First Time In Russia

First Time In Russia

I met a girl named Evgenia, but you may refer to her as my Angel. She is from Russia and came to America for my. And who am I? I am a nice guy named Daniel. I been in my share of relationships, but my Angel is the best girl I ever met. She has dark blonde/brown hair, and the deepest green eyes. Her eyes will relax you with just a glimse. Her body appears young, really young. Both of us is 21, but she looks less that 18. She does have the softest little breast I have ever touched, being A-cups. She is also slim as a model, I am just glad she is not crazy about diets. The best thing about her is that she is a virgin. I like that, she saved herself just for the right man. O, you are wondering about me? I am the typical American guy, blonde, tall, and handsome.

This story will start in Moscow. I grabbed my bag and walked out of the airplane, walking to the terminal. I have been waiting until I see her face the whole 20 hours of my travels. As I cleared the customs agents, I seen the face of an angel. I walked up to her and dropped my bags and kissed her. A kiss that felt like an hour. We made our way to the cafe in the airport and talked. After a while, I leaned in to kiss her, we was sitting on the same side of the table, and I let my hands explore her nice skirt. I felt her stockings, she stopped my hand. "The others," she said. I wispered, "I want to have a well deserved time alone!" We then left to go to the hotel.

It was the middle of the Russian winter, snow up to 2 feet and ice always 3 inches thick. We got in a bus-van, and headed to the hotel. I must tell you, we been dating for a while. She came and lived the whole summer before, and she had to return to Russia. We continued to talk and had a international relationship. I trusted her and she trusted me. On the way to the hotel, we was sucking on each others ears and kissing with passion and the bus full of people could only be jelous.

As soon as I closed the room door, I hugged her from behind. I kissed her neck and removed her coat. She said, "O, you are so tired, you traveling all that way! I think you need to relax." And she removed my coat, and we hugged and kissed. We fought to remove our sweaters and under shirts. As soon as I seen her bra, I kissed her chest and massaged her bra. She undone my belt and pants. I unzipped her skirt and dropped it, her stockings was hot as I rubbed down her legs. And she lowered herself to pull my pants off, and she seen my boxers look abit full. I pulled her up and pushed her on the bed. And kissed her first on the lips, then on her neck, lower to her cute little breast, then until I feel the stockings. I slowly pull the stockings off to reveal her in some of the sexiest panties. I wispered, "I want you in the shower." And I kissed her. She goes to prepare the water and I sneak in and unsnap her bra to free the little breast from the prision of the bra. I hold her breast and kiss her neck, until the water is ready. She grabs my boxers and I grab her panties and we both pull them off and get in the shower. I love the shower, I kiss her as the water rolls down her body. I press her against the cold shower wall and see her nipples get hard. I suck her nipples and allow my hand to explore the virgin fields. I run my hand through her natural haired pussy, and feel her silky inner lips. I lower myself and lick her water soaking kiska (Russian for pussy), and I feel her enjoying it. I run my tongue around her clit and try to go down and insert my tongue, but the same problem! Her virgin kiska is so tight, I never inserted a finger in her. I think it hurts for her. But I suck her clit until I feel her pulling my up to her. I stand and she places my swollen rod between her legs and as close to her kiska as she closed her legs. Since I never been IN her, she likes when I thrust my hot rod through her tightly closed legs. We move like we was dancing in the rain. Her body getting close to orgasm, she moans and sucks on my neck. I rub her breast. And we both explode with an orgasm! We finish washing, being 'gentle' to the special things.

We relax on the bed, we forgot to dry off. I roll to her and kiss her. "You think I am done?" I say. I really like to lick her kiska, so I do. I do it so good, she wanted my rod to enter her. We tried so many times and failed being the pain was so great, but I thought maybe if I insert a finger. I had her on her back, legs spread wide as I licked her clit and found her pussyhole. It was so tight, and she had tears in her eyes with each attempt. But she wanted it, and I was glad I was the one to give it to her. I finally make a worthly attempt and I felt her hymen 'pop' and I felt the best feeling, a HOT and soft pussy. I was so excited I was slowly exploring her pussy until the pain was to much. We stopped and relaxed. I never slept over 3 hours that night, not so much as the jetlag but because I liked to wake her up and lick her until I would pass out asleep!

This story doesn't end here… if you like this, and offer helpful tips in my writing I will continue.

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