Falling off the wagon pt4

Falling off the wagon pt4

The Truth About Nikki – Falling Off The Wagon – pt4

I was so very confused; I was upset at being maneuvered into a position where I had become nothing more than a fuck toy by Ray and his friends. Yet on the other hand I had enjoyed it, I had enjoyed every thing about what had happened. Being taken like that was like being on some kind of drug or something, it was a high that continued for all of those hours. It would have momentary lulls, as one man would slip from me and another would take his place, but I had to be honest with myself, I had loved it.

By the time Sandra and Eric had returned home that night, I had decided to put Ray and his charming eyes and wonderful cock out of my mind and return to my former self. I was not going to call Ray again, and return to being just plain old Nikki. Even with this resolved in my mind, I found my hand between my legs shortly after I went to bed that night. I lay there, eyes closed, seeing Ray and his friends one by one on top of me, feeling them inside me as my fingers worked my clit and hole until I came there in bed all alone. The climax felt good yet hollow in some way, I had pleasured myself before and had always felt satisfied at completion, but not tonight. I finally rolled over and fell to sleep.

For the next three days I toured the town and basically just goofed off, as Sandra had to work. She had given me her bike to get around, as I didn’t have my drivers license yet. I had made myself a vow to be good again, was trying hard to keep it, but yet every night my fingers would slip over my smooth mound and enter my pussy, giving me more of those nice but hollow climaxes.

On Thursday afternoon I had ridden to the local mall where I had at first just window-shopped. Then as I was walking the aisles in some store I saw a douche / enema kit just like my aunt had. I started to walk away but then turned around, took it to the register and bought it. Even as I walked out of the store shoving it into my backpack I wondered why I had done that. I stopped at a mall food mart and had some lunch, as I sat there stuffing fries and drinking coke I saw a beauty salon just down the way. The thought hit me that I could use a new look, so I dumped my fries and went in to check it all out. I chatted with a stylist there, told her of my plan to cut my hair short and she said that it would make me look great. I was hesitant to cut my long hair but I needed a change, so off it came. When she was done, I loved the look of it. As I was admiring my new do, I remembered that Kevin had told me to cut it, just to keep guys from pulling it. It made me wonder if I had subconsciously done it to please him.

After leaving the beauty shop I stopped for some Baskin Robbins before peddling the bike back home. I was at the counter paying for my cone when I felt a hand on my ass making me jump and turn. There stood Ray smiling at me. He broke the ice by saying “you look terrific with your hair like that, I almost walked right on by” I laughed, partly to cover up my surprise and partly to conceal my hornyness before thanking him. He asked if we could sit and talk while I ate, I nodded and we took a booth. He asked if I was feeling ok after Sunday night and I told him that I felt great. He made some remark about how beautiful I looked with my new hair and how much he had missed me. I told him that I had been way busy with my relatives and just couldn’t get away. All during this time my belly was doing little flips and flops and I could feel the moisture between my legs. I knew that I was going to make a wet spot in my panties soon so I excused myself and slipped into a nearby ladies room to put a panty liner on. I hadn’t paid ant attention to Ray as I left the table but as I pushed the stall door open Ray placed his hand on my back and pushed me in with him right behind me. I turned to protest but his mouth was on mine even as I turned to face him. He knew my weak spot as even as his tongue was slipping in my mouth, his left arm was gripping my ass pulling me against his groin and his right hand was between us squeezing my pussy. My body reacted to his touch and kiss leaving my brain to wonder what was happening. I felt my leg move out giving him better access to my pussy and I was now leaning into him, not being held by his strong left arm at all. I could feel his hand un-snapping my jeans and sliding the zipper down even before he broke our kiss. My mind was reeling, I wanted to say stop but right about then his hand slid down my panties and his finger entered my already wet pussy. I couldn’t stop the moan that slipped from my lips as he again kissed me driving his tongue into my mouth. I felt his other hand slip under my blouse and begin kneading my breast, my hips were pushing into his finger inside me and my hands both went to his trousers all by themselves. His cock was already rock hard and was attempting to climb out the top of his waistband. As I un-did the top button of them his cock slipped out into my hands. It felt so wonderful pulsing and drooling on my palm, as my hand wrapped around it and squeezed he moaned into my mouth and broke off the kiss. He slowly turned me around and pushed my levies down to about my knees, rubbing his hands back up my thighs and over my ass on the way back up. I shivered with his touch. He told me how horny he had been for my sweet pussy as he gently pushed me over the toilet until I was bracing myself against the wall. His left hand spread my ass cheeks while he guided his cock into me with his right; I felt him between my thighs and squirmed my ass to allow him to enter me. Just as his cock was slipping between my pussy lips he moaned that I had the hottest cunt that he had ever fucked. Then he was in, my heart was racing so hard that I don’t think I could have heard anything more he said over the pounding in my ears. His hands gripped my hips and he shoved most of his lovely nine inches into me making me moan and squirm on his cock like a speared fish. I moved my hands to the back of the toilet as I had begun to slide down the wall anyway.

This allowed Ray a straight shot into my pussy, which he took full advantage off. His next push smashed his balls into me and I felt the rush of an impending orgasm already building. He began thrusting into me with firm, fast strokes, each one making me whimper and moan, I wanted to cum on his cock so much. I pressed myself back against him every time his fingers would begin to grip me for a thrust; soon my pussy was making those wonderful smacking sounds every time he bottomed out in me. Out of nowhere my climax washed over me, I shook like a leaf and almost lost my grip on the toilet. Ray was now slamming his cock into me and his breath was more of a series of muffled grunts. He exploded into my womb like a nuclear bomb; semen squirted around his cock onto my left leg, and began dribbling down toward my panties and jeans around my knees. He held me, pumping his cock into me with short one or two inch strokes until he had deposited all of his sperm within me before slipping from my drooling womb. As soon as he released his grip on my hips I turned and sat on the toilet in an effort to catch the sperm river on my left leg from reaching my panties.

I peeled off a large wad of TP and began the mop up operation, but I felt Rays hand caress the back of my head as I was looking down at my thighs. I knew what awaited me as I lifted my head and sure enough as my head raised, Rays beautiful cum coated cock swung right in front of my face just begging for my mouth. I used my right hand to continue to pull wads of TP and mop myself up as I guided Ray into my mouth with my left. His cock was still semi hard and cum was still drooling from his cock head. He tasted so wonderful and his reassuring grip on my head and his gentle moans told me that he loved what my mouth was doing. I lifted his cock way up and licked his balls clean of our juices while craning my neck to see his reaction. His eyes closed as a moan slid from his lips and his hand gripped my now short hair. It felt wonderful to give him pleasure like this. I worked my tongue all around the base and shaft of the cock whose child I now carried within me. I realized that I had broken my vow to ignore men, but I didn’t really give a shit right then, all that mattered was being right there, servicing my man.

Ray finally pushed me back off his cock and began folding his now nearly hard tool back into his pants. He told me to finish cleaning up and he would meet me outside. He peeked over the door then slipped out of the ladies room, leaving me with the job of cleaning up our combined mess. As I was finishing the last part of my cleanup and putting a liner in my panties the door opened and this middle aged woman strolled in. It instantly made me laugh thinking about what would have happened if she had just walked in five minutes before and found us fucking like animals in the stall. I was still giggling when I left the ladies room and joined Ray by the ice cream mart. I told him about the lady and my thoughts. He thought about it for a minute as we walked up the concourse then turned to me and said that I would have liked to get caught fucking like that. He said that he had never before known any gal who would fool around in pubic like I did, and that he loved that trait in me.

He told me that he wanted more of what I had to offer and suggested that we head for his house to finish up what we had started. I wanted nothing more than to lie beneath him and accept his cock and sperm within me but I had Sandra’s bike locked up outside. He said that he could get it in the trunk of his car so off we went. On the short trip to his house I again thought about the gangbang that he had set me up for and I mentioned it to him, telling him that he had been out of line doing that. Ray pulled the car over to the side and turned toward me, he first asked me if I had enjoyed getting fucked by four black bulls that day. I told him “yes butt” but he cut me off and asked if I would have said yes to it if he had asked first, I said “no”. He just smiled and said that was why he didn’t ask, that he knew that I would love it, that I was just too horny for one man to keep satisfied. He continued on to say that I had about milked him dry the two previous days and he had needed help anyway. I began to say something but again he cut me off and looked me directly in the eye and said that he would ask me the next time if I wanted more cock.

He pulled back onto the road as I thought about that, what would I say if he asked me that? I didn’t know but I felt that squishy little feeling in my belly telling me that the idea turned me on at some level. I was still in deep thought as we pulled into his driveway and stopped. Ray pulled me across the seat and we kissed several times before he opened the door and led me by the hand to the bedroom just off his living room. Just walking into his house and seeing the different places that only days ago I had been fucked made my belly churn and my nipples harden. I could feel Rays seed coating my panty liner, slipping back and forth as we walked, it made me feel so sensual some how, I didn’t need any coaxing or further foreplay.

As soon as I entered that bedroom I began stripping, I wanted to feel a man fuck me, that was all I wanted right then. I yanked the covers back and slipped in on my back, I needed to feel Ray’s weight upon me and his cock thrusting into me again. Ray stood there looking me right in the eye as he slowly removed his clothes, He was taking them off slowly just to make me squirm and it was working, my pussy was leaking some of his sperm as I lay there, I could feel it slowly dribbling down the crack of my ass. It made me want him even more but I managed to tell him that if he didn’t hurry up I was going to be out of the mood. He laughed and told me that I was a shitty liar and that I was in the rut, I would fuck him anytime he wanted. He crawled directly between my legs and I pulled my knees up around him. As his cock slid into my lubed pussy my arms wrapped around his back and I asked him to fuck me good and hard, I needed a hard fucking. His smile broadened and he slammed his cock fully into me. He lowered his head beside mine and told me again how wonderful my cunt felt around his cock as he began fucking me with those long hard stokes of his cock. His hands slid under me and gripped my shoulders from the back as his cock and my pussy began making that delicious slurp/smack sound with every stroke of his cock. His legs slid way up beside me, forcing my knees almost into my armpits again and over his shoulder I could see his hips raise and them descend into me again. I was feeling a rush of pure pleasure with every deep thrust of his powerful cock into my womb. I never even felt the orgasm that shattered my brain into pieces, it came from nowhere and I bucked like a spaz under Ray for the longest time until that final wave of joy filled me and my breath returned to my lungs. Ray was talking and as I was able to focus, he was telling me what a hot fucking slut I was, how he loved to fuck sluts more than normal girls, and other things I cant remember. His breath was becoming raspy, I knew he was close, my belly was tingling like crazy, and my only conscious thought was that I wanted him and I to cum together. My tingle was becoming a roar and I desperately wanted Ray there with me when it hit, I nibbled his ear and asked him for his hot cum. The deep moan he gave in response told me all I needed to know, and my climax slammed me wonderfully hard and I began to drift away just as Ray howled into my ear and slammed himself into me with his full weight. I must have zoned out for a second as the next thing I knew Ray was squirming on me, trying to get away from my fingernails. I relaxed my grip and enjoyed the total pleasure of his cock twitching within my sperm filled pussy and the wonderful afterglow of having just been fucked senseless. Ray lay atop me breathing heavily into my ear, his sweat running around his sides and mingling with mine, forming a puddle between us before running down my sides and onto the already soaked sheet.

It felt glorious to feel his weight upon me, his heart thumping hard against my breast, his breath upon my ear, I didn’t want this to end. I whispered into his ear that I wanted to suck his magnificent cock to its full hardness again and feel him fuck my ass. He moaned into my ear without lifting his head and said, “see you’re too much, you wanna milk me dry again”. I rolled my head and kissed his cheek and told him that was exactly what I wanted to do, milk his big black cock dry.

Ray finally found the energy to roll from me and I slid down his sweaty chest and began licking up the considerable mess on his cock and balls. Ray lay there for a few minutes moaning and petting my head with his hand before speaking. He finally asked how much more I wanted to fuck, because he only had one more good one left. I pulled my mouth from his cock and told him that I would take it, and then slipped his sweet cock back into my mouth. He said that I misunderstood, he was asking me how much more cock did I want. I knew what he was asking now, my belly began to flutter like crazy, and my mind snapped back to the gangbang of just a few days before. My mind was spinning, I didn’t dare lift my lips from his cock, as I would say something, I wasn’t sure what, so I just kept on sucking. Rays hand slipped under my chin, lifted my mouth from his manhood and stared into my eyes for a long moment. He asked again “do you want to fuck more Nikki?” That was the question, my mind was reeling, what should I say? I should be satisfied, I had been fucked by a champion, but that twisting deep in my belly was saying something else. If I said yes, I would only confirm to the world that I was a complete fucking slut. If I said no, well I didn’t want to say no, I knew that. He held my gaze for what seemed like hours before a smile crept across his face. He removed his hand from my chin and gently caressed my cheek, still holding my eyes within his twinkling brown-eyed gaze. He finally asked “yes or no girl”.

I heard my voice whisper “yes” and his smile got even wider. He rolled to one side and pulled the phone onto the bed beside him, picked up the receiver and began to dial. I was frozen in place, just watching him dialing the phone to arrange for another man to come fuck me, it seemed surreal, like I was a spectator at some show, merely watching the actors. Ray finished dialing and petted my head then asked “how many?” I was numb; I didn’t know what to do. Ray said “I know you need at least two, how many more girl?” Ray goes on “give me a number girl, three, four, more, what?” I still don’t know if I said it or if I dreamed that I said it, but I heard my voice say “four”. Ray slapped the bed and laughed just as whomever he was calling picked up, he placed his hand on my head and pressed my mouth back onto his cock while he greeted whomever he had called. He guided my head up and down his cock as he told his buddy that he had this hot little white slut who was just begging for more black cock and asked if he wanted a slice of my fuck pie. There I was sucking his cock while he offered me to his friends over the phone. It made me feel super cheep but my pussy was churning like crazy. He gave his friend a detailed description of me and told him that I was a real cock whore, and then he just asks the guy if he knows any other brothers around who would want to get in on a messy gang fuck. Rays cock was rock hard again and he was pressing me right down to the gag point on his cock every stroke, I tried to push his hand away but he just gripped my hair and shook my head till I quit. As his conversation was ending he told the guy on the line that hell yes that this bitch was a total bareback queen. He hung up the phone, pulled my mouth from his cock and told me to get on my knees so he could ream my ass before the crowd got there.

Ray slid his cock into my pussy and began fucking me hard and fast while he explained that I had four big dick motherfuckers headed my way and that he was sure I would be fucking happy when they finished with my nasty little ass. My brain was in overload, what had I done, I had asked for four men to come and fuck me, how, why. All these questions and more were twisting my brain cells as a huge climax ripped up my spine and I collapsed onto the mattress bucking and whimpering. Ray didn’t wait till my climax had finished to pull from my pussy and force his slick cock into my ass. He leaned into me, holding my shoulders and forced his cock all the way into my butt in one slow stroke until his balls were pressed tight against my pussy. He quickly pulled out and drove himself all the way back in, over and over, his cock slipping completely from me only to be shoved fully back into me. He worked his black magic on me and within minutes I came on his big black cock, reveling in the wonderful glow that anal orgasms give me. I moaned and told him how much I loved the way his cock felt inside me; he patted me on the ass and said he was glad to service me. He told me that if I was going to butt fuck, that I needed to learn how to clean my nasty shit hole out as some brotha’s don’t like packing shit. My mind instantly flashed to the little red douche bag in my backpack. I vowed to rinse out and clean up if I had time before the other men came. Ray was working my ass in this circle as he slammed straight in and out, the feeling of his cock rubbing everywhere was driving me crazy and I came again, forcing my ass against his wet balls which made that sweet smacking sound. Without warning Ray gripped my ass hard and lunged into me, pumping his hot sperm into my ass, I could feel it flowing inside me, it was so hot and slick, I love that feeling even today. He patted me on the ass as he withdrew, told me that he was shower bound and that I needed to clean the fuck off my cunt and ass before his friends got there, because if I looked like some scag they would probably just leave.

Ray told me to use the downstairs bath, but that he was going upstairs for his shower and left. I rolled from the bed and walked down the hall feeling Rays sperm leak from me and coat my inner thighs, somehow that slickness between my legs made me feel sexy, instead of the total slut that I was transforming into. I ripped open the package with my new douche bag and stepped into the shower. I quickly filled the bag and hung it from the showerhead, inserted the short straight tip into my rear and released the flow of water. Wow did that feel different, warm water filling my ass was a totally new sensation, not unpleasant, just way different. While the bag emptied into me I washed the exterior of my freshly fucked body, damn I felt good, excited, I couldn’t believe it. I was almost giddy just thinking about having four more black men fuck me. I pulled the tip from my ass when the bag was empty, stepped from the shower and voided myself into the toilet. Without wiping I flushed the commode and returned to the shower, changed my bag to the rose bud tip, refilled the bag and flushed my pussy out for act two. Once that was completed I shut off the water dried off and headed back to the bedroom. Ray wasn’t there but he had been, clean sheets were on the corner of the bed, I assumed for me to put on. So I made the bed and tossed the sweat and cum covered sheets in the corner. I folded the blankets, as I was way sure they would not be needed today.

I strode nude through the house to the kitchen, got a coke from the fridge and noticed the clock on the stove only said 1:10. Funny I thought, in less than two hours I had been picked up by Ray and fucked three times. If I held this pace I should be done with the last man by about 8:00pm. That was too late, Sandra had been getting home from work about 7:30 every night and I had to be there when she did or questions would arise. I sipped my coke as I went upstairs to Ray’s room, the room I had become a woman in just six days ago. I knocked on the door then just walked in, Ray was sitting on his bed tying his shoes, he was fully dressed in casual slacks and a white shirt, and he looked good. He smiled and asked if I was all ready for some more action, I couldn’t help it, I was smiling so wide, I was so excited now about it all that it was as if Santa was coming or something. Ray patted the bed beside him and I sat close to him and smelled his aftershave, musky, just like his sex. He kissed me on the cheek and told me to enjoy myself with his friends, and said it might take all night to finish this job but he knew that I had it in me, then laughed and said that I was insatiable. I told him that I had to be back home by no later than 7:00 pm or there was going to be hell to pay. Ray glanced at his watch and said that he could make that happen, but I might have to double-up to do it.

Just then the door downstairs slammed and we got up and headed down stairs. On the way I went over the double-up remark and thought, “why not, suck one, fuck one, double-up). Ray led the way down the stairs with me right behind, at the bottom foyer were four black men, two were large strapping men over six foot tall and about as wide. They were both in there thirty’s, but were still in great shape. The other two guys were maybe Ray’s age twenty, twenty-five, one had short nappy hair, the other shaved clean. Both of these men were well built and between five foot eight and five foot ten. All four of them were watching my nude white body walk down the stairs. None of them said a word, they just stood and stared at me, mouths wide open. Ray stopped about three steps from the bottom, me about the fourth or fifth. Ray swung his arm around and placed his hand on my ass and said “gentlemen, May I present Nikki, who is the hottest, tightest, little slut that I have ever had the privilege of pumping sperm into”. The introduction threw me off guard, I didn’t know what to say, and so, I just waved like a dumb shit and said “hi”. Ray turned to the guys and pointed to the handsome bald man in front and said “Nikki this is Marcus, James, Cletus, who is James daddy, and Ramon. James was the other twenty something guy with the nappy hair, and Cletus and Ramon were the two older men.

Cletus was the first to talk, his eyes roamed over me as he walked forward, stopping at the base of the staircase. He held out his hand to me and I took it and came down the last few stairs to look him in the eye. He just muttered “Jesus, Jesus, why wasn’t there girls like you when I was young”. This broke the spell and all the guys began talking at once, then touching. Cletus had cupped on of my breasts, just cradling it for a moment before gently kneading it. I moaned and told him that felt wonderful. He looked at me and just said flat out “I aint never had no white gash before, you gonna give me a little slice of yours?” He was so sweet that I kissed him on his cheek and said “yea, maybe more than one”. My pussy had just been washed clean but I could already feel my juices beginning to flow between my legs. I ambled along toward the living room and as I passed Ramon, he cupped my ass and remarked that I sure needed to grow some ass, I was too skinny. His big strong hands gripping my whole ass cheek, made my juice flow increase a notch. He placed his other hand on my belly and let it slid right down to my pussy, I expected his big hands to be rough with me, but his fingers running over my pussy were gentle and my pussy started into overdrive. Ramon turned to the others and remarked that he had had a white whore when he was in the army, but she sure didn’t look or feel as good as me. He slipped one of his fingers into my pussy and I moaned loud enough for all to hear. He turned to Cletus and told him it was going to take an act of god to get their meat in me, cause I was squeaky tight on just his finger. I couldn’t help myself; my hips began rocking back and forth on his index finger. He asked me as he twisted his finger back and forth within my pussy “ girl, you gonna fuck this ol nigger good?” All I could get out was a weak “oh yea”. He turned to the others and simple stated, “boys, we knows our numbers, lets do this sweet little bitch, cause she’s dripping on the floor ready”. I found out later that they had flipped quarters to establish who was first, second etc, on the drive over.

James came forward and stopped by me, but didn’t make any other kind of move. I pulled Ramon’s finger from me, took James by the hand and headed toward the bedroom. As we walked I thought that I was going to burst with excitement, here was a handsome, well built man, and I was leading him to bed to fuck his brains out (mine too). I asked if I was his first white girl, He looked at me, said no, he had fucked some ugly, fat, white slut once in school, got like sloppy tenths or something. I asked him as we got beside the bed, if he thought I was ugly and sloppy, he looked at me and said “ no”. His pants had a big wet spot where his cock had begun to drool precum all over him, so I took the lead and dropped to my knees, unhooked his belt and let his trousers drop to the floor, next were his bikini briefs which released his fat eight inch cock. His uncut cock had a big drool of precum hanging from it so I just slipped my mouth over it and ran my tongue under his foreskin. His response was instant, both of his hands clasped the back of my head and he thrust his cock down my throat. I gagged and pulled back but kept my mouth on him. I heard him murmuring “suck me baby, suck my cock you sweet little bitch”. He had loosened his grip enough that he wasn’t gagging me with every thrust and I began to suck him without reserve. His balls were pulled up so tight that at first they felt very small until my hand felt the outline of his gonads, and realized that they were nice big balls. I could feel him getting close to Cumming so I started to pull off his cock; I really needed to have it inside me. He held me there, in position and told me to swallow his fucking cum, just then he came, filling the back of my mouth with his hot tasty sperm. He didn’t have a huge load and I was able to swallow everything he had in two gulps and a few licks. His cock almost instantly went soft in my mouth and he pulled it from me and walked from the room.

It wasn’t until now that I noticed that Ray was standing just behind the other three men with a video camera filming everything I had just done. I felt this rush run through my body; Ray filming me turned me on. I didn’t have time to think more about it or say anything as Cletus reached down and lifted me from the floor where I had been kneeling.

He had already stripped and his cock was bobbing all over. He leaned close and said that he would make up for his son not plowin my crop and motioned to the bed. I was so ready; I hopped in and opened wide making one of the other men moan something that I didn’t catch. Cletus’s cock was about nine inches, like Ray’s, but thinner, and it had a huge curve to the left, almost ninety degrees. It wasn’t a sharp bend but just started at his balls and just turned left all the way to the tip. He wasted no time maneuvering between my open legs and as soon as I could grab his cock, I guided it right into me. I let out a loud moan as his cock stretched my pussy around the bend of his cock. I know it wasn’t going ninety degrees inside me, my pussy was holding it somewhat straight, but it felt like it was stirring my guts around with every thrust he made. He held himself up on his arms as he rolled his hips into me, and he began to talk to me while he shoved that nice long cock all the way inside me every time. He told me that he thought his son was a fucking queer and that I had proven it to him tonight. That no man, no real man, would hesitate to plow my tight little cunt. My belly was yelling “here she cums” as a nice orgasm hit me in the back of my head, making me hold onto Cletus’s strong arms for stability. Cletus turned his head and told everyone else that my white snatch about bit his fucking meat off when I came. But I wasn’t done, his cock shoving my pussy and guts around was hitting that spot and I came again clutching him as his cock continued to fuck me. Cletus was sweating and dripping down on my face, his breath was ragged and his black face was turning purple. I felt another climax building inside me and whimpered to Cletus to please cum inside me, he began to slam his crooked tool into me, throwing me over the edge into a wonderful, huge, skull splitting orgasm. Just as soon as I came, Cletus threw his head back and screamed, he didn’t say anything, he just screamed, and I felt his bent cock thumping inside me, planting his seed in my already seeded womb. His face still glowing red through his black skin, he lifted from me and proudly announced that I was one hell of a cock pleaser, and then he slipped from the foot of the bed.

Ramon must have drawn the third spot as he moved past Cletus and climbed up from the foot of the bed. Ramon had another nice big cock, it was about eight and a half inches long but fat enough that my hand would not quite reach around its girth. His cock head was tapered to almost a point with a huge flair to it making it look like one of those dinosaurs you see. He told me how fucking beautiful I was as his cock slipped through my hand and into my wet juicy pussy. His cock entering me made us both moan and I found myself gripping his hips in an effort to pull his wonderful fat cock into my deepest parts. He groaned that my cunt was fucking tight as he rolled his hips and forced the rest of his cock into me until his balls bounced off my ass. He had settled down on his elbows with his hands gripping my shoulders and began fucking me with long strokes, letting his balls slap my ass with every stroke. His wildly flared cock head was making me crazy, I felt that electric buzz in my belly explode and I came hard underneath Ramon’s constant fucking. Ramon lowered his head to my ear and told me that he was going to fuck my white ass till I begged him to stop. I was still recovering from a wonderful climax but his words made me smile. I wanted him to fuck me long and hard, his cock felt wonderful as it stretched my pussy with every stroke, I wanted him to make me cum over and over, and I wanted to feel him empty himself into my pussy. I don’t think that Ramon ever altered his stroke or rhythm, but his wonderful cock, pulling almost free of my pussy hole, and then plunging completely into me quickly brought me to the edge again. Between gasps for breath I told Ramon how wonderful his cock felt inside me and how much I needed to feel his hot sperm flood my pussy hole. He rolled his head and announced to the others that he was going to be a while as he was going to use my white ass up before he planted his seed. As he turned back to face me, I came hard again, clutching my self to Ramon as I shuddered under him. He was whispering into my ear how wonderful I felt on his cock as I came, how my pussy clamped on him and was surely going to milk his cock dry today. I don’t know how long Ramon fucked me, I remember that I came at least two more times before he finally announced that he was going to pump his seed into my white cunt. I remember vividly his explosion into my womb, I swear that his cock grew an inch every time his cock pulsed and pumped his hot sticky sperm into my belly. It made me grunt every time his hot sperm sprayed from his wonderful cock into me. He lay there on top of me, kissing me on the cheek and telling me how much he had enjoyed servicing my white ass. I turned my face to him to kiss, but he pulled back and said that he didn’t kiss cocksuckers, not even hot little white cocksuckers. He pulled his semi hard cock from me and slid up my chest aiming his cock at my mouth. I opened my mouth and he placed the head of his cock on my tongue before wringing his sperm out into my mouth. I closed my lips around his wonderful cock head and began running my tongue around the edge. Ramon moaned deeply as I drove my tongue into his cum hole, then he pulled his tool from my lips and slipped from the bed.

I was tired, hot, sweaty, and could feel the sperm dribbling down my ass crack. I closed my eyes for a moment, but felt someone moving around me. When I opened my eyes, I found myself looking into the lens of the camera that Ray was operating. I suddenly felt a bit exposed and turned my head away and pulled my legs together. Ray straightened up and told me to open my legs, and pull my knees way up so he could see the hot nigga sperm running out of my white cunt. I looked back at him and watched as I pulled my knees up, opening myself to his camera, he dropped to his knees at the foot of the bed and recorded my used pussy for all eternity. He slowly stood, scanning up my body until he finally focused on my face again. Then he asked me if I loved fucking black cocks. His question suddenly seemed stupid and I replied “fuck yea I love black cock”. He then asked if I had fucked enough for one day and I said, “ Not until they are all soft”. I still wonder if it was the camera that made me act so blatantly slutty, or if that was just who I was then. Ray said that I was too fucking nasty to fuck anymore until I cleaned my cum-hole up some. Ray followed me as I slipped from bed and went down the hall to the bathroom. He filmed me as I peed and even held the curtain back as I took a quick shower so he could record me washing.

Once I had dried off I walked back to the living room, with Ray following me, recording my every move and word. I was a bit nervous yet still very excited about being videotaped doing these things. Three of the men were sitting around Ray’s living room, watching ESPN when I walked in. somebody hit the mute button and for just a second all I could hear was my pounding heart in my ears. Then Ramon stated that he must be getting fucking old if I could still walk, everyone laughed and Marcus stood up, looked me up and down then said that I cleaned up good. He walked around the coffee table, cupped one of my breasts and began sucking on it right there. I had expected to return to the bedroom, but this seemed like a repeat of that night only four days before when I had been fucked right here on the floor.

As Marcus suckled my breast bringing shivers to my whole body my hand found his fine fat eight-inch cock. I began stroking his cock, quickly coating it with his own pre cum which was flowing from his cock head in almost a steady stream. I could feel his cock throbbing in time with his pulse, making my own pulse race to new levels. My knees were weak, his suckling was driving me crazy, and then his hand slid down my belly and caressed my hungry pussy. I was moaning, I felt dizzy, so I let myself begin to drop down to my knees. Marcus took his mouth from my breast and placed one hand on my head and the other over my hand holding his cock. As soon as my knees hit the floor Marcus pressed his cock head into my mouth and moaned for all to hear as my lips closed over his hot slick cock. He pulled my hand from his cock and guided it to his ass before he began fucking my mouth. He told me to pull his black cock into my mouth. I raised my other hand to cup his balls but he again guided it to his ass and repeated that I was to fuck my mouth with his cock like a good slut. I began guiding his cock in and out of my mouth by pulling or pushing his hips; he would occasionally push his cock deeper than I had anticipated, causing me to gag a bit. He was moaning and telling the others what an obedient little whore I was, that I would make some pimp a fine little moneymaker. After maybe five minutes of this he backed away and told me to “assume the position”. I knew that he meant for me to drop to my hands and knees so I turned and dropped to the doggy position with my pussy facing him and his wonderful cock that I wanted inside me so bad.

Marcus dropped down behind me, gripped my hips and yanked me back onto his cock, the impact of his belly and balls with my ass and the sudden feeling of being full of pure hard black cock sent shivers rippling up my spine. He fucked me hard, each thrust making me quiver, and his comments were harsh, calling me nothing but a fucking whore and much more. But I wasn’t paying him much attention as I felt a huge orgasm rip from my womb and pound into my brain. It was a huge climax, maybe two overlapping ones, but when my vision began to return I found myself almost face down on the carpet, Marcus was still pounding his cock deep into me, striking all the right spots along the way. I had just barely caught my breath as another climax gripped me causing me to drift back into another world where only pleasure resides for another few moments. Marcus suddenly pulled from my pussy and drove his cock into my ass with no lubrication other than our combined juices coating his cock. I squealed in pain as he drove himself almost to the hilt in my ass with his first powerful stroke. I attempted to pull away and he let me pull off of his cock until just his head and maybe a few inched of his shaft remained in my butt hole. Then he yanked me back onto his cock again and I felt his belly flatten my ass and his balls smack into my used pussy. The second hard thrust made me squeal again but there was less pain this time. I turned my head expecting to see Ray pull this man from me, but he was poised close to my left hip taping the hard fucking that Marcus was giving my ass. He pounded me with full hard strokes, over and over until he suddenly clamped his hands onto my hips and emptied his load into my bowels. He forcefully shoved me away from him, stood up and told the others that he needed to wash the whore off his cock and stomped down the hall to the bathroom. My ass hurt, and I again felt totally worthless.

The hand on my back was gentle; it softly rubbed up to my shoulders then all the way down to my ass cheeks. The cock entered my pussy and slowly slipped all the way in. It had to be Cletus, I could feel his wicked left hook stirring my guts in weird ways and the pleasure began to return. He patted my ass as he slowly fucked me and told me that once in a while in life everyone took it up the ass like I just had and that I just had to learn to shake it off and get on with it. I lay there feeling my pussy slowly begin to build up that tension and I remembered that not one of these men had even said one word in my defense as Marcus had fucked me so hard in the ass. I felt someone beside me and lifted my head from the carpet, I had thought it would be Ray with his fucking camera, but it was Ramon. He asked Cletus if he was lubed up good enough and Cletus said he was as he slipped from my pussy. Ramon had lay down beside me and told me to climb on top of him. He guided my pussy back down onto his cock and held me there. Cletus moved back into position behind me and pressed his cock to my ass. I remember saying “oh my god” as his cock head slipped into my ass. It didn’t hurt as his fat cock slowly pressed all the way up my rectum. I know my mouth was wide open, I could hardly breath with two big black cocks inside me, the term double-up was suddenly all too clear now. Cletus squirmed around behind me causing his cock to stir around inside my ass, it felt wonderful and I must have made some noise as Ramon stated for all to hear that I loved taking two cocks. Cletus finally got positioned where he wanted and told Ramon “lets do her”.

Ramon who had been holding my ass pulled me slowly up his belly, sliding me off of both of their cocks at once, the sensation was incredible. When they reached a certain point I felt Cletus whose hands were on my shoulder begin to pull me back down, forcing both of their big cocks back into my womb and ass. Within minutes they developed a rhythm and I was feeling the electric tingling in my belly, building stroke by double stroke. Ramon was looking up at me and asked how I liked fucking two big nagger’s at once. I was already very close to Cumming again, but was able to tell him that I loved what they were doing. As I came, the rush was incredible, spasaming on two cocks, both moving as one. I collapsed on top of Ramon and completely zoned out for a long moment. As I became aware of my surroundings again, Ramon was moaning in my ear over and over “take it baby, take that sweet nigga meat”. I lie there on his chest, in a dream world of pleasure; feeling myself full, then empty, as they steadily fucked me onto their cocks. I lifted my head, looked at Ramon and told him that I loved being fucked like this, then I came hard again, while they held me in position and continued pumping me full of hard cock. I felt dizzy, drunk, exhausted, but I didn’t want this to stop. My body was on sensory overload and running on pure adrenalin. Ramon was wiping sweat from his face and I could feel my sweat running down my back. Cletus broke rhythm and began pounding his cock into my ass, his grip on my shoulders tightened, and he shot his hot sperm into my ass. The feel of his cock thumping in my ass pushed me over the edge into another wild, wonderful orgasm. As he pulled his cock from me he told Ray to come check out my gaped little shit pipe. Then it was just Ramon and I.

He rolled over on top and began to fuck me hard and fast, his head in the crook of my neck, his breath raspy against my shoulder. I could feel another climax building within me, and wanted so much to feel Ramon cum in me. I whispered into his ear that I wanted to feel his hot sperm inside me. He moaned deep within his belly and told me what he really wanted, was to breed my little white cunt, that he had always wanted to knock up a white slut like me. Just those words threw me into another huge climax, I gripped his slick, sweat covered back and pumped my pussy against his balls until I felt him lunge into me, moan loudly, and flood my pussy hole beyond its limit with his steaming hot sperm. As Ramon lifted from me he smiled and told me that I had been a fine piece of ass and he would be back for more. He knelt there for a moment then grabbed my legs, lifted them high and wide, then told Ray to film my used cunt and ass. I was so tired that I was just limp, Ramon held me wide open, leaking all of their combined sperm that had been mixed inside me, while Ray panned from my face, down my body, and focused on my crotch.

I thought it was over, my whole body felt as if it were made out of rubber or some thing. I looked around and there was only Ramon at my side, Cletus on the couch and Ray between my legs with the camera. I was wrong again. Ramon began stroking his cock, every minute or so he would wipe my pussy with is hand, then begin stroking himself again with his sperm covered hand. He slid down until we lay side by side, his cock next to my face. He rolled toward me and pulled my head to his cock. I opened my mouth and let his already hardening cock slide over my tongue and closed my lips around him. Savoring the wonderful taste and smell of his cock and groin I quickly found new energy and began working on his cock with fervor, it tasted so good. He tilted my head back and rolled into me some more, forcing more of his cock into my throat, I gagged and he pulled out just slightly then pushed back into me. I could hear him coaxing me to “suck his cock, to suck it all like a good little slut”. He slid his left leg down the side of my head, pinning me in position, and shoved his cock deeper into my mouth, again I gagged and again he withdrew just enough to let me breath, before plunging his tool back to my gag point and beyond. While Ramon fucked my face in this position my vision was limited to a narrow view between his legs under his balls, Once when I opened my eyes I was looking directly into the lens of Rays camera, it was so close that the lens was all I could see, then he moved away. It must have been Cletus who hoisted my hips onto a pillow, lifted my left leg and plunged his cock back into my dripping pussy. It felt so good; my pussy instantly liked the way his cock felt as he fucked me from the side like this. I finally realized that Ramon’s cock was truly going deeper down my throat little by little before I would gag. He was moaning and had put his hand on my head and was rubbing my hair as he fucked my mouth with his sweet cock. I felt the electric jolt of a wonderful climax streak up my spine and slam into my brain. I shuddered under these two men, and gagged on Ramon’s cock gasping for air until he finally stopped long enough for me to regain my breath. It was just in time too, as Ramon yelled to Ray that he was going to cum then drove his cock nearly to the back of my skull and exploded. With his cock jammed against the back of my throat I couldn’t swallow and his sperm gushed from my mouth, running down my face and dripping onto the carpet. As his orgasm waned he relaxed his grip and I was able to slip far enough back that I could close my lips around his cock and swallow the remainder of his cum.

As Ramon again rolled away Ray was right there focused on my semen covered face before panning down to Cletus who was fucking me so hard now that my whole body jiggled every time he bottomed out in my pussy with a loud wet smack. My whole body felt as if it had electricity flowing through it, I tingled everywhere. I was trembling with pleasure, moaning with every deep hard thrust into my pussy. I felt another orgasm reach out and slam me, making me moan and squeal with the pleasure. Cletus growled from deep within himself pulled his cock from my pussy leaned forward and spewed his cum all over my breast, arm and the side of my face. He told me that he had always wanted to “shoot his shit in a bitches face”, and then he crawled up my body and rubbed his cock all over my face before shoving it into my mouth. He told me to “suck my nasty little whore cunt off his cock”, and I began to lick and suck his long cock. I saw Ramon finally stand and leave my viewing area and tell Ray that “he had a fine little whore there, but he had to get on home now”. I finished licking most of Cletus’s cock clean and he pushed my mouth from him and climbed back onto the couch. He rolled his head back, looked at Ray who was still filming my ravaged body and told him that “I was the best little whore he had had in a long time”. Ray said that he needed to split for a bit and asked if Cletus was done. Cletus looked at me and he was indeed done but he wished that he were still twenty, as he would fuck my ass a few more times. I just lay there on my side, feeling the sperm cool on my cheeks and breast. I cocked my head and just watched as thick drools of cum ran from my crotch, over my leg, and onto the carpet. It took me a moment to realize that Ray was addressing me, I looked up and said “what”. He told me to get off my ass and clean up because he wanted me ready to leave when he got back, then turned and walked out of the room leaving Cletus and I looking at each other.

A few minutes later I heard Ray close the front door and his car back out of the drive. I opened my eyes and found Cletus still roaming my body with his eyes. He noticed my gaze, smiled and said, “You really are a fine little whore girl”. It was almost a whisper but I replied, “I’m not a whore”. Cletus snorted and said that it had just cost him $200.00 to fuck my white ass and that made me a fucking whore. I was speechless, no words came to my mouth, and I just stared at Cletus for a long moment. He started laughing and said I would get used to being a whore, that Ray would take good care of me, because I was young and white. I finally said “you all paid money to fuck me today?” and he nodded and said “yep even my fag ass son dropped two bills to fuck you, guess he couldn’t figure a way out of it without letting everyone know for sure”. I was shaken to the core; I got up went down the hall to the bathroom and locked the door.

The tears began to flow even before I climbed into the shower. I scrubbed my used body until I was pink, then filled the douche bag and began flushing my womb and ass out. I was still in there when I noticed the water turning cold. I got out, dried off, packed my bag and went in search of my clothes. The tears had stopped, replaced by numbness, a realization that I again had walked straight into one of Ray’s plans. Not only that but I had done it willingly and had enjoyed it immensely. I dressed in the bedroom and glanced into the living room, Cletus was gone, and I was alone again. I walked into the kitchen, got a soda and walked upstairs just for some thing to do. I entered Ray’s bedroom, the bed that I had become a woman, gotten pregnant, and become a slut in was there. I stood and looked at it for a long moment before turning to leave. There on the dresser was the video camera that Ray had used to record my sins, I walked over and saw that the tape was still in it. On the corner of his dresser was a stack of blank tapes and a thought hit me. I exchanged a new tape for the one he had just recorded of me and fast-forwarded to about the same spot as the original. I couldn’t undo what had happened and in some respects didn’t want to undo it, but I could at least keep Ray from watching or showing that tape. I returned downstairs, shoved it into my backpack, went back to the fridge and made a sandwich, as I was famished.

Ray drove up and just tooted the horn for me to come out. It irritated me but I went out and climbed in beside him. He didn’t say a word as he backed out and headed toward my cousin’s house, finally I asked him why he had made me a whore. His head snapped my way then he said, “Cletus has a big fucking mouth”. I repeated the question and his answer was simply “why not, a fucking slut like you, what else are you good for”. For just a second the tears almost came, but then I just blurted, “what’s my cut”. Ray smiled and said I had a $100.00 coming for my afternoon job. I told him bullshit, that I had made eight bills today and I wanted at least half. He said he was going to chat with Cletus and his fat mouth. I told him again $400.00 minimum, and he finally nodded his head before telling me that this was a one time split and we would negotiate new terms before my next performance. I told him to pay up and he dug in his pocket and flipped a wad of bills on the seat between us.

He pulled to the curb just down the block from the house put the car in park and turned to me. He looked me straight in the eye and asked “what is the fucking difference between being a slut and a whore Nikki?” I replied “a whore would fuck anyone for money”. He nodded and then asked “so how well do you know those four men that just fucked the shit out of you?” I didn’t have an answer to that. Ray pressed on, he said “Nikki, you are a slut, a stone ass slut, you fucked those men just for fun, because that’s what you do, you fuck for fun, all I did was make some green from what you were going to do anyway. I didn’t force you to fuck them. I didn’t force you to suck them, you asked for it, didn’t you?” My head was lowered, staring at the floor, and all I could say to him was “yes.” Ray went on, “In your case Nikki, the difference between a slut and whore is nothing, you will fuck guys just to fuck, all I did was make you and I some money while you had fun, you did have fun didn’t you?” Again I could only say “yes”. As I opened the door he asked me straight out when I could do another gangfuck. I didn’t say a thing, instead I just walked back to the trunk where Sandra’s bike was and looked at him. Ray came back, opened the trunk and took the bike out which I got on right away. He asked me again when I could get away and fuck for him again. My mind made up, I looked him straight in the eye and told him to stay away, I was done, that I wasn’t his to use like that, and then I rode away.

As I walked into the kitchen the clock was at about 7:15, I had completely forgotten about the time until now but everything was going to work out great after all. I was till thirsty and hungry so I grabbed another soda and began making dinner. As I prepared a meal for Sandra and myself, I reviewed the events of the day. I found that if Cletus hadn’t told me what was going on, I would have been cool with the whole adventure. What amazed me most was the fact that I was cool with the idea of fucking more than one guy at a time. What had happened to the sixteen year old virgin I had been a week before, I didn’t have a clue? I was still pondering which switch in my brain had malfunctioned when Sandra walked through the door.

We ate, chatted, and she gave me a rave review of my new haircut. She and I cleaned up the kitchen and I told her I was tired after riding her bike all day and went to my room. I stripped and climbed into bed, then I remembered the tape, I had the tape. I bounded back from bed and dug it from my backpack and slipped it into the VCR. Hopped back in bed turned it on and rewound it to the beginning. As I watched it, I found myself becoming excited all over again, I fast forwarded to the places where the guys cocks were sliding in and out of my pussy and ass, it made my juices begin to run again. I found it so very exciting to watch those black cocks, stretching my pussy, folding my pussy in, then stretching my lips down there shaft as they pulled back out. I was running the remote with my right hand and rubbing my clit with my left, I could almost remember what every stroke felt like as I watched those men fuck me. Ray had done a great job catching every orgasm on tape. His close-up shots of that sweet cum pumping from my pussy made me cum all over my left hand, forcing me to go wash up in the bathroom. I was still too wound up to sleep so I put the tape back in my pack and broke out my journal and recorded every detail of my day. I finally turned off the lights and drifted off to sleep about midnight.

The last few days of my vacation were filled with touring, sightseeing, and a little shopping with my Aunt as she and my uncle had returned from vacation sometime after I had fallen to sleep that night. Before I knew it, it was time to get on the bus for home and my life in living hell to begin again.

Note: My next segment will be a bit dry and boring but I feel it is important to tell because it relates to future events of my life. I guess this proves that life is not just about sex.
PS, I welcome your comments on my life, after all that is one reason that I have decided to tell my story.

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