Jerry's Mom

Jerry's Mom

Up until this summer, Jerry and I were best friends. Some of our friends figure that we got into a fight. But me, Jerry, and his mom are the only ones that know what truly happened.

Me and Jerry were gonna go out to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky and do a little bit of fishing, swimming, and boating around. When I arrived at Jerry's house to help him get ready to leave, he was already out packing his blue Ford F-150. And in his garden was his Mom, Olyvia.

Boy did she look hot out in that garden (not that she doesn’t ever look hot) She was wearing a T-shirt over top of her bikini and some real skimpy shorts. She was pretty much the perfect woman. She was about 5'6'' and 120 pounds. She had these two beautiful C-Cup breasts. When she saw me arrive, she walked over to me and Jerry.

I think that Jerry was a little embarrassed about his mom and she was wearing, but hell, I was happy. In hoping that I could see her in her bikini, I asked her if she wanted to go with us. She said sure and went inside to get a different pair of clothes on. Jerry looked like he could have whipped me right there. But he knew better not to try.

As we were in the truck, which was only a single cab, she was wearing shorts that barely went down her thighs. We had to take some very windy roads and I took this to my advantage. I was sitting on the window side while she sat in the middle. Whenever we would turn right, I would always brush my legs onto hers and would get no reaction. Now I was getting really curious.

Every once in a while, I would "accidentally" brush my hand on her thighs and hips and still got no reaction. So then I would do it a lot more often and I was still not getting any reaction! I could not tell if this was a good thing or a bad thing but I was loving it.

As we were out on the lake, Jerry wanted me to go swimming with him. I acted like I wasn’t feeling so good at the moment and decided to stay in the boat for a couple of minutes. So Jerry said that he was gonna go out to a buoy about a thousand yards away and back and I said alright.

Now Olyvia was rubbing tanning lotion on her arms and her perfectly thin stomach. She was in a pink two piece bikini and rubbing lotion all over herself!!!! So I went into action and asked her "Do you want me to rub some lotion on your back?" "Sure. Oh but I’m gonna have to take this top off because I don’t want to get a tanline. You aren't shy are you?"

I about died right then and there. "No." I choked. She gave out a giggle and took off her top. The bad part is, is that I’m sitting behind her and not infront. So I started to rub the lotion on her back and with every stroke I got closer to those breasts and her ass.

I brushed the side of her tit once, and no reaction. Twice, and a third time and no reaction. On the fourth time, her arm fell and I grasped for the whole breast. After I rubbed it for a second, she turned around and I got a view of those beautiful tits.

I then looked down and I had a boner. It was sticking up like a damn tent pole. I whipped it out and my fully erect 8-inch cock was waiting for it to be sucked and fucked. She lunged for it and stuck the head in her mouth. Then the whole thing. I grabbed the back of her head and helped her suck my cock.

I guess she sensed that I was about to cum so she stopped and looked up. And Jerry was no less then 20 yards away! She quickly put her top back on and I jumped out in the water to meet Jerry.

About 5 hours later we went back to Jerry's house and me and him sat down and watched Star wars. He fell asleep within 10 minutes and I used this to my advantage, and crept up his stairs and into his mom's bedroom where she was just putting her bathrobe on infant of the mirror. She saw me in her reflection and turned around to me.

"David, what went on earlier should not have happened." I tuned this out and started kissing her neck. "No David, this is wrong, You and Jerry are friends." I kept going and reached under her robe and started messaging her warm cunt. "Nooooo…."

Then she pushed me onto her bed and took off that robe. I pulled down my shorts and my cock was standing straight up. She crawled over me, kissed me once and sat on my dick. Oh it felt so good. Then I flipped her onto her back and started pumping into her. In and out, in and out.

"NO!" I stopped abruptly. "I want to be on top."

That suited me just as well.

I lay on my back and once again, she sat on my dick. Only this time she started bouncing on it. She started moaning and bounced harder. I grasped her tits and she moaned louder now she was bouncing really fast, and she shuddered and started cumming. Not to long after that, so did i.

We both heard a sliding of a door opening and we both looked at it.

It was Jerry.

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