driving lessons_(1)

driving lessons_(1)

Her name was Jessica. She was barely 15, and everything about her matched that. She was very thin, probably a size 3. Her breasts were not very large, due mainly to being so thin, but also having started developing late. She dressed like a popular girl, though a bit more modestly, having good Christian parents.

I had just started to drive, though I was 21 at the time. I never really was that interested in driving because I felt I could get around where I needed to fine, and I also felt I could be more wisely using my money on other things than gas and insurance.

One evening I was over at her house hanging out with her brother, when I heard her talking, or rather, complaining to her parents that she wanted to learn to drive and it wasn’t fair that she couldn’t. They patiently tried to explain to her that she needed to wait until she was legal, meaning fifteen-and-a-half. She was a few months shy of that. I left my friend in his room where we were playing a football video game, and went downstairs to see what I could make happen.

Jessica had a friend over. Her name was Rianne, and she was a few months younger than Jessica, though a slight bit larger in the chest and, in my opinion, a bit cuter, though Jessica was certainly adorable. Rianne didn’t have Christian parents, or at least ones who were overly concerned about the way their daughter dressed.

Rianne was wearing a very tight, form-hugging shirt and tight jeans with about an inch of skin above her beltline exposed. The outline of her bra cups could be seen impressed through her shirt, and her blond hair was in little pigtails, which I personally find extremely arousing. Jessica was wearing a rather tight shirt as well, though her parents didn’t know it because she was also wearing a hoodie over it. She had tight jeans on, which her parents didn’t like, but since all the girls did it, she was allowed to. She had her brown hair in a single ponytail.

I stepped downstairs, caught their eye, then started going outside. I hadn’t taken five steps when I heard the door open and close behind me. “Wait,” Jessica said. “Can you teach us how to drive?”

I turned around, smiling at them. “I only have a stick shift. Do you girls know how to use one, or has it always been just manual?” (Honestly, no puns intended.)

They looked at each other, disappointed. “No,” said Rianne.

“I can teach you,” I replied. “It’s not hard to learn.”

They both grinned eagerly and got into my car with me at the driver’s seat. I said, “I’ll drive to a parking lot. It’ll give us more room to mess up should we need it.”

We arrived at the parking lot. It was pretty much empty, only a few cars nearest the buildings, but the rest of it was clear. I told Jessica to get into the driver’s seat, which she did, and I got into the passenger seat. Rianne was sitting in the back. I tried to explain the balancing of the use of the clutch and gas to Jessica, but she was having a hard time. So, I said, “I’ll put my hand on your legs. When I press one, it means to press or let go. Remember, slowly.” She nodded. I also had the stick, ready to shift gears when I wanted her to (I didn’t want to give her too much responsibility at once).

My hand was about an inch below her crotch, and she seemed a little uncomfortable with it, but overall, she seemed alright. I said, while pressing lightly onto her left leg, “Start releasing the clutch,” but she did it too fast, before I could tell her to start pushing on the gas. I had her start it up again, and we failed three more times, my hand staying an inch away from her clothed, virgin pussy the whole time.

Finally, she was successful. I could see her sweating a bit from the excitement and nerves of it all, and we started driving around in first, then second gear. We just drove in loops, and when she would turn, I would lightly press my hand into her crotch, disguising it as moving with the momentum of the car. She looked at me once the second time I did it, a wondering, confused, suspicious look on her face, but said nothing.

Finally, I had her stop and I put my elbow resting on her shoulder. “Good job,” I said to her, placing my hand ever so lightly on her breast for fear she’d notice. “Thanks,” she said, shyly, and smiling broadly. She didn’t seem to notice the location of my hand, or she didn’t care. “Rianne, you want a turn?”

The same things happened with Rianne, though I could tell she was a bit looser morally than Jessica. She even spread her legs slightly on the turns, and I could swear it was to make it easier to press my hand against her virgin pussy on the turns. After a few rounds, I said, “Why don’t we go to the shop and get some ice creams? Then, we can try again. They liked the idea.

They got out the driver’s side, and I got out the passenger side. When I caught up to them about twenty feet away from the car, I got between them and put an arm around each of their shoulders, letting my hands hang down near their chests. As we walked closer to the store, I braved to place my hands directly on their breasts, though lightly. I caught them looking at each other, then giving silent looks to each other to say, “Men,” then giggling to themselves. As we got to the store, I decided it would be best for everyone to see me groping the breasts of these 15-year-old girls, so I prepared to take my hands back. Giving a slight squeeze and bumping their teenage tits a bit obviously as I pulled my hands up, I placed them firmly on their shoulders and we continued on. I had a hard-on, and it was obvious, so I adjusted it with them watching, and we entered the store.

On the way back, I put my arm around Rianne, because she seemed to be a bit more allowing and less embarrassed about what I was doing. I wolfed my cone down, then we got to the car, them still eating theirs. I put my arms around their shoulders again and placed my hands on their tits again. “Enjoying the treats?” I said, giving them a slight squeeze. They nodded and smiled, and I paused, and gave them another squeeze. Rianne grinned broadly, and Jessica looked up at me, not knowing what to say. They were finishing their cones, so I decided to initiate what I really wanted.

Jessica finished a bit before Rianne, which was probably better because I felt Jessica would have been less inclined to join us if she wasn’t already involved. I went behind her and put my arms around her front, placing my hands directly on her young tits. I rocked her back and forth as though that’s what I originally intended to do, and said, “How’s it going, Jessica?”

Fine,” she said, fully aware of what I was doing and simply placing her hands on my arms for a bit of comfort. I squeezed her breasts and started playing with them, and I felt her totally relax in my arms. Taking one arm away, I motioned for Rianne to come over, which she did. I put an arm around her and started playing with her breasts as well. I hadn’t been going for long when I took my hand off Rianne and grabbed her left hand. Guiding it, I placed it on my belt buckle.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked. Jessica looked over at her, then down at where her hand was.

“Take it out, it hurts being in there,” I responded. She fumbled quite a bit, and couldn’t manage, so I let go of both of them long enough to undo my belt, then I put my hands back on their shoulders, this time sliding my hand through the tops of their shirt to go under the shirt, though still over the bras. Rianne’s was very sleek and silky, somewhat padded, and underwire. Jessica’s was lacey and underwire, and I could tell it wasn’t one of her best ones, but I don’t think she planned on this happening. Neither did Rianne, quite frankly, but she just seemed to be wearing the right one at the right time. Jessica’s breathing got a little worried, so I said, “Are you alright?”

She hesitated and said, “Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this.”

I slid my hand under her bra and found her nipple. Her breast was firm, though squeezable and bouncy, having never been played with before. “If you want me to, I’ll stop.”

I caught a look in her eyes. Her eyes were rolled back with pleasure and I actually heard her moan softly. Her nipple was quite erect, and tiny. “These are really nice, by the way,” I told her. She smiled, and closed her eyes. I decided Rianne would want the same treatment, so I slid my hand underneath her bra cup to find slightly less bouncy, perky breasts, but a nipple that was a bit larger and sticking out more than a half an inch. “What are your bra sizes?” I asked. “34A” was Jessica’s, and “34B” was Rianne’s.

Rianne finally manages to undo my zipper and reach into my underwear to find my rock-hard member ready to spring out. She giggled, and I squeezed her and said, “What’s so funny?”

She said, “No, sorry. It’s just, I’ve only ever felt one other one before, and it was not nearly this hard.”

“Thanks,” I said, grinning at her and kissing her on the neck. I opened the door to my car and sat down on the driver’s seat with my legs out of the car. I motioned for Jessica to come to me, and she did. I laid down on my back across the passenger seat as well.

“Wait,” she said. “I can’t do this. I’ve never…I mean, I’m still…”

“I know,” I said. “I am too.”

She looked at me, astounded. I said, “Come here. All I wanted to do was make out and play with your gorgeous tits a bit more.” She hesitated, then took off her hoodie. She crawled in and I put my hands on the bottom of her shirt and started lifting it up. She looked me in the eyes, seemed to search herself, then kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back, and forgot about my hands for a moment until she lifted her arms and said, between kisses, “OK.” Opening my eyes, I realized what I wanted to do, and I lifted the shirt over her arms. I got to look at her for a moment, then I said, “May I?: and I grabbed the front clasp of her bra. She looked me in the eyes and smiled. She was sitting on my pelvis, and I unhooked the bra. Gorgeous, small, apple-sized tits didn’t seem to sink at all without the bra. They were so bouncy and perky. I said, “Wow,” and grabbed one in each hand. She lowered herself to my lips again, and we started making out again.

A few seconds later, Rianne said, “Wow, you guys! What about me?” Before I could answer, she grabbed my still-hard dick and put her hands around it. Suddenly, she laughed again, and I said, “What?”

“Nothing,” she said. “I’ve heard of girls doing this, but it always seemed so gross to me.” I didn’t know what she was talking about until something wet touched my penis. I rolled my eyes back and almost lost the load right there. I didn’t, however, and Jessica started running her fingers trough my hair. I continued to play with her fantastic tits. I said, “Move up,” and she seemed to know what I meant, because she loved up so she was sitting on my belly. I pulled her chest down to my waiting, eager face, and took a nipple in my mouth. She giggled, and I said, “You two are so giggly!”

She said, “Sorry, it just tickled.” I smiled at her and resumed my sucking, squeezing and putting all of my attention into her right breast, then her left, while she breathed heavily and did a lot of soft moaning. Suddenly my dick entered a warm, wet hole, and I realized suddenly that it was Rianne’s mouth. She had never done this before, but just did what made sense to her, and it was fantastic. Not that I had anything to compare it to. She was also massaging my balls, which was amazing as well. I continued sucking on Jessica, and soon I simply exploded my cum into Rianne’s mouth. She was caught by surprise, and the first shot went straight into the back of her throat and she reflexively swallowed it. The next shot hit her in the chin before she backed off and pointed me toward the steering wheel for some reason, causing the rest of my seed to spill onto the wheel.

A few seconds passed, and I was still hard. I kissed Jessica and moved my hands to her belt buckle, looking her in the eyes. She didn’t resist as I undid her belt, unzipped her pants, and lifted her up so that I could pull her pants down. I was surprised to see she had an orange string bikini on, which I’ve never really liked, but it didn’t matter, because I pulled it off. It was tiny. It had hair all over it, but it was soaked. She looked at me, wondering what I would do. With her pants and panties below her knees, I lifted her 100-pound body downward, to find my waiting, still-hard dick. She looked up at me, worried, but then I kissed her and said, “It’s my first time too. I’ll be gentle.” She suddenly started to cry, but didn’t try to move away.

“I’m sorry. It’s OK, we don’t have to if you don’t want to,” I said. She shook her head and laid down comfortably on top of me. I lifted her up, and said, “Could you put it where it goes?” She grabbed my dick, the first time she had done so, and felt it around a bit before guiding it to her wet pussy.

I could only get the head in at first. I placed my greedy hands on her tits again as I heard the passenger door open. A shock of fear shot through me, but then I realized it was Rianne. She wanted to watch from a better angle, and she also wanted to kiss me, which she did. I could taste my cum in her mouth.

Jessica, as though going with her instincts, started humping and pressing herself down to try to get more of me in. I was about two inches in, and Rianne was still making out with me, and my hands were all over Jessica’s amazing tits.

Three inches, four…I hadn’t gotten much farther than three or four inches in when I burst through something. She yelped, and I said, “Is that why you were crying? You know I’d break you?” She nodded, not looking at me. It suddenly occurred to me that she was very naked, and both me and Rianne were pretty much completely clothed. The one who had started out the shiest was the one with her clothes off!

I continued to hump her until all seven inches of my rock-hard member was in her. “I’m all the way in,” I said, and she looked down as though not believing. She smiled weakly at me, and started matching my humps again. She orgasmed so immensely that she rocked forward and backward from my head to my driver’s side doorway. Once she stopped, she started to bring herself off. I said, “Wait! I’m not finished!” She looked at me in surprise, then said, “Oh yeah,” and continued to match my humping. I could tell it still felt really good for her.

Finally, about twenty seconds later, I came again. Not as hard as into Rianne’s mouth, but it was still incredible. After I was done, I lifted her off and said, “Man alive! My boner won’t go away!” They both laughed hard and Rianne stood up. I watched her upside down as she lifted her shirt off. Her bra was pearly white, and she walked around the car in her bra as Jessica backed out, grabbing her pants and pulling them up. She started walking around to fetch her bra and top, since she was completely topless in a semi-public place. Rianne arrived at my driver’s side door before Jessica, and crawled up on top of me. “My turn?” she said, and there was a hungry look in her eyes I didn’t expect even from her. I started playing with her bra-covered tits, and soon found the clasp in the back and undid it (for some reason guys seem to have problems undoing bras, but I found it rather easy). Her tits hung down a bit more than Jessica’s had. Speaking of Jessica, she bended down do grab her shirt and bra off the floor of the passenger’s side, and as she did, I pulled her tit to my lips and gave it a gentle kiss. “Thank you,” I said to her.

She gave me a shy smile and started putting her bra back on. Meanwhile, Rianne had taken off her pants and panties, which were also a string bikini, though hers was red, and she lowered herself so she was ready to take me in. I fingered her pussy a bit while she played with my dick, but soon she had my head at her pussy lips and was ready for me to enter. I entered. I slid three inches in at once, though she was very tight. My own cum and Jessica’s juices must have made it easier. I placed my hands on her tits and started playing with them a bit more roughly than I had with Jessica, and she smiled at me broadly as she started humping me harder while I did the same to her. I lifted her up and turned, so that she was suddenly under me. She looked at me in surprise at how fast I had managed that, but then smiled at me again. I laid on her, penis still in her hole, and started pushing harder into her. Soon I had busted through her hymen, and she yelped much like Jessica had, but was soon back to kissing me as I played with her breasts and humped her vigorously. She came violently, grabbing my hair and pulling it as her vagina snapped around my dick, and soon she was panting as I continued to have my way with her. It took me a bit longer, about eight minutes to pump a load into her while Jessica watched. Rianne even orgasmed at the same time as me, which made it even more mind-blowing as my sperm entered her forbidden canal.

I laid down, exhausted on top of her for a few moments, before I kissed her and got up off, finally pulling my still hard prick out of her. “My goodness! I hope this isn’t permanent!” I said. They both laughed and I got up and helped Rianne get up, my cock still sticking out of my unzipped pants. Jessica came over and joined us as Rianne put her clothes back on.

“Jessica, would you please finish me off?” I asked her, placing a hand on her now-clothed but no-longer-virgin pussy. I placed my other hand on Rianne’s and started playing with them both as Jessica reached down and grabbed my hard-on. It was covered in all kinds of stuff, which may have been why she didn’t go down on me orally. Giving me a hand-job that she knew how to do only because she knew now what made a man cum, I shot out soon just onto the street, pressing their pussies as I did. Finally, it started going limp. I went over to Rianne and kissed her and placed my hands around her onto her ass. Squeezing her cheeks, I said, “That was amazing. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, man,” she said, smiling. I released her and went over to Jessica.

Putting my arms around Jessica, I gave her a genuine hug and kissed her. “Don’t tell your brother,” I said.

“I won’t tell anyone,” she said, smiling at me. I placed my hands on her bouncy tits and squeezed them again as my hands released her from the hug, and we got back into my car to drive home. When we got there, my buddy wasn’t even there, having left with the rest of h

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