My wife, Desiree, and I were visiting in the home of two friends —
Mary and her husband Tom. The four of us had drunk quite a lot.

Mary was a beautiful, eighteen-year old who was a sexy blonde
with pear-shaped, upward-pointing breasts. She wore a tight T shirt
with no bra. The outlines of her breasts and nipples were plain. Her
very tight short shorts clung to her round butt. When she walked, her
firm tits bounced and her sweet butt swung. I enjoyed watching her.

Tom sat next to my dark-haired wife, Desiree. Her silk top tightly
clung to her bra. Her large, round breasts were outlined under her thin
bra. When Tom looked at her tits, she pretended to be interested in
something else, and she let him stare. Her skirt showed her beautiful
long legs including her thighs — in fact, her skirt was so short that, when
she sat, her silk panties were visible. Tom looked at her panties too.

Mary and I sat across from them. Increasingly, Mary made
excuses to lean toward me and across me, and I felt Mary press her
breasts against my arm. They were warm and firm.

With the excuse of making more drinks, Desiree and Tom went
into the kitchen. We could hear them talking and laughing. Then they
got real quiet. Mary and I could hear the sounds of kissing. It sounded
as if clothing were being taken off. I could hear my wife moan with
pleasure. They were in the kitchen for quite a while.

While we waited, Mary pressed her breasts against my arm again
and again, and she rubbed them up and down. She smiled at me as she
rubbed against me. She casually put one hand in my lap, and moved
around to find my prick, and she let her hand rest on it.

When Tom and my wife returned from the kitchen, I could see
Desiree's breasts move under her clinging silk top — she no longer had a
bra on under her blouse. Her breasts gently swayed as she walked.

After Desiree walked into the room, she stopped. Tom stood
behind her. She secretly put her hand behind her, and she moved it
around until she could feel the bulge in the front of Tom's pants.

She whispered something to Tom, and he whispered something
back, and both of them laughed in a sexy way. Still smiling, they
nodded to one another.

My wife spoke: "Mary, you are so beautiful. You have such a
great body. Tom agrees that we all want to see your body. In fact, Tom
and I want to watch you do a strip tease for my husband."

Mary hesitated looked as if her innermost urge had been guessed.
She smiled and moved one hand to fondle her left breast. She seemed
only too glad to strip. She stood up and looked me in the eye.

Desiree and Tom sat down close to one another and watched.

Mary slowly pulled off her T shirt. Her wonderful pear-shaped
breasts pointed upward. Smiling, she danced at me. She held her
breasts and fondled them.

She unbuttoned her shorts, and stepped out of them. She stood in
her bikini silk panties. She moved closer to me with her hands under
her firm tits — her erect nipples fascinated me — they were so hard. I
could see the outline of her sweet cunt on her silk panties.

Tom and Desiree openly kissed.

I loved looking at Mary's fruit-like breasts that pointed up.

"Stand up," she commanded. She quickly pulled off my pants.
My underwear bulged.

"Desiree," Mary said, "can I take off his underwear? I want to play
with him."

"You'll like what you find," she said.

In a moment, I stood wearing only my shirt. My prick jumped to
attention. It pointed straight at Mary. She stood back to admire.

"He is much larger than you," she said to Tom. "He is so long and
big. Look at how hard he is." She stood admiring.

She stepped forward and gently took my cock in her hand.

"Look, I can hardly get my fingers around him." She looked up
and grinned at me as she gently rubbed my prick up and down slowly. I
loved the feel of her cool, little hand.

Mary whispered to me, "I think I love you — you are so big! You
are so hard!"

"Don't stop," I whispered to her.

"Well, I don't want you to come too soon. I want to have some
fun." She put her open hands on my ears and kissed me on the mouth.
My stiff prick bumped against her stomach as she kissed me. She
rubbed my chest with her open hands.

I took both of Mary's breasts in my hands, and caressed them.
They were firm and the nipples were hard.

Desiree and Tom kissed again and sat watching us — I rather liked
the idea of an audience.

Mary stood close to me playing with my prick. With her small,
cool hand, she caressed it, she moved her hands over it very, very
gently. I kissed Mary's breasts and continued to fondle them.

Desiree put her hand on Tom's pants as they watched.

Holding my large prick in her hand, Mary announced, "I am going
to give him a titty fuck."

She knelt and pressed her firm, warm breasts on either side of my
hard prick, and she moved up and down. The head of my cock bobbed
up and down between her firm breasts. This was great. I looked up and

I glanced at my wife — she was staring at my prick and at Mary's
breasts, and she was smiling with fascination. As she watched us, her
open hand moved up and down on Tom's pants.

As I started to throb, I whispered, "Faster," and Mary increased her
pace. The head of my prick flickered more and more above Mary's tits.
I came with a great burst.

Desiree laughed and clapped at the performance. Tom smirked.

Mary stroked the last drops from my prick as it grew soft. She
gave my cock a sweet kiss. She rubbed all of my cum on her breasts.
Wearing only my shirt, I stood close by Mary's side. She wore only her
bikini panties. My prick bumped against Mary's side.


My wife sat facing Tom. She looked at him as if to ask, "Well,
what are you going to do with me." Desiree allowed Tom to unbutton
her silk top. He pulled the unbuttoned blouse wide. As I thought, she
no longer had on her bra. She allowed him to slip her blouse off. My
wife's large breasts were free. She smiled at him. She put her shoulders
back. Her nipples were so hard, I could see that she was really turned

Tom said, "Desiree has much larger breasts than you, Mary. And
look at how round they are." Desiree pushed her chest forward as if to
invite Tom to handle her breasts. He reached out with both hands. He
touched them tentatively at first. He sat playing with her full round
breasts. He fondled her tits.

Watching my wife allow another man to undress her and play with
her tits made my prick grow erect, and it bumped against Mary's side.
She looked down at my hard cock, and she grinned at me. She took
hold of my prick and held it in her small hand as we watched.

Tom made Desiree stand up. She half-heartedly attempted to
cover her breasts with her hands. Tom pulled her hands up over her
head. He fondled her tits. He tentatively moved his hands to her waist,
and she let him remove her short skirt. Her silk clinging panties showed
the outline of her cunt and smooth butt.

"I am not going to let Tom take off my panties," Desiree laughed.
She made a show of preventing Tom from sliding her panties down, but
he easily pulled them to the floor. She said he was "naughty." She
stepped out of her panties with a sexy wiggle and kissed Tom with a
long kiss on the mouth.

Totally naked, Desiree stood with her hands on the top of her head.
Tom and all of us could see her wonderful shaved pussy. Her large,
round breasts were firm and high. Her waist was thin.

Tom, still fully dressed, moved his hands all over my wife.

Desiree kissed him on the mouth to encourage him. She put her
tongue into his mouth. He moved his hands up and down every inch of
her. He moved his hands over her breasts, and then he held them. First
one of his hands, then the other hand was on her butt cheeks. He rubbed
his hands over her stomach and up and down her thighs. He caressed
her breasts and played with her nipples. He rubbed his hands over her
stomach. He moved his hands up and down the back of her thighs and
then over the front of her thighs. He held Desiree's head in both of his
hands as she kissed him on the mouth over and over again. As he held
her head, her firm breasts shook with each kiss.

My wife moved one of Tom's hands to her cunt. He played with it
with his hand, then with one finger. He inserted a finger. Keeping her
lips pressed to his mouth, she said, "More … more." He put two fingers
into my wife. He put three. He continued to rub fingers in and out of
my wife. She moaned with pleasure. He moved them faster and farther
in and out. She said, "Push them in harder and farther." He pushed
harder. She let out a laugh. As he pushed, she thrust her hips in and
out. Her hips moved more and more.

She laughed as she came. Mary and I, in turn, applauded.


My wife stood sideways with her arms crossed on Tom's shoulder.
She leaned against him with her cunt pressing on his leg and her tits
against his chest. She looked expectant.

Mary stepped back from me. Looking me in the eye, she pulled
down her panties, and stepped out of them. She asked me, 'Do you like
what you see?"

Like Desiree, she stood with her hands on top of her head letting
all of us look at her beautiful shaved pussy. Her love lips were smooth
and tight.

I said that I loved what I saw.

Mary looked at Desiree. "I always tell Tom that I like eating out,
but he never responds. Does your husband enjoy eating out?

Desiree said, "He always does what I tell him to do. Ask him."

"I want you to kneel right here," Mary said to me, and she pointed
at her feet.

I was happy to kneel in front of her. I was staring at her pussy.

"I want you to kiss me."

I held her butt cheeks in my hands, and I pulled her toward me,
and kissed her clit.

She pressed her pussy to my face, and she said, "I want you to eat
me out."

I kissed and nuzzled her clit and love lips. I put my tongue into
her, and Mary groaned with pleasure. I slurped and sucked until she


Mary and I were again the audience. We watched as Desiree
undressed Tom. She pulled off his shirt and then his pants. She made
him sit in a chair, and she pulled off his underwear. She leaned back
looking at his stiff cock. She reached out and held his cock in her hand.
She kissed his prick over and over. She took him into her mouth and he
moved in and out. She caressed his balls as he moved. When he jerked,
she sucked harder and swallowed his cum.


"Mary," Desiree said after a pause, "Let's have a jerk off. It will
be a contest with the boys! You play with my husband and I will do
Tom and we will see which boy comes first." Mary enthusiastically

The nude girls knelt in front of us. Desiree held Tom's prick and
watched him grow hard again. Mary took my prick lovingly and
caressed it. She rubbed it on her cheek and across her face.

Both girls' hands started to pump. I enjoyed watching the breasts
of both girls bob as they worked. With a cock in hand, they smiled at
each other. Clearly they enjoyed the contest.

We came at the same instant, and both girls caught the cum on
their breasts and rubbed it in.

All four of us enjoyed the evening. I wondered if there would be
another evening like it.

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