Debbie My wife

Debbie My wife

It started when my wife had to go to the city to have some dental work done. As the dentist needed to see her over two days she stayed at a city motel for 2 nights.

When she phoned that first night Debbie told me that she had met two interstate men in the dining room who represented a variety goods company and had some excellent product that would suit our country business.
I told Debbie to do an order with them, but she explained that she would rather I saw them myself as they were also looking for warehouse space in our state and there was maybe an opportunity to cash in on that.

John and Tony called in about a week later, and their product was as Debbie said, good for our business. We arranged to warehouse their stock, vehicle and also to accommodate them or whoever represented their company when they next worked in our area. It was a good business arrangement for us.

About three weeks later John and Tony came back to do there selling rounds again. They where away in other areas for a few days until it was time to sell in our area and to use our place for accommodation. Tony was still working a distant area so only John came to stay the first night with us, and to sell us some product.
We ran an extremely busy business open until 9pm each night so it was left to Debbie to organise his stay and meals. Our house nearby to the business was a large rambling style with lots of rooms. Debbie gave John a double bedroom to use at the end of the house.

It was late when I finally closed and came in to spend some time with our guest. We had some drinks, nibbles and jokes and as bed time came near, Debbie went to shower. Debbie surprised me when on her return as she was wearing a very revealing dressing gown, I had never seen it before but she looked fantastic in it.
A gown made from nylon, soft and silky to the touch and also very clingy. Debbie at this time, was twenty six years old, slim, attractive with a lovely body an engaging smile and personality.
It was obvious to me and to John that under the full length gown she was naked. Whenever she passed by the lamp light the gown became nearly transparent, Plainly then in view where her breasts, her legs, the cleft of her buttocks and I could just see the wispy hair that covered her vulva. She looked fucking horny, I was immediately aroused and excited that Debbie was seemingly parading her body in front of a virtual stranger to us, it gave me a mixture of strange emotions, nervousness, pride in her, but mostly lust.

John kept glancing at her body, unsure of the situation but he couldn’t keep out of view the bulge that appeared in the front of his trousers. After a few minutes Debbie gave us both a small peck on our cheeks and went to bed.
John and I said goodnight to each other and after a shower I followed Debbie to bed.

Climbing into bed naked, Debbie gave me a long tongue filled kiss at the same time fondling my penis and balls, she then slid down the bed and took my swollen cock in her mouth and expertly sucked me to an incredible orgasm taking my spurting member in her mouth and swallowing noisily and greedily. She then gave me a long kiss goodnight, resisting my attempt to touch and caress her telling me she was very tired and would see me in the morning.

We both seemed to go to sleep but I felt her slide out of our bed, slip on her dressing gown and heard her little footsteps disappear down the hallway. I thought that she was going to the bathroom but after a period of time when she hadn’t returned I too snuck out of bed and went down the hallway.

John’s door was closed but a small amount of light was coming under the door probably from the bed lamp, and I could her whispers. I went outside and down the pathway outside his window, as luck would have it the half closed curtains on the small side window gave me an uninterrupted view of most of his room.

I could see Debbie lying in bed with John in a passionate and sensual embrace, he was kissing her neck, nibbling her ears and I could see his hands fondling her body. Debbie was clinging onto John, returning his kisses and rolling her right leg over his back. This leg movement pushed the bedcovers from their bodies giving me a view of their naked bodies. As John had moved to the side I saw his erect penis, it was hard, thick and moderately long, the smooth head of his cock was big and bell shaped.

I watched Debbie slowly slip down John’s chest, nibbling his ears, neck and his nipples at the same time slowly rubbing her hand in little circular motions over his belly. She started playing with his balls, lifting them up and slowly stroking his member, then her mouth made her way to his penis and she started to lick under the head rolling her tongue firstly around then under his entire length before she took him into her mouth, then, Debbie went wild.

She was on her knees, her arse in the air seemingly pointing at me peeping through the window, but unknowingly giving me an incredible view.
Debbie went up and down sucking noisily on his penis, she tried to take it all but it was too long for her, whilst at the same time his fingers found their way to her pussy. He played with her cunt, teasing it, opening the lips, caressing her inner thighs, running his fingers around and teasing her asshole, then, he slowly inserted his fingers inside her. I could hear her moan with pleasure as she wriggled to his touch.

I felt shaky, nervous and unsure watching my wife who I loved and trusted playing with John, obviously going to let this man fuck her. I wondered if she had done this before, was it a set up in suggesting him stay with us.

Debbie then sat on John’s chest and fed her nipples to him, as he sucked greedily on them she lowered her arse to just above his member. John slowly slid the tip of his penis along the full length of her vagina and asshole backwards to just penetrate both her holes slightly, teasing them both.

Debbie lost control, she impaled John, arched her back while still sitting on his chest, then she rode him, slowly at first then she bounced up and down on him as if it was to be her last fuck. I could see his penetration in her, his cock fucking her, the juices from her cunt glistening on his cock and her little ass hole, puckered, open and accepting of his fingers as they found their way there.

It was too much for me, I felt my cock harden in my pants, feeling incredibly horny I dropped my pants and started wanking my cock while watching my wife fuck this man I hardly knew. I was filled with lust, enjoying, watching my wife fuck another man I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

They groaned and writhed on the bed until Debbie suddenly stopped riding him, squeezed her ass cheeks together then opened them up again in what must have been an intense orgasm for her. John then laid Debbie on her back, pulled her legs over his back and penetrated her. He fucked her hard, deep and fast, Debbie was moaning and screaming for him to fuck me, please, please fuck me. I again could see John’s penetration into my wife while she had both her legs wrapped around his back.
It wasn’t long before John’s arse cheeks squeezed together and with a final thrust into Debbie I could tell he was emptying a load of sperm into her. Debbie then grabbed his neck pulling his lips to hers they kissed passionately as they orgasmed together.
I shot my load of spunk all over the wall below the window, It was incredible how much there was and how enjoyable a wank it had been. I then went back to bed and waited for Debbie to return.

It was about half an hour later when she returned, showered and sneakingly tried to get back into bed unnoticed. Making out she had disturbed me I asked her where she had been. She replied that she had been to the bathroom and lent over to give me a kiss. I put my arm around her as she kissed me telling me how much she loved me.
My hand went down between her legs and felt her swollen vulva where not so long ago she had taken another man’s cock, I asked her, have you been out fucking? I’m sorry, I’m so sorry she sobbed on my shoulder, I just wanted , I just needed to feel another man inside me, I wanted to know what its like. I asked was it what as you expected, was it good, was he big, did you enjoy it? Yes she sobbed, but it was lust, just a fuck, I love you, I don’t want to lose you.

I felt my cock go hard just thinking about the fuck that Debbie had just had and her confession to me, once again I felt her between her legs and felt the moisture of her cunt. Debbie asked me to make love to her now and played with my erect penis. I rolled her on her back and lovingly entered her swollen pussy, it felt big and swollen but like velvet inside from the fuck she had just had. Our lovemaking was strong, passionate and lustful as we bought each over to an incredible orgasmic climax.

Debbie again said how sorry she was, but I asked her was she sorry she had sex with another man or sorry she was caught. When she didn’t answer I asked did she really enjoy it, she didn’t surprise when she said yes it was incredibly nice.

I told Debbie how horny and lustful it made me feel knowing that another man had fucked her, I loved her exhibitionism before we went to bed and asked if she honestly wanted to do it again.
Debbie replied maybe, providing it doesn’t come between us.

I then confessed to her that I had watched her fuck John, how I had enjoyed watching her being fucked, and what an incredible wank I had had. Debbie hit me first, then said I maybe I deserved to have a wife who wanted to fuck other men. If that’s the case, she said I will fuck other men and you have to watch.

I’ll ask John to stay another night, she said. Oh and Tony will be staying tomorrow night as well.

That was the start of an incredible period of sex and exhibitionism by Debbie. She never missed an opportunity to fuck any of our ever changing guests, plus a select few of our male customers where treated to some very sexy and naughty moments as Debbie often served in our shop in short skirts and no knickers.
Debbie, after learning, I liked to watch her fuck, always kept a small bit of curtain open for me, making sure of a good show for me and always sucked me off after. She knew I would have to wait for her to finish her fuck before I could enjoy her lips and empty my load of sperm all over her body.

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