Friday At A Buddies

Friday At A Buddies

Who knew my first time would come as a 16 year old teen, and I would be screwing a 12 year old girl. The girl not only being young, but my best friends sister.

Our school had just let out for summer break and my friend, Nich, and I were doing our usual summer routine. He would stay at my house for a week. We would go fish, drive around town, go out to eat, jog, throw football, etc. Normal 16 year old kids summer. Then I would stay at his house for the next week. I was getting really anxious to lose my "V-card" to someone but the end of summer.

Nich had been telling me all summer long, "Get with her, she's hott!"

But none of the girls appealed to me, or it was too much work to get to the pussy my dick was waiting for. One night, during a week when I was at his house, as we watched a movie his sister came and sat down on the end of the couch. I don't know why but I had always found petite girls extremely sexy. His sister was about 5' tall and about 90 lbs. She was wearing these tiny cheering shorts and a tank top (no bra, not that she really needed one). While we were watching the movie her legs fell open just wide enough to the point where I could see her panties. To my suprise there were none! *DAMN, THAT IS FUCKING HOTT* I though as I stared. Just as I had looked back up at the TV I realized she had been watching me stare at her pussy. *OH SHIT, SHE IS GONNA TELL HER BROTHER…OR WORSE HER MOM!* But, she didn't do either. She got up and got some paper. She wrote a little note and threw it at me. After I unfolded it I read:

Shame on you! Looking at my pussy. 😉 He he, I did like it though. Come to my room tonight and we will talk after everyone goes to bed.
Love you.


Well, 1:00 am rolled around and everyone started heading for bed. Nich threw me some pillows and a few blankets and I made my bed on the floor. After I heard him snoring I snuck upstairs to Sarah's room. She was up watching TV and when I came in her eyes lite up.

"Glad to see you decided to come up." She said.

"What did you wanna talk about?" I asked.

"Well…you are 16 and I'm sure you've done alot with girls, probably even sex…and I haven't and….uhh…I was wondering if you would teach me how to do "stuff".." She finally finished her sentence.

"TEACH YOU?!?! Like hands on?" I gasped

"Yeah, I promise I wont tell anyone about any of it." She confessed.

"Well, I dunno…Do you promise?"

"Yeah, here, I'll start."

As I stood in the middle of her room she got out of her covers and started to get naked. I was getting so fucking horny. She was now standing in a matching Disney bra and pantie set.

"What do I do now?" She asked.

"Pull my pants and boxers off…(as she did my boner stood at attention and when she saw it she giggled) put it in your mouth and bob your head up and down."

She did what I told her to do for a few minutes then I told her to stop.

"Now, go lay on your bed.."

She layed down and I pulled off her tiny, little girl panties and threw then to the floor. Her untouched cunt was wet.

"I stick my fingers in there when no one is home" she said.

I spread her lips apart and began to lick her bald cunt. She started to grind her hips and moan with every lick I made. All of a sudden she slid her bra off showing her little bumps, called boobs. I as hard as fuck.

I stood up and told her, "If this starts to hurt to tell me to stop." She nodded.

I grabbed the base of my dick and slid it in her pussy. She gasped. I started slow enough not to hurt her. After a few minutes of pounding her pussy she told me to go a little faster and a little harder. I did.

"Do you wanna try something else?" I asked.

"Sure, I've liked everything else…"

"Get on your knees and hands and bend over." I demanded. She did so.

I bent down and kissed her ass cheeks and she laughed. She seemed to be enjoying it. So I went 1 step farther. I spread her ass open a little more and began to lick her ass hole. After it was relaxed I slid a finger in and began working her little butthole. She moaned. Now I was stiff as hell and wanted to fuck. I spit in her ass for some easy lube and stuck it in her. She let out a little "ouch" but she insisted I keep going. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back and pushed her forward. She was "oohing and aahing" a little louder then all at once "AAAAHHH!" She had orgasmed and collapsed in ecstacy.

"Get on your knees babe."

She had trouble but made it. When she did I began beating off so I could feel my orgasm. After about 10 seconds of that I blew my load all over her innocent little face. She smeared some of it and licked her hand. Her first giz.

After that we cleaned her up so she could sleep, me as well. When we woke up all we could do was smile at each other. No one knew what had went on with their sweet little daughter and sister….But I did….

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