Jennies story

Jennies story

This is the story of what happened to me six of seven years ago.
Looking back I suppose I must have been very naive and gullible.
Anyway here it is.

I used to have a next door neighbour who was a friend of my father,they would go fishing together, also he would come to my house and share beers with my father a couple of times a week.
From an early age I could remember whenever my neighbour visited he would sit me on his knee and stroke my legs,he would also tease me, he would offer me sweets but before he gave them to me he would drop them down the back of my top ,then he would reach inside to retrieve it,when his hand was inside my top he would tickle me,he did this in front of my parents who never said anything,although my mother and father would laugh,so I thought nothing of it.
Then one day my father left home and never returned.

After my father left my neighbour still played his games with mealso hemoved into our house,my mother said it was to make certain she was alright. I was twelve at the time and tall for my age, my breasts were quite well developed,they had been growing since I was ten.It didnt make a lot of difference to me having him there,he seemed to take over my fathers role quite naturally.
When it was time for bed my mother and my neighbour always went to bed together.
My bedroom was next door to my mothers and I would usually hear my mothers bed creaking,sometimes slowly and sometimes very fast,I would also hear my mother crying out,as though in pain.
One day I was worried,because my mother was making a lot of noise,I decided to go and see if she was alright.
When I walked into my mothers bedroom I found my mother sitting on top of my neighbour bouncing up and down crying out,I asked my mother if she was in pain,my mother laughed and said she wasnt,she said it was a game they were playing,she told me to go back to my room,but my neighbour laughed and said why didnt she let me stay and watch,my mother laughed and told me to sit in a chair near the bed and watch and not to interupt,whatever happened.
My mother started moving up and down again,only this time she remained quiet,but not for long.
After about five minutes she started moaning again,she began bouncing up and down again,my neighbour was lifting his hips up and down,everytime he did my mother let out a louder cry.
He put his hands on her tits and squeezed them,it looked painful to me,but my mother seemed to like it, she told him to squeeze harder.
My mother said she wouldnt last much longer,he told her to wait,he wanted to be 'blown',my mother asked what about me,he said it would do me good to watch.
My mother got off of my neighbour,I noticed his cock was sticking straight up,it looked enormous,then she sat on his face and bent forward.
I was amazed when she started to eat his cock,I didnt know what she was doing,but my neighbour seemed to like it,he started to moan, like my mother had been doing.
My mothers head started going up and down,I could see his cock everytime she raised her head,then he said he was nearly there,my mother started to move her head faster,they were both moaning loudly.
My mother shouted out she was going to cum,they both let out loud moans at the same time,and then jerked up and down.
After they had calmed down my mother rolled off of my neighbour and let out a loud sigh,she said it had been fantastic,she thought it might have been because I was watching,she turned her head and smiled at me,there was some sort of white fluid coming out of the side of her mouth, I told her,she laughed and said it was his juices,they tasted very nice,she wiped the side of her mouth with her finger and held it out to me and told me to taste it.
I sucked her finger but couldnt really taste anything,I told my mother,she laughed.

Several days later I heard my mother and my neighbour, who were in the bedroom and who's door was open,talking,although I couldnt understand what they were talking about.
He was saying he had fancied me for a long time,he would love to fuck a virgin,my mother laughed and said she knew he had and she had been waiting for him to say something, she had no objection,she thought it would be good for me,and after he had groomed me she would rent me out to other men.
My mother had said they had to take it slowly ,she didnt want to push me too fast, but once the time was right he could fuck me as much as he liked,she said it would be fun for them both,preparing me.
After my neighbour had left my mother said she wanted to talk to me,she asked me if I liked my neighbour playing games with me,I told my mother I did,she asked me if I would like to join in playing a better game with me,I asked my mother what sort of game,my mother told me because my neighbour teased me they would tease him.
She said all I had to do was do everything I was told,the idea was to try and make my neighbour want to do more and more,I had to tell him I liked what he was doing.
It seemed like it could be fun,so I agred to do whatever my mother told me to do.
Gradually, encouraged by my mother ,I got my neighbour to go further, my mother told me to get him to drop sweets down my front,and then I had to tell him to put his hand inside my top and 'search' for the sweet.
Whilst he had his hand inside my top I had to ask him if he could feel anything else in there, he would touch one of my nipples and ask if it was the sweet,I would have to laugh and say it was,then he would pretend to try and pull it out of my top.
I had to ask him if one day he would like to suck it, he would say yes and ask me when,I would say as soon as my mother thought I was ready .I had been told by my mother to say these things to him,because it was teasing him.

I was told by my mother to encourage him to put his hand between my legs and stroke them, I had to allow his hand to travel almost to my cunt, I had been told by my mother I had to encourage him to go further and further,as part of the game,I had also been told to open my legs wide to make it easier for him,my mother told me to tease him by saying one day I would show him what was inside my pants,he made me promise I would ,my mother used to laugh and said I had to keep my promises.

Another thing I had to do was to kneel down infront of him and undo his trousers and put my hand inside,saying would he like me to tickle him,when he said he would I had to laugh and take my hand out and say I would some other time if he was good.

One day my mother said she would complain about my skirt getting creased when I sat on his lap,I then had to say I would take it off.
From then on I never wore a skirt whenever he was there.My mother bought me some different pants to wear,she said they were called g-stings.
They had a small triangle of material at the front and a thin piece of string like material at the sides and the back,from the back it looked as though I wasnt wearing any pants,my mother said they were to tease my neighbour.
The first time he saw me wearing them he made me walk backwards and forwards in front of him for a long time.he kept saying to my mother that he couldnt wait much longer,he was being driving mad.
Afterwards my mother asked me if I had heard what he had said,I told her I had,she laughed and said our plan was working,we were teasing him really well.

After that I had to encourage him to put sweets down the front of me pants and tell him to take them out and to see what else I had in there, he would pull the front of my pants out and look inside them,saying only me cute little pussy was in there,at first I didnt know what my pussy was.He would take the sweet out and would smell it saying it smelt of my pussy. my mother thought this was very amusing.

I had to ask him if he would like me to take my pants off,then,standing in front of him, I would have to lower my pants until my cunt was just coming into view and then pull them up again,laughing and saying it wasnt the right time yet. my neighbour would get very agitated
One day ,after I had done it several times that week, my mother told me the next time I had to surprise my neighbour by pulling my pants all the way down and taking them off,then I had to ask him if he liked what he saw.
If he said he did my mother told me to ask him if he would like me not to wear any pants in future,then he could see my pussy better.He had said he would.
From then one I had to ask him if he would like to stroke my pussy,when he said he would I had to laugh and say it wasn't time yet,he always said it looked beautiful, and wondered if it tasted as good as it looked,I had to tell him one day I would let him taste it.

I also had to tease him by saying to him that one day soon it would be his.he asked when it was would I like him to fill it up with cream,I had to say I would.

The next thing my mother got me to do,when he was there, was to wear only an old t-shirt ,without any pants,which barely covered my cunt ,then I had to walk around the kichen reaching up for things, I had to sit on his lap,with my back to him and my legs spread wide over his legs,then ,as part of the game,I had to tell him to tickle me,but to not touch my pussy,because it wasnt time,but soon it would be on heat.
I also had to ask him if he would like to see me naked,when he said he would I had to say the time wasnt right.
I didnt understand what was going on,but I liked the games I played with him.

Several weeks after I started playing games with my neighbour my mother told me we were winning the mother went on to say that I was doing very well with my neighbour,she asked if I was ready to go to the next stage,I said I was.
My mother said that I would have to let him do the things I had promised him he could do,I had asked what I had to do,my mother told me to begin I would have let him see me naked,she said I had to have a bath and when I was in the bath she would send my neighbour there,but I was not to let him touch me,my mother said it would drive him mad.

Later that day I went to the kitchen,my mother and my neighbour were there, my mother told me to go and have a bath,she looked at me and winked,indicating we had a secret.

After I had been in the bath for about five minutes the door opened and my neighbour walked in, I instinctively put my hands over my tits,my neighbour had asked if he could see my tits,I thought my mother would want me to let him,so I said he could.

When he saw my tits he told me they were beautiful,exactly as he had imagined them,it wasnt very long before he told me to stand up and turn round,he said I had a beautiful body,he watched me wash myself for several minutes then my mother came in and said that was enough for then.
After my neighbour had left the bathroom my mother asked if I had enjoyed having him there,I said I did,she said the next time I was to let him wash my back.
The next time I had a bath he asked if he could wash my back,I said he could,but that was all he could do,as my mother had told me to say.
When I next had a bath I let him wash my back and front as well.He spent a long time gently rubbing soap onto my tits,I enjoyed it,he became excited and told me it was almost time for me to be ready for him.

The next time we all went to the bathroom together,my mother told my neighbour to strip me,my mother told me to stand in the bath,she had told me that she would tell me to hold my arms in the air,then after about five minutes I had to lower my arms,saying it was hurting,my mother would then pretend to get angry and say I would have to be punished for disobeying her.
When I was standing in the bath my mother told me to hold my arms up over my head,when I did she told my neighbour to wash me all over,he spent a long time on my tits ,my mother egged him on,then he started to soap my cunt,I found it exciting.
After holding my arms up for about five minutes I put them down,my mother became angry and asked me why I had put them down,I said because they ached,my mother made me raise them again.
I had to get out of the bath and let him dry me,again with my hands held above my head. When he was drying my cunt ,he said to my mother I had a lovely cunt,my mother said it was his when the time was right,he wanted to know when that would be,she replied any day soon.He asked if they could move things along any quicker,my mother said she would try,but didnt want to go too fast because I might not be ready,but she had an idea which might work.

After my neighbour had gone my mother said she had an idea which she thought would really tease him,she said that she would get him to fix a hook in the ceiling and then when I next had a bath she would tell him to tie my wrists together and then pull the rope tight,she would tell him it was to punish me for lowering my arms without permission.
I asked how it would tease my neighbour,my mother had said to believe her,it would,I said ok we would do it.
We went downstairs and my mother started whispering to my neighbour,he looked at me and grinned.

My neighbour had been out but returned in the evening carrying his tool box,my mother told him to go upstairs and fix it,she told him to make certain it would take my weight and would pull me high enough,I heard him working in the bathroom.
My mother said that when she had told him about tying me up my neighbour had become very excited,she asked if I was pleased,I said I was.
When he came down he told my mother it was fixed,my mother asked if he had brought the rope,he grinned and from his pocket he took a long thin piece of rope,he said he was looking forward to using it,my mother laughed.
At first when I went to the bathroom that night I couldnt see anything different,then I saw ,above the bath,a large hook fixed in the ceiling.

We all went to the bathroom together again the next day,again he stripped me, my mother said because I had disobeyed her the previous day I had to be punished ,also because I had disappointed my neighbour he was going to make certain I couldnt do it again.
My neighbour stood on the edge of the bath and passed the rope over the hook.
Mt mother told me to stand in the bath with my arms held up,then my neighbour took the rope and tied my wrists together with it,and pulled the rope up.
I started to complain,as my mother had told me to do.
My mother gave my neighbour my top and told him to gag me,saying that way I couldnt complain about anything,she had told me that when my neighbour started to gag me I had to start shouting out,she said it would excite him.
When he had gagged me,he pulled the rope tighter and tied it to the bath taps,my mother looked to see if the rope was short enough for her and decided it wasnt,she made my neighbour pull it higer,I was then on tiptoe, my mother, laughing,said now I wouldnt have to worry about holding me arms up.
My mother said to my neighbour why didnt he strip off too,then he could stand in the bath with me,she then left us alone saying I had to let my neighbour do what he wanted ,he sprayed me with water and then rubbed soap all over my body,spending a long time on my tits and my cunt.I noticed his cock was sticking out a long way,I wondered why.
He sprayed me again,only that time he used cold water,then inspected my body very carefully,he said he wanted to make sure it was clean,he opened the lips of my cunt and said it needed doing again,but before he started he lifted me up and made me put my feet on the sides of the bath,then he pulled the rope up even more until my toes were just touching the edges of bath,I couldnt do anything I was more or less suspended by my arms.
My legs were open wide,which madfe it easier for my neighbour to get to it,he started to rub soap over it.
Then he took my feet off of the edges of the bath,I was hanging be my arms.
He could spin me round on the rope which made it easy to rub soap all over me again,everytime I was facing him I saw his cock was still sticking out,he was still doing it when my mother returned,she laughed and said he was taking his time,she laughed again and said she could he must be enjoying it,he said he was ,she told him to rinse and dry me,as he dried me he spun me round on the rope,when he had finished my mother told him I hadnt been punished enough,she got him to lift my legs up behind me and then undo the roap from the taps and tie my ankles with it ,my mother laughed again and asked him if he would like me like that when he had me,he said he would.
My mother said she thought I would be ready for him very soon,so to save time she suggested whilst I was hanging there it would be a good idea to de-hair me,my neighbour laughed and said I didnt have any hair to remove,but he would enjoy applying the de-hairing cream.
He took his time rubbing the cream over my cunt,when he was satisfied they left me hanging there on my own for what seemed ages,then came back,washed of the cream, again with cold water,I was shivering when they let me down.
After my mother told me to go to my room and lie on the bed,they would be there soon

A few minutes later they came in,my neighbour was still naked,my mother said she was going to let my neighbour give me a full body massage,she said he was going to massage every part of me,she said it would be good for my growing body,she told me to lie on my front.
He started by tipping oil onto my shoulders then started massaging them, then my back,he began massaging my legs,starting at my ankles.When he had finished my back my mother told me to turn over,he was going to massage my front,when I had my mother told me to hold the bars on the headboard,and not to let go.
My neighbour started massaging my arms,it wasnt long before he was massaging my chest just above my tits,then he massaged my tits,his cock was sticking out again,my mother laughed and said she could see he liked it,he said he would like it even more when he fucked it.
The lower half of my legs were next,he worked his way up my legs until he was close to my cunt,my mother told him not to touch it,he complained he wanted to massage it,my mother said he could soon,inside and out.
He asked when would I be ready,my mother said any day soon,she didnt want to rush me.He said he couldnt wait,he begged her to let it happen very soon.I wondered what they were talking about.
They left me lying on the bed and went downstairs.

I got dressed and went downstairs to join them.
As I entered the room I heard my neighbour ask what the next stage would be,my mother said they would carry on as they were doing for a day or so,my neighbour had asked would I be ready then,my mother laughed and said she hoped so ,they had wasted enough time preparing me neighbour said again to my mother couldnt they move it along faster,she said she would see how I reacted the next time he did it,he could massage me all over,including my cunt,perhaps I would be ready for him then.

It was the next day when I had the next massage,my mother sent me to the bathroom alone with my neighbour,I had been suspended by my arms until I was again on tiptoe,then he washed and dried me.
I went alone to my room with my neighbour,there was a cardboard tube about forty centimetres long lying on my bed,there was also one of my mothers scarves,I wondered what they were for.
Without having to be told I lay on the bed on my front,my neighbour gave me a long relaxing massage,then again without being told to ,I turned neighbour laughed and said I was very eager I must like it,I said I did.
Before he started massaging my front he told me to put my hands through the bars on the headboard,when I had he gave me the cardboard tube to hold, then I felt him wrap my mothers scarf round my hands and the tube, I couldnt pull my hands back through the bars,I asked him why he had done it,he laughed and said he was preparing me for an internal massage,he laughed again and said it was time to see if I was ready for him ,he became excited.
He said first of all he wanted to inspect my body,to decide what treatment I needed,he said when he had massaged me the day before he thought he had felt a blockage inside me,I asked him what he had to do,he said again he would have to give me an internal inspection.
He started by lifting my legs by my knees and puIled them back,then I felt him open the lips of my cunt,he spent some time with his head close to my cunt probing it with his fingers,eventually he said it definitely needed inspecting internally,he suspected it was blocked,I asked him if it was serious,he said it could be if it wasnt cleared,but he knew how to do it.
Just them my mother came into the room,she asked him if he had inspected me,he said he had,she asked him if he had found anything,he said he had found a blockage,my mother told me they would have to clear it ,but they would start with an internal inspection,she said to my neighbour she would see how I responded,if I responded the right way he could open me up so I would be ready to be used,he became very excited.

My mother said to relax me he would start by giving me a more intense massage.
He was soon massaging my tits,he kept stroking my nipples,soon they were erect,my mother told me it was a good sign,she stroked my hair whilst he massaged me,telling me to relax, he kissed my nipples,which felt beutiful,my mother asked if I liked it,I said I did, she kept telling him the time was very near ,she would decide soon,this seemed to excite him more and more,he didnt bother with massaging my legs.
My mother told me it was time for him to give me the internal inspection,but before he did he would have to relax me further,she told me he would start by massaging my cunt,because that was the only way he could feel inside me for the blockage,she said whatever happened I was not to move,it could be dangerous,she asked if I understood,I said I did.
My mother continued stroking my hair telling me I was a very good girl,and I was doing well.
She told him to start massaging my cunt,he had his hands either side of it and was rubbing and pulling it open,his fingers were constantly going between the lips of my cunt,he worked on it for at least ten minutes, then my mother told him to feel if I was ready,I felt a finger probing my cunt, he told my mother it was still dry,she became angry with me and told me I wasnt trying to relax,didnt I want the blockage cleared,she told him to tip some oil onto my cunt and try and locate my clit,I wondered what my clit was.

I felt his finger begin to rub my cunt between its lips,my mother told him to stop for a second,then I felt my mother climb on the bed and straddle me,then I felt the lips of my cunt being gently opened,my mother asked him if that was better,he started on my cunt again,my neighbour laughed and said he had found my clit,and it was erect,he said I had a very large clit,I didnt know if that was good or bad,but I knew then it was the sensitive part of my cunt I liked to touch, I had a strange feeling in it like when I played with it,but more intense,I liked it,I closed my eyes.
Between fingering my cunt I felt him begin to lick it and then kiss it,I loved it.

After he had been fingering my cunt for some time I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure,my mother told him to stop.
I felt my mother let go of my cunt and felt my legs being pulled back ,I heard my mother tell him to look to see if I was ready,my neighbour must have looked because I felt my cunt being opened again,he said he could see I was ready,my mother told him to give me the internal inspection,but to be very gentle.

She said to me I was doing really well,she was pleased with me,she told me the next part was the most important part,she said he was going to feel for the blockage,she told me to relax and enjoy it.

This time his finger went into my cunt without any problem,my neighbour said it felt fantastic,he worked his finger gently in and out of my cunt for several minutes before my mother told him to do it with two fingers, I had enjoyed it with one finger but with two it was much better,I could feel him moving his fingers about inside my cunt,I was moaning more by then.

I felt my cunt being opened again and then felt my mother start to stroke my clit ,I started to lift my hips,he continued 'massaging' my cunt internally for what seemed only a short time,everytime I lifted me hips my mother and my neighbour stopped for a while and then started again,I realised that I was straining against the headboard,my mother told me again I was doing really well,she asked if I was enjoying it,I said I was,they carried on for about another five minutes,I was lifting my hips as soon as my mother started rubbing me clit,my mother spoke to me but I didnt respond I was in my own world,my mother spoke again,I opened me eyes.

My mother said he had found the blockage it was caused by a piece of skin, and he was going to clear it,she said he had a special thing called a dildo for clearing the blockage,I would feel the blockage break but I wasnt to worry it was normal,she asked me if I understood,I said I did
My mother told my neighbour to be very gentle with me.
The next thing I felt was something large being put into my cunt,I wriggled ,my mother told me to keep still otherwise it could be dangerous.
The dildo came to a stop,I heard my neighbour say he was there,my mother spoke to me again,she said they had found the blockage and were going to clear it.
I heard my mother tell my neighbour to go ahead and open me up,ready for him.
The thing in my cunt was pulled out a little and then pushed in again,it stopped again,it was repeated several times,each time harder than the last,suddenly I felt the blockage go,I let out a yelp,I heard my mother laugh and said I was opened up ready to be used,there would be no turning back.
My mother told me that he had to make certain that there wasnt anymore blockages,he was going to work the dildo in and out of my cunt to make sure,I said I understood.She told him to do it in small stages.
The dildo was pushed in a little and then pulled out,this was repeated for several minutes each time it went a little further into my cunt,until it felt in a long way,then it was pulled out,my mother said they had found another blockage,which was caused by fluid,she told me the fluid was called cum, and it would require the dildo to be pushed in much further,I asked how they would clear it,my mother said I would have to eject it by cumming,that way my cum would be expelled,she asked me if I knew about cumming,I said I did.I heard me neighbour say that by the time he had finished with me I would know a lot more about cumming.

She told my neighbour to see if he could get the dildo all the way in,but to be careful,the neighbour started pushing it in and out in a steady gentle rhythm,gradually pushing it in more and more,at the same time my mother was rubbing my clit,I heard my mother say I was doing really well,they had found the blockage and he was trying to clear it,I heard my neighbour laugh.
Then I heard him say he couldnt believe it I had taken the dildo's entire length,I thought it must have been something bad,then he said it was fantastic.
My mother told him to try the larger vibrator,she told me the blockage was proving hard to move,they were going to use a vibrator which was like a dildo but vibrated,which would help eject the cum,it felt bigger,I felt my cunts lips stretch as the vibrator was inserted into my cunt,my neighbour said again he couldnt believe it,it had gone straight in,then as before he inserted it slowly further and furher until the vibrator reached deep inside my cunt.
My mother was still massaging my clit ,I realised that I was feeling very excited,like I did when I played with myself,only more so.
My mother noticed,she told him I wouldnt last much longer,she told him it was time to turn the vibrator on,before he did my mother said to me the only way to clear the blockage was if they turned the vibrator on,and I ejected my cum,she said it would be very intense,she asked if I was ready I said I was.
The sensation was incredible,staight away I was lifting my hips against it,my mother was rubbing my clit much faster,I couldnt take it for long,I came with a loud wail.
After ,my mother told me I had done very well,she was pleased with me,she asked me if I had enjoyed it,I said I had.

My neighbour had become very excited and asked her when he could have me,my mother said she had already started me on the pill,so he could start the next stage the following day,he had a month to prepare me.
I didnt know what they were talking about,but knew it was to do with me.

My neighbour said he didnt think the blockage was completly cleared,my mother laughed loudly and said she thought he might say that,she asked him if he wanted to try again,he said he did,my mother asked me if I would like him to try and help me expel more cum,I said I would,my mother said she would leave him on his own with me,to acclimatize me being alone with him,because from then on he would help me expel cum everyday.
Before she left she reminded my neighbour to be very careful,she didnt want me to be 'turned off'

When we were alone my neighbour said although I had ejected a lot of the cum from my cunt he was sure there was a lot more still in there,he asked me if I wanted to see what I had ejected,I said I did. I felt his hand touching the bed near my cunt,then he showed me his fingers,they were covered in a thick whitish creamy fluid,he told me it would all have to come out,I asked him how,he said the same way as before,he would have to use the vibrator on me,only this time he was sure the cum was deeper inside my cunt,and it would take a lot of ejecting,he asked me if I was prepared to keep ejecting cum for as long as it took,even if it took hours,I said I was.Even though I was worried about the fluid inside me ,I liked the way it had to be removed.
He said he would have to relax the muscles around my cunt,like he had done before,he started rubbing its lips,putting his fingers inside my cunt and stroking the inside of it,he had told me to tell him as soon as I felt my cunt responding.
When I told him he said he was pleased with me for becoming ready so soon,I felt pleased with myself.
He put the vibrator into my cunt and repeated what he had done before,his thumb was stroking my clit,he had told me I had to let my feelings come out when I felt anything,he had told me it would help if I moaned when my cunt began to feel excited,he said that way he would know what was happening,I started moaning.
He worked the vibrator in and out of my cunt for several minutes,I was moaning even more,he stopped and said he would check and I if there was cum there,he pushed the vibrator all the way into my cunt until it stopped,then I felt the vibrator being twisted first one way and then the other,he said he knew it, there was another blockage,he took the vibrator out and showed me it,it was covered in the thick creamy fluid,he said again it would all have to come out.
The best way he said to expel the most cum was not to stop once I had started ejecting it,he told me I had to try and keep cumming for as long as possible,he said it would help if I rubbed my clit,he put the vibrator back in my cunt and started pushing it in and out,I started moaning again,I was still rubbing my clit at the same time,he had told me to tell him just before I was going to expel the cum,I asked him what I should say,he told me to say I was cumming,he also told me it would help if I released me feelings at the same time, he told me to let out a scream when I came,I called out that I was going to cum,he reminded me to cum as many times as I could,he thrust the vibrator deep into my cunt,I shouted out as I released my cum.
I came but he didnt stop the vibrator ,I kept fingering my clit,I was thrashing around,I heard him say I was doing well and I should keep cumming,I came again still my finger was working on my clit,everytime I came he told me to try again,in all I came five times.
When I had calmed down he said I had down well,but he would have to do it again,there was still cum deep inside my cunt that needed clearing out,he said I should rest for a while and then he would use the vibrator again to completly empty me of cum,but it would take a long time.
I thought that I must have dozed because I remembered him gently shaking me and telling me it was time to start again.

In all he managed to get me to eject my cum three more times, I was very tired,he told me I had done very well,one more time should do it.

Just as he said it my mother came in the room and asked him if he had finished with me,he had been helping me to eject me cum for almost two hours,he said he was almost finished he didnt expect me to be able to expel much more,he said I had done very well,he told her to look on the bed to see what I had ejected it.
When my mother looked she laughed and said I couldnt have much more left,he said I was just going to try once more.He started again and soon got me worked up,withut being told to I started fingering my cunt,I heard my mother say she was very pleased I was fingering myself,but she thought that I should also use the vibrator at the same time,because from then on I would have to do it every day,so it didnt build up again,my neighbour laughed.
My mother placed my spare hand on the vibrator and showed me where the switches were she explained one was for the finger bit and the other was for the main part.she held my hand and started to work the vibrator in and out,when she was satisfied I had the idea she left me to do it on my own.
I was soon excited again,my mother told me I was doing very well,she kept encouraging me to push the vibrator deeper and deeper,until I was pushing almost all of the vibrator into my cunt,my mother encouraging me all the time.
When I came I felt my mothers hand holding mine,stopping me from pulling the vibrator out,I came again several times.

They seemed to lose interest in me after,and started to talk to each other,he told my mother that he thought I had become addicted to the vibrator,my mother asked him if he was satisfied,he said he was I was well and truely prepared,he said he wouldnt have to waste time acclimatizing me,he could start straight away,my mother asked him how many times had I cum,he said about ten times,my mother laughed and said he had done a really good job,I thought they were talking about it being good because I had ejected so much harmful fluid.
my mother told me to rest for a while before I went downstairs.

After they had gone I saw there was a large puddle of thick fluid on the bed wher my cunt had been,also I felt a strange wetness between me legs,I rubbed my finger between my cunts lips and it was covered in the same sticky substance,I thought it was lucky for me me neighbour knew how to make my body clean itself internally,and it was fun too , I hoped he would give me an internal 'massage' again later,I would ask my mother if he could.
I tried to rest but I was too excited to,my body felt tense,I felt as if I wanted to cum again.

Later I was in the hall outside the kitchen when I heard my neighbour and my and mother talking,my mother said he had done a good job opening me up,and in convincing me I had to eject my cum regularly,he laughed and said it was lilke taking candy from a baby.
My mother asked him how many times a week was he going to have me,he said three times a week, my mother said only twice a week to begin,she would see how it went ,if it went well then he could do it three times a week,she also warned him to take it slowly otherwise he might spoil it,and after all their hard work they had put in she didnt want to lose the opportunity of making some money.
She said it was up to him to subdue me into submission,so I accepted everything I was told to do without argument,not only by him,but also by prospective customers.

Me neighbour asked when they would start the next stage,my mother said she already had,she had several guys that were interested in me,my neighbour asked where she had found them,she said on the internet,she had been chatting to them about me for a couple of weeks,one of them wanted to see photo's of me first,she asked him if he had a digital camera,he said he had,my mother said they would take some photo's of me later on,then she could e-mail them.
My neighbour laughed and said she didnt waste time,my mother laughed and said now I was opened up I could start earning them money,they both laughed
She said he had a month in which he could coach me.Then they would put me to work.
I didnt understand what they were talking about.

When I walked into the kitchen my mother and me neighbour greeted me warmly,my mother hugged me and asked if I was OK,I said I was.
My mother said she was very pleased and proud of me,I had done very well,she said I was no longer a child,I was a woman,I felt quite proud of myself.
My neighbour said he was proud of me too.
My mother asked me if I had enjoyed ejecting my cum,I said I had,she asked me which bit did I like the most,I said I liked it all, but cumming was the best.

My mother left the kitchen and I was alone with my neighbour,he asked me if I had really enjoyed the internal 'massage' I said I had and asked him if he would do it again,he laughed and said he would very soon,but he would put something else in my cunt,I asked him what,he said I would have to wait and see,but he was sure I would like it.
He said I had to make sure I ejected cum everyday otmewise it would build up again,I said I would.

He asked me would I like to earn money by working,I thought that must have been what they had been talking about ,I thought my mother now thought I was ready to do some work,I asked him what I would have to do,he asked if I would like to make other men happy,I said I would,he said he had already spoken to my mother and she had agreed.
When my mother returned me neighbour told her he had asked me if I would like to earn some money and I had said I would,my mother had asked him what he had told me I would do,he said he had told me I would be making men happy,my mother burst out laughing.
I remembered what he had said to my mother and asked him if he had decided how many times a week was he going to have me,he said he would have me twice a week to begin,my mother agreed and said if he was satisfied with me he could have me more.I asked him how long did he expect to use me for,he said at least two hours each time,my mother said she thought he would want to use me for longer.
At the time I didnt realise the meaning of my mothers words.

When I went to bed that night I found the vibrator in it. I lay in bed wondering what to do,until the urge to use it became too great,I justified using it to myself by thinking I should because me body had probably built up more cum.
I started fingering my cunt like my mother and my neighbour had done,it wasnt long before my cunt made it clear to me it wanted me to use the vibrator.
At first I only inserted it a little way into my cunt,then gradually I pushed it in more,until it came to the 'blockage' I was pleased I had decided to use the vibrator then.Still rubbing my clit I worked the vibrator quicker and quicker in and out of my cunt.When I came I had cried out loudly,as my neighbour had told me to.
I got out of bed to go and wash,I looked at the vibrator it was covered in my cum,there was also a patch of cum on the bed,again I was pleased I had ejected my cum.
I left my room carrying the vibrator and was met outside by my mother who asked me if I had ejected, I said I had,my mother asked to see the vibrator,she looked to see if it had cum on it,then said I had done well.
I asked my mother if she wanted the vibrator back,my mother said she didnt,it was now mine,she had another one she would use,she told me to keep it in my bed so I could use it if I woke during the night,she also told me I had to eject first thing every morning and last thing at night to clear my cunt of mother said she did that.
I work twice during the night and used the vibrator on both occasions


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