Kimmie's Fantasy 1

Kimmie's Fantasy 1


As my 19th birthday was approaching, I started to really hear it from a couple of my friends. “I can’t believe you are almost 19 and you still haven’t done it.” Julie would taunt. “You don’t know what you’re missing, there’s nothing like riding the high hard one to relieve all of this stress during finals.” Someone else would chime in.

I wasn’t completely naive about sex. I had several serious relationships with guys and had done nearly everything except let them fuck me. It’s not like I hadn’t wanted to have sex, it was just that I wanted it to be with the right guy at the right time. Call me a romantic, but the back seat of a car or the couch in my parents basement, with them right upstairs and my brother, lord only knows where, lurking about, never really made me feel comfortable with going all the way. My roommate in college had offered to spend the night somewhere else so that I could do the deed in our room without worry, but I just hadn’t met the guy I wanted to do it with at school. Not that there weren’t plenty of guys willing to take my cherry!

I had even had tried a little girl on girl experimentation with one of my friends when my roommate had needed our room for one of her many sexual encounters. Kori, my roommate, was somewhat less particular with the guys than I was. On a couple of occasions she had even had sex while I was in the room. I would pretend to be asleep and would open my eyes just enough to watch her performing all kinds of acts with her partners. Sometimes she would even leave her desk light on so that I would have a clear view of some of the large cocks that she would take in her mouth and clean shaven pussy. I swear that she was hoping I was watching because there were times when she would make sure that her pussy was aimed in my direction while her lover either licked her in a 69 position or give me a clear view of her guiding her lovers cock into her wet pussy.

The night that I spent at my friend Joanne’s room was a bit of serendipity. She and I had been out to a local club, using our fake ID’s, and letting guys buy us drinks all night long. We had ended up doing a couple of body shots off of each others stomachs, after receiving a dare from a couple of guys. I was shocked at how marvelous it felt having Joanne suck the liquor out my belly button and lick the remaining liquid from my entire stomach and up near my chest. She had “accidentally” placed a hand on my left breast and I instantly felt my nipple harden and the warm tingly sensation between my legs told me that this excited me.

We had rejected all of the guys’ proposals to take us home when we had finally decided to leave the club. We had danced with a few of them and shared a couple of dances together. Somehow our dancing together seemed to be more erotic to me then the dances with the guys. We had been bumping and grinding with each other and the sensation of Joanne’s hot, sweaty, body against mine was very sensual.

When we finally arrived back at Joanne’s dorm room, we were both a bit tipsy. She had a room of her own since her roommate had left school after the first semester. We had laughed and joked all the way home about the horny guys we had left behind. It was then that Joanne revealed to me how she was glad we had left the guys behind, because she was really attracted to me and that she had always found me sexy. I was a bit taken aback by her forward statements, but somehow I found myself leaning toward her and sharing a very intimate kiss. I didn’t try to pull away as she pushed her tongue into my mouth and felt her hand reach under my tank-top to gently caress my breast. I felt myself getting really turned on and spread my legs slightly as Joanne lowered her hand to my thigh and began to slide her hand up under my short skirt and close to my now tingling pussy. Her hand pushed the small, damp, patch of fabric that covered my steamy cunt aside and she gently slid her finger up and down my moist slit. She began to tenderly caress my clit. I was putty in her hands. Our kissing became more passionate, Joanne alternated licking my neck, tugging on my lips and plunging her tongue deep into my mouth. I greedily sucked her tongue into my mouth and squirmed as she continued to caress me. I was getting really hot!

It wasn’t long before Joanne had undressed me and was now removing her own clothes. I couldn’t help but let my finger dip into my own pussy as I admired the fine curves of her body, her small pert breasts, topped with the strawberry pink nipples appropriate for her fair skin. Her pale and freckled skin was a sharp contrast to my dark complexion and raven hair. I lustily admired her clean shaved pussy and wished that I had not left the little 1” landing strip of jet black hair leading to my womanhood. Joanne reached for my hand. She pulled my finger to her mouth and began to suck my juices from my finger. Then she led me to her bed.

She gently pushed me back on the bed and whispered.

“I’ve wanted you for so long, Kimmie. Let me show you how good I can make you feel.”

I was beyond the point of no return. I lay back and began to experience the most beautiful and gentle lovemaking of my life! This was not like the rough groping of the boys I had been with. This was a person who seemed to genuinely care about how good I felt and was set on letting me experiencing my femininity and sexuality.

My body began to quake and tremble as I reached orgasm after orgasm. Joanne’s expert tongue and gentle strokes in and around my pussy pushed me over the edge so many times I had lost count! My first multi-orgasmic experience happened with another woman! Wow, I never would have thought it possible.

When I could take no more, I pushed Joanne’s head from between my legs. She held me close as my body continued to gently convulse. When I was finally able to recuperate I began to explore her body. I rolled over on top of her and gently began to suckle one and then the other of her pink nipples. I experienced the sensation of fondling breasts, other than my own. Her small, pear shaped, breasts were luscious! When Joanne began to push my head downward, I knew what she wanted. I had never seen another girl’s pussy close up, nor had I licked one, but at this point I was more than willing. I wanted to reciprocate! I wanted to see if I could cause Joanne to orgasm the way she had made me! I truly wanted to have her pussy in my mouth while my tongue and fingers dipped inside of her. I gently kissed my way down her stomach, kissing and sucking the puffy, shaved, flesh around her cunt. I got the first whiff of her musky scent and then used my tongue to run completely up and down her soaked slit. I pushed my tongue into her wet hole and then began to suck on her blood engorged clitoris. Her skin was so soft, the gentle folds of her feminine flower, being a wonderful experience. Her nectar was delicious and I soon found myself working my tongue from her tiny puckered pink anus to her delicious pussy and clit. I was lost in devouring her sweet cunt and ass! Her hips began to buck and I felt her pubic bone bruise my lip. This did not deter me; it was my turn to push Joanne over the edge time and time again! My fingers probed her pussy as I continued to lick her sweet clit. I even dared to gently push my little finger gently inside the first inch of her anus, thinking about how I enjoyed this when I masturbated. She also seemed to enjoy this and pushed her bottom down, taking all of my finger inside her tiny butt hole. I wriggled my pinkie about as I felt her ass cheeks clench. I was now working my index finger inside her pussy, tickling her g-spot, as my pinkie slipped easily in and out of her anus.

“Oh God yes!” Joanne moaned as I felt her climax.

The inner canal of her vagina tightened around my finger and the juices flowed from her delectable pussy! I eagerly lapped at her cunt and swallowed all of the delicious cunt juices that I could. Her orgasms continued, she collapsed, pulled away from me, and assumed a fetal position. I cuddled up behind her, pushing my breasts against her back. I reached around and held one of her breasts as her trembling subsided. Her breathing became deep and I knew she had drifted off into blissful sleep. I would soon join her, but not until I had greedily sniffed and licked her juices from all of my fingers. I relished the scent of her anus that covered my little finger. I fell asleep with my new lover in my arms!


“Happy 19, baby sis!” My brother John saluted as we downed yet another shot.

“Thanks bro, but this has to be the last one! I don’t think I will be able to walk after this! Besides, my birthday was over 2 weeks ago.” I retorted, after finishing off lord only knows how many in a long line of Stoli lemon drops.

“Well, it isn’t my fault that you couldn’t make it home for your birthday dinner until now. Are you sure you’re ready to leave? I was just getting warmed up!” My brother boasted.

My brother John was only 18 months older than me, not yet 21, but he also had a fake ID. Besides, this club was notorious for serving minors. It had been a nice birthday gift from my brother; he was a construction worker, choosing not to go to college, but to start earning money right out of high school. Apparently, he had already received several promotions and was in charge of his own crew. He had bought a new home and was making great money. He had taken me to one of the nicer restaurants in town and then out for all of these shots! So after a bottle of Dom Paragon with dinner and the lemon drops, I was feeling no pain.

As we walked, arms around shoulders, together to John’s new ¾ ton pick-up, I couldn’t help but feel how muscular he had become from his work. He had always been in good shape and I had admired his muscles as a young girl, but now he was a truly buff guy! I could feel my nipple harden as my breast pressed against the strong muscles of his side. What was going on with me? Sure I knew this was my brother, but I felt myself beginning to tingle again at the sensations his hard body was creating. Just by us walking with our arms around each other. I pushed my tit harder against his side and felt even more moisture building between my legs. “I can’t be having these feelings about my brother”, I told myself. But I was!

“Hey Johnny boy,” I half slurred, “How bout letting me crash at your place tonight so that I don’t have to face the parents like this?” I tested.

“That’s not a problem, sis. Besides, I don’t want them yelling at me for getting you so fucked up! It would probably be safer for both of us if they didn’t see you so wasted!” John chuckled.

John released me and reached up to open the door of his truck for me. As I stepped on the running board, I made sure I fell into the seat and gave my brother a clear view of my ass. I had worn a rather short skirt and one of my favorite lace thongs, so I knew there was just a thin piece of fabric that was now up the crack of my ass. I acted as if I were trying to raise myself up, giving my brother an even clearer view of my butt and freshly shaved pussy.

John gasped, “Wow, little sister, you are a bit messed up.” I could feel my brother’s eyes taking in my compromising position. I was really getting worked up.

“Well, don’t just stand there staring at my ass.” I giggled. “Will you give a girl a hand here?

As John moved in to assist me, I crossed my legs around him and pulled him into me. This also caused me to slide forward into him and I felt his hard package press against my butt.

“Damn it Kimmie, I can’t help you if you have a leg lock on me!” My brother spoke.

“Sorry bro just couldn’t resist teasing you a little!” I pretended to slur again.

“Well, it’s a good thing you’re my sister because if I was any other dude I would have made sure to get me some of that nice butt when you fell into my truck.” My brother chided.

I just giggled a little more and retorted, “Well, that never used to bother you when we were younger and you used to slip your hands into my nightgown, when you thought I was sleeping.”

“What?” John acted surprised.

“Come on now, Johnny boy.” I went on. “You remember those hot summer nights when we used to sleep out on the 3 seasons porch.” I knew he remembered! But, I wasn’t sure if he knew I had pretending to sleep and let him touch my most private parts.

“You remember,” I reminded him, “How you used to wait until you thought I was asleep and then feel my little tits through my nightgown, then you would reach inside my little panties and run your finger over my wet little slit?

“Oh my god.” John uttered. “You were awake when I did that? I have felt guilty for so long about how I would do those things to you!” John confessed.

I thought my big brother was going to cry. I now set upright and pulled his head to my chest. My legs still spread with my brother’s waist between them.

“John, it’s really ok.” I assured him. “Don’t you think I would have stopped you if I hadn’t enjoyed it myself? I loved the fact that you found me attractive and wanted to touch my body. You are the one who really first made me feel like I was becoming a woman. It’s ok! I was really kind of disappointed when you stopped after that second summer.”

John seemed taken aback. “You liked my molesting you when I thought you were sleeping?” He inquired.

“Yes I did, I loved it bro. In fact, I wish you had never stopped. You gave me such wonderful feelings! I answered. “And right now I am really hoping that you might want to touch me again.” I whispered into his ear.

I had John’s head held firmly against my now fully developed breasts. I reached down, held his hand in mine for a moment, and then guided his strong callused palm under my blouse.

At first he attempted to withdraw, I pleaded. “John, I’m still a virgin and I want you to be my first lover. You were always gentle with me and I have never felt such wonderful feelings with any other man.”

His hand then began to cup one breast and then the other. I pulled him tighter to me with my legs and began to dry hump his crotch. I could feel his cock, hard inside his pants, pressing into the moist fabric that barely covered my pussy. I released my grip from his head and said, “See brother, I know a part of you that doesn’t have any regrets or guilt feelings now! Let’s go to your house.

I pressed my pussy harder against him, and then released my legs from around him. “Besides I think we are beginning to draw a crowd here and I don’t want anyone we know to see us getting it on in the parking lot!”

John’s strong hands left my breasts and his eyes lowered to his bulging crotch and my damp panties. I could feel the sticky, wet material pressed into my pussy slit and knew my brother had a perfect view of my puffy cunt.

I first slid one leg around in the truck and then the other, making sure to give my brother an even better beaver shot. Damn, I was soaked!

As my brother opened his door and hopped into the truck, he questioned, “Kimmie, are you sure this isn’t just the alcohol talking? Do you know what you are saying? I’m not sure that it would be right for us to do what you’re suggesting! I believe it’s even against the law!”

I raised my finger to my lips and whispered, “Shhhh, It’s not the booze that’s talking, brother. It’s me. I’ve thought about this long and hard and I want you to make love to me. I’ve got some naughty stories to tell you. I’m not as pure and innocent as you might be thinking, but that will have to wait. Now take us to your place.” I reached over and began to unzip his fly. I reached into his pants to maneuver his hard penis out of its confines.

My brother started the truck and pulled from the parking space, letting out a soft moan of pleasure. I took the throbbing head of his cock into my mouth and sucked the droplets of clear liquid from its tip.


It was only a few short blocks to my brother’s house. I had just begun to take the full length of his cock into my throat when John blurted, “You’ve gotta stop now Kimmie or I’m going to blow my load right now!” The truck had come to a screeching halt in his garage and the door was beginning to close. I opened my eyes and marveled at the handsome saliva covered cock. I could now clearly gaze at the wonderful spectacle of manhood that I had wrapped my small hand around and had been sliding in and out of my mouth. My brother was just the right length, probably just over 7 inches and his cock was not fat, but nice and slender, like my favorite toy.

“I don’t mind if you cum in my mouth, John.” I mumbled as I returned to sucking him.

“Damn it, Kimmie,” he breathed huskily. I want you to swallow my cum, just not here, not in the truck like this.” He continued.
“Let’s go inside and do this right, if we’re really going to do this. Not like a couple of high school kids in my truck.”

He opened his door, and I released his cock from my mouth, knowing that I would be able to enjoy him more outside the confines of his truck. He slid out and I watched him unbuckle his pants and try to place his rigid member back inside his pants. My brother wasn’t wearing any underwear and I had a clear shot of his muscular butt as he attempted to place his beautiful cock back into his jeans. He must have somehow managed to get it in and tugged to get his pants back over his firm buttocks. John walked to my side of the truck and opened my door.

When John held his hand out to help me down, I spread my legs wide and questioned, “Wanna see if my little pussy still looks the same?” I pulled my thong aside and gave my brother a wide open shot of my wet cunt. “You’ve made your little sister all wet again big brother, just like the old days.” I lowered my finger to my slit and ran my finger through my slit. I let a finger delve into the folds and into my moist cunt hole. Removing my finger I brought it to my mouth, sucking the fluids from it, I stated, “My juices taste good mixed with yours. Take me inside.”

“Damn, Kimmie, your pussy is even more beautiful than I remember. It looks even more like a little girls with all of the hair shaved off. You are so fucking hot!

John and I knew there was no turning back now. Any inhibitions he had now seemed to have faded away. He lifted me from the seat with his powerful arms and carried me into the house and up the flight of stairs where he placed me on his king sized bed. I slid off and onto my knees, once again unbuckling his pants. I pulled his pants down to his ankles and again took in the sight of his gorgeous cock. John had clearly shaved the hair off of his balls and from along the shaft of his cock, but he still had a rather thick growth of sandy brown hair above his cock and leading up to his stomach.

I wrapped one hand around his shaft and cupped his balls with my other. I began to pump his cock into my mouth once again, tasting more of the sweet elixir of his pre-cum. His strong hands reached under my armpits and he pulled me to my feet.

My loving brother began to unbutton my blouse and slid it off of me. I reached behind and unclasped my white lace bra that matched my panties, and crossing my arms, slowly removed it revealing my now full breasts.

“There a bit bigger than the little boobies you used to touch on the porch, aren’t they big brother?” I quizzed.

My breasts were a full c-cup and bordered on d’s, depending on the brand of bra I purchased. I reached down and cupped both of them, feeling my nipples harden. “Remember when you would softly pinch these nipples?” I further inquired. “I loved the way you used to tease them and suck them through my nighty. I always wished you would have lifted it and sucked on them without the material in the way.”

John just looked at my full breasts with lust in his eyes. I lowered my head and pushed both nipples toward my mouth, my tongue snaking out to run circles around first one nipple and then the other. “I sure as hell couldn’t do this when you used to touch them.” I quipped.

“Mmmm, they are still very sensitive. I want you to suck them again.” I commanded and I pushed my breasts toward him.

My brother stepped forward, cupping both of my breasts in his hands. He tilted his head and suckled first one nipple and then the other. I leaned my head back and moaned as his callused hands pushed my breasts together and he was able to take both nipples into his mouth at the same time. I felt his tongue running circles around my areolas, then using his teeth; he would gently tug on first one nipple, then the other.

I could feel my brother’s rigid cock rubbing across my stomach and skirt, as he bent over to continue his assault on my sensitive nipples. “Oh, that’s so nice John. Oh, god, yes, suck your little sisters titties.” I hissed.

I felt John release my breasts. His hands dropped to the back of my skirt as he began to pull down on the zipper. I pulled his face to mine and pressed my breasts into his almost hairless chest. I held his cheeks and began to run my tongue over his lips. Soon his tongue was dancing with mine and my skirt fell to the floor. We continued our passionate kissing as he began to run his hand over the front of my lacy thong. His fingers were sliding the thin material up and down my wet slit. I knew my panties were soaked with my juices. I lowered my arms and began to wriggle out of my thong. As they slipped off and onto the floor, I broke our kiss and stepped back. I reached over to push my brothers open shirt off of his shoulders. It fell loosely to the floor. We both stood there naked, both panting, both taking in the view of our sibling, in all of their forbidden, naked, glory.

I was in awe at how toned and muscular my brother was. He looked so rugged and strong. His biceps were massive and his chest was gorgeous. As I gazed down to his throbbing cock, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful 6 pack that formed on his stomach. His cock glistening from the small hole on the tip, I looked down to see the dried, shinny, liquid, that had formed a smeared, crust across my stomach and pelvis.

“God I have to have you, John!” I spoke. I reached out and wrapped my hand once again around his throbbing cock. “I want you inside me, be my lover, be my first, big brother.” I huskily breathed.

“I want to be inside of you so bad little sister! But I want you to do something with me first. Your pussy is so beautiful without any hair on it. I want you to shave mine off too.”

I was so ready to have my brother take me, that at first his request didn’t register. I had fallen backwards and spread my legs on his bed, just waiting for him to enter me. Then it hit.

“Oh, I get it big brother. We’re going to do a little fantasy play, huh? You want me to shave your pubic hair so we can pretend we are just kids again when we fuck. Mmmm, sounds like some good naughty fun to me.” I hissed.

Without saying another word, I followed my brother into his bathroom. I leaned over, giving my brother a clear view of my tanned ass and puffy pussy lips, from behind. I turned on the jets to his whirlpool bath. My brother just leaned against his sink, I guess admiring his view.

“Do you have a pair of scissors or a trimmer that we can use first?” I questioned. “It will make it a lot easier to shave off the smaller hairs.”

John produced a small trimmer from one of the drawers.

“I love how you have already shaved the hair from your ball sack and from the length of your shaft.” I commented. “This is going to be fun, making you look like a little boy again.”

After trimming the hairs down to near stubble with his little razor, we both stepped into the tub. I grabbed the shaving cream, being sure to spend lots of time running my hands over his pubic area, his cock, his balls, and even back around to his firm butt and spreading the foam into the crack of his ass. I even dared to gently push a finger ever so slightly, into his puckered anus. At first he resisted, but then allowed me full access. He spread his legs further, and as I gently shaved the hair from above and around his entire pubic area, I slowly worked my finger further into his tight sphincter. I pushed my finger in and felt around for his prostate gland. John gasped and I saw his cock jump.

“Are you ok, baby?” I inquired.

“Yea, sis. I don’t know what you just did, but I just felt like I was gonna blow a load of jizz there! What did you do?”

“I guess I just hit your prostate gland, big brother. I learned about it in anatomy and one of the girls in pre-med told me that some guys really get off on it. Seems like you may be one of them!”

“Lets finish up here, you look so damn hot all hairless down here. I can’t wait to experience how nice this smooth cock feels sliding in and out of your baby sister’s hairless pussy. Only one request though big brother, like I said, you’ll be my first! Please be gentle. I think I have already broken my hymen with my toys, but just in case, take it easy on me at first!”

“Oh, no need to worry little sister. I promise I will be gentle. I want to enjoy this as much as possible. Your pussy looks so pretty, I’ll be so smooth with you, that I may never want to stop. You are definitely the hottest piece of ass I have ever been with!”
I reached for a towel and began to tenderly dry my freshly shorn brother. I ran the towel up and down his hard cock. Then over his entire chiseled form. He then reached for another towel, ran it between my legs, up my stomach and then over my large globular breasts. After he had completely dried me, he lifted me with his powerful arms, carried me from the bath and back to his bed.

He slowly lowered me, and as he laid me back, he kissed me on the lips.

“I think I’m ready for you now, little sister.” He softly spoke.

“Do just one more thing for me, before you fuck me big brother.” I requested. “I want to see you stroke your hard cock like you used to when you thought I was sleeping, and you had been touching me. I always wished I could see your cock when you were jacking off after touching me. Will you do that for your little sister now?”

I watched as my big brother began to run his large hand up and down his lean cock. He started with slow gentle strokes, and I had to reach down to play with my pussy.

“You were always so caught up in your own jacking off that you never noticed that I was fingering myself while watching you back then, huh bro? Mmmm, that looks so hot! I love watching you stroke your cock while you imagine what it would feel like sliding into your baby sister’s pussy. Watch me finger my tight cunt while you stroke your hard cock, watch me!”

John’s eyes were fixed on my cunt while I worked first one finger, then two, and finally three fingers in and out of my hole. “See how bad your baby sister wants you. I want that beautiful cock of yours as far inside of me as it can go! Ohhhhh, damn, I can’t wait to feel you fill me up and push that nice hard cock up inside of me. Oh, god, John, please fill me with your hard cock.” I begged.

My brother continued to slowly stroke his hard cock as he lowered his head to my soaked cunt. I felt his warm breath against my pussy as he began to explore my puffy cunt with his tongue.

“Mmmm, I love your bald pussy, baby sister. It’s so smooth and soft.” He worked his tongue around my outer labia and then over my blood filled clit. I put my cunt juice, covered fingers to his mouth and he began sucking on them. He released them from his mouth and then laid his head between my splayed legs. He was so slow and gentle in his touch and licking of my cunt and clit. His swirling tongue whisked around my clit, plunging into my pussy hole, and around my puckered anus. My big brother was causing me to quiver as he explored my wanton pussy!

“Ahhh, John, turn around and lay on the bed so I can taste that fantastic cock of yours while you lick me. I want your hard dick in my mouth again.” I pleaded.
John removed his head from between my legs. I looked up at his face, admiring the juices from my saturated cunt that had covered much of his mouth and chin. His lower face was covered with the wetness of his baby sister’s pussy!

I positioned myself above him in a 69 position. I lowered my pussy onto his face as I gripped his hard cock and drew it into my mouth. His tongue one again darted in and out of my wet hole as I attempted to swallow his full, smooth, clean shaven, shaft. After some adjustment, I soon was taking his entire length into my mouth. I could feel John licking up more and more of the juices flowing out of my dripping cunt, while I continued to bob my head up and down on his shaft.

“Oh, you are such a naughty little cocksucker!” John teased as he gently spanked my behind. “But, of such a fantastic cocksucker, too.” He groaned.

I felt the minor waves of orgasm beginning to take hold of me as he gently swatted my ass and puffy pussy lips. My mouth began to work faster as he cupped his hand over my entire pubic area. I reached back and inserted one of my fingers between his and slid it into my wet cunt. I held his hand in place as I fingered myself and forced his hand to slide up and down, around my cunt. Little wave after little wave began to overtake me. I was nearly at the pinnacle of my orgasm when I also felt my brothers back arch and his cock twitch in my mouth. I cupped my hand around his tightened and wrinkled ball sack. I began swallowing jet after jet of his warm liquor. His mild, salty, taste as the warm fluid slipped down my throat and I attempted to drink all I could. I pumped his shaft as my saliva and what I couldn’t consume of his cum, dripped down his shaft. He was moaning loudly. I felt the hot flash of my own creamy, orgasm overwhelm my pussy and flow throughout my entire body. I knew my juices were now dripping from my cunt and I had to roll from my brother’s tongue as he flicked the droplets from my pussy and into his mouth. I lay next to him, my body drained, still holding his wet, flaccid, cock in my slender hand. I raised my head; I gave his limp cock one last tug, and rubbed the final drops of his jizz over my face.


We both lay there motionless except for our labored breathing. We were panting like animals. I had just had one of the most fantastic orgasms of my life, yet I wasn’t finished with my delectable brother yet.

“Holy shit, John.” I huffed. “I’ve got to catch my breath, but I hope your going to be ready for my pussy in a few. I have to feel that fantastic cock of yours inside of me, so I hope you aren’t too spent!”

“Jesusss, little sis! You are one tasty piece of pussy! Your cunt is delicious! Give me a couple of minutes, and I’m sure I can get hard for that yummy cunt of yours! This is just so wrong, it’s starting to get me hard just thinking of fucking my little sisters tight cunt. Oh, yeah. I’m definitely going to be “up” for round two!”
“I think I can help you out, big brother. Or I mean help us both out. Damn, I want to feel you fucking me! Come over here and straddle my chest”. I requested.

I had to touch my hot cunt and feel how much fluid was still easing down the crack of my ass. My brother had really made me cum, too! John slowly eased himself up and lifted one leg over me. I placed my brother’s now semi-erect cock between my breasts.

“I’m going to suck this pretty cock tip while you use that nice shaft to fuck my titties. I want you to titty fuck me big brother. I spit a large glob of saliva into my hand and began to rub it between my tits and around my brothers hardening cock. I did this again, depositing another large glob of saliva in my hand and smearing it onto us. I then began to squeeze my tits around my brother’s cock and alternated flicking my tongue across his small cock hole, then sucking the entire tip into my mouth. John was now pushing my tits together and fucking them hard.

“Damn, baby sister, I never would have imagined that your small little titties that I used to feel, would blossom into these beauties! You have the most perfect tits I have ever seen! The guys on my crew would go crazy if they ever saw these beauties! So perfect!”

“Oh, so you think the guys you work with would like to see your baby sister’s tits?” I questioned. “Do you think they would like to see my big brother’s cock slipping around between them? Tell me what the guys you work with would say if they could see your baby sister’s tits!” I questioned.

“Damn, sis, there isn’t a normal guy alive that wouldn’t pay to see these beautiful tits! You could make a fortune at the club we go to! Not that I’m suggesting you become a shaker or anything.” John retorted.

“So you really think that guys would pay to see my titties, big brother? Maybe I should be charging you!” I teased. “Hell, I used to let you feel em for free and now I love you fucking them! Tell me what the guys would do to me, big brother?” I pressed.

“Well I’m sure every one of them would love to be in my position right now! Hell if they could just see these pretty things, they would probably shoot their loads in their pants! Your tits are just fucking gorgeous!” He puffed.

The thought of strange men that my brother worked with looking at my tits started to really get me wet again. I could just imagine me stripping for them, my brother with them at the shaker bar and then thinking of how badly all of them would love to swap places with my big brother right now. I could just imagine all of them at home later stroking their cocks and thinking of my body. Damn, I was getting really horny again!

“What about my pussy, big brother? Do you think I have a pretty cunt? Would any of those guys like to see your baby sister’s pussy?” I quizzed again.

“Holy shit sis, if they saw this beautiful shaved pussy of yours, I know they would definitely cum all over themselves! Your pussy is so perfect! Nice and pink! And damn, you taste so fucking good!”

John reached behind to touch my wet cunt again. His finger slipped easily inside of me. I spread my legs for even better access.

“So do you think they would like to put there finger inside of me like you are? Would they like to finger fuck your little sister too? Do you think that all of them would like to feel my mouth around there cocks like you did and have me suck them dry? Is my pussy really all that? I teased again, as I puckered my lips around the tip of his cock.

Shit, damn, baby sister! I don’t even want to think of what those guys would do if they saw a pussy as perfect as yours. So puffy and clean shaven! They would probably fuck each other thinking of your beautiful cunt! Jesusss cristo, you are so frigging hot and wet, Kimmie. You like thinking about a bunch of guys seeing your sexy body and wanting you so bad that they would suck each other off to be with you! Don’t you, you naughty little girl!” My brother jabbed.

“Yea, it does make me really horny, big brother. Is that naughty thinking of how all the guys you work with and go to the strip clubs with, would love to see your baby sisters tits and cunt! Yea, it is getting me wet! Can’t you tell? Or did you think it was just you, and the thought that my buff big brother is fingering me, fucking my tits and me just dying to have your hard cock inside me that is getting me so wet?” I laughed.

With that John slid off of my chest and positioned himself above me. His muscular arms planted on either side of me and his chiseled chest lurking above me. I reached down between his legs and wrapped my slender hand around his rigid shaft. I gently slid his hard cockhead up and down the wet slit of my pussy. I shivered just thinking that I was about to guide the first real cock of my life into my lusting pussy. And, that cock was the hard shaft attached to my very own brother. My juices were really flowing as I eased the tip against the opening of my cunt. I could feel my clit throbbing at the thought of the pounding it was about to receive. A good, hard, long, fuck, given to me by my dear loving brother. What would people think? What would mom and dad think if they knew what there children were about to do and had been doing for the last couple of hours. What would all of my brother’s crew think if they could see me getting fucked by their boss? I gasped as I drew the first few inches of my brother’s cock into me. John gently eased himself down a bit further, and I released my grip form his shaft. He took that as the signal to continue, and I soon felt my brothers cock slide all the way into me. He filled me up. My vaginal canal tensed to hold him in me. There was no pain, just a warm feeling that no plastic toy had ever given me. I felt my brother’s pubic bone pressing against mine. I reached behind him, holding his ass cheeks in my hands and attempted to further engulf him. I wrapped my legs around him and hooked them. I had kept my eyes open to watch his cock ease into me, and then to slowly withdraw, glistening with the warm lubrication created in my anxious pussy. I watched as my brothers cock would slowly disappear into my wet pussy and then withdraw, glistening again. I closed my eyes as his pace quickened; savoring the full sensation I was getting inside with each new plunge of his cock. My brother was fucking me! My brother was sliding his long, slender shaft in and out of his baby sister’s eager pussy! My cunt desired him! I wanted to cum on him and feel him fill my hot cunt with his warm seed. Goosebumps were forming on my hot flesh as my brother moaned and fucked me. My cunt, the cunt of his baby sister, was about to get filled with his hot sticky cum. Fuck I was loving this. I loved knowing that my pussy was gripping my brother’s cock. Gripping him so hard that he would soon be cumming and calling my name! I met his quickened thrust with thrusts of my own. I could feel his tight testicles slapping against my puckered ass hole. My big brother was fucking me for all he was worth. The sweat was dripping from him and falling onto me. Our bodies were hot and steamy. His cock and my pussy joined together as one. A forbidden and beautiful union. I felt one with my brother. There was immense pleasure in knowing that he was my first fuck. The hot flashes were building from inside my pussy, warmth flowing from my womanhood, throughout my body. My brothers slick cock, sliding smoothly in and out of my tight cunt. His smooth shaved cock, plunging as deep as it could into my pussy, his baby sister’s pussy! I let out a scream!


My breath had nearly left me. The most intense orgasm I had ever freaking experienced! And I could feel that they weren’t over. Another, bigger one seemed to be building as John pounded faster and harder into my cunt. He was biting into my shoulder! Not hard, but still biting. His sweaty chest pressed against my glowing red tits. The blood was rushing through all of my erogenous zones. I was beginning to climax again! I felt John’s cock pulsing inside of me. Quick, hard, fucking! Passionate, piston, pounding, fucking. His cock was throbbing inside me, his breath short and rapid. I felt his cock begin to shoot hot jet after hot jet of cum into my cunt! I was over the edge and so was he! Then a hot complete sensation, as I felt my loving brother collapse on top of me. My hips still bucking as we climaxed together! Heavy breathing. Sweat dripping. Bodies sliding together in complete union! Brother Sister Lovers Fucking Complete!!!

My brother was heavy on top of me as I still held him inside me. My legs locked around his waist and my arms straining to reach around his chest and back. I felt his cock becoming smaller inside of me. Gradually shirking and withdrawing. I hated the void feeling that was replacing the fullness that I had just experienced.

After a few more minutes I felt my brothers cock completely slide out of me and a warm flow of liquids began to run down the crack of my butt. I knew my brothers cum was spilling out of me. It felt warm, pooling on the sheets below my ass. John eventually rose up from me. His eyes were glassy and his face was flush.

“That was the most magnificent sex I have ever experienced, Kimmie. I think I now know what real lovemaking is. It’s not just sex and fucking, but feeling love too. You are so damn beautiful. I want this to go on forever. I want you to stay here with me always, my lover. Never leave!

My brother rolled off of me. I pushed my butt out of the wet spot and lay on my side next to him. He began to spoon me. Both of us drifting into a satisfied and blissful sleep.

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