Houseboat Vacation – Part 1

Houseboat Vacation – Part 1

I graduated from college in June 1972. As graduation approached, Mom told me that she had a surprise for me for graduation. She wouldn't fess up as to what it was and I was left to wonder, but I truly had no idea what her surprise might be.

After clearing all my stuff out of the dorm, loading it into the back of my old pickup, and saying goodbye to some friends, I headed out. Driving home in the warm June sun, I was wondering what I was gonna' do for a job other than my old standby down at the feed store in town. As I drove up our long, gravel drive, I remembered the surprise Mom had promised me. I drove around the side of the house and saw my cousin Kathy's car parked in back and then as I turned into the back yard and parked I saw Kathy, my older sister Nancy, and Mom lying on loungers sunbathing nude in the warm sun. This was a common occurrence in our backyard. Our house was on a substantial piece of land, mostly leased out to farmers for wheat and other crops, set back a long way from the road resulting a completely private backyard. Our family had always maintained a casual attitude about nudity around the house, and our extended family, including my aunt Jessie and cousin Kathy, had through the years skinny dipped on a fairly regular basis all together down at the river. So it was by no means out of the ordinary for some or all of us to be soaking up the sun nude at either our's or my aunt's house.

Hearing my tires crunch on the gravel, all three turned their heads in my direction and smiled. I hopped down out of my truck as Kathy came running toward me, her breasts flapping and bouncing around. She threw her arms around my neck, pulled herself up and gave me a big kiss. When she dropped back down onto her feet she said "Welcome home, Hut! How's it feel to be through with college?"

"About the same as before I was through, I quess." We headed toward the other two as they both sat up on their loungers to greet us. Nancy ran over to the side of the house and came back with a another lounger.

"Here's one for you, Hut" she said as she set it down next to hers. "You can relax after your drive home."

"I need to get my stuff into the house" I replied.

Mom piped up "Nonsense Hutter, you have time to relax."

"OK if I go in and get a shower first? I'm kinda' hot and sweaty" I asked.

"Of course."

I headed for the back steps and up into the house. We had a mud room just inside the back doorway and that was where the washer and dryer were, along with a big double laundry sink and a simple shower. It was a place to clean up first instead of tracking crap all through the house. In there, I stripped off my sweaty clothes and threw them into the hampers, turned on the shower and adjusted the hot water to just enough to knock the chill out of the water. Pulling the shower curtain back, I climbed in and stood under the cool water enjoying the feeling of it as it cascaded down my body. Soapping up my hair and a washcloth, I started washing up when I heard Nancy's voice "Do you need your back scrubbed, Hut?"

I stuck my head under the water to rinse the soap off then turned toward the hallway door. Standing there I saw Nancy, leaning naked up against the door jamb. I said "Sure, if you wanna'." I'd been fucking Nancy and cousin Kathy or a regular basis for over a year and half, so we were very well acquainted, you might say. Without either of us saying another word, she pulled the curtain aside, climbed in, and took my lathered up washcloth from me. I turned my back toward her and she began scrubbing it from top to bottom. When she reached my butt, she reached around me with both hands, hugging herself up against my back and grasping my penis and scrotum in her hands. I turned around to face her, wrapping my arms around her, pulling her into a tight embrace and a probing kiss. As our tongues played with each other and our bodies pressed together I felt my penis rapid engorging and rising to push into Nancy's leg. She felt it, too, and moved slightly so that it sprung up between her legs. When we broke the kiss I said "I missed you, Nancy. It's been too long." It had been too long – over two months since I'd held my sister close and felt hot skin pressed against hot skin.

"I know" she said. "I've been looking forward to you coming home for the past few weeks."

"Are you two that happy to see each other?" We heard from the doorway. We popped apart and saw Mom standing there naked in the doorway. As I turned toward her I had a full erection, my penis standing up close to my abdomen. Mom looked us up and down, pausing each pass to look at my penis then said "I don't want to know" as she turned away and left. I'd been fucking both my mother and aunt for over a year – they preferred to think of it as "servicing" them, I think. Maybe she just figured that the same thing could be going on between me and my sister.

"Oh shit" Nancy said as she turned toward me and leaned on my shoulder.

I turned toward her and hugged her close and whispered "She's probably just jealous."

"What the hell does that mean, Hut? Jealous? Are you telling me…" She trailed off.

"Yeah, I guess I am. I've been taking car of Mom for awhile."

"Oh damn. Who else knows? Anbody?"

"I assume that Aunt Jessie probably has a pretty good idea."

"Jeez, are you 'taking care' of her, too?"

"Uh, yeah. She prefers to think of it as being 'serviced' – like a dairy cow. At least I'm keeping it in the family."

Nancy mock slapped me, briefly acted indignant, then grabbed onto me in a tight embrace again. My erection which had waned slightly during our little discussion reasserted itself. "I guess I don't really care, Hut" she whispered in my ear. She slid her hands down my back until the had a firm grip on both butt cheeks and pulled me closer as she whispered "I want you in me right now, Hut." She put her arms around my neck and pulled herself up, wrapping her legs around my thighs. Almost falling over, I adjusted my stance to lean back slightly as Nancy moved her hips trying to find my penis. I grabbed her butt cheeks with my hands to help support her weight before reaching down around her thigh to hold my penis steady for her. Her target located, she slid onto it and began to rock her hips against me and then tried to stick her tongue down my throat.

We were both breathing very heavily when she lost the rhythm of her hip rocking and moved in jerks on my penis. She slowed to a halt, squeezing me even tighter with her arms and legs. All this while, we'd been probing each others tongues until I broke off the kiss and said "I can't stand like this much longer."

She unwrapped her legs and stood again as she loosened her grip on my neck. "I love you, Hut" she said.

"I love you, too, Nancy." She slid down me until she was stooped down in front of me, took my penis in one hand and my scrotum in the other, and immediately took most of my penis in her mouth. She set up a pretty good rhytmn on it, sliding up and down its length as she tongued it. My knees began to feel weak and then my thighs began to flex involuntarily as I rapidly rose toward orgasmic release. "I'm about to cum" I rasped out as I felt my penis throb and jump in her mouth. I heard her gulping and then she milked my penis dry with her tongue and sucking action before dropping it from her mouth and standing up in front of me.

"How was that?" she asked.

"What do you think?" I replied. She hugged my neck again and we kissed one last time before breaking apart and rinsing off. Out of the shower, we stood together drying off. "I guess we better head back outside" I said.

"Yeah, we better" she replied as we tossed the towels in the hamper and headed out. As we approached the others, lying on their loungers, Kathy was smiling and beginning to sit up on her lounger as Mom opened her eyes and looked at us sideways with a serious look on her face. Nancy said "Mom, isn't it great to have Hut home?"

Mom just said "Yeah, it is" and closed her eyes. Kathy looked at Nancy with a questioning look in her eyes and Nancy returned it with a shrug of her shoulders and roll of her eyes. Kathy was, by now, sitting on the side of her lounger, knees up and spread slightly due to the low height and Nancy and I sat down on ours facing each other. Kathy jumped up and came over to sit next to Nancy on her lounger. Nancy and Kathy were facing me, away from Mom a couple of loungers away, with their knees up and breasts almost on their thighs as Kathy poked Nancy and raised he eyebrows in a questioning way. Nancy just jerked her thumb back toward Mom and then pointed at me. Kathy's eyebrows went up as she looked at me wide eyed. She mouthed "you, her" at me and I just nodded my head. Kathy rolled her eyes and then started chattering about other things.

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