Jane – The Sequel

Jane – The Sequel

After a few minutes rest just savouring the relief we had given each other and exchanging a few tender words as lovers do, Jane on top of me and held close by my arms round her back, she lifted her head to look me straight in the eye, grinned knowingly again, and said,

“Well, I don’t know about you, but after that fantastic experience, I’m ready to go all the way, lover. I ache to feel you inside me, and I’m not talking just about your fingers and tongue.”

With that she kind of pulled us both over so that instead of lying across the bed, our legs dangling over the edge, we were more in the centre of the bed, lying up and down. She stayed on top and when we were comfortable, she started to kiss me again, a long sexy kiss, the tips of our tongues exploring each other’s tongues, our lips wide open so that we could discover all the tender sensations of the fleshy inner membranes of our mouths. As she did this she gently lifted her body just enough to slowly rub her breasts back and forward across my chest, her nipples getting tickled and aroused by my chest hair, and in turn her nipples rubbing over and arousing mine. I lay passive and let her continue this sensual movement, and she supported herself on her arms and raised her lower body enough to roll her belly back and forth across my penis and testicles. They had softened a fair deal after our mutual orgasms, but as she built up her all over body massage, my brain could not ignore either what she was doing or what she had just said. My scrotum tightened and came to the stand-by position and my penis responded by rapidly firming up and coming to attention again, fully erect and now not just rolling to and fro against her undulating flesh, but standing its ground and poking against her abdomen as she moved. She was of course only too well aware of the effect she was having on me, and I decided it was time to take a more active part in proceedings.

I brought my hands to the back of her shoulders, and still kissing passionately, I began to stroke her long smooth back. She broke the kiss, and her lips moved to my ear. She breathed into my ear which was such a delicate feeling and quickly followed up with her tongue, licking round the inner folds. My hands had now reached her waist and as she transferred her lips first across my eyelids and then to my other ear, I brought one hand between us and tickled her belly button before running it up to palm one breast and thumb her erect throbbing nipple. The other hand I let fall over her hip and contented myself with just stroking her quietly as now her lips moved down to my neck and she nibbled her way round from one side to the other. Then she pushed herself up with both arms and presented her thrusting breasts at me, perfectly poised at about my arm’s length, and I brought both hands now onto her breasts, tickling, teasing, encircling her aureola before with thumbs and forefingers of each hand, grasping her turgid nipples more firmly and pulling them out and away from the breast, twisting ever so slightly, feeling the blood filling the tips, turning them a deeper shade of red. I knew she could not only stand this treatment of her breasts, but actively enjoyed it from the way she had earlier played with herself. She closed her eyes and threw her head back and her breathing again quickened and deepened, her lips open and her tongue moistening round her ample lips. I did not want to bring her to an orgasm just by stimulating her breasts, so I rolled her over on her back, and lying beside her still, brought my lips down onto hers, before moving my hands away from her breasts and down her body till I could ease her legs apart and play with her swollen sex lips. She herself stretched her thighs wider apart in obvious invitation, and I rolled over on top of her, my body between her legs but supporting myself on my arms, poised above her body. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, then licked her lips and placed her arms above her head with her hands holding the bedhead. Again this statement of her submission and desire and I knew I could keep neither of us waiting much longer. No further foreplay was called for; her labia were open and her juices were flowing copiously. I lowered my body judging the position of my penis in relation to her eager opening, and let the head just brush her clitoris, peeking out from between its folds of skin. I rubbed it up and down a few times which clearly turned Jane on, before sliding it lower. She sensed my intent and raised her pelvis, with the help of her hands levering on the bedhead, and came up to meet me. Now I moved forward very slowly and felt my helmet just slip within her outer lips then I withdrew just to the opening. Again she raised herself and I repeated the manoeuvre, just penetrating her and pulling back but this time not so much. She gasped and bit her lip as a deep flush spread from her neck down towards her breasts, and I pushed forward again, this time further, and simultaneously flexed the penile muscle to increase and decrease the girth within her. I felt her now respond by flexing her vaginal muscles, intent on not letting me tantalise her by withdrawing again, and holding myself still, I dipped my head and started to cover her breasts and sensitive nipples with kisses and nibbling little bites using my lips wrapped round my teeth. Her vaginal muscles now pulsed with a clear message, and without further preamble I took one nipple between my teeth, and immediately thrust forward to bury my erect penis fully in her warm lubricated sheath. She bucked, not in pain but I think in surprise at the double invasion of her nipple and her sex. I now took both breasts in my hands, and with my lips on her long slender neck, struck up an internal rhythm of moving back and forward within her enfolding flesh, but varying it enough to both friction her flesh in an in/out and in a rotational motion as well as continuing to work the muscles to pulse against her. I punctuated my attention to her with twisting and pulling both her breasts and the nipples themselves, biting softly the skin of her neck, and running my hands from her breasts up and down her sides to her hips and back. Her head was lolling from side to side, her fists were clenched tightly around the headboard supports, and she was calling out encouragement amidst squeals of pleasure and gasping for air. I could feel the sensations in my testicles and in the nerves of my penis building towards that moment of release and I deliberately eased the pace, and gently stroked Jane’s body rather than stoking it into a frenzy. Although she realised what I was doing she kept gasping out,

“Oh, lover, that’s incredible, fuck me, fuck me deep, my whole body’s yours, take me, please, I can’t wait to come, give it to me faster, deeper, make me come, please.”

I was not ready for this experience to end just yet, though, and I ramped up my pace again, plunging deep, but not allowing myself to get carried away with the passion of the moment. Then I withdrew almost the whole way back and rotated my penis just inside her sex lips which also meant that my pubic hair rotated to and fro across the erect nubbin of her exposed clitoris. She screamed this time, and again bucked, and I thrust deeper before coming back to playing with her once more. I could tell she was on a plateau of pleasure but desperately wanted to be brought to her orgasm. All this manoeuvring had had its effect on my sexual nervous systems too, and I knew I was ready to complete the task. But I had one more trick up my sleeve. I left the handling of her breasts and reached down to her knees. I saw her open her eyes as I picked each knee up in one of my hands, and bent her legs back up against her body, forcing them outwards as I did so. It was as well she was a supple and fit ex-horsewoman, for she did not even flinch as her buttocks lifted off the bed. Now her sex was even more angled up towards my body, her legs were stretched as far apart as they could be, and up alongside her, and I gave a strong thrust to commence this final movement of the grand symphony. She still held steadfastly to the bedhead, but now she used her pelvic muscles to rise and meet me as well as her vaginal muscles to grip me and pulse in response to my muscular rhythms. She was now quite vocal as well, egging me on, and for two or three minutes we worked together in perfect harmony, building our pace, increasing our rhythm, our senses becoming very sensitive to the mixing of our respective musky sexual aromas, to the sweat gathering between our bodies, to the increase in the rate of our breathing and of the beating of our hearts, to our simultaneously mounting arousal and approaching orgasms.

And then, her vaginal muscles milking me, my organ fractioning back and forth, in the back of my mind the sheer excitement that this was not my wife but Jane, Jane that I had secretly desired all this time. And Jane and I were on the brink of complete and utter fulfilment together. I felt her begin to tense and her gasps gave way to squeals and I felt my orgasm start, my testicles pumping, the muscles in my penis now working overtime, that delicious sensation in the prostate area at the base of my penis, and slowly spreading throughout my whole being, while under me Jane was now writhing, her vagina creaming copiously around my throbbing penis, her breasts heaving, her nipples now dark vermillion, her neck and upper chest a deep pink, her knuckles white as they clenched the bedhead, and screaming how wonderful it felt all the while.

For as long as I could keep erect I continued to slide in and out of what was by now a very well lubricated vagina, a mix of our natural lubrication, her orgasmic creaming and my ejaculation, and Jane kept up her encouragement with both physical and verbal stimulation. She went through a couple of further minor orgasms as I slowly thrust to and fro, wondering if I had the stamina to maintain the erection long enough to work up to another orgasm within her. But our exertions got the better of us, and we called it a day.

Jane phoned me a couple of days later.

“Hi, lover” she said when I picked up the phone. Her voice had a seductive edge to it, and I found that even when a phone line separated us, a certain part of my anatomy knew who was on the other end!

“I have never in my whole life enjoyed myself as I did with you. Frank never came anywhere near as inventive or, how can I put it, technically proficient. I don’t think I knew what a proper orgasm was until the other day. You can take me to those giddy heights any day.”

“I would be very happy to.” I replied. “You know that I haven’t exactly had opportunity to enjoy myself as much, so it seems like a good arrangement that we should continue with. And my wife has had to go back to her father who is seriously ill, so I have more free time on my hands with fewer complications likely to arise.”

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that, I mean about your father-in-law, not about your sudden availability” she laughed.

So what propositions do you have for me?” I laughed in response.

“Funny you should say that, because I have a proposition for you that I hope won’t shock you. My 16 year old daughter, Pamela, and I still have a good relationship even though she is still living with Frank most of the time. You gave me some small love bites on my neck, and Pamela noticed them. She asked me what I had been up to, and I trust her not to blab to Frank, so I told her the outline of what I had been doing. She’s a pretty normal 16 year old and has had a few boyfriends but nothing serious, and she has complained about their immaturity when it comes to matters physically intimate. So I haven’t said anything to her yet, but it crossed my mind that I wouldn’t want her to settle for some jerk like Frank who wouldn’t know what to do with his prick no matter what, and I thought if she knew how good sex could really be, she would have a yardstick to judge boyfriends on. Are you following me?”

“I think I can see where this might be going” I said, not knowing whether to be truly afraid or totally over the moon. I had never seen Pamela, but if she was anything like Jane, she would be a teenage goddess. “You want me to deny you my talents for some occasion, and apply them to your dear daughter?”

“Well, nobody said anything about denying me, I was thinking more of sharing you. A threesome I think the expression is. That way perhaps I can let Pamela see what we might do together and if she thinks it is something she would like to try, I can be there to hold her hand, or tickle your balls, or whatever” she giggled.

“OK” I said, “I’m game for it, I would be daft not to, and at 16 she is old enough to give her consent so there is no problem. I’ll leave it to you to set it up for her, and you can tell me where and when.”

“How about Sunday at the place we were? Say about 10.”

And so on Sunday at 10 I turned up at the flat this time wearing a T-shirt, slacks, briefs and sandals. When Jane let me in I took the sandals off. She too was barefoot, and wore a kimono type housecoat, and I suspected nothing else. We embraced, and kissed passionately, and I ran my hands up and down the back of the kimono, feeling how sensuous the silk felt against what was confirmed as Jane’s body, her back and buttocks free of any garment beneath the kimono. Jane also was running her hands up and down my back, but with the objective of pulling my T-shirt up and removing it. Then I broke the kiss to let her pull it over my head and realised at the end of the hallway was a divine creature who could only be Pamela.

She was a little shorter than Jane, but with the same elfin face, her eyes twinkling in amusement at our embrace, and with the same page boy haircut. Thus far she was a teenage Jane. She wore a summer top consisting of two string shoulder straps holding a tightly fitting bodice that covered but did not in any way detract from a bust that seemed fuller than Jane’s two pert handfuls. But they were in proportion to her body. The bodice revealed her belly button in the modern style, and her waist was tight, but with the diaphragm of her tummy moulded sexily with it. She had on a pair of denim cut-offs and what I could see of her legs they were long and slender like her mother’s. She was also barefoot, which seemed to be a rule of the house.

Jane realised that my attention was no longer on her, and turned to Pamela. She ushered her forward and introduced her.

Pamela moved towards me and I put both my hands out and she instinctively took them in hers. So we stood at less than arms length and for a moment just looked each other in the eyes. She had clear blue eyes, and there was an almost hypnotic quality about them.

“Hi, Pamela,” I said, “you are every bit as gorgeous as your super-gorgeous mother here”
and they both laughed. I moved forward and she turned her face up to me, and I kissed her first on one cheek, then on the other, continental style. She blushed slightly which was very becoming, and I wondered how she would blush once I was doing to her what I thought her mother intended me to.

“I have said that Pamela can watch us, and when she feels like joining in she can. Is that all right with you?” Jane asked, winking at me behind Pamela’s back.

Fine by me” I replied, smiling, and on an impulse, I bent towards Pamela, and kissed her on the mouth. Her lips were soft and cool, and she took her hands out of mine and put her arms round my neck. With my hands free I clasped round her waist between her top and her shorts. Her skin was so soft and smooth, and as we kissed I tickled her gently. She opened her lips, and her tongue brushed my lips. I opened my lips, somewhat surprised at her enthusiasm, and let my tongue play with hers, before breaking the kiss.

“Well,” Jane laughed, “it looks as if you two should get on all right.”

With that I kept one arm round Pamela’s waist and put the other round Jane’s, gave her a quick kiss of reassurance, and steered the two of them to the lounge. I sat at one end of the sofa, remembering that Jane had sat on my knee, her long legs along the length of it. Jane went to pour glasses of wine with Pamela, and when she came back I suspected they had been talking, and Jane chivvied me to sit further along in the middle. She then gave me a glass of wine, and she sat on my left side and Pamela on my right. We sipped our wine and made smalltalk, then Jane put her glass down, and took mine off me, and changed her position to sit on my knee, facing me, her legs either side of mine, her knees and lower legs on the sofa and bent back under her. The folds of her kimono still covered her, and I could feel her bottom resting firmly in my lap. Pamela put down her glass too, and moved to the side slightly to watch us as Jane once again moved in, lips open, tongue poking out, to meet my open lips. As we indulged ourselves in a long and passionate kiss, she used her hands firstly to massage my shoulders, then she moved down over my upper chest and started to pull and twist my nipples, which were quite sensitive to such attention and grew erect under her ministrations. I in the meantime had my hands round her back and was stroking her back and shoulders through the silk of the sheer covering. I knew that I was already erect and tenting my trousers, and Jane moved her position slightly to let her rub herself across my lap. And then suddenly another sensation hit upon my consciousness. I felt first the feathery stroke of a hand, the small fingers tickling up and down my spine, before my trouser covered erection sensed another small hand gently stroke and feel the heat and the length and girth of the shape beneath. Jane felt me gasp, and broke the kiss, and she and Pamela both started giggling.

I took advantage of this mother / daughter interlude to put one arm round Pamela’s shoulder and pull her closer towards me. She still had one hand round my back, but she had removed the other hand from my trouser front. I turned my head to kiss Pamela, and she gave every bit as good a kiss as her mother. Her tongue was as cool as her lips, and I let her play with my tongue and round the soft flesh inside my mouth, which was exquisite pleasure. As I kissed her, I used my free hand to caress her cheeks and her ear, tickling around her inner ear, then slid my hand down her neck to her shoulder. The thin strap of her top I moved off her shoulder onto her upper arm, and I stroked along her prominent collar bone to the base of her neck. In that position with my fingers pointing upwards towards her throat, my palm was just brushing the top of her chest above where her top began to follow the contour of her breasts. I now lowered my head to let my lips and tongue follow the same trail, from her lips down on to her slender neck, across to her bare shoulder, then back across the top of her chest. I realised Jane was lovingly holding Pamela’s head with one hand and caressing her cheek and the side of her neck. I turned back and met Jane’s lips, and Pamela leaned in to run her tongue round my ear. Somehow I had the feeling that it was not a case of Pamela watching and joining in our fun if she felt like it; she was determined to be in there from the start.

We paused for another sip of the wine, and when we resumed, I loosened off the belt round Jane’s kimono enough for me to slip the upper folds apart and reveal her firm pert breasts. Pamela did watch now as I kissed Jane on the throat, her head back to allow me to move my lips over the full extent of her long smooth neck, then down onto her upper chest. But the teenager not only watched but continued stroking my back with one hand and with the other began to undo the catch and zip on my trousers. This 16 year old needed no lessons on seduction. With my hands I moved the kimono off Jane’s shoulders as I kissed her and moved my lips to and fro across her collar bones, distinct as were her daughters. Slipping the kimono down I let my lips trail behind the revealing cloth onto her breasts, just brushing first one and then the other, leaving the nipples for a second pass, taking each between my lips and just letting the tip of my tongue lap at the very tips. Jane now held my head to her breasts, and Pamela slid her hand down my now open trousers to stroke my hard-on and then cup my testicles through the cotton briefs. The touch of her delicate fingers through the fabric was electrifying, and I tingled in anticipation. The kimono was now at Jane’s waist and still nuzzling her breasts I moved my hands down and parted the lower folds to lay bare her legs kneeling either side of mine, and as I let my fingers explore from her waist down over her belly to confirm my earlier impression that, like the previous occasion, she wore no underwear. She relaxed her grip on my head and I broke away and we both looked down, Jane to find her daughter fondling my briefs and the prominent erection within, and me to gaze longingly on Jane’s hairless sex lips, open in puffy arousal, moist with lubrication, and her clitoris just peeping from its hood and begging for attention. But Jane grinned and had other ideas.

“Come on folks, time we moved to the bedroom, before that daughter of mine gets you over stimulated. And seeing she seems to be taking part like a born natural, I think its time we saw her in her natural state.”

Pamela blushed but did not object and we untangled ourselves and wandered through to the bedroom. Jane left the kimono where it lay and was gloriously naked, and I dropped my trousers which would not have stayed up of their own accord. As we entered the bedroom, Jane gave me a look and a silent nod and I knew she wanted me to proceed with Pamela now before she had second thoughts. Jane placed herself against one wall, and beckoned Pamela across to her. She gave her a big cuddle and a kiss, and asked her if she was ready. A nod again passed between them, and Jane turned her round but interestingly took her arms and held them behind her. I walked across and once more placed my hands round her exposed midriff, before moving in to kiss her. Pamela didn’t flinch but engaged me in a deep open kiss, which seemed to go on for ever. As she did, I let my hands move up from her waist over her sides, taking her top with them, just letting my thumbs touch ever so lightly on the sides of her breasts as I passed, and gathering the top round her neck. After a few moments she broke the kiss and between her and Jane they removed her top. I looked her in the eye and then down at he teenage breasts. If anything they were slightly fuller than her mother’s, and had large deep pink nipples set proud on aureolae fully an inch across. It was a very sexy sight and pausing only to draw breath I dropped my hands onto her breasts, encircling each with gentle strokes from the outside working in towards her nipples. My thumbs then made contact with each nipple and she gasped and licked her lips. I delicately flicked the tips with each thumb before bringing in my index fingers and taking each nipple between finger and thumb. I rolled the nipples and taking care not to hurt such young and tender flesh, I squeezed and twisted them very gently. She was now, the little minx, thrusting her shorts forward the better to make contact between her belly and the front of my briefs. I took the hint and unfastened the catch on her shorts and pushed them down. Her mother helped, and they dropped to the floor. Pamela stepped out of them, and, Jane having released her arms, then placed her hands on my waist. I gave her an encouraging smile, and moved my head in to her breasts, this time going straight for her gorgeous nipples, letting my lips encircle them and my teeth nibble and draw them out. She squealed, not unlike her mother before her, but I felt her hands do what she had planned them to do, namely push my briefs off and as I kicked them away, I stood naked before her. I continued sucking and nipping her breasts as her hands wasted no time in wrapping themselves round the length and girth of my erection, and tickling round my tight scrotum. Between Jane and I we lost no time in removing her cotton briefs, and she stepped out of them, and then forward to press her naked pubes against my penis. I left her breasts and stood back to look at her and Jane had prepared her well for she was shaven and her flat teenage belly rose to a glorious mount, and as she opened her legs and placed her feet apart, her sex lips already peeled open like some tropical fruit ripe for the picking. Jane had explained that Pamela had a vibrator, and so was not technically a virgin, but she had never gone all the way with a boy or man.

I now took Pamela by the hand and led her to the bed. I sat her down and lifted her parted feet on to the bed, her sex at the edge at mattress height. I knelt and gently parted her labia further than they were naturally open, and fingering up and down the sensitive lips, I bent and breathed over her open vagina, before thrusting my tongue forward and laving the flesh at the entrance to her womanhood. Then I lifted my fingers and gently parted the hood over her clitoris and let my tongue roll round the little nubbin before softly nibbling with my teeth. Like her mother before her she bucked, and when I looked down lubrication was flowing from her vagina.

Jane was now behind me and had her breasts pressed against my back and her hands round me bringing my erection to its full hardness, teasing out pre-cum lubrication from the tip and with her thumb rolling it round the helmet in preparation.

“Why don’t you get on the bed, and lie on your back, and let Pamela get on top where she can control things better for her first time,” Jane said. I needed no second bidding, and as Pamela got up out the way, I settled myself comfortably on the bed and thought not for the first time how all my birthdays had arrived at once. But before Pamela could join me, Jane knelt between my legs and bent to take my stem in her lips and proceeded to lick generously round the upper part and over the helmet. I began to think I would peak before the main event, but Jane knew what she was doing and left me with plenty of battery charged for the delightful task ahead.

Then she moved away and took up a position lying beside me, and started to kiss me on the lips. Her hands sought out my nipples and aroused them, then finally stroked my manhood before rolling on her side and beckoning Pamela to come up. Pamela climbed onto the bed, her teenage breasts thrusting and engorged, her sex lips equally engorged and dripping, and positioned herself above my penis. At this point Jane took hold of it and helped Pamela make the connection, as Pamela lowered herself tentatively, allowing the tip of my penis just to touch her vaginal opening, scarcely disappearing inside her unfolding lips. Then, with encouraging smiles from Jane and myself, she moved up a bit and then lowered herself again, further this time so that I felt my helmet sucked inside the soft warm flesh, knowing that no man had ever experienced this burgeoning young woman, that I was experiencing a great privilege and a great sensation in my penile nerves. Several more times she adjusted her position, moving out a little and back more each time, each time my feeling myself deeper inside her warm moist vagina until I could feel her pelvis against my pubes and knew I was fully engaged. Having let her manage that part by herself till she was comfortable, I now reached forward and took her waist in my hands and steadied her as she began to seek out a pattern of movement that would be most arousing for her. Jane’s hand was now between my legs, stroking the sensitive skin between scrotum and anus, as Pamela found a rhythm that suited her, moving her hips up and down over about half the length of my erection and rotating her pelvis to achieve the contact of my flesh with every particle of her inner vaginal sensory nerves. As she seemed balanced in her rhythm I moved my hands up from her waist to her breasts and palmed them, rubbing and pulling her nipples as she threw her head back and gasped with pleasure. I had not taken any part in her sexual rhythm other than lying there within her, but now I started to flex the muscles within my penis trying to match her rhythm, and also moving my hips up and down to increase the thrust into her teenage womanhood. Jane was now not only touching my anus, but I noticed she was also stroking Pamela between her vagina and anus. Pamela was becoming more and more vocal, and her breathing was faster and shallower, and I could feel my semen rising. With a final almost doubling of her rhythmic bouncing up and down on my sturdy pole, she threw her head right back and screamed as she reached orgasm, and I managed to hold off for a few moments during which I maintained most of the rhythm, she hovering almost motionless above me, and then I too erupted into her, my testicles pumping and pumping copiously till I was drained. Slowly she subsided and then collapsed along my body, and smothered me with a long passionate kiss that said it all.

Then she grinned at Jane and rolled off to my other side. She reached over and began rubbing our combined juices up and down my softening stem, while Jane watched, and as she had the desired effect of arresting my deflation, she bent her head, drew back my foreskin, and lapped hungrily around the tip. Her lips and tongue were heaven and soon had the desired effect. I turned to Jane who was fingering her own vulva, and Pamela leaned back and said, “Your turn now, Mum”.

Jane turned and kissed her, no doubt tasting our sexual fluids on her daughter’s lips, and then raised her body alongside me and, with her back to me, put one leg over me, sliding her firm buttocks down over my belly till I felt her sex meet the head of my erect organ. Pamela watched open eyed as I could feel Jane adjust herself slightly and then push down as I lifted my hips to thrust up. The result was a perfect union, my manhood buried deep inside her, and her body lying slightly diagonally over mine. I reached my hands round to find her breasts and played with them as we got into our rhythm of thrust and counter-thrust, ebb and flow, jiggling and turning, and Pamela joined in by licking her mother’s clitoris and my testicles, all of which raised the stimulation that we both felt. Despite my earlier orgasm, it seemed that this double arousal was going to bring me to another outpouring before long, and Jane appeared to find the position stimulating as she increased her pace and her vaginal muscles started to milk me. I had no chance and as Jane peaked and I felt her shudder and her whole vagina go into spasm I came again in an orgasm that seemed to go on for longer than I would have thought possible.

We all collapsed in a heap after that and I gently caressed both mother and daughter as they too stroked and played with my body. We all I think were reluctant to break it up, and we enjoyed the feel of three naked, well satisfied and mutually adoring people for a while before getting ourselves together and bidding farewell, hopefully not for long.

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