This is a true story. I knew Jane for a few years; we always dated off and on. However, it never worked out because we were just too different. You see, she was an Asian girl, and I am Black. Our families didn’t want us seeing each other, which caused stress and when we dated, we always argued. We always had an amazing sex life, we remained close friends and more or less, we became “fuck buddies,” even when she was in a relationship. This was one of those times….

Jane was absolutely hot. She was around 5’3 with tan brown skin and long black hair down to the small of her back. Her eyes were light brown and inviting, it was easy just to get lost in her beautiful face. Her breasts were a size 34B, a little on the small side but perfect for her body. She had a very slim waist, and her ass was round and almost perfect. Needless to say, it was hard just being her “friend’ because she always made me so horny, no matter what she was wearing.

Jane had been seeing this guy Dan since the last time we broke up. Dan was older than Jane and I by about 10 years. Jane would always complain that Dan wasn’t very interested in sex and was selfish and rude towards her. Dan made great money (which was good for her because we were in college at the time) but his job took him out of town a lot. Jane always complained about Dan’s lack of libido and size.

One night while I was at work (I worked at a restaurant as I put myself through school) I was notified that I had a call. To my surprise, it was Jane on the other end, and asked me to stop by after work. My cock stiffened just at the sound of her voice. I agreed, and stopped by after I finished up. When I got there, Jane opened the door and had on a pair of shorts and a tight top on. I’m thinking that I may get lucky tonight. Our friend Carla was there but left shortly after I arrived. Jane then lit a joint and we began to smoke. I was getting hornier and hornier, and when the joint went out, I kissed Jane. She kissed me back and began to rub my penis outside of my jeans. Before long, I was on top of her running my tongue down her neck to her breast and then her stomach. I lifted her shorts and panties to the side and ran my tongue against the outside of her pussy lip. I licked maybe three times before she stopped me. She didn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend, and although I was rock hard, I understood. We watched TV and left a little later. On my way home, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jane and how badly I wanted her. I couldn’t believe she teased me like that! I went home, had a few drinks and passed out.

The next night at work I get another phone call. It was Jane again. I really didn’t want to talk to her, I was still pissed about last night. She said how sorry she was for teasing me and asked me to come over to smoke. I sensed more bullshit, and told her no. She pleaded, so I made up an excuse and said that I was pretty dirty from work. She said to just come by and I could take a shower at her place, and that I still had some clothes over there that I could wear. I reluctantly agreed, but I just didn’t think I could take more teasing.

When I arrived, she opened the door and had on a black teddy. She looked so good. She gave me a towel and my clean clothes, and told me to take a shower while she rolled one up. While I was cleaning up, I was hoping I could contain myself tonight. After my shower, I went downstairs to join her. Jane seemed different tonight, after we smoked she came and sat very close to me. I’m thinking to myself that this girl is full of games. Without warning, Jane began to kiss me passionately. I again laid her on her back and this time just went straight to eating her out. Jane offered no resistance this time. Her shaven, sweet pussy was wet from anticipation. I started to like the outside of her lips and soon had my tongue inside her as I rolled my tongue repeatedly over her clit for almost 20 minutes. Jane writhed in ecstasy as she came. She lifted my head up and kissed me, tasting her own sweet juices. She instructed me to take off my shorts and sit down. Jane then took the head of my semi-erect penis in her mouth. She sucked on it feverishly, not using her hands at all. It wasn’t long before I was at my full 10 inches. I wanted to cum in her mouth or her face (she never let me do that) but when she felt me tense up, she stopped and played with my balls before straddling me. Jane lowered herself down on my thick, long cock inch by inch. She was so wet and tight. Soon, she had me all the way in her, riding me like a horse, cumming again. I almost lost control, but I stopped her and laid her on her back on the couch. I placed her legs on my shoulders and entered. After easing myself in, I began to pound her tiny pussy going all the way in with each stroke. Jane was moaning loudly now, and requested that I cum on her tits and I was happy to oblige. I pulled out and shot 3 thick streams on her tits. Jane complained that she was sore, but I was still hard and wanted more.

She took me by the hand and led me upstairs to the shower. I finished cleaning up first and went into the bedroom to dry off. I was dry and naked on the bed when Jane walked in soaking wet with nothing but a towel on. I motioned her to come towards me. I took the towel off and once again started to suck her pussy. It wasn’t a minute before Jane pushed me on my back and sat on my face, grinding her pussy against my tongue and mouth. Jane was yelling, “I want your dick inside me.” I lifted her off me and placed her on her stomach. I started to fuck her wildly doggy style, I was always amazed how this tiny girl could take my 10 inches of Black meat. Her soft, round ass was being slapped by my balls with each thrust. While fucking her from behind, I whispered in her ear that I wanted something from her she never gave to anybody. I told her I wanted her ass. I didn’t know what to expect, because I have asked for this before (along with giving her a facial) and she always, always said no. Maybe she felt guilty from the previous night because she said ok, just be gentle. I withdrew from her soaking cunt and slid the tip of my head in her ass. She screamed in pain. I inched myself in slowly, but was only able to get half of my throbbing cock into her. That virgin ass of hers was so tight. I pumped harder and harder until I was balls deep. I could literally feel her splitting at the seams. It was hard to tell if this girl was in agony or having the time of her life. Probably a bit of both. I felt my balls swell with cum and I leaned towards Jane. I asked her, ‘where do you want it baby, inside of you or all over your ass?” She surprised me and said, I want you to cum all over my face. I pumped a bit more and withdrew. She rolled over readying herself. I came so hard, shooting 6 or 7 times onto her face, neck and hair. She was almost completely covered in cum from the neck up. She put up her ands as if to say no more. I then pushed her hands away and forced my cock all the way down her throat as I shot the last few streams directly down her throat. She gagged as cum ran out of the sides of her mouth. When I was done, she said how sore she was but that it was definitely worth it. Little did I know, this was just the start of our latest affair

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