Jasons Story Ch 9

Jasons Story Ch 9

Becky and I both graduated four years later and were married soon after. We move to the San Jose area where I worked for a computer company. We now have four kids, two boys
and two girls and they are all straight. Luckily the girls look like their mother. Neither Tina, Greg, Becky or I ever fooled around with our kids. It would not have been the same. I never had the desire to do so. Becky in many ways was like a combination of both our mothers. She loved to fuck. Some times I would wake up at night and Becky would be quietly sitting on my cock, just like Tina used to do. She would be moving very slowly up and down on it savoring the feeling.

When ever Becky would drink she would get horny. When we would visit friends and she had had a few drinks she would tell our hostess that she had to use the bathroom and then motion to me to come to the bathroom with her where we would make love. I seldom came during those times but she sure did.

About a year after we moved to Northern California we were at a neighbor’s house Becky had made friends with, and as usual after a few drinks we were fucking in their bathroom when the women’s husband Bill walked in, we had forgotten to lock the door. I was sitting on the toilet and Becky was sitting on top of me facing away and toward the door. She had her dress way up to her shoulders and her feet propped up on the sink.

Bill’s eye’s about bugged out because he could see Becky’s pussy staring up at him with my cock in it. He took a full thirty seconds before he tuned red faced and backed out, saying excuse me I’m really sorry. Becky giggled and said “I guess he didn’t want to join us.” I asked her if she wanted him too. She hesitated and then said “I guess not.” Then she shocked me by adding “now if it was Marilyn his wife?”

When I tried to get up she said the cat is out of the bag so let’s finish and giggled. When we came back into the living room Bill could hardly look at us but when he did he couldn’t take his eyes off Becky’s crotch, which showed some of her pussy juice. I took a really good look at Marilyn for the first time and saw that she was slender but full-bodied with very long legs, nice round ass and an ample chest. Later as we walked home I said “what’s this about Marilyn?” She said, “the last time I was over to her house having coffee, Marilyn was dressed in a negligee. Every time she moved in front of the window I could see her long legs and pussy through it. I found that I was getting turned on so I left, but I have been thinking about her ever since. I’m very happy with you so why does she turn me on? What do you think I should do?” “Becky, I have never denied you anything so go for it and see what happens.”

A couple of weeks later as we were getting ready for bed and I could tell Becky was dying to tell me something. Ok what is it? She flushed and got all excited and said just a minuet and bent down and began to suck my cock. As soon as it got hard she pushed me back and got on top letting my cock slide into her already wet pussy. She began to slowly move up and down. She said, “remember what you said about going for it with Marilyn the other night? Well this morning Marilyn called me and asked me to come over for coffee and a chat. I said I wasn’t dressed. She told me to come like I was because she wasn’t dressed either.

Jason, I couldn’t believe what I did. I changed into that skimpy nigh tie you gave me last year. I didn’t put any panties on either. When I got there Marilyn was in that real shear negligee of hers. We had coffee and chatted. She seemed to get up and walk in front of that sliding glass door about every couple of minutes and I could see right thru it. I could help myself, I was getting real hot and could feel myself getting wet between my legs. I let my robe fall open and exposed my legs clear up to my thighs. I parted my knees about three inches and looked away as if I didn’t realize what I was exposing and waited to see what would happen. Marilyn walked over and sat down next to me on the settee and said did you know you have beautiful legs and began to run her hand up inside my thighs.

Jason you can’t imagine how excited I got, but I just sat there to scared to move. She put her hand up between my legs and started massaging my pussy. I came right then and laid back and spread my legs. She has such long slender fingers and she really fucked me with them.,I felt wonderful. She then bent down and began to kiss and lick my pussy. Besides her fingers she has the longest tongue I ever felt, and when she put it up my vagina I came again. She was so gentle but yet firm. I must have cum a half a dozen times or more before she finished. Then we began to kiss and french each other. I kissed and sucked on her tits and I swear her nipples popped out a half-inch, she really got hot when I sucked on those big nipples. Honey I could not help myself I bent down between her legs and began licking and sucking her clitoris as she spread her long legs putting over my shoulders . She has the tightest pussy, it was so tight I could barely get two fingers in. Jason we spent the whole day making love to each other. When I got home I started getting scared and wondered if I had become a lesbian? I have never let anyone eat my pussy except you and Mom.” I said, no honey, it only means you have added another dimension to your sex life. She bent over and kissed me and said do you think you would like to fuck her if she wanted too. I said we’ll see, right now I just want to fuck you, and rolled her over and fucked her until she came. We fell asleep and I was almost late for work because I didn’t set the alarm.

About three weeks later when I came home from work Becky seemed a little concerned about something. I said, what’s the matter honey? she said “Oh nothing.” I said come on what’s bothering you?” She started to cry and said “well, today I was over at Marilyn’s house and we were making love. You said it was OK remember?” I said “yes.” Well I was bent over eating her pussy and I guess my ass was sticking up in the air, anyway we didn’t hear her husband Bill come in and he snuck up behind me and stuck his dick in me and fucked me. I tried to stop him but he just held me so I couldn’t get away. His dick was kind of small and he came right away. He pulled his dick out as he was coming and let his cum run down the crack of my ass and then he shoved it right up my ass. It smarted at first but as he kept shoving it in and out I began to like it. I was so mad at myself since I would never let you fuck me there because you are so big, and here I was enjoying it. Do you hate me?” “No honey, I don’t hate you. You felt guilty for getting caught and then ended up getting a pleasure you never new you would like.”

We were invited over for an early dinner that Saturday night. When we arrived they had cocktails ready and said we would all eat later. The girls were sitting on the couch and it didn’t take long until Marilyn began to rub Becky between her legs. Marilyn looked over at me and I gave her a big grin and winked. She turned and began to french kiss Becky and squeesed her boobs. Becky pulled Marilyn to her feet and pulled her dress over her head and dropped it to the floor. Marilyn didn't have any under wear on. Becky then pushed Marilyn down onto the sofa and bent down and began to kiss and suck on Marilyn’s tits before sliding down between her legs and started eating her pussy. Bill didn’t seem to mind. I got excited and hard so I took my cock out inserting it into Becky’s pussy. She moaned and said "Oh Jason that feels so good." I fucked Becky for about five minuets and felt her cum. I leaned over and whispered to Becky to switch places. She rolled over onto her back and took Marilyn’s head and placed it between her legs. Marilyn eagerly began to lick and suck on Becky’s pussy and clitoris. I lifted Marilyn’s ass up and tried to put my wet cock into her pussy. I got in about three inches and she yelled, wait, Oh god, please wait, it hurts. I stopped and withdrew about an inch. I felt her relax a little and she pushed back into me allowing in about five inches into I swear one of the tightest cunt’s I had ever tried to enter. She said, Oh shit, Oh that hurts, wait, please wait a minuet. I started to withdraw because I didn’t want to tear her up, but she said please don’t take it out, just do it easy.

I began to push in and out using just the five inches that were already in side her. She started moaning and I could feel her juices flowing so I started fucking her harder. In and out I went, I felt those muscles around her vagina relax and loosen and I shoved all seven inches into her. She let out a grunt but kept pushing back at me. I was really fucking her now when suddenly I felt something go up my ass. It was Bill. He had stuck his dick up my ass and grabbed me around the waist. I tried to turn and belt him one when he started shoving his small dick (about five inches and the size of my middle finger) in and out. I didn't want it to but suddenly It felt good so I stopped struggling, I remembered years ago how it felt when Bob and I had fucked each other as kids. I stopped fighting him and concentrated on fucking his wife. As I moved in and out of her, Bill would push his dick in when I was pulling out of her and then would pull back when I shoved my cock into his wife. We were going in unison when I felt him cum in my ass. It felt funny yet nice. Now I new how Mom and Tina feel when I fucked there assess. I fucked her for about fifteen minuets hard. When I ready I shoved it my cock way down deep inside her. I pulled the cheeks of her ass hard against me until I could feel the back of her pussy and uterus. i let go a massive amount of cum into her. Her pussy was so tight and so wet I couldn’t stop my dick was so hard. I turned her over onto her back and lifted her legs high above her head and reinserted my cock into her sopping cunt. I must have fucked her about ten minuets when I felt Bill stick his dick back into my ass and started fucking me like a rabbit. I hated to admit it but it still felt good. He fucked me for about five minuets and I felt him cum again. Fucking me and feeling him cum inside me made my cock harder and if possible my cock grew a little bigger.

I fucked her like she had never been fucked before. After about another ten minuets I again found her uterus and pushed against its opening. I positioned the end of my dick into that opening and my sperm shot into her uterus. When she felt that hot cum shoot up into her uterus she screemed "OH MY god" and I felt her ass rear up and she let loose a massive amout of cum . Her pussy was draining like a fountain between my dick and herpussy lips, running all over my legs and the couch.

We had a couple more drinks when Marilyn went into the kitchen to get dinner ready. She could hardly walk. Becky said, Ok Jason, Marilyn got a good fucking, now I want you to finish fucking me. She took my cock into her mouth and started sucking all of Marilyn’s fluids off my cock. When it got semi hard again Becky got on top of me and began to massage my cock with her wet pussy. I saw Bob motioning to me and saw he had another hard on too. I pulled Becky’s head down and began to french kiss her. Bent over like that it exposed her ass and Bill went for it. I felt his dick go in through the wall tissue and we both fucked Becky in unison. Becky nearly went nuts with the feeling of both those cocks going in and out of her. I couldn’t cum any more and was glad when Marilyn called us to dinner. Becky was so weak from that last fucking and had cum so much I had to help her to the table.

We started fucking like that every Saturday night. And while I was fucking his wife or Becky Bill would fuck me. I swear it made my dick bigger. If either of the girls were on top I would pull them forward so Bill could fuck the girls in the ass. Marilyn seemed to like Bill fucking her in the ass more than when he tried to fuck her pussy. I think it was because after having my seven & half inches he was just to small for her to get much out of it. Then Marilyn started coming over to our house on Wednesday nights while Bill went bowling. The three of us would have a threesome until just before Bill came home. I noticed, and I think Becky did too that Marilyn seemed to want me to fuck her more and more. I must admit with that pussy as tight as it was and her really learning how to fuck was pretty great. They didn’t have any kids & her pussy was like a young girl, soft, pink and tight.

About a year later I stopped over to Bill’s to borrow his edger. The garage door was open so I figured he must be in the back yard. I couldn’t see him but I heard this girls voice saying “Oh, Ohhhhh, Uncle Bill that feels so good.” I looked over the fence and there was a good sized dollhouse near the back fence. I looked over the fence through the window and there was this little girl, she couldn’t have been older than ten or eleven sitting on his lap. I could tell that he had his dick inside her by the way she was moving. I jumped over the fence and opened the dollhouse door and looked in. I said, Bill do you realize what you are doing. He almost broke his dick off inside her when he jumped up and hit his head on the roof. You could tell he was really scarred and the little girl started to cry and kept saying “please, please don’t tell my mommy.”

Bill began to tell me the story. That like me, one day he heard this noise coming from the playhouse. He said, I looked in and Mona-lee here was sitting on this little sofa and had a dildo in her pussy and was inserting it in and out. She had this little hairless pussy and I was fascinated watching her fuck herself with it. She was only able to put it into herself about three inches. I jumped over the fence and opened the door. Mona-Lee jumped up and that dildo squirted out that little pussy like a shot, I said what are doing? She started crying and begging me not to tell her mother. She said she had seen her mother putting that, pointing to the dildo, between her legs and shoving it inside her self. That her momma made such funny noises kind of like a moan or a dog whimpering. Mona-Lee said it looked like she was really having a good time, so she borrowed it. She said it had taken about three times to get it in that far. I had a hard on and I just couldn’t help myself Jason. I said, “well, if I don’t tell her mother what would she do for me.” She said, anything, anything you want just promise not to tell mommy.” I said “ Ok come here, and I lifted up her dress and looked at that tiny little pussy, boy was my dick hard.

"Let’s play Mommy and Daddy. You are the Mommy and I’ll be the Daddy OK." ” She said “Oh that sounded like fun. So I laid her on the little sofa and began to gently finger fuck her and to massage her pussy. She said “Oh I like that.” I took that dildo and cleaned it off and inserted it into her vagina. She smiled and said that it felt good. By that time I was so horny I couldn’t stop. I took out my cock and got between her legs and inserted it into her hairless little pussy. She had broken her own maidenhead with the dildo. I said Mona, this may hurt at first but it soon will feel much better. She said, alright as I pushed down hard and to my surprise I went into her all the way. She let out a soft scream and I stopped for a minuet or so and then began to fuck her. I didn’t hurt her that much. The dildo is bigger than me. She said, “I remember seeing my daddy do this to mommy. I fucked her all morning, my dick never got soft. When I finally got soft Mona said “she really liked playing mommy and daddy and could we do it some more.” I said, later when your mother isn’t home. She said “Ok”, and said her Mom was going to visit a friend that afternoon and if her mom didn’t take her could we do it again.” I said, “sure.” That afternoon Marilyn said she had to go to the store and would be back about four. I told I would be working in the back yard. I could hardly wait to see Mona-Lee. I took a couple of batteries and when I saw Mona-Lee come out the back door I asked if her Mom had left and she said “uhuh” and I couldn’t get over that fence fast enough. I put the batteries in the dildo and began to massage Mona’s hairless little pussy. She started jerking all over the place from the vibration. She started to get wet and I took some Vaseline I had brought with me and rubbed her vagina with it. I began to fuck her and didn’t even think about it when I came in her. I fucked her three more time and she just loved it. Then I realized I had been cuming in her every time, including the four times that morning. I thought, what if she got pregnant. Boy was I scared. I didn’t know if a girl that young could. What a fool I’d been. I told her to wait here and I jumped over the fence and ran into the house and got Marilyn douche bag. I went back and douched Mona out real good. After that I used a rubber. Mona-lee started sneaking out of her bedroom at night and we would meet. She can now take that whole dildo and seems to want to fuck all the time. I’m in so deep I don’t know what to do. It’s like an addiction. I can’t seem to stop. I want to fuck and suck that tight little pussy all the time. I even taught her to suck my cock.

Mona Lee said, Mr. I’ll suck your cock & fuck you too if you want me too, but you can’t tell my Mom. She was sitting there with her leggs wide open and her pink little pussy lips a little swollen from Bill's fucking. I smiled at her and said you won’t have to do that. “But I want too” she said. It’s Ok I won’t tell your Mom. Bill you have just got to stop. You could go to jail. “I know, I know”. I said to Mona-Lee; I won’t tell your Mom if you promise not to fuck Uncle Bill any more. If you do I will tell your Mom what’s going on. “But it’s so much fun and Uncle Bill makes me feel so good she wailed.” However she said “OK, I promise if you won’t tell Mom”. I said to Bill, Ok here is your out. Take it. He said Oh god, it will be hard but I will.

Bill and Marilyn got divorced about two years later. Bill just couldn’t satisfy her any more. I found out years later he started fucking Mona-Lee again when she was fifteen and continued to do so until she was thirty. Marilyn continued her weekly visits. A couple of times she came by when Becky wasn’t home, she pretended like she didn’t know Becky was not there. Those times she really liked to get on top and feel me deep in her pussy. She said I made her cum in streams. I must admit she was a great fuck with that tight pussy and long legs.
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