Hung up to Dry

Hung up to Dry

Being the fuck toy of a Dominating Builder is sure to get out of hand at some stage and that is what happened to Ann. She had previously been the subject of a gangbang by her lovers mates at his workplace.Harry her builder lover had begun to get a hold over her which he would not relinquish easily,and who could blame him given that he had a gorgeous mature 37yr old willing to do most things he wanted of her.

It was probably the fact that he knew how to bring out the worst in her by dominating her in a way which she found both degrading and exciting and therefor she would submit to things that she normally would never have allowed herself to do.
Although she knew at some stage it could well backfire on her either sexually,workwise or even marriagewise she still felt compelled to continue.

He again took her back to his workplace one morning for what turned out to be a humiliating and degrading couple of hours.
This time he took her into his groundfloor workshop demanding her to undress.He watched intently as she began to disrobe taking off her long coat to reveal a low cut jumper and a long flowered skirt (Her work as a receptionist meant that she normally wore a smart business suit and blouse on weekdays) so the less formalwear was much more to her liking.

The jumper was taken off to reveal a white half cup bra with her nipples protruding and beginning to rise to the situation she found herself in at the present time. Dropping her skirt to the floor now revealed a great pair of pins complete with Stockings and suspender belt, the sight of this gorgeous woman standing in front of him clad only in her underwear and stockings soon had Harrys cock twitching inside his pants and the bulge of his manhood betraying his lust for her.
He now ordered her to take off the rest of her clothes which she did slowly an sexily before parading in front of him as though she had won first prize in a beauty contest.

He then began to caress her body exploring her nipples making them stand out like coat pegs and causing her to shudder and moan before his hands started to roam down in between her legs and then slip one,two and then three fingers into her enabling him to start the first signs of an orgasm for her juices were freely flowing and it was not long before she came.

Now Harry decided the time for play was over and the serious stuff was raedy to begin.

She was tied to a hoist in the workshop and lowered over a workbench He now told her that she was to stay like this and await the arrival of the other staff.Harry took advantage of her position to fondle her body and make sure she was never far from orgasm.
Her arse and face were vunerable to anyone who walked in and it wasn't long before the first arrivals appeared.

Harry told them that for the next 2 Hours they could use as they wished.
In the space of 10minutes she had been well and truly fucked by three of the staff with two of them spunking up her cunt and the other using her mouth to good effect. A couple more Builders turned up and also took advantage of her both of them pulling out and showering her face and tits with cum.

Things then began to quieten down but the next arrival was totally unexpected Harrys Wife appeared on the scene and started mouthing off to her Husband about Ann and what a slut
she was however he soon calmed her down and then began to feel and undress his own wife right in front of Ann.

The next thing she was also over the work bench with her arse directly besides Anns face.Harry then began vigourosly fucking his wife and then pulling out of her and plunging his soaking Dick into Anns mouth so she now had to taste the juices of his wife.Once again he pulled out before ejaculating a stream of thick spunk directley on Anns already sticky face.

Harry now went behind and inserted his fingers in her cunt and started to ream her causing her to moan whilst his wife Murial stood in front of and made her lick her out whilst her husband finished her off by hand.

A couple more visitors to the yard also joined in this time double fucking her.With her mouth and cunt now being filled with hard cocks they were soon emptying their seed into her. She was now awash with spunk but the final humiliation was yet to come.

She was now hoisted upright and placed on a trolley with her hands still tied to the hoist.
She was then wheeled up to the double doors which were opened to display her hanging from the hoist covered in cum her humiliation was completed when Muriel stuck vibrators up her arse and cunt and turned them on ajusting the controls to bring her to another climax for anyone who was in the yard to watch.
After that morning she curtailed his visits and indeed had only one more experience later that year after which she finally finished the affair.

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