College Library

College Library

i attend a small college which is basically in the middle of nowhere. basically all we have to do is get drunk, and have sex. well i hadnt done the latter yet, i was just out of a relationship, and not really up to anything. everything changed when i met merideth and lesslie. we were in the same spanish class, and had just received our first group assignment. we had to come up with a conversation and present it to the class. i was shocked when i was partnered with the two hottest girls in the class. merideth was short, about 5'1'' but had huge tits (she told me later they were c cups) and brown hair. lesslie on the other hand was a bit taller with small breasts but a nice ass, and brown hair. we decided to meet in the library around 11 at night the day before the presentation to get things all figured out.

when i arrived at the libarary, neither girl was there. i waited around, working on some other homework for about an hour, when the finally showed up. by that time, the library was full of other people cramming and we went downstairs where it was quiter. after about an hour and a half of relentless spanish we started talking and having fun. the conversation turned to dating, and i told them about how i had recently had my heart broken. the girls decided i needed to find a girl. merideth started telling us about a time she was in teh basement of the library and saw a couple making out, and seeing as we were done with our work and no one was there anymore, we went down to see if there was any action there.

when we got down there it was totally empty. merideth showed us the room she saw the couple and i walked in and they closed the door. i turned to look and lesslie came up and kissed me. after a while, she stopped adn then merideth kissed me. then they kissed each other. i was so turned on at this point. i walked over to join them, but they stopped me. merideth took off her shirt and pants and lesslie went towards her to allow her to undress her as well. the two hottest girls in the school stood there in nothing but their bras and thongs.

merideth walked over and took off lesslies bra, exposing her tiny breasts and pointy, hard nipples. she started sucking on them, bringing moans from lesslie. she reached down and started rubbing her pussy through her soaked thong. i could see her thick bush sticking out from the sides of the thong. both girls stopped to take off their underwear, merideth exposing her beautiful breasts, which lesslie started sucking on. lesslie moved down and started to flick at merideth's clit, sending her into extasy. she quickly came very hard and i was sure we'd be heard as she screamed.

lesslie walked over to be while merideth was recovering, and i got down and starting eating her out. i played with her clit and she started to moan. i stuck a finger in her pussy as she came closer to an orgasm. she came just as hard as merideth, but showed no sign of slowing down. by this time, i was rock hard, and both girls pulled down my pants and started to lick my 6" cock. the two tounges on my dick was an incredible feeling. i knew i was going to cum and there was no way to hold it back. merideth took the head in her mouth and sucked my cum out of me.

after sucking me off, merideth shoved her pussy in my face and i started eating her shaved pussy, while lesslie sucked on those big tits. despite having just blown a huge load, i got hard again and was ready to go again. i got up and put my dick at the opening of merideths pussy. she guided me into her hot, wet slit and i began to fuck her, slowly at first. while i did this, lesslie strattled merideth's head so she could have her pussy licked. i started pumping merideth faster, and i could feel her getting ready to cum. lesslie must have been ready too, because when i felt merideth's pussy contract on me, lesslie started screaming and shaking.

lesslie got off of merideth's mouth and mounted my cock. she was fucking me furiously, as if time was running out. merideth was fingering herself and bent down to lick my cock and lesslie's pussy as we fucked. after fucking merideth and seeing all of this happen, i could feel i was about to cum. lesslie told me she was on birth control and to fill her up with my hot cum. as i built up, merideth started licking lesslie's tiny tits, which seemed to push her over the edge. as lesslie came, the pressure made me cum, spurting my hot cum into her pussy. merideth saw all this and starting screaming and shaking as she came.

we all kissed and cuddled for a while and then merideth started rubbing lesslie's pussy again. she went and started eating her out, so i took merideth from behind, pumping furiously. she rubbed her clit as i fucked her and leaned forward, squeezing those amazing tits. lesslie said she wanted to switch places with merideth, and they did. lesslie was really wet from being eaten out and my cock easliy slid into her. suddenly, merdieth screamed, and i looked to see that not only was lesslie sucking as hard as she could on merideths clit, she had a finger in her ass hole. merideth shook as she came with lesslie still licking, until she finally pushed her off. merideth was spent, but lesslie and i wanted to come again. she laid down on her back on the table and i fucked her as hard as i could, both of us wanting to come so badly. she was fingering her clit furiously as my cock went in and out of her hairy bush. merideth saw what was going on and sucked on lesslie's small hard tits. this was too much of a visual stimulation for me, and i came hard into lesslies pussy again. she came as i did, and we both collapsed on the table

we then got dressed and went upstairs to leave. no one was there, so we figured we were ok. as we parted outside, the girls told me next time we'd do it in their room.

the next night i was standing outside of the girls room. when they opened the door, merideth poped her head around the corner and let me in. when i walked in, i saw that both girls were totally naked, and that there was a third girl in the room. i recognized her as amanda from my history class. she was on the floor nude with lesslie's face in her pussy. she was pulling on her amazing tits and moaning. as i watched, merideth pulled down my pants and pulled out my cocka and started sucking. they must have been at it for a whiile because it didnt take long before amanda was cumming.

lesslie got up and grabed my dick and pulled me over to amanda. i strattled her legs and lesslie guided me into amandas wet pussy. her eyes bolted open, obviously not realizing i'd gotten there. i started pounding her and she began to scream. she came very quickly, but i just kept on fucking. she came three more times before i finally pulled out and came all over her tits. merideth and lesslie, who had been fingering each other as they watched came over and licked my cum off her tits.

merideth pushed me down and mounted me and started fucking me really hard and fast. lesslie put her legs over my head and lowered her amazing pussy to my mouth. i immediately started sucking on her clit and she moaned. amanda got up and started rubbing merideths clit and leaned over and sucked on lesslies tits at the same time. merideth's pussy was literally dripping she was so wet. lesslie started to scream and i felt her pussy contract in orgasm. but almost as soon as she was done, she started cumming again. she came a total of four times before finally having enough and stopping.

just when i was getting ready to cum again, merideth got off and amanda walked over and fingered her and ate her out till she shuddered and came. i was still in need of another orgasm, so the three girls came over and from every angle started licking and sucking my cock. merideth played with the head while amanda sucked on my balls. lesslie was licking up and down the top of my shaft. i couldnt take it any longer and said i was about to cum. all three girls pulled back and started grabbing me with their hands instead. i came all over those three lovely faces and pairs of tits. all three of us exhausted, we fell asleep. in the morning, i woke up to find all three had left. we see each other around campus, but have yet to hook up again. i'm fairly optimistic though that one night we'll study together again…

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