Fierce Competition

Fierce Competition

LIke I said, one night my friends and I were sitting around a campfire. (it was the fourth of July, and we were having a 'party' in my friends big backyard.) There were five of us out there that night.

We were just tlaking about girls that we would like to fuck (as we normally do) when I noticed Jake start ti scrath his croch. He would do it about every five minuetes or so during this conversation. Jake, well, hes one-of-a-kind. A pompas jackass that noone in our school liked. About 5'8, dark curly hair, 170 lbs about…not fat yet not skinny.

"Jeez, Jake, whats the matter? You got a problem down unda?" I said in an Austrailian accent after about half an hour of itching.

"Suck my dick, Evan." He replied. A muttering of 'ooohs' spread through our tight circle.

"You would like that, wouldnt you Jake? That is, if you have anything to suck at all." I replied immediatly. Another wave of ohhs went through.

"I got more of a dick than you do, i can prove it." He replied. His face was a look of confidence.

He stood up, dropped his jeansand boxers and exposed his member. Laughs and giggles were vibrant around our campfire, why we had one when it wasnt dark is beyond me. Jakes 2 inch soft member was almost invisible in the campfire light. I was laughing the hardest.

"What? You think you can do better?" He said, pulling up his pants. "Lets see it." He said.

He knew he had said the wrong stuff when I stood up with udder defiance. I was 6' tall, athletic body, 6 pack (kinda) dark hair and brown eyes. Almost all my friend around that campfire knew of my dick size, and I knew that they knew, too.

I stood up taking off my jeans. My soft dick made a lump in my boxers and I saw Jake look away as if this werent happening. Then I put my hands on my boxers, looked Jake in the eyes, and pulled them down. HIs mouth dropped open. My six-and-a-half inch soft cock stood out in the firelight. It was clearly visible.

"Now, now, Jake…What is it you said? Oh yes, 'I got more of a dick than you do.'" I said in a mocked voice, like Jakes.

Without missing a beat Jake replied, "Wow, I have to say, you won that, but I bet you have trouble getting a boner to fuck someone with." Oh Jake, when will you ever quit? At this note, another friend of mine stood up and said. "Okay listen up, we will have a competition, to see who can cum firstand who has the bigger dick."

"Okay" We both replied, fiercely.

First up, was the cumming part of the competition. I grabbed my 6 and a half soft inches and jake grabbed his 2 inches with is thumb abd pointer finger. GO! Someone shouted to my left, undoubtably Jesse. We both started to masturbate. I was massaging my cock while Jake fiercly yanked and pulled on his. He got an eretion first for his being so small, but mine grew to its full 9 inches of hard meat. Once it was there, it didnt take me long to cum. Same for Jake, but I beat him by a little bit. I spit cum all over the fire place. Tiliting my head back in pure senstaion, I gently tickled the spot under my dick as I spurt cumloads onto the fire. I swear I sp[ent at least 5 minuetes cummming. Jake spent a couple of seconds.

"OKay, the winner is Evan." Said my friend, Tyler. I was sweating from cumming so much. My deflating dick was going back to its regular 6.5 inches soft, as Jake picked up his stuff, and left.

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