Justines First adventure

Justines First adventure

One night I was lying on my bed. I had taken all my cloths of and was stroking my cock. It was growing in my hand and swelling in thickness. Almost every day it seemed to grow bigger. As I stroked it, a beautiful sensation grew in my loins and this increased as I stroked. It seemed so natural to grasp the beautiful shaft with my slender hands and wank it up and down. Faster and faster until I felt a surge through my body – I was looking down at the purple head of my large cock as my first cum shot out up to my chest. It kept spurting out and splatting on my chest – hot and white. I lifted my hand up and started to rub it in to me massaging my cum when I noticed something most unexpected. My nipples started to grow I was just twelve

I gently pinched them between my fingers and they swelled out to the size of acorns. Dark red. I felt the same beautiful sensation as when I stroked my cock. As I rubbed my nipples I felt my cock harden again – as if demanding attention. This time I was wanking my cock with one hand while rubbing my nipples with the other. I had never known such ecstasy.

The next day I was looking in a mirror at my body. There was not a hair anywhere – pure smooth silky pale. The hair on my head was becoming shiny and lustrous. I did notice something odd, my waist was becoming quite distinct and my hips swelling outward. I thought I was looking more like a girl. I quite liked that idea and swung my hips in a little dance. I found myself wanting cup my flat chest and feel my nipples grow. Immediately my cock hardened and I knew I needed to masturbate again. Soon my cum was shooting over my chest and I was massaging it in, feeling my nipples harden. I wanted to wank them and soon felt my whole chest feel beautiful. It didn’t take long for a most beautiful change to start. My flat chest started to swell – small breast buds started to grow, I started to cup them whenever I could. Constantly wanting to rub my spunk into them.

One day my cousin Maddy came over. She was a lot older than me – at 22. She lived in here own place near by. It was my birthday…

‘Hey Peter happy birthday! 12 and so gorgeous. She had short dark hair and tight figure hugging cloths. I noticed her look for a fleeting moment at my new breasts, ‘you are becoming… so lovely’ She was talking to my mother in the kitchen and then came out and said ‘I’ve invited you to mine for the weekend – how about that’. I was delighted and excited – I wasn’t sure why, but while I had always got on well with her, this time she was altogether more interested in me.

The time came for me to go over to hers. She said just bring some cloths to come home in, which I did. When I knocked on her door, she opened with a beautiful smile. I walked in and she took my bag from me and dropped it on the ground, strangely without her shoes on, she was about my height. She looked into my eyes and gently came towards me and kissed me on the lips. Gently but not letting go, just long enough for it to be more than ‘hello’. We went into the sitting room and I sat on the sofa. She closed the curtains and walked towards me. I could see her full breasts swinging under her silken top. Her own nipples seemed to be hardening as she sat next to me. She put one arm around me and kissed my forehead. Her breasts were pressing gently against me. Her mouth was moving towards me and instinctively my mouth opened a little. He tongue reached in and we explored each other. I felt her right hand lift up slowly and gently cup around my left breast. She started to fondly me as my nipples hardened, all the time kissing me. Then her hand reached down and pulled at the top of my elasticated joggers and reached in. She held my cock in her hands and started to wank me. I let out a moan of delight.

‘Peter my darling. This is very naughty you know. I could go to prison if anyone knew what we were doing.’
‘Then it has to be secret’

At that she knelt on the floor and looked into my eyes. ‘I want your cum in my mouth’ she said as she pulled down my joggers and shorts. Her hand was around my shaft. It seemed bigger than ever. I could see her eyes looking at my cock in amazement as her mouth opened and she gently took the head into her mouth, her tongue moved around and her head started to lower down talking it in further and further. I could feel it was at the back of her throat and she started to swallow it down further until my whole shaft was in. She was moving up and down sucking and making her throat muscled clench around it. Before long I could feel my cum growing in my loins, I was moaning and groaning now ‘oh yes oh yes that’s so lovely – oh maddy my cum is growing.. oh yes oh god I’m coming !!!!’ She lifted out a little so she could wrap her hand around and wank me a little. I was coming into her mouth as she moaned herself. Her other hand was in her pussy and she was coming herself.

She had swallowed every drop in me. I could see her pussy hand was glistening and she offered it up to me as I licked a little at first and tasted that exquisite caviar taste of pussy juice, then she climbed onto the sofa so she could offer her pussy to me – I could see it bare and dripping. Without waiting she pushed it onto my face and I started to like the salty juices in. Drinking and sucking as he clit grew into a little cherry. ‘mm yesss’ I heard her moan. I gripped her taught bottom and sucked in – drinking her own juices ‘mmmm oh yes keep sucking me baby’ then I noticed her start to quiver ‘oh yes I’m coming oh got I’m coming…’

After a while she gently climbed down and said ‘lets go to bed and make love all night’ I just smiled at her – I was in such a dream, I never wanted it to stop. She stood up and held out her hand to me. She led me into her bedroom where I saw a while cotton night dress – a woman’s one. ‘I bought that for you my love. I’m just going to the bathroom, would you like to put in on for me ?’
‘ er yes if you wish… I normally wear P Js’
‘That’s what boys wear – you are becoming a woman…’ with that she disappeared. I realised I was a woman – a young teenage one – only twelve years old but a woman, with smooth skin and breasts growing, but with a huge beautiful cock. As soon as I could I had my other cloths off and climbed into the night dress. I was looking into her mirror and could see my breasts pointing slightly outwards with my nipples as hard as nuts. Maddy came up behind me and held my shoulders as she looked at my reflection lovingly. ‘My love I want to call you a secret name which is just for when we are here. I will call you Justine, my nubile woman’ then her hands dropped down and gently cupped my breasts. I murmured a moan as she turned me around. Leading me all the way, she held my young teenage hands up and slowing placed them on her breasts. I started to fondle her as her nipples hardened. Our lips met as she pulled me close to her. My hands moved around to her back as our breasts met for the first time, thought the cloth, our nipples were seeking each other out. My cock was rising up between her legs. Sensing it, maddy opened hers a little while lifting my nightdress, and hers. My cock was rubbing her pussy lips which were dripping with her juices.

She took me over to her bed and lay me down. She climbed on the bed and straddled me so her pussy was up against my cock. With a swift movement, she lifted her night dress off her and it dropped to the ground. As her arms dropped, she arched her back a little so her breasts pointed out – her nipples so hard. She cupped her breasts and then reached down and held my cock.

She then looked down at me and said ‘I have never been with a young girl before, especially one with a cock, a beautiful hard cock’ I was moving slowly in rhythm with her ‘I want you inside me shooting your cum into my cunt’ she lifted up slightly so she could guide my cock to the lips if her cunt ‘mm yes baby’ as she pushed me in slowly, then she leant forwards as she lowered her cunt right down the full length of my huge cock. I reached up and held her breasts, then moved my mouth to start sucking one. I wanted our breasts to touch so I pulled her down. Slowly as we were fucking faster and faster our breasts met and pressed into each other as my cock fucked into her. I could feel my cum growing as my moaning became louder, fucking harder and faster – her moaning was louder too as we grew faster towards our climax. Our breasts were pushing desperately into each other – our hungry hard nipples pushing, then I could hold back no longer and held her tight to me and jerked into her pissing cum into her wet cunt as she climaxed too.

We spent that night holding and exploring each other, and every little while my cock would find her cunt and out breasts – our woman’s breasts would meet again. After a while, we had been in the 69 position, my head was lying in her pussy still slowly pouring out my cum and hers too, she was lovely holding my cock and occasionally sucking it into her mouth. I said ‘ I am a woman aren’t I’
‘Yes my love, a lesbian woman with a beautiful cock’

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