Goddess Part 1.

Goddess Part 1.

Hi this is Kartik. And this is a story that happened to me.

The housing society in which I live like to do only two things during the summer break after our final examination: To play cricket as long as the sun lasts and then play hide and seek.

I remember that day very clearly and I suppose that I will remember it my whole life. It was just a week after my XI board exam. I went to play in the grounds. I had a very rough day at cricket. We lost miserably. Then with all the rest I played hide and seek. There is this clump of trees in the playground where everyone is afraid to go after dark as snakes are said to be found there. But I go there everyday and no snake has ever bit me. In fact I haven’t seen a snake there at all.

That day I had an exceptionally full bladder. I thought that I will go to pee there. I was halfway through emptying my bladder that a rustle of leaves behind me announced someone’s arrival. I looked around still with my dick out, still peeing. What I saw made my heart skip several beets. The most beautiful girl of our society was entering the clump of trees. I stopped peeing and hastily tried to stuff my dick back inside.
But she said,”don’t worry about me you complete what you are doing”.
I was so shocked that I lost the urge to empty my bladder anymore. So I stuffed my dick back inside turned around to apologize.
“I am so sorry that you had to witness this Sneha”, I said to her.
“You don’t have to be. I should be the one that has to be sorry I walked in on your privacy”, she replied.
I couldn’t believe my ears. She wasn’t complaining to me or shouting that I should have done it in my house. I wanted to desperately steer the conversation about the damage that I do to the society by peeing all over the place. So I asked the first thing that came to my mind. “What are you doing here most people fear this place”.
“I well thought that you were my friend”, she said.
“What do you mean”?
“A girl you know”.
“So I thought that I could have some chat to shake boredom off, you know”.
“Ok. I’m ready to chat with you”.
“So Mr. Smarty pants what are you going to chat with me? Ha”.
“Whatever. Say you are in 10th now aren’t you?”
“So how are you planning to spend this year?”
“Well my mum says that after the school starts I’m not allowed to step out of the house. But I rejected her words saying that I will go for a half to one hour stroll every evening.”
“That’s good. I can tell you, after a tough time at the study table, there is nothing like a good long stroll in the open. Let me suggest you a time. Go around 7 in the evening it will be cool then. I have just written my exams you know…”
So our conversation continued for nearly an hour. W met almost daily but never did the topic of sex come up. Well not until the fateful Wednesday.

That Wednesday was a very bore of a Wednesday. I got up due to mewing cat at 5 in the morning (I am very light sleeper. A pin drop can wake me up at times). My mom said that I had enough sleep and flatly refused to see my blood red eyes. Cursing the cat I woke up and helped her with the house chores (very unwilling). She sent me to the grocers and all and didn’t buy my argument that none of the grocers would be up yet. Well I was surprised to see the market so busy and dirty in the morning as if it was the evening and the grocers were having their last bargain. I did her job my dad asked me to go to the bank later. I spent a very boring morning. And to top it all of I lost in my favorite computer game by a 20 point margin.
By evening I was in such a bad mood that I didn’t feel like going to play. But I did go when my friends called me. After the usual game of cricket (we lost here as well because I didn’t manage to catch the ball hit by the opponents best batsman and I also miss-fielded a score of times.), I played hide and seek. I went to my usual place and expected to find her there (by now we met daily). She wasn’t there, but I continued to stay there. I saw the denner pass the grounds a dozen of times when I thought that I’ll change my place. It was when I lifted my but off the rock that I saw her. She was walking briskly with her head down. Either she was trying not to be seen on was burdened with something, or both. She walked up to the clump and called me out.
“What happened”, I asked emerging from the trees.
“Could we go for a walk”, she replied. There was a note of bitterness in her voice.
“Sure”. Careful not to attract too much attention I made my way out of there and out of the gates of the society.
I noticed that it was a chilly night. We walked in silence for some time. Then unable to control myself I said, “What’s up? You don’t seem yourself today.”
“Nothing”, came her reply.
We continued to walk in the same silence. We came to a fork in the road. She took the right one; I was walking along in her wake.
“You know Rahul don’t you”, she finally spoke.
“Rahul… er… that guy who comes to our building at times. The one with curly hair”?
“Yeah him”.
“So what about him?”
“Well we were in a relation.”
“What you are not a virgin?”
“Of course I am. We liked each other.”
“Yesterday he asked me something I did not approve of. I need your help in the matter.”
I couldn’t believe it. She was talking about her love life with me.
“Of course I will help”, I replied. “What happened”;
“Well I will be frank with you. Yester-night he came to my house. My parents were out. He tried to get my opinion about… um… well… sex indirectly. I didn’t respond as he would have liked me to respond. So he told me that all he wanted to do was to have it with me. I ditched him the moment he completed the sentence, slapped him around the face and forced him out of the house.” I whistled. She continued, “All night yesterday I have been thinking about it. I realized that what I did was wrong. And I decided to make up with him. But then someone else intervened in my planning to make it up with him. It was you.” We had reached the lake by now. She took a side path and climbed up the low hill under whose shadow the lake lay. At this time of the night the lake is a kind of love birds’ paradise. All couples come there and expect privacy. We had reached a low rock sitting on which we could have a clear look at all the kissing and flirting couples below.
I looked into her beautiful face. Tears were leaking down her cheeks.
“You were the one who intervened. I have begun to like you… no more… love you”
I was stunned beyond my wits. I had always thought her to be a goddess, and myself as a slave. I had never dared to love her in my dreams let alone real life. But here she was, expressing her love for me.
“You see those to there, in between the trees”, she asked pointing. I looked and saw two humans there having, unmistakably, sex. She continued, “I want to experience it Kartik, I want you to give me the experience”
I realized that we were standing. “Do you love me”, she asked.
“O-of of course I do”, I stammered. She then kissed me. Only for a second but with the full vigor, strength and passion a woman could muster. Then she began to make her way back down towards home. I was hurrying along in her wake.
At the entrance to the building she said, “Come to my house tomorrow at 8 o’clock”. And walked away.

The next day at 8 am I rang her door bell. She answered it. She was wearing only a bathing gown and was unmistakably just out of the shower. She looked so sexy and pretty that a hidden lust surfaced in me. I wanted her badly. I wanted to experience yesterdays kiss again. I did not have to wait long. The moment she made sure that the door was secure; she jumped on me and kissed me all over. It was miraculous how I responded to her. I retaliated with equal vigor in my actions. We finally kissed each other so that that we would have broken each others teeth or sucked each other inside out. We broke apart and she turned her back to me. She then lowered her bathing gown only as much to expose her naked back and the beginning of the crack of her ass. It had a great bluish green tinge around it and the smell from her ass instantly filled the room. She pulled her gown back up again and gave me the come-and-get-it look. I pounced on her like a hungry lion but she slipped out of reach saying that I would get naked first. I didn’t need telling twice. I quickly reduced the number of clothes on my body to only my underwear (my 12+ cock erect and sticking out of the upper side of my underwear) and ran after her. She escaped again and ran to the bed room with me in hot pursuit. She ran around the bed and tried to jump on it and crawl to the other side to escape me. But I was too quick for her and jumped on her, sandwiching her between me and the bed. I turned her over and began to kiss her. She rolled me down and sat on top of me. She opened her bathing gown just for a fraction of a second, to let me see those magnificently firm breasts and those cute round nipples, before pulling it close and running away again. I was stunned by their beauty to anything for a moment then I pulled off my underwear and chased her. I entered her bedroom (the previous one was her parents’) to find her naked and bending over something. I could see that beautiful bubble ass sticking out in the air. Coming to them I knelt down and pulled her ass cheeks apart and sniffed the aroma coming from her ass. I kissed her pink ass hole. It curved into her rectum without a crease. Then I licked it. It tasted so good. It was bitter to some extent but had a hidden taste attracted me even more to her. I continued to lick her ass while she maintained absolutely still though she moaned and hissed at times. I moved my tongue lower till I could lick the end of her pussy (towards the ass). As I moved down, she snapped her legs and stood straight. I was denied access of her pussy. I stood up to protest as the sweet smell was still there in my nose and I wanted my tongue to taste her as well. But as I stood up she turned around and kissed me on the lips. She tasted her ass on my lips.
“So that’s how my ass tastes”, she said. I began to massage her breasts. Her nipples stood up in an instant and we both kissed to suck each others souls out. She had small round tits on her large (probably D cup) breasts. The most marvelous thing about her breasts was that they were very firm. She could wear the loosest possible top and not wear a bra yet he breasts wouldn’t sag nor would they bounce. They were so firm yet they were softer than wool and smoother than silk.
I began to lick all over her face and went down to her neck. Then I licked her collar bones and finally came to the top of her breasts. Ah it was bliss! Her breasts tasted and felt like a favorite ice-cream. I licked all over them. I sucked her round nipples while she played with her other breast. I licked and kissed her breasts till I was sure I could draw them with my tongue. Then I moved down her body to her stomach. I licked her belly button. This was also as creaseless as if a sheet of skin has been stretched over it by an expert so as not to leave any clue to what is inside. Her stomach was warm and flat. You could not see a fold of flab on her stomach. She kept it well toned. I again reached her pussy when she flung herself back on the bed and lay down on her back. She spread those thin and beautifully curved legs till I could see the deep pink of her vulva and the skin folds of her erect clitoris. She then beckoned me to lick her pussy saying, “I heard that getting the pussy licked is the best sexual experience a girl can have.”
I lowered myself on my knees and crawled up to her bed. I extended my trembling fingers and grabbed her pussy lips and slowly parted them to look into the beauty inside. It was far better than the sight of thousand rising suns. Much better than Venus in the morning sky calling the sun out. I could see her hymen on the two opposite sides of vaginal walls. They were milky white except that they had a faint flush of pink. Her pussy was totally red like a young rose. I inched my face forward and smelled her. It smelled sweeter than hundreds of rose orchards. I pushed my tongue out and touched her vulva I tasted as if I have tasted sweetness for the first time in my life. Then I gave her pussy a long stroke. Right from the point of contact between her and the bed to her clitoris and her well trimmed pubic hair. It was so delicious. It had a little flavor of piss and a little of what I supposed must be menstrual discharge. The rest was purely the female hormones in her. I got so excited that I began to lap up her pussy like a cat lapping milk. She cooed me on and moaned. I remembered reading in a magazine that on humming we can create vibrations that excite a girl a lot. I did the same and her voice increased as she ah-ed with the moment of my tongue. She began to move back and forth so that at times my tongue hardly reached her clit and at other times I was afraid that my teeth might damage her perfect pussy. I massaged her clit with my thumb and she started to scream as her pussy began to throb. Then suddenly she let out a howl as the Elixir of Life (for me) rushed out of her pussy. It tasted a bit sour, to be honest, but to me it was nothing short of sugar mixed in honey.
“Oh, my”, she said trying to steady her breath, “I masturbate at least once everyday but never have I cummed like this”.
I then crawled on top of her and lay flat on her kissing her sweaty face and kneading my penis against her crotch. Then suddenly she grabbed me around the middle and throwing her weight to one side made us roll over such that now she was on top of me.
“I will do my magic on you now. Get ready to cum the hardest you ever have”, she said and began to kiss me…

What she did to me… The next part…

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