Jason Chap. 3 & 4

Jason Chap. 3 & 4

One Thursday I stayed home from school because I didn’t feel good. I didn’t tell Mom in case I started to feel better and would just go back to school. About eleven that morning I heard noises coming from Mom’s bedroom. The same kind of moaning I had heard before, but I new Dad wasn’t home so I sneaked a peek. I was shocked to see Mom with her legs wide open and Greg the nineteen-year-old boy from next door who cleaned our pool fucking Mom. Even more amazing was the size of his cock. It was at least two inches longer than me and was as big around as my wrist. At almost fifteen my cock was over seven inches and 2 inches round. I was fascinated as I watched Greg shove that whole thing into Mommas pussy. Suddenly Mom looked up and saw me standing there. She shoved Greg off her and sat up. Greg jumped up and tried to put his pants on. It was funny, because he couldn’t with that big dick sticking out, and Mom said, what are you doing home “Come over here.” I told her I was not feeling good so I stayed home from school My dick had gotten real hard watching Greg fucking her. Mom looked down at my pajama bottoms and saw my dick bulging out. She said, what do we have here and pulled me over to her and reached down and took hold of my dick and began to massage it. She pushed me down on the bed and pulled my pajamas down and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck. As she sucked she moved my cock in and out of her mouth. She could only get six inches into her mouth but her firm sucking motion was even better than Tina’s. I felt the urge grow inside my balls and suddenly I shot a whole load of cum right into Mom’s mouth. She swallowed every bit of it. When she saw the look on my face she laughed. I felt like all my strength had left my body. With all the fucking Tina and I had done I never felt that weak, and it was wonderful. Greg must have gotten real excited because while mom was sucking my cock he came up behind Mom and put that big dick back in side Mom’s pussy and really fucked her good. He must have fucked her for another ten minuets after I had cum in Mom’s mouth before he grabbed her around her waist and shoved that cock as far in as he could. I was still amazed that Mom could take something that big all the way inside her. I heard him moan and Mom shuddered as a warm smile formed on her face. Greg dressed and left as Mom went into the bathroom to take a shower. She said, I want you to know that with your father gone all the time I have certain needs and Greg helps me. You must promise me that you will never tell anyone what you saw, especially your father or Tina, I promised. I walked into the bathroom and watched her shower, when she motioned me to come into the shower with her. We washed each other all over with soap. She inserted a tube into her pussy and squirted some liquid up into it. She said it was called douching. I knelt down between her legs and began to lick her pussy. She tasted a little like spearmint from the douche. Mom spread her legs a little further and squatted. I was able to run my tongue up into her and I felt a warm liquid just like Tina run over my lips and face. I had gotten real hard again and mom turned around and bent over and let me fuck her as the warm water flowed over us. For some reason fucking my mother seemed to really excite me and I fucked her wildly.

Afterwards we laid down and Mom set the clock so we would get up before Tina came home at three. I woke up about two and looked at Mom. She had this long reddish hair like Tina and she had tits much larger than Tina’s. They were the size of cantaloupes and softly hard. I began to kiss her vagina and sucked on her Clitoris. Mom woke up just as she came. She rolled me over and got on top of me and began to move up and down my prick nice and slow. I could feel her cum about every two minuets. I couldn’t hold back any longer so I rolled her back over and lifted her legs and began to shove my cock into her as far as I could. Faster and faster I plunged inside that warm wet pussy. Then I grabbed her around the waist and gave a final big shove and came inside her. I could feel my sperm splatter inside her pussy, as Mom came too. Afterward she held me tight in her arms for a long time and said I really excited her and that I made her cum real quick. I couldn’t remember being any happier. That night Tina wanted me to fuck her but I told her I still wasn’t feeling well and I was tired. I didn’t want her to know why. After that it was a little bit of a problem fucking both Mom and Tina without letting the other know about it. I would sneak into Tina’s room before school and fuck her and try not to cum so when I went to make love to Mom I would always be ready. I enjoyed fucking Tina because she had such a tight little pussy, but I really loved fucking Mom. She always made me feel so good, and would always compliment me on what a good lover I was. Some times we could fuck for hours because she would get the rocking chair and I would sit on it and she would straddle my cock and rock back and forth, moving my cock in and out ever so slightly. We would talk like that for hours about all kinds of things, school, her childhood, and what I wanted to do with my life. Every few minuets I would feel her quiver and bear down on my cock, and I new she had cum again.
Mom took a part time job at the library, working from three to five. It made things so much easier; I could fuck Tina after school and then sneak in to see Mom after Tina fell asleep. Tina loved to suck my cock especially when she could make me cum. She would get all excited finger fucking herself and when I came in her mouth she would swallow every bit of it. She said it made her voice softer allowing her to sing better. My sister had a beautiful voice, and I loved it when she would sing around the house. She also sang in school plays and the choir at school and church.
I really had to admire Moms endurance. I would fuck her at least three times a week and some times twice in one night. I never seemed to get enough of her. Greg would fuck her every Thursday, usually at least twice. Dad would then come home from his trips on Friday and would fuck Mom almost all night long and then fuck her Saturday night and again on Sunday morning. She never tired of fucking, and her pussy always seemed wet and ready. Tina and I would some times open the door to the bedroom and watch. One time when we were watching them fuck Tina knelt on the floor and began to suck my cock right there. I got so scared but couldn't make her stop and I came in her mouth. I was afraid she would choke and we would get caught watching, but she didn't, she just swallowed it and smiled up at me. It always seemed that when we watched Dad fuck Mom were the nights Tina and I fucked each other the most. We would get real excited watching them. I learned a lot-watching Dad fuck Mom. He could get Mom to a place where you could tell she was going to cum but he would stop before she came. He would then move very slowly and he seemed to be able to hold Mom in

that state of starting to cum but not doing it for up to five minuets or so. It would send Mom into a frenzy and when she did cum her whole body would shake and she would collapse in state of exhaustion. It excited me to see the control Dad had over her at those
Moments. I began to do that to Becky. I could tell when she was about to cum and I would slow way down or stop and she would begin to shake just like Mom and I would keep her there some times for as long as four or five minuets, and just like Mom when she did cum during those circumstances she would collapse. Her legs would get real shaky when she tried to stand up. Usually after those times she couldn't fuck any more for about two hours. It was worth it even when I didn't cum because the feeling I got realizing how much control I had at that moment was exhilarating.
One afternoon Tina and I were really going at it when Mom walked in and said what the hell is going on. What are you doing fucking your sister, and how long have you been doing it? Tina shouted at her that it was her own fault. She told Mom the whole story about seeing her suck my dick when I was a baby. So I blurted out its no different then my fucking you. Tina looked at me and said, have you been fucking Mom too? Mom said what the hell and she removed her panties and straddled Tina’s chest and took Tina head and pushed her pussy into Tina’s face. Tina didn’t hesitate and began to lick her pussy as I was fucking her. We took turns fucking and eating each other for the rest of the day and most of the night.
One night, after I had reached the ripe old age of sixteen and a half, I was in my room and it was hot because we didn't have air conditioning. I walked out on the small balcony that opened up to my bedroom I looked across the back yard and saw this girl beginning to undress in the house in back. I ran down stairs to the garage and got my Dads binoculars. I looked across at this girl and recognized her as one who had just started at my high school. She was real cute and when she took off her cloths I could see her nice round tits. They were about the same size as Tina’s. She stood there for a minuet looking out right at me. I thought she must see me but because I hadn't turned on the lights she couldn't. She just turned and went back toward her closet and put on a nightgown. I was fascinated and pulled up a chair and watched her comb her hair. Just then a man walked into the bedroom and I could tell she was afraid of him and she was shaking her head and I could tell she was saying I don't want to. The man pushed her down on the bed and lifted up her gown and undid his pants. He took his cock out and forced it into her pussy. He pounded her with his cock for about two minuets and then he pulled out of her and let his cum spill out onto her belly. He got up and buttoned his pants and said something to her as he walked out. Our House is a little higher than hers and I could see everything that happened. I watched him almost every night repeat the same thing. He would come in and fuck her and after words she would lie on her bed and cry. I wondered what the heck was going on. After about a week of this I decided to find out. I came across her at school and I asked her if she would have a coke after school with me. She said sure. We talked about school and where she use to live in Kentucky, and she said her name was Becky. I asked her why she seemed so sad. She started to cry and got up and ran off. The next day I saw her walking home from school I ran and caught up with her. She smiled and apologized for how she had acted. I said that's OK, why don't we stop off at the park and we can talk some more. She said OK, and I bought her a coke

and a root beer for myself. We went and sat at a park table. She told me her Mom and step-dad had moved here because her Mom had gotten a high paying job and her step Dad had gone to work for the county. She said she wanted to stay with her Aunt in
Kentucky but her step Dad had insisted she come with them and her mother agreed. I asked why she had run off the day before, had I made her mad? She said no, it wasn't that she just had a lot on her mind. Finally I said, look, you know I live right behind you and the other night I was on my balcony and I saw this man I guess it was your step-dad come into your bedroom and he pushed you down on the bed and fucked you. He has been doing that almost every night to you, and I can tell you don't want him to do it, so why do you let him. She began to cry and she was sobbing almost uncontrollably. I held her against my chest until she calmed down. She said that He had been doing that to her since she was eleven years old. He said he would kill her if she told any one. She said that she tried to tell her mother but she wouldn't believe her. She said he loved them both and wouldn’t do anything like that. She said that her step-dad almost beat her to death for telling her Mom so now she just puts up with it. Her mother works every night until about nine o'clock and that's why her step-dad always comes in about seven to rape/fuck her. She said she figured that if she took no pleasure in it eventually he would stop. I said no, that's not the way, he will just keep doing it and you will ruin your whole life. Making love should be a pleasure not a burden. I said I would take care of it and she didn't have to do anything. I called the police and told them what I saw. That it appeared like this man was raping this young girl every night. They sent a policewoman over to my house. I had told Mom and Tina about it and they agree that what I did was right. That night about seven he came into her bedroom and when she tried to push him away shaking her head no that she didn't want him to. He slapped her and he spun her around and bent her over and shoved his cock into her and fucked her doggy fashion. It seemed like he hardly got started when he was finished and he pushed her down on the bed and walked out. The policewoman had a telegraphic camera and took about 20 pictures. She thanked me and said she would get in touch. The next day they arrested him and took him to jail. (Later on, I testified at the trial and her step-dad was sentenced to 17 years in prison). She didn't come to school the following day or the next, so I stopped by her house to see if everything was all right. She came to the door and smiled at me and invited me in. She told me her Mom was real mad at her for letting him do that to her and she was very sorry she had not believed her. I said that her mother would get over it and now they both could get on with their lives. Her Mother divorced him right away. Her name was Becky and we started dating. We got along real well, and we had many things in common. I didn't try to fuck her for quite a while and it didn't matter because I was still making love to Mom and Tina almost every night. One night after the movies we drove to the park and we began to kiss. She was very passionate and responded to my kisses but when I put my hand between her legs she froze. I said that's OK she had been through a lot and I wouldn't do anything she didn't want me to. We would mostly just talk after that; but some times when I was kissing her she would let me play with her breasts. She would get real hot and her breathing would really increase.
Late afternoon about that same time, Mom came home early from the library and caught Tina and I fucking. She said no fair starting without me. Just keep doing what

you are doing as she removed her dress and panties and straddled Tina’s chest. She
stuck her pussy into Tina’s face just like the time she first caught us. Tina began licking and sucking her pussy,. “Oh that feels so good” Mom said. I have been thinking about something like this all day. We didn't even stop to eat. After Mom came in Becky's face she got up and went over to her purse and pulled out this dildo. Mom said she had just bought it and wanted to try something different. Tina had cum several times already so I faked coming and waited. Mom walked over to Tina and got between her legs and began to lick her cunt and suck her clit and she made Tina cum several more time's before she inserted the dildo into Tina’s pussy. That dildo was about six inches made of some kind of rubber; She began pushing it in and out slowly. She would only insert it about two thirds of the way as she continued to move it in and out. Suddenly she pushed it all the way in and then took it all the way out and shoved it up Tina's ass. Tina grunted and started to protest but as Mom moved the dildo in and out and kept licking her cunt, Tina began to moan and to push against the dildo. Mom raised her head and motioned me to come over. She got up but kept the rhythm up with the dildo. She crouched down and told me to fuck her. I got on top of her and shoved my still hard cock into her pussy. I thought Becky was going to go nuts. I could feel the dildo going in and out through the wall between her ass and her pussy. It felt a little wild to me too as I was sliding in and out of Tina with long easy strokes. Tina was going through convolutions and was moaning and almost screaming. She let lose with a big gush of that water like liquid inside her pussy. It ran all over my stomach and legs. I shoved my cock in as deep as I could and just let the sperm spurt all over her insides. At the same time Mom shoved that dildo all the way in and Tina passed out. I laid there for a while and Mom came over to me and began to suck my cock in that special way she had of doing it. It didn't take very long for me to get hard again. She bent over and handed me the dildo and said she wanted me to put it up her ass and fuck her doggy fashion. As I pushed my cock into her wet cunt I used my stomach to push the dildo into her ass. Each time I pulled my cock back the dildo would start to come out. I was making long steady strokes with both my cock and that dildo. Mom started to react just like Becky. She started groaning and moaning and I could feel that dildo and my cock rubbing against each other onside her tissue wall. I could feel Mom cum again and again. Because I had fucked so much that day there was no way I could cum so I kept up that steady motion. When Tina woke up and tried to walk to the bathroom her legs were so weak she couldn't get up. She said wow what a sensation. She felt like her whole body was drained. I fucked Mom for over an hour with that dildo going in and out of her ass and my cock in and out of her pussy in unison. Finally Mom said she couldn't stand it any more and to stop. I shoved my cock deep and that dildo did the same. I felt Mom shudder and she spurted that liquid water out of her pussy just like Tina had done. I took the dildo and went into the bathroom and took a shower and cleaned the dildo. When I came out Tina and Mom were lying on the bed completely exhausted and I felt like King Kong.
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