said I could cum inside of her. I said okay but just not yet.

I slide down her, burying my face in her juices. I ran my tongue up and down the inside of her thighs. Teasing he pussy as I crossed from one to the other and back again, stopping only to lick the outside of her lips, the crease between her pussy and thigh. Her hips were pushing back when I started to run my tongue along her seam. Gently pressing it a little further between her lips each time. She tasted great. She couldn’t take the teasing any longer; reaching shed spread her lips with her fingertips. I took the hint and ran my tongue in circles around her clit. While not as large as Cindy’s it was big enough. Big enough for her to stroke it like a small cock between her fingertips. I pushed her finger away with my mouth and sucked her clit in. She wrapped her legs around my neck. Squeezing me into her pussy. Sucking her clit while rubbing the tip with my tongue, while plunging two fingers deep into her pussy made her cum again.

I lifted her legs to my shoulders, with my hand under her legs; I grabbed her breasts, as I guided my cock to her love hot. I filled her. Her hands on my ass, my grip on her breasts I rutted as hard as I could. Taking long deep strokes. We almost cam together as I fulled her with my hot cream. Not lasting as long as I wanted I rolled to the side exhausted.

We then kissed for the first time. Breaking it off she said, “We need to get up.” Getting dressed she asked,”Will you be getting home early tomorrow?” My response. “Yes, You’ll be here?” She replied, “We may have wasted the last five years, I won’t waste the next 5 days, agreed?” “Yes!” I returned, thinking about tomorrow.

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