I Lost My Virginity To My Sister.

I Lost My Virginity To My Sister.

Hi to all those that read my last story. Thanks for feedback. Just to clarify a few points; our ages were actually younger than I first wrote the last story, I wasnt sure if I should have discosed our ages. The year was 1983, I was 13, my sister was 11. That explains the slow start in my sexual journey.

I have chosen to write about the time we actually made love to each other and lost our virginity to each other. Our ages were 13 and 15. All the other sex sessions tended to start the same and usuaslly consisted of the same kissing, stroking and mutual masturbating, each occasion unique and fantastic and always ended in me ejaculating over my sisters pussy and creamy white thighs.

This sex session with my sister and I had was truly amazing. I cannot fully remember the events leading up to our love session. Our sessions usually started just by being close to each other, watching TV or talking to each other in either of our bedrooms. I think on this occasion, we were in the living room, watching kids TV after school.

I sat on one of the sofas, my sister was lying on her tummy on the floor in front of me, her head cradleled in her hands to view the TV. She wore her school uniform, blue sweatshirt over a white blouse, blue spleated skirt and white knee length socks. The hemline of her skirt terminated at about mid thigh. She had a rather lovely habit of opening her legs and bending her knees to swing her legs as if she was swimming when wathing TV in this position. This gave me a perfect view of her white panty covered arse! I instantly felt my cock stiffen as I gazed at her soft but firm legs. She was a runner at school, always got first, second or third position in races. Her legs were perfectly toned for her age. I dont think she was doing this intentionally but it was certainly turning me on! Yes, I was attracted to my sister, I couldn't help my feelings for her.

I sat watching my sisters arse and perfect legs for a while, with each sexy movement I was getting more and more turned on. By now my cock was solid as a rock, testosterone flowing like a raging river through my body, filling with me confidence. I could not wait any longer, I had to make my move now!

I got off the sofa I was sitting on and shifted over to my sister, I sat down between her open legs, I then leant forward and pressed my body on top of hers, my cock pressing into her sweet skirt covered arse. She shifted her legs wider to gain more purchase on the floor and bucked her arse hard into my lap.
"Fuck off!" Catherine shouted at me! She sounded mad as hell but she half turned under me, gave me a naughty smile and winked at me. That was all I needed to know that she was ok to carry on.

I leant forward to kiss her gently on her lips, she softly kissed me back, "I love you" I said to her.
"Love you too" she replied. Catherine had never said that to me before, those words filled my heart with excitement and joy. I slipped my hands under her sweatshirt and blouse to cup her breasts through her bra. Her breasts were a little bigger now, I'm guessing B cups, they felt wonderfully soft but firm in my hands, yet again tipped by rock hard rose buds.

I kneeded and carressed her perfect lace covered breasts, pinching her nipples between fingers and thumbs. Catherine began to move her sweet arse into my lap, moving back and forth as if she would do when she masturbated when lying on her tummy. My cock was straining at my fly, I was desparate to release it and rub it all over my sisters pussy again. I released my carresing
left hand off her breast and moved to my zipper,I fumbled with it for a few moments, struggling to undo it then finally opening it, reaching inside my underwear, pulling my cock free.

I lifted her skirt up over her sweet firm arse, exposing her white panties. I tugged at the elastic, pulling them down. I uncovered two almost pure white, perfectly formed, athletic buttocks. I shifted up on my knees, placed my hands on her bum cheeks and began to carress them.
Catherine pushed her bum into my loving grip, I felt her taught muscles contract and release in my hands. She turned around to catch me looking lustfully at her sweer arse. "Lets go upstairs, your room this time." I stood up, my cock standing out straight from my open fly, Catherine rolled over, removed her panties and parted her legs revealing her young hairy pussy. I got back on my knees, placed my cock on her pussy and began to stroke her outer lips with the tip of my cock. "Upstairs now! I've got a surprise for you!" She said in a firm commanding tone.
I stood up again, Catherine shuffled to her feet, grabbing her panties as she got up. She left the room, I followed her out, we walked up the stairs to my room. She stopped infront of my room on the landing, kissed me and said "get undressed, I'll be back in five minutes"

I walked into my room, tore off my clothes as quick as possible and jumped on the bed. I stroked my cock as I wondered what my impending treat was going to be. I could hear her opening and closing drawers, I guessed she was dressing up, what in I had no idea. I heared her walking across the landing to my room. I stood up to meet her at the door. Catherine appeared at the doorway to my bedroom wearing a short japanese style robe, white in colour. She pulled a sexy pose, hips to one side, pulled her hair up slightly above her head, looked at me with her sexy blue eyes and blew me a kiss.

The next thing she did blew me away, she went back to a normal standing pose, legs slightly parted. Catherine then took hold of her robe at the hem and pulled it up slowly, revealing her sweet, hairy pussy! Then I noticed the stockings suspenders she had put for me, they were mismatched, white stockings with a black suspender, they looked a bit odd but what the hell, she so devine! I walked forward, held her in my arms, we stood there cuddling for a while then I began to carress her through her robe. My hands roamed to her arse cheeks, I loved her arse but I loved her ppussy even more, I was eager to feel her wet lips again. My left hand creeped down to her hairy mound, I cupped it gently and pressed my middle finger into the cleft of her sex. I made contact with her cliterous, I slowly circled it with my finger, her slick wetness easing my probing.

Catherine held me tight as I excited her little pussy, her breathing becoming heavier. She kissed me again, this time full on, her tongue inserting my mouth. I pulled at the ties holding her robe together at the waste. The flimsy white fabric fell open to expose her succulent creamy white breasts, her nipples were half erect and slightly puffy, I moved my right hand up to her left breast and gently cupped it. I released my mouth from my sisters kiss and moved down to her breast, I extended my tongue to her quivering waiting nipple. I felt it crease up as my tongue made contact with its prey. A soft moan escaped Catherine's mouth as I increased my sucking and carressing.
She pushed me backwards to the bed, I lost my balance and fell on the bed. She then climed on top of me as if she was going to mount my cock but shifted her position so my cock nestled on her mound. "I want you to fuck me!" She said in tone I've never heard her use before.
"Oh my god, are you sure?" I replied in almost utter disbelief, not quite believing what I had just heard. "Yes" she replied "I want to know what it feels like, I'm ready." Catherine the stood up, removed her robe completely.

That was all the encouragement I needed, my sexy sister was standing infront of me, all but naked except for mismatched stockings and suspenders, she looked so gorgeous, I had to have her! She laid on the bed next to me, put her hand on my cock and slowly stroked me to an even harder state. I was in heaven, I could not wait any longer, I was about to lose my virginity to my sweet sexy sister. I lowered my head to her breast again and greedily sucked on her nipples, I inserted a finger in her wet and willing pussy. Her pussy felt so hot and wet, I had to have her now before I got too excited and came early as I usually did. This was my chance to cum in a real pussy!

By now she was really wet and her inner petals had opened up fully. I shifted my position so I could place my cock on her wet pussy petals. I took hold of my cock and slid it up and down her slick wetness, Catherine gave a little squeal as I did this. I moved forward on my hands and nudged her little pussy with my cock, the feeling of a hot wet virgin pussy on the end of my cock was intense! The natural instinct to push to seek pleasure took over my mind, body and soul.

I pushed my cock slowly into my beautiful sister's pussy.
Catherine's eyes widened with the shock of my cock entering her, I was about a quarter the way in and still pushing. "OUCH! It's too big!" Catherine exclaimed. "Do you want me to stop?" I asked.
"No, just go slow, it hurts a bit" She answered. I leaned forward, slid my arms under her shoulder blades and held onto her shoulders with my upturned palms. I slowly began to push my cock in her pussy again, she was so tight, incredible feelings were boiling up in my groin again, I knew what it meant, my cock was about to erupt in my sisters virgin teen pussy!
"Ahhh yes, feels better" She said, "go a bit faster" I increased my movements as her breathing became heavier, each stroke driving me in the fast lane to my impending orgasm!

"I'm gona cum!" I panted as I bucked into hairy pussy.
"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Catherine repeated as she grabbed her legs and pulled them open as wide as the woud go, almost 180 degrees separating each creamy white, nylon covered leg.
I shifted my position to view my cock in its first pussy, the sight I saw was fantastic!
in between two beautiful stretched out legs was a soaking wet, soft downy hair covered virgin pussy, the lips fully opened exposing her inner labia, at the top of her inner lips was her shiny pearl like cliterous just poking out from its hood. Catherine let go of her legs and moved her hands down to her pussy, she spread her outer lips wide, fully exposing her sex. She then began to masturbate to initiate her own orgasm, I had seen her do this a few times before but each time was a fantastic sight to watch.

Her right hand was almost a blur as she continued to masturbate her beautiful pussy. Her chest rising and falling heavily with each panting breath, her firm breasts moving with fluid like motion as we ground against each other. Her eyes closed tightly, her mouth open drawing in breath hard as I pushed harder and harder into her pussy. Then all of a sudden her eyes opened fully, drew in a long heavy breath then exhaled a long breathy sentence"oooooooh myyyyyyyy goooooood!"

Catherine was cumming on my cock! I could not hold on a second longer, I gave one final push, my orgasm exploding in my balls.
"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming in you! I'm cumming in you!…………Oh my god!" I shouted!
"Oh fuck yes! I love you, I love you, I love you!" She shouted as she orgasmed. My cock erupted in her hot, slick wetness, I looked into my sisters blue eyes as I filled her pussy with cum. She caught my lustfull gaze and pulled my face onto hers and inserted her tongue into my mouth, our tongues entwined. We continued to pushed against each other as our orgasms subsided. Then almost as fast as our orgasms started, they finally stopped.

We laid in the same position for a few more minutes, holding each other, kissing and stroking.
"I love you so much, that was awesome!" she said as she held my face in her delicate hands.
"Sure was. Hey, we're not virgins anymore!" I exclaimed. Catherine let out a little giggle then with one final kiss she then gently pushed me off and said "We better get cleaned up before Dad gets home from work"
I returned her kiss and said "Ok, cant wait till the next time!"
"Me too" She replied. I eased myself off my sisters sweaty teen body, my floppy cock slipped out of her pussy followed by a small amount of thick white cum. Catherine began to sit up, there was a loud wet fart type noise and a jet of my cum spat out of her pussy! We looked at each other in startled amazement and burst into spontanious laughter!

We had many more love making sessions after that, if you want to read them, let me know.

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