Life Of Jason

Life Of Jason

My story, (all rights reserved by copy write)
Chapter one & two of 23

A couple of years ago My best friend Bob and I sat down after a few beers and related to each other what our lives had been like. While completely different yet in some respects quite similar. This is my story as I related it to Bob.

The story you are about to hear is true, only the names and some of the places have been changed to protect the individuals written about. The words used are written so that you can get an idea of my thoughts at the age I was at that time of my life.
My father, mother, and Sister Tina lived in a small two-bedroom house in Venice, California. Tina and I had slept in the same bed since I was four because the house was very small. When I was about seven years old I woke up with my sister sucking on my pee-pee. Tina is three years older than me. My pee-pee was stiff because I had to pee and, I said, “Tina, what are you doing.” She said she was playing momma. When you were about two years old I saw Mom giving you a bath. She didn’t see me and after she dried you off and put powder on you she bent down and sucked on your pee-pee. She did that to you every time she bathed you until you and I started bathing together when you were three. This morning I saw your pee-pee standing straight up, so I thought I would see what it was like. I said it felt good and you can do it anytime. She didn’t think it was such a big deal; however I would catch her doing it now and then over the next year. I always pretended to be asleep.
In my eighth year I woke up one morning early and Tina instead of sucking my pee-pee was sitting on it. I said “now what are you doing?” She said “last night when I got up to go to the bathroom I heard a kind of moaning coming from Mom & Dad’s bedroom. I opened their door and momma was sitting on top of Daddy. She was moving up and down on Daddies pee-pee and making this funning moaning sound. His pee-pee was much bigger than yours.” I was only about four inches at that time. She said she wanted to see what it was like to do what Momma was doing, so that’s what I’m doing. She asked, “Do you like it,” as she continued to rise up and down on me. I said, “Yes, it feels real good” and she said it felt good to her too. After that whenever my pee-pee got stiff she would sit on it and, sometimes she would suck on it first. The only thing was I only got stiff when I had to pee in the morning. We did it two or three times a week, whenever Tina would wake up before I pee’d. One morning about eight months later I woke up with Tina sitting on me, but this time she had her knees up close to her chest and was pushing down on me real hard. Suddenly we heard kind of a pop and my pee-pee went into what she called her warming pouch about another inch. She said “Oh that hurt.” She just sat there on me for about a minuet or so, and then she continued to rise up and down on my pee-pee. It felt even better because there was more of me inside her pouch. I told her I had to really go pee. When I got up we saw some blood on the sheet and between her legs. We got real scared because we thought we had done something wrong. We hid the sheets until we could wash them after school. Tina went into the bathroom and washed herself off, it was later that we learned that she had broken her maidenhead because she was a virgin. We played Mommy and Daddy almost every day. One morning Tina started sucking my pee-pee after I had already been to the bathroom. I was quite surprised when it got stiff from just her sucking. After that I would let Tina do it whenever she wanted to. It seemed like she wanted to all the time.
About a year later I was invited over to my best friend Bob’s house. We had been best friends since I was about six years old. He lived on the next block. That Friday his folks asked me if I would like to stay over the weekend and then go with them to the rodeo. I said I sure would. Late that night I woke up and Bob was kind of bent over with his butt facing me, we slept in the same bed together. My pee-pee was stiff because I had to pee and was pressed up against his butt hole. Bob was kind of pressing his butt hole at my pee-pee. Just then Bob got up and went into the bathroom and came right back. He got in the same position and pushed back at me. He must have put some kind of oil on his butt because my pee-pee went right inside him. I began to push in and out of his butt hole. After a while he turned me around so that my butt was facing him. I felt him rub something on my butt hole. Then he took his pee-pee and slid it inside my butt. It hurt at first because Bob’s pee-pee was bigger around than I was. Then it began to feel good as he pushed in and out of me. I suddenly felt a warm liquid go into my butt and Bob let out a low moan. We took turns doing that to each other all night and each time Bob’s pee-pee would squirt that liquid up my butt. It felt kind of nice but Bob always made me stop after I had been doing him for ten or fifteen minuets. I would stay hard but never squirted anything into his butt hole. We must have done it five or six times each until his Mom called us to come to breakfast. I stayed over the following night and we started doing it again but this time I felt something different and I got this strange feeling between my legs and then my pee-pee squirted some of that same kind of stuff into Bob’s butt. Boy did it feel good. We took turns doing it to each other most of the night. The next morning we both felt real guilty and were afraid we might be queer, so we swore we would never do it again and we never did. I had to admit it did feel good.
After that night at Bobs I seemed was able to get stiff without having to pee. Late one night I got up to go to the bathroom and I heard some funny noises coming from Mom and Dads bedroom, so I quietly opened their door like Tina did before. I saw Mom lying on the bed without her nightgown and dad had his head between her legs. He was kissing her and running his tongue into her warming pouch. Mom was moaning and groaning something awful. I backed out and closed the door and hurried to the bathroom. When I got there I noticed that my pee-pee was real stiff and when I tried to pee I couldn’t. I had to but it wouldn’t come out. Finally when it softened a little I was able to go. A couple of days later I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I came back to bed Tina was laying there with her nightgown pulled up to her knees. I started thinking about what I had seen the other night so I lifted Tina’s gown above her waist and slowly spread her legs apart. I kneeled down and looked at Tina’s warming pouch; I could see she was growing hair all around it. I began to kiss her just like I saw Dad doing. I noticed that when I ran my tongue over the top of her pouch just above the hole she would twitch or moan. The more I licked that spot the louder she groaned. I put my tongue into that hole and licked the inside of her pouch. Tina let out a low moan and I felt something warm run over my lips and chin and Tina woke up saying, “What are you doing?” I told her what I had seen Mom and Dad doing and said I was just doing what Dad did. “Did you like it” I asked. She said she had never experienced anything like that, and “yes, she really loved it. We began to take turns. If I woke up first I would kiss and lick Tina’s pouch until she woke up and if she woke up first she would suck me and get on top of me. One morning when Tina was sucking my pee-pee I felt that funny feeling in my stomach like when I was at Bob’s and my pee-pee squirted that liquid into Tina’s mouth, she choked a little but swallowed it and then gave me a big smile. Her lips were so warm and wet and I wanted her to do it again. A few weeks later I woke first and started to kiss her between the legs when I saw she had this pad between her legs with straps to hold it in place. There was blood on the pad. I shook Tina and said she was bleeding again between the legs and asked, what happened, did I hurt you? No she said and smiled. She said Mom told her that when a young girl got to a certain age, she would begin to have what she called a period, and that it would happen every twenty eight day’s or so. It was a sign that she was growing up. Soon after she started her period Mom made Dad buy twin beds for Tina and I. She said we were too old to sleep together any more. We continued playing Mom and Dad. In fact we played it almost every day, and I would shoot that wonderful liquid into her warming pouch or her mouth each time we played.
Just after I turned thirteen we bought a house in Beverlywood. Dad had gotten a job as a pharmaceutical salesman. He had to travel a lot, and only came home on weekends, usually on Friday and had to leave Sunday or Monday morning. He must have been making a lot of money because the house was four bedrooms with three bathrooms and a pool. Tina got the bedroom with the extra bathroom. I still had to use the one in the hall. With the new arrangements it became a little more difficult for Tina and I to play our special game, but we managed.
Our new school was Hamilton High and it was there that we soon learned that what Tina called her warming pouch was really called a vagina, pussy, or cunt and that what we were doing was called fucking. Also when I kissed Tina’s vagina it was called eating pussy and that spot on top of her vagina that made Tina go kind of crazy was called a clitoris or clit. When she would suck on my dick it was giving head or a blowjob, and when we did each other at the same time they called it sixty-nine. Tina also started taking a pill she said was for birth control. Tina & I fucked and ate each other almost every day. Her pussy was so beautiful with her pink lips and she had gotten a full bush around it. I loved to eat her pussy. Her belly would quiver and contract before she came..
Even though we moved Bob and I remained friends. He went to Venice High and when Hamilton played Venice in any sport we always sat together. We use to go to the movies every Friday or Sunday night. During the summer we either went to the beach or he would come over and we would swim in the pool. One Summer Bob and I went to the Venice pier and spend the day at the old Fun House, afterwards when it got dark we went to where a hole in the concrete led down to the pilings below and we would sit on a crossbeam. There was a lattice fence that ran from one side of the pier to the other, with an opening in the middle. Between where we sat and the fence was a whole bunch of blankets on the sand. Must have been twenty-five or more. In between each two blankets was a bowl of water. There was a girl for every two blankets. The service men were lined up clear back to the boardwalk. I think there were over a hundred men in that line, mostly Navy guys. Those girls would fuck one and then clean their pussy with the water, and change over to the next blanket and fuck that guy. Each of those gals must have fucked

twenty guys each in about four hours. Some would fuck like rabbits, some doggy fashion and some slow and easy. Some of the guys had dicks from three inches to what looked like a foot. Some had dicks as thin as my middle finger, and others as big as my wrist. What a Sight. We would always get hell when we got home for not calling and letting Bob’s Mom and Dad know we were going to be late. Sometimes we went to the Ocean Park pier instead and sneaked into the haunted house that had a series of passageways leading to different rooms. We would get up on a ledge running along the passage and when girls would come walking by we would reach down and grab a tit. It was so dark the girls couldn’t tell where we were. One summer we met a couple of girls in one of the open rooms and started fooling around with them. This gal I was with named Sally, was a little older than me and wasn’t shy at all, she grabbed my cock and started rubbing it saying Oh my, such a big cock for such a young boy. There were to many people in the room so I took her back to one of the ledges. She gave me a great blowjob. I came in her mouth and she gagged and spit it out. She then got on top of me and sat down on my cock. I had to put a lot of spit on her pussy before I could slide almost all of it inside her. She liked to never let me go. She must have fucked me for at least half & hour. I came inside her and she said OH shit and stopped fucking me. She jumped up and said, I got to go clean out real quick. Bob said the girl he was with was named Fern and that he got her phone number and address where they were staying for the summer. He said he had a hell of a time getting inside. She had only fucked once before and it was with her cousin who was a lot smaller. He said it took about five minuets before he was able to get his dick in. The girls were sisters from Detroit and were visiting their grand parents. Bob and I fucked then both all that summer. We would switch partners and get them to eat each other. It gave me such a hard on watching them eating each other’s pussy. I would get one to eat her sister and I would then fuck her at the same time. If it were Sally I was fucking, Fern would finger her sister in the ass as she let Sally eat her pussy. Fern would stick her tongue into her sisters ass as she also ate her pussy. Fern loved me to fuck her sister in the ass as she licked her sisters pussy. I loved our foursome. When Fern ate Sally I would slip my cock into Ferns pussy and fuck her long and slow while Sally would be sucking Bob’s cock. However what really intrigued me about Sally was she had three tits. Two nice sized ones and a small one in the center of her chest about the size of a large golf ball. It was perfectly formed and when you sucked on it the nipples of the other two would pop out. One afternoon Bob and I spent about an hour sucking on those tits. Sally got so hot she begged us to fuck her, but we just kept sucking. Fern got real turned on and she went down on her sister and began kissing and sucking Sally’s wet pussy, Bob started fucking Fern from behind, and Sally pushed me away from her tits and put my cock into her mouth sucking it as if she was afraid it would go away. After about fifteen minuets or so I swear we all came at once. Bob shoved his cock into Fern right to the hilt and I could tell by the expression on his face he was shooting his load into her. Fern let out a moan and I could tell she was cuming too, and at the same moment Sally came all over Ferns face and Fern began licking and sucking that pussy like crazy. I let lose a load into Sally mouth and pushed clear to the edge of her throat She started to gag but my sperm shot down her throat and she swallowed all of it. We were completely exhausted. Fern wrote Bob later that she had gotten pregnant, and since she didn’t know which one
of us was the father she had gotten an abortion. It scared the hell out of us and was a real wake up call. After that if the girl didn’t take birth control pills I made sure I used a condom.

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