Garret's First Impression

Garret's First Impression

My name is Garret; at the time this story took place I was 15.
I must admit, I was never a popular child. Maybe it was my attitude, or my way of thinking. Though when this day took place, I felt rather lucky, rather popular.

“Garret, hurry up; I don’t want you late for school!” Shouted Maureen, my “Mom”

“Yeah, yeah. Shut up, bitch.” I mumbled as I brushed my hair in front of my eyes for that “Fuck off or I’ll devour your soul” type of look. I leaned down to pick up my Bag when I noticed Kate, my older sister, staring in at me.

“Hey, Emo-fag.” She looked at my attire, the same I wore yesterday.

I gave her the finger and rolled my eyes. “Fuck off, Kate. Oh wait, you’ve done that one already.” I leaned forward to give her a love tap on the cheek as I shoved by her.

“I’ll have Joshua kick your ass, Garret!” She said as I placed my rear atop the Stair Railing and slid down. “And how ever will you pay him, a nice Sucky Sucky?” I passed by Maureen. “I’m outta ‘er.” I was about to open the door though I was drawn to a halt by the Mega-Bitch.

“I’m taking you to school today, I don’t want you ditching.” She opened the door and insisted that I go out first. I sighed, stepping out into Spring day. “Oh, isn’t it lovely out, Garret?” Maureen asked, trying to make me seem normal for once.

“Just open the door, Maureen.” I tapped my foot impatiently as she Unlocked the doors.

Maureen placed the key in the ignition and gave her first attempt to start the SUV up.
“Go-“ She stopped herself from saying it. Lately the bitch has been searching for some sort of God or spiritual release from all the stress that I, yeah just me, cause her.

"I'll just stay home." I said, though had I known what today brought for me, I'd regret staying home.

She took a deep breath and exhaled in a sigh. “No, Garret, I’ll write you a note in case your late.”
She took the pen from the glove box, her hand just above my uncomfortable area.

I pushed her hand away and grabbed the pen and paper myself. Oh wait, I’m meant to have a large hard on or something. Fuck that.

“Thank you, Garret. You did something nice for once.” She smiled as she began to scribble down her teeny tiny white lie on the yellow page.

So I took the note and headed toward school.


School dragged on like it always did, I couldn't wait to get out of class. I didn't pay much attention during the lesson though had the knowledge to answer most questions asked, when asked.

The Bell rang, calling for lunch, my one hour release from idiots and boring lectures. I had removed my lunch from my locker and closed it.

"Hey, Garret." I swear, I must have jumped a good five feet. Before stood the figure of Ashley Coldurwin. (I'm not sure if thats the exact spelling) Why was this prep, though a hot one, talking to me?

"Uhm..Hi?" I placed the lock through the small hole and clamped it shut.

"I know, you'd never expect me to talk to anyone thats not a jock or cheer leader." She smiled and I shrugged back.

"Yeah, I guess." I was having trouble focusing upon what she was saying. I'll just say she matured faster then others. "Is there somethin' you wanted, or were you just saying Hi?"

She must have noticed the way I was standing or something becuase what came out of her mouth shocks me to this day.

"Am I making you hard, Garret?" She smirked at me deviously and extended a hand to grasp at the slight buldge in my pants. I was in disbelief and some what embarresed by what she asked that I realy didn't respond to what she was doing until I felt her firm grip upon it then leaned foward to whisper something in my ear. "I'm having a party, your invited.." She pulled away from me and started to walk away. She turned back to me for a moment and winked "Bring your friend."

Through the daze, she had slipped her number into my pocket I'd have to call as soon as I got home.


The day ended and I couldn't wait to get home and call Ashley. I was bolting past kids as fast as I could. I turned sharply and almost collided into a kid on a bike. Again I turned, heading toward my house. I had already pulled out my cell phone and began to dial her number. The phone rang as I raced upstairs into my room.

"Hello?" It was Ashley's voice.

"Hey, its..Garret." I said as I locked my door.

"Oh, hey. How're you?"

"I'm okay, I guess." I heard her giggle and I was curious as to why.

"Still hard?" She said after calming herself down.

"Heh, yeah a bit."

"Oh realy? Well, Garret, wanna come over and make it even harder?"

My legs were already shaking with anxiety. "I wrote my adress on the paper I gave you, I'm waiting for you."

I turned off my phone and stood before my mirror for a moment.

"Soon, little man, I won't be the only one jacking you off." I said to myself as I ran two fingers up and down my stiff cock. Nowing that Ashley was waiting for me, I stuffed my member back into my boxers and zipped up my pants.

"Kate, I'm going over to a friends house to get some homework done." I said as I walked outside. I didn't give her time to respond, I took off toward 5664 Sweetflower.

I stood now, just infront of the door with my hand out to ring the door bell.

"Alright, Garret. Ring the Doorbell." I released a sigh as I pushed down upon it.

"I'm Comming!" I heard and was hoping it was the right comming he was thinking of.

"Hey, come on in." She led me in and we spent a moment touring the house before stopping in her room. "So, can I see it?" She asked her gaze directed toward by crotch.

"If you want to." I slowly unzipped the fly of my jeans as she stared. I pulled at the elastic of my boxers and pulled them down and under my stiff cock which pointed up at her with a bit of white goo dripping from the top.

"I read this in the story and I..I want to give it a try." She got down on her hands and knees and crawled toward my hard 7 1/2 inches of flesh. I whimpered as her hand wrapped around it and she began to stroke gently upon it. More and more of my white cum cascated down my rod and onto her hand and my pants. She'd lean foward and lick the cum from my head and rod which made me tremble with pleasure. Not a moment later she had my head in her mouth and was plunging it deep within her mouth and throat. I'd see her eyes water and hear her gag everynow and then but that just made me harder and when I got harder I'd release jets of cum into her throat. She stared up at me with her large blue eyes which showed she was enjoying herself as much as I was.

Stay tuned for the rest of Garrets First Impresssion

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