frist rape n tape

frist rape n tape

Hey,My name is Austin.Im 18 and im not such a dark skin pourter ricann.Im 5'8'',skinny and pretty sexy.and my story start's when i was 17,i was in school.It was a normale day at school like any other,most of the kid's at school was more preppy then me,i was along the line's of thuggy.Well,this kid name bobby had a girlfriend name lucie,i had a crush on at some time.

Lucie is about a little over 5 goot and has blond hair,dress'd like a angel,well more like a punk mix thugy preppy angel would.Well that after noon at launch Bobby had broken up with Lucie because she had told him she had the hot's for me,not knowing until a week later.A week later lucie end'd up at my house,i invited her in and we were talkin.You smoke pot Austin she had ask'd.Knowing and paying enough attenion to her knowing she dos as well.Yes i replied.Cool,let's smoke Lucie said.Nothing happen,we just sat there talkin forabout 3 hour's,i have'nt laugh'd that hard sence me and bobby frist went out yell'd lucie still leting out a laugh and sucking in for air to breath.

OH YEA!!That's what i came here to talk to you about said lucie,i want to ask you some thing.Thinking to my self this could be my chance not knowing i really said it out loud,yes it is your chance said newly girlfriend went home and i sat there confused what had happen so quick,a half hour later my mom said i had a phone call,she said it was my girlfriend.Confuse'd but happy even more.well,im just goin to skip for about two weeks because thats when all the fun happen.

i love'd datin lucie,because she has only fuck'd bobby,and i know his dick was smaller then mine,well,to most girl's that are 17 7'' is big,but me at 17 that was small.well,2 weeks pass'd,and there was this girl name alica.Lucie's bestfriend,keep's flirting with one day after practic i went into the bathroom,i have seen alica's tit's befor on a dare,and they are FUCKIN HUGE!!

Well,i seen her in the bath room,hearing from one of my resent ex's how big my dick was she got turn'd on,oh,yea,alica look's like a fox,white soft skin big tits,red hair,and a fat ass.Well,i walk'd into the bathroom,and saw her there puting her make up on."Are'nt you in the wrong side of the bathroom?i ask'd,"No,well,that's because im waiting for you."Oh,well,what do yea want?"…a pause…"Well,im sorry but lucie don't want to go out with you,i was jus flirting with you so you would end up fucking me and she would end up dumping you"she replied…"But…we didnt even fuck…we didnt even do nothing"…"i know..that's the sweet part…she said….i was sooo mad,i know she has heard about my dick,and i also know that she only fuck'd 4 guy's and they all had the size of dick's under 7",so i kno if i stuff'd it in really hard it would hurt.

I ran into the cube and shut the door behind me,siten there to see if any one else is there.Alica"i said"..Yes Austin?.."Have you ever been rape'd?..There now was a even longer puase then befor.."No…Why Would you ask that?…Me not replying to her got her scare'd i guess,because when i kick'd open the bathroom cube door i sorta cought her 3 feet from where she was postion'd from where she was befor.

I ran over to her riping her shirt of revieling her big firm tits in her tight bra.STOP!!!WHAT ARE YOU DOIN!!! she yell'd,i back hand'd her and through her on the ground."YOU WANT TO SAY WE FUCK'D!!WELL NOW WE CAN!!!WEHTER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!i yell'd in a feirc voice.I pull'd my belt off from my pante's and tied her up from the cute wall's and begind smakcing her from the left side of her face to the right,she went from crying to sayin harder harder."you want it harder,ok,i will give it to you harder,pull'd down my pante's revielingmy big stiff 9 inch hard cock thumping.

She look'd in amazment,"it's true"she said,"yes it is"….pull'd out my knife and cute her pante's and G string's off,and start'd licking her pussy.she start'd maoning really loud"YES BABY OOHHHH GOD,WHAT ARE YOU DOIINNNN" she scream'd in releif.I got up and stuck my cock in side her,not takin it slow as she ask'd,i just jam'd it in side as fast and hard as i could,having her scream in satistfiction,she then began to climax in pleasure and in pain."your pussy is sooo tight dam it feels so good" i said…"stop,please stop,it hurt's she mumble'd….wanting her to say stop and no louder i start'd fuckin her harder and faster.i Pull'd out my dick and cam all over her chest and in her face."im sorry alica said….with a very confuse'd look on my face…why i ask'd…"because…every thing i said wasnt true…i said it to get you mad…you guy's are really goin out still…i wont tell her if you dont?"…oh…ok….i just left the bathroom in joyment,a brick of weight lift'd off my shoulder…i went to find my baby so i can show her just a good time for her second man…little did i know,sence the school was such a bad school,there was a camra right over us,watching the hole time,andthe guy watching..was lucie's dad…and my next one is about how i pick her up for a date…just wait..

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