Fucked Virgin Runaway

Fucked Virgin Runaway

This happened when I was on holidays and staying at a motel on a highway. I noticed out the window of my room a girl sitting on a bus stop bench. She looked kind of lost and a bit of a stray with a flannelette shirt hanging loose on her. She looked around 16 or 17. She walked off and I thought that would be the last I'd see of her. Then later on that afternoon I noticed she was back again just sitting there but this time with a drink like a McDonalds coke or something.

I walked out over to her and said 'Hi'. She said 'Hi' back. She had this sexy far away look in her eyes and I said to her that I'd seen her there earlier and wondered if she was waiting for someone. She said 'Whats it to you?' I thought, we have a smart little bitch here. Told her nothing, but I wouldn't like to see harm come to her. I said she was pretty and I know how guys might try and pick her up and who knows what could happen. She looked at me suspiciously and tried to play it cool and sat back. I noticed under her open shirt that she had a white top on with firm tits poking out. I wanted to see those teenage tits badly. She said she decided to leave home cause her parents were giving her shit and she was thinking of heading out of town. I told her it was getting late to try going out of town now and it would soon be dark. I suggested she come back with me to my motel room and I'd let her have the spare bed for the night. She said 'piss off I'm ok.' I thought I'd love to slap her smart mouth (preferably while I had my cock buried deep inside her clutching twat). I told her she had 3 choices – either go back home, stay here in the dark and cold, or come back and have a warm bed in my room. Then the cynical bitch wanted to know what I'd get out of it. I said the only thing I'd like to do is take some nice photos of her to remember my holiday by. She thought about it for a while and finally said it might be all right.

So she followed me to my motel room and sat on the chair at the small table in my room. I took my camera out and proceeded to take a snap of her at the table. I then asked her about her lovelife. Did she have a boyfriend? She said she didn't but used to have one about a year before. Did she do anything with him? She wanted to know what I meant. I said sexually and she shook her head. I said she must have done something with him and she said the most she'd done is try and give him a blowjob. Did she like it? She said it was ok. Did she swallow? She shook her head and said she'd jerked him off. I really wanted to see her tits and told her to take off her top. She said 'no' and I told her to do it so I could take a photo. Thats why she was here. She reluctantly pulled her white top off over her head to leave a bra. She looked hot just sitting there and I went over to her and stroked her breast over her bra. She moved my hand away and I slapped her arm and told her not to worry I just wanted to see her tit. I put my hand back on her bra cup and stroked it again before grabbing the top of her bra and yanking it down. A soft, pale teenage tit became exposed. She squirmed a bit and I started stroking her exposed boob and gently tweaking the pale pink nipple. She sat there watching while my hand explored her boob. Every had a guy suck it? Just my boyfriend was the response. Are your nipples sensitive? She shrugged her shoulders but I told her they must be because her nipple was getting hard. The soft pink nipple was turning into a tight little button on her pale tit. I then moved over to her other tit and started pulling at the bra cup. It was hard to pull it down so I told her to take off her bra. She undid the bra and let it fall to expose another sweet, young, pale boob. With both hands now I worked on her tits, caressing the nipples and giving them a pinch.

Finally I told her to take off her jeans. She looked at me uneasy but I'm sure she was worked up a bit as she undid the button and the zip. She stood up to pull the jeans down and there, over her skinny waist, were these deep mauve panties. I helped her pull the jeans off and she sat back on the chair. I told her to spread her legs a little so she sat on the edge of the chair and spread them. I reached forward and went to touch her over her panties and she moved my arm away again. I said if she does it again she can leave and sleep on the street for the night. So I reached forward again and this time my finger touched her panties feeling her wiry pussy hair underneath. I stroked it up and down along where her tight little slit was. As I stroked I pressed harder to really feel the puffy lips of her cunt and outline the fragrant slit of her pussy. I really wanted to fuck this girl. I suggested she pull the crotch of her panties to one side and let me see her cunt. She reluctantly moved her hand down, grabbed the side of her panties and move it over to expose her dark haired teenage pussy. I rubbed along the hair over her pussy and asked if she liked it. She said she didn't know so I suggested she let me see inside her pussy. 'Open your pussy' I said. Using both hands she timidly held her panties to one side while she opened the outer lips of her tight cunt.

Wow! She had these tight fleshy folds inside her cunt the color of pink salmon and it glistened wetly. I said 'You are turned on. You're so wet inside your cunt.' This was one horny bitch and I wanted to fuck those soft pink folds so hard. I couldn't even see her hole she was so tight.

'Pose for me on the bed' I said. She got up with just her panties on and knelt on the bed with her firm tits jutting out. I took another photo of the skinny slag and suggested she pose real horny by getting on her hands and knees and looking behind at me. She did so and I took another photo of her ass. I moved up behind her and started pulling at the panties and moving them over her ass. She just stayed on her hands and knees while I moved her panties down till they were down her legs and her pussy was showing under her ass. I told her to look straight ahead and not behind her so she wasn't able to see what I was doing. My hand started rubbing over her pussy lips. I told her she was a horny little slut with her pussy so wet. She said she wasn't a slut, but I said 'of course you are' and told her to rub her pussy with her own hand for me. She started reaching under and rubbing her slit while I quietly removed my own pants. My cock was so hard and ready for a tight twat.

I moved onto the bed with her still rubbing her slit, then moved up and touched the head of my cock to her pussy. She moved away and I told her not to move that I just wanted to rub my penis over her hot little cunt for a while. So she stayed on her hands and knees and let me move her tight pussy lips around with the head of my hard cock. Her cunt hair tickled but I wasn't actually going into her pleasure hole at all, just massaging her lips and clit with it. I wanted to get more serious and moved up over her, this time trying to aim the head of my cock into where her hole should be. She realised what I was trying to do and tried to move away 'Don't!'. I said it was okay I just wanted to put the tip of my cockhead in a tiny bit so see what it was like. With one hand I held her shoulder to stop her moving forward and the other I tried to guide my cock into her. Damm!! She was tight. I couldn't seem to get past the fleshy pink folds of her teenage labia. I rubbed up and down and pressed forward. She was horny as her pussy folds were moist and my cockhead was being coated in her sweet lubrication. Suddenly her moist softness gave way and my cockhead sunk in a little. She gave a gasp as her opening was parted by my throbbing meat.

'Just the head' I said to her and began pulling out and pushing in a little so the head of my cock was gripped by her tight hole. Seeing this bewildered skinny teen underneath with my cock only just inside her pussy was too much. I held her bony hips and with one thrust lunged my hips against her and forced my cock further into her small sex ring. She yelled out as she felt her vagina being invaded with my thick meat. My cock was suddenly surrounded by a very tight warmth. Even though I pushed hard only an inch of my cock found its way inside her. I'd never been inside a hole that was soooo small. I said she was a tight bitch and she just moaned with her head down. I held her hips and with each word I pushed forward and said 'Your…a….fucking….tight….bitch.' With each word my cock moved a little further into her fuck canal. She said in a pained voice; 'I'm a virgin'.

Wooooohoooooooo!! I had my cock inside a virgin!! No wonder she was unsure of herself and sooo hard to get into!! With my cock almost completely buried up her womb I said to her; 'You're not now!" Then holding on to her bony hips I started to properly fuck her. My hips started to really move towards her and out again, really giving her untouched cunt a work out. As I started to rapidly fuck this bitch she was moaning and giving little yelps. Her inner pink cunt lips were clinging to my cock and were pulled out and exposed with every withdrawal, before being pushed back in as I forced my way through her sex canal. I have to admit at first it was hard going but the more I fucked the teen bitches pussy the easier it got as her virgin sex juices started coating my shaft.

As I fucked her over I started calling her names like 'you little horny slut' and 'take that up your cunt, bitch!' Once there, I held her shoulders and rapidly moved in and out of her as fast as I could go. She started giving little cries as her tight pussy received an amazing pounding. I told her to say 'I'm a slut'. She hesitated but eventually managed to say 'I'm…a……slut.'
'Say it again bitch'
'You're a fuck bitch' I told her as my cock strained inside her silky cunt walls.
In and out I pounded her slit. 'Say "I want cum on my face"'
She moaned before saying; 'I….want……cum….on….my face'
'I…want cum…..on….my……face.'
Hearing her sweet little girl voice talking slutty really got me going. I had to cum and pulled out of her clinging humid cunt and moved up over her. I moved her head to one side so the left side of her face was exposed and started rubbing my cock hard against her cheek. I started jerking it and suddenly a jet of cum shot out and fell against her face as far up as her forehead. The second spurt shot out and hit her in the eye. I was moaning as I rapidly jerked my cock to encourage more cum to splatter her cute face. Another spurt shot out and this time it coated her temple and the hair just around it. Finally I pointed my cock towards her ear and with the head of my shaft pushed into her ear another spurt shot out into her ear canal, dripping over the folds in her ear.

Once it was over, and I had recovered, she said she had to wash her face. I told her she wasn't allowed to. She had to leave my sex juice on her face and let it dry. If I saw her wipe it off I was to throw her out and not let her have the spare bed. She looked at me with one eye open as the other was sticky with the juice of my orgasm and I noticed her eyeball was going red after being coated with sperm.

She went to bed and it wasn't long before I retired for the night. I had the double bed while she took the single on the other side of the room. She was tired and soon feel asleep and I looked at her laying there with her face encrusted with my cum and her hair matted up with the results of my orgasm and her first fuck.

I awoke during the night for some reason and my thoughts immediately went back to that girl lying there across the room and how amazing it was to break her body in. Remembering how tight her untouched pussy had been. Where would I ever experience anything like that again? I don't think I'd ever cum so hard and long for ages. But in the morning she'd be gone and that would be end of my skinny innocent cum slut. My cock started to stir again, still horny remembering that fuck and how her body bounced beneath me with every thrust I gave her and how her sexy sweet voice groaned and gasped in response to her cunt being invaded.

I had to!!! I pulled back the bed covers and stood up, my cock standing to attention. Walking over to where the tight pussy was waiting in the bed I thought about standing there while she slept and wanking over her face to contribute more warm sperm to the cum that was already dried and crusty on the little teen bitches face. No, not good enough. I bent my hard cock down and let it touch the smooth skin of her cheek and started rubbing my cock onto her face. She awoke suddenly and pulled back, not sure of what was on her face. I switched on her bedside light and she saw me standing there, my cock hard and eager for more of her tight innocent body.
'Come here and suck my cock for me.' With sleepy eyes she moved forward without question and opened her mouth to let me push it in. When her warm moist mouth enclosed my shaft I need a fuck so bad. I grabbed her back of her head and pushed her down further onto it. 'Suck it all in!' Her hand came up and rested on my leg scared that I would choke her with all my thick meat. Holding her head like a football I moved it up and down while my hips thrust. Her tight clinging mouth coating my cock in warm saliva and struggling to hold it all in. 'I want your lips right at the base of my cock' I told her. Without that I pushed her head right down and tried forcing my cock all the way in. The cock head hit the back of her throat and her reflex action made her start to gag. Her gagging made her throat vibrate against my cock giving a lot of pleasure to me. I let her head up so she could catch her breath. 'One more time' I said and once more introduced my cock to her mouth where she tried to hold it. 'Right down!!' I demanded and forced her head down so once more my cock touched her throat and this time I thrust harder. While she tried to yell and her throat gagged I actually managed to get my cock right into her throat. What an amazing feeling to have her tight throat around the head of my penis as I held her head tight into my groin. When I let her up her mouth pulled off she started coughing and spluttering with tears in her eyes. 'Your first throat fuck' I announced.

When she had stopped coughing I told her get on her hands and knees. It was time for another screw. She knelt on all fours on her bed and moved around behind her. She slept in her flannelette shirt and panties as she had no pjs. Moving my hand underneath, I rubbed her pussy through her panties. Then without warning I grabbed her waist band of her panties and pulled hard, not downwards but outwards. The mauve panties stretched out and dug into the front of her. I kept pulling savagely at them, not wanting them down her legs, just off. I pulled hard and almost pulled her off the bed with them. Suddenly they tore and the waistband snapped. I kept pulling hard and I could hear them tearing away from her crotch. The pretty mauve panties were being ripped apart exposing her round teenage ass. When they were torn enough to remove I threw them on the bed and grabbed the ass cheeks of this cute girl. Spreading her apart I gazed down at the tiny brown wrinkled hole and further down at the tight slit covered lightly with hair. I opened the slit and found that tight hole that gave me so much pleasure only hours before. It was still reluctant to reveal itself, with her salmony pink flesh covering over her pleasure hole till I peeled the folds back to show a tiny dark hole within. She was still sooooooo tight. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down her crotch. 'You need another fuck!' I told her. 'Do I?' She said resigned to receiving another.
'Stay there.' I said.

I got off the bed and walked over to the fridge. Reaching inside I pulled out a small patty of butter. Going back over to her I pulled back the foil cover and, using my fingers, scooped out the butter. I slapped the butter down right between her butt cheeks. Using my fingers I rubbed the greasy butter over her little brown hole. She looked behind her, 'What are you doing?'
I said, 'Ever had anything in her ass?'
'Then its your lucky day.' With my middle finger I opened her asshole, sliding in, but not without having to push a fair bit. I heard her go 'Ooooooh' and I only had one finger in!! I moved it in and out a few times and then attempted to introduce two fingers inside. Now, that was more difficult. But with the aid of the butter I managed to slide both in. She moaned, 'Ooowwww' and I began finger fucking her butthole. The tightness around my fingers was too much and my cock was hard and eager. I pulled out my fingers and climbed up behind her. Pointing my cock down I placed the tip of it against that buttered up brown hole. I started to try and work the head of it within her. 'Ooooohhhh, no don't!'
"It hurts.'
'No, it won't. It'll be an amazing feeling having a cock within your ass. Girls want it there.'
Once more I placed the head of my cock against her wrinkled brown slit and tried pushing it. Wow, it was difficult to push it open. I kept pushing then finally the brown slit gave way a little and the tip of my cock pushed through. 'Aaaaarrgh'
'Shut up and relax your ass or it will hurt.' She kept it tight.
'Relax it!'
I pushed a bit more. 'Relax it!' Finally she gave did what her ass what telling her not to do and she managed to relax her sphincter muscle. Her virgin butt hole suddenly gave way and my cockhead sunk through. 'Oooooooo shit, oooooo fuck!' She cried out.
And then the ass tightened again grabbing my cock just behind its head. That tight brown hole grabbed it sooooo tight it was amazing. I pulled the head out a little and the hole closed over tight immediately. I could see that breaking in her virgin butt was going to more difficult than I first thought. Once more I pushed forward and once more she starting moaning. 'Relax your ass!'
She managed to and the head of my cock slipped past her sphincter muscle. "Ooohhh shit!'she yelled. This girl was too loud and being a motel room I thought she might wake the other guests so I grabbed her torn mauve panties and reached over to feed them into her mouth. 'Put them in your mouth and keep them there.'
This time I couldn't hold back and pushed my hips towards her, to try and make her butt take my shaft. 'whmmmmmm! She exclaimed. I pulled out a little and then back in. I could hardly move it in or out, she was so tight despite the lubricating butter. I pushed again and once more she yelled. I pulled out a little then back in, out a little, then back in. Each time I pushed, a fraction more of my cock went inside her. She was gradually taking my cock up her teenage ass and the cock was being squeezed like it had never been squeezed before.
'You're taking it bitch. Yeah, your taking it.' I held on to her skinny hips and decided to really fuck the life out of this girls butt. In and out, in and out, more rapidly now and by now her virgin sphincter muscle was more relaxed allowing my prick to move faster. She was moaning through her used panties. Her mouth was open and her eyes screwed up with her head lying on the bed as I fucked her little raised asshole. It only turned me on more to see this teenager underneath me, her asshole trying to strangle my cock, her cute voice moaning its muffled cries as I slammed her, her face screwed up, strands of her long brown hair matted with my sperm from a few hours before.

They say there is nothing quite like the feeling of having your cock inside a female asshole. It has a certain pleasure that only a girl can give you. I know that is true especially with this girl. She was so incredibly tight and yet my cock was ploughing through a real silky softness. Tight on the outside, around her ass ring, yet silky within. Looking down it was amazing to see a just broken in ass struggling to swallow my thick shaft. The butter was melted and glistening on my cock. It was dripping down my balls and sliding along her slit of her pussy underneath her. As I held her hips I fucked her silly. In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. She was moaning, clutching the bed. My cock hard and forceful. Her ass was more accepting now and allowed my prick easier access. I knew I was going to cum and before I could even think about pulling out and spraying her face or hair with sperm, the pleasure became too intense. I pulled her back onto me once more and my hips jerked forward. My cock started to spurt. The force was so great I fell forward onto her. She fell flat out on the bed as my cock went as far in as it possibly could. Her fucked out asshole actually swallowed the very base of my cock, every inch was buried into her brown hole as I lay on her and my cum kept filling her up. The pleasure was so intense as I emptied my balls into her bowels.

She lay still under me while I stayed on top of her for another full minute or two, my cock gradually recovering inside her ass. 'Oh shit, you're a good fuck' I told her. I pushed myself up and began to pull my cock out of her. As the head of my cock left her butt I noticed her asshole actually stayed open for a while, like it didn't know how to close up again. It did though and it was amazing to see to close shut. I got off the bed and went back to my own bed. She eventually rose up and walked to the toilet, no doubt to wipe the melted butter away and try and get rid of some of my sticky cum from up her asshole.

The following morning I gave her breakfast watching as she ate her flakes and wondering if I should give her cum to swallow as milk. But my cock was tired and sore and from its effort of breaking in a virgin. I asked her how her ass was and she said it was sore. Her pussy? Sore. As she left that morning I watched from the motel room as she walked along the footpath. She'd entered my room an innocent virgin and left, a totally fucked out toy. I'll never forget that wild night!

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