Full Breakfast

Full Breakfast

Ann was 37 yrs of age and her fascination with rough and ready Builders had led her to take one as her Lover.Not only that but she found herself doing things that she would never dream of doing with her husband.
Harry was a tipical hairy arsed builder but he had a real dominant streak in him so much so that Ann usually did whatever he asked or ordered her to do.
In the early days of their relationship he used to strip her completely and then tie her spreadeagled to the bed and brutally fuck and fill her then leaving her tied to the bed and returning some 15/20 minutes later and giving her another hard reaming taking particular enjoyment from her protesting and moaning.

He sometimes worked at her home and being a housewife she was usually at his beck and call for whatever sexual act he needed.
Like making her walk around the house with nothing on underneath her dress so that he would come in for his break and be able to just stick his cock up her or he would make her either suck him off whilst he reamed her to an orgasm with his fingers or put over the kitchen table bring her to the edge of an orgasm withdraw and leave over the table for ten twenty or even thirty minutes before returning and finishing the job in this case Ann.
Being left over the kitchen table left her vunerable to visits from her friends or neighbours so she always insisted that the door was always locked.

One of her close neighbours had however been watching her one morning and actually so her getting a good fucking.This had turned her on so much that she told Ann to invite Harry to visit her to look at a job later that that week in return for her silence.Needless to say he did visit her and did not return to Ann's House for around 2 hours.
When he did he stripped Ann took her into the Conservatory and proceeded to fuck the arse off her in fgull view of the neighbours house knowing full well she was watching the action.

At work one morning she received a phone call from him telling her he would pick her up the next day at 8 a.m. and to wear only her Bra and Pants underneath her long Black coat.
At 8 sharp the next morning he duly picked her up and drove her to his Builders yard where he had a workshop and a couple of upstair offices.
Inside one of the rooms was a large table and seats where they usually eat before going out on jobs.Also in the room was a smaller table a cooker and a single bed which was occassionally used if one of his building staff needed to be on site early.Harry told her to take off her coat and Bra which she duly obliged.

He then produced some lengths of rope and tied her over the smaller table leaving her Tits hanging over one end of the table and her pantie clad arse over the other.He then proceeded to fuck her mouth before spaying her face and hair with his spunk.
She was then left in a permanent state of arousal while he started to make the breakfast.
Soon voices could be heard and in came 4 Hairy arsed Builders to be greeted by the site of Ann spreadeagled and tied over the table with Spunk stains over her face and hair.

.Harry then told them that she was to be the MAIN course and with that Graham and Dave quickly stripped off to sample the goods displayed before them.
Harry then produced a pair of scissors and cut the sides of her panties causing them to fall to the floor leaving her at the mercy of a group of horny men.She told me the feeling of helplesness and humiliation was compounded by a tingling sensation throughout her body of what was going to happen next.

Dave opened her arse and plunged deep into her causing her to moan out loud but her cries were soon stopped as Graham fed his cock into her mouth. She was now being humped vigourously at both ends and Dave soon shot a full load of spunk up her.
Colin soon took Daves place and continued to shaft her while Graham was still enjoying the other end.

It did not take Colin long before he to had deposited another load of spunk into her.Graham at last began to grunt and quickly pulled out and sprayed his full load all over her face.
Harry had been a spectator throughout and he still made no move as Carl moved in for his turn.
She was now going to be fucked for a third time from the rear but this time no one was going to shut her up so her moaning could now be heard and watched by these builders as she received her fourth deposit of spunk.It was now left to Harry to untie and escort her over to the bed where she was again tied up this time spreadeagled on the bed.

He produced a Vibrator and told the watching audience that as well as vibrating her he was going to Tit fuck her so that they could all watch her come and complete her humiliation.
As the vibrator did its job and sent her to a climax Harry showered her with more Spunk over her face once more.

Her humiliation was not quite complete as the Builders then one by one began to fuck her and withdrew before climaxing over what was now a sticky face.
Her ordeal over she was dropped off thankfully back at her front door but not before being reminded by Harry that he did have another date for her to keep in the near future.

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