Curious Teenagers II

Curious Teenagers II

Justin and I never mentioned what happened that night. We continued what we normally did, It was as if nothing happened, which kind of worried me because I was starting to wonder if he regretted it later on, and didn’t want it again.

That notion quickly changed a week later. We were in the exact same place we were when our first adventure took place. Almost the exact same setup, minus one of our friends who was there the week before. It was Justin’s ‘guesthouse’ he called it. But it was more like a single room buried in the woods behind his house. His parents were using it for storage until we decided to turn it into our marijuana sauna and fitted it with a vintage garbage picked couch and stereo of the same era. Nobody had ever bothered us back there before, and the door was fitted with an old, but working lock that conveniently only had one key.

We had just got done smoking a round of bowls; I was extremely high, along with Justin and Levi (the other friend). We were all sort of relaxing, listening to Beatles albums with the soft lighting of candles around us. Justin was alone on the couch this time, and I was in an old rocking chair across from it. Levi was sitting on a beanbag next to the stereo, until he jumped up out of nowhere…frantically searching for his cellphone to see what time it was.

“It’s sitting right next to you dude…” Justin said in a dazed voice
“Ah, damnit…” Levi replied leaving down to pickup his cell phone, fumbling with it though before he got it open to see the time. “Shit!” Levi burst, “I was supposed to be home early tonight…Fuck, my moms gonna know what’s up, I’m out” He finished, searching around for a few more of his belongings before dashing out the door of the guesthouse.

Me and Justin didn’t even bother saying goodbye, or much of anything…we both had the same thing on our mind I think. We sat in an awkward silence for a while, until I thought of something to maybe that would help us get going.

“Let’s smoke another man, my treat…”
“Alright, here use Maxwell Murder,” He replied, holding up his favorite glass smoking piece.
“Damnit…uh throw it,” I tried
“Hell no man, come get it…” I walked over to the couch to get it. Still in a stupendous haze from the previous session I shuffled over and plopped next to him on the couch.
I packed the bowl and we smoked what must have been our 5th of the night.

“Wow its early” Justin said, looking at his phone, “only 10:13…” He sort of trailed off like he had something he wanted to do. I think I knew what it was and I knew I wanted it too.

We were silent for a few moments, and then I pretended to drop my lighter between the cushions of the couch right next to him. We both looked for it; our faces were close now using our cell phone as light to look for the lighter I ‘dropped’.

I think he knew what I was up to and was just playing along, because like clockwork, we both looked at each other at once and leaned in to kiss. He had soft skin, soft lips. We kissed with just our lips until I dashed my tongue into his mouth to see how he would react.

He reacted well, we got ourselves into a passionate kiss, it got kind of ‘wet’ for lack of a better term, but I think it aroused both of us more. We knew we were alone and were ready to take full advantage of it. We laid down; still tongue locked the whole time, him on top of me.

We continued our kiss until he reached down to my crotch area, massaging my bulge before undoing my jeans and yanking them down. He pulled boxers and all down and I could feel my bare ass on the warm cloth couch. My dick was stiff and pressing against his crotch area.

I reached down and unbuttoned his pants, the whole time still kissing, only pausing for little breaths of air. We were now both pretty much naked from the waist down as we each kicked our shoes and pants from around our ankles off… I could feel his cock against mine, both of ours getting harder by the second.

We stopped kissing to remove each others shirts. I couldn’t believe I was even going this far. When I did fantasize about boys it was about sucking them off, kissing them like this, and rubbing their backs while we made out was never part of it.

Justin gently began humping me, it made my cock feel quite good and we both got to full length. Nothing was more perfect than the feeling I had right then. The sensation of the pot only made it better. Feeling his dick, his legs, his chest, on my dick, my legs, and my chest…was extremely erotic and I felt I could shoot a load with only a few quick strokes.

He began to go down on me. He went slowly, as if to tease me…nibbling at different parts of my neck, chest…belly button. He did it so naturally, and I responded so naturally, and I think that was mostly due to the pot. It was like this wasn’t awkward at all. Engaging in sex with my best friend.

When he got to my dick, the precum was already glistening along my dick. He grabbed it with his hands and played with it for a moment, seeming semi hesitant about putting it in his mouth.

“Be a bitch, suck it…” I said in a sarcastic, ironic tone of voice. He smirked at me and dove in. He took the whole 6 inches in on his first try. I put my head back, my eyes were closed and my jaw was involuntarily sprung open at the sensation I got. His warm mouth, his warm saliva, and warm tongue were all I could concentrate on. My dick was harder than ever and it was surrounded by his hot mouth. He sucked on it, bobbing up and down, using his tongue to guide himself on the inside. When he would get to the top he would suck as if sucking on a straw, creating a suction that gave me a tickling sensation, it made me feel so good and I though I was going to cum, or possibly piss right in his mouth.

I guess he felt me tensing, just like I did when sucking him off, and got ready for it. He pounded my dick with his hand, jerking it faster then ever while licking the head of it with the tip of his tongue. It was an extraordinary feeling and it made me cum. I shot a hard load right onto the center of his face, another into his hair, and another into his face, hitting him on the left cheek.

He kept stroking slowly until my dick was soft in his hands. We both caught our breath for a few minutes.

He was wiping my cum off of his face and licking it off his fingers. I was thinking about what just happened (it was my first blowjob) and still in awe of how good it felt. The strange thing was though, I was still horny, unlike when I masturbated alone and would cum… All my sexual drive would be gone instantly. I wanted more even though my dick was soft and recovering from the tongue assault my best friend just gave it.

“Fuck me!” I said, surprising Justin
“Fuck me; I want you to fuck me…”
“Wha…are you serious? How?” Justin said, in awe
“What do you mean how? Shove your dick into me that’s how”
He laughed a little, “Fuck you, I mean how…don’t you need lube or something, plus man I think that hurts a little on your part.”
“I don’t give a shit, I want it, do you want it?”

He didn’t even have to say anything, the look in his eyes were enough to tell me he wanted it. He crawled up over top of me, we engaged in a hot kiss again, and I could taste the familiar taste of cum in his mouth, however this time the cum was mine, not his.

I flipped him over and went down on him, spitting and slobbering on his dick to get it wet. When I felt it was enough I got doggy style on my hands and knees on the couch. Like earlier, it felt as though we both knew exactly what to do, without any feeling of shame or awkwardness. He got himself up, put his face up to my ass and give it a lick. He continued licking my asshole until he felt it was wet enough, and then he got a finger and rubbed it a little. Then slowly pushed in. The feeling wasn’t exactly pleasant, yet it wasn’t too bad, it felt good that someone who I was passionately in the moment with was inside me. He kept going further and further, the inserted two fingers. My asshole stretched, and even though the feeling never became pleasant, it got to be less uncomfortable. When he had inserted 3 fingers inside my ass, he pulled them out and re lubricated my hole.

I laid on my back, and spread my legs and lifted them upward, so that my asshole was accessible. He spit in his hand and made sure his cock was still wet and ready to go. He kneeled between my legs and put his cock up to my asshole.

We looked each other in the eye, and he pushed into me.

We each let out a long sigh, mine from acute pain and some discomfort, his from pleasure.

He pushed in all the way before asking me if I was okay, then continued to pull his hard cock back out, and then in again.

Out, in
Out, in
Out, in

Until his pace became more rapid, He could probably see from my facial expressions that my previous feelings of discomfort had changed into feelings of pleasure. He continued to fuck me at a moderate pace, and he leaned down so that he was horizontal with me, resting on his elbows on either side of my body, we were now in a ‘missionary’ position I suppose. My legs were wrapped around his lower back and he was thrusting into me with growing force.

Ah, ah, ah…we both let out with each thrust. Our mouths got closer and we just sort of touch lips with one another, like teasing or playing with each other as we fucked. Finally he leaned in to give me a good kiss on the lips. I could feel his breath exhaling as he moaned into my mouth. It was so sexy, I felt so good, for the second time that night.

He lifted his head back up and we stared into one another eyes as he fucked my ass harder and harder. I felt a feeling in my dick I had never felt before, new but extremely satisfying, like I didn’t need to jerk it to cum, it wasn’t even hard but it still felt great.

As his pace increased, our moans increased, and finally I felt him thrust in one hard thrust and heard one loud moan. We both stopped moving for the moment and I looked at him, his jaw dropped, his head bucked backwards, his eyes closed.

And inside me I felt his rock hard dick pulse and squirm. I felt him very gently moving his hips in order to further stimulate his cock inside my ass, and finally, I felt him cum inside me.

I felt him squirt, shot after shot of his warm cum into my body. I loved it. It was like I could feel him shooting into the pit of my stomach, although I knew better this is the feeling I got and it was magnificent. When he finished, and pulled out. We looked at each other, and kissed one more time. Not a tongue kiss, or an overly wet kiss, we kissed a kiss of gentle understanding. We both knew what just happened, and that we were both bi sexual. We both knew this was the beginning a beautiful new relationship.

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