Likes Animals – Part 2

Likes Animals – Part 2

Ok, here's the story. I have recently discovered I'm bisexual. I maybe more
then the fair share of experimenting when I was little. My first experience
with something up my rear was being raped by my babysitter's dog when I was
little. It scared me but it did feel good to have something inside me. I
didn't have another experience tell I was 12 or so. One day that summer I
was at my buddy Paul's house and I was playing with there dogs dick while
he was in the kitchen doing dishes. I was jacking the dog off for the hell
of it watching him fuck my hand once I jumpstarted him.

That got me a little aroused and I started to think about when he fucked
me. I got real turned on then but there wasn't any way he could do that now
with my buddy in the other room. I decided to try to suck him instead. I
found out dog dick has a real bitter sour taste to it and it constantly
squirts precum. I was sucking on his pole when Paul walked into the
doorway. He didn't say anything right away. After a few minutes of silence
he asked me "do you remember what we used to do when we where younger?"
(referring to sucking each other off and putting it in each others asses
when we where like 5 or 6) "Yes" .

"would you want to try it again?" "sure" So we went upstairs and
undressed. I was real nervous and shaking with anticipation at the same
time as he went to the bathroom to find some lube. I had fantasized about
what it would feel like and it was about to happen! I got myself in the
doggy style on the edge of the bed and when he came back in he put some
lube on his dick and a little on me. Paul was about 5 inches long and ready
to go. He told me to scoot up so he could get on the bed too. I scooted up
as he got on the bed behind me. He started to rub his dick up and down the
crack of my ass before he put it up the my hole. He put a little pressure
and asked "ready?" I nodded. He slowly pushed it in, it hurt a little but
it felt a whole lot better then my finger. Oh god it felt good! Paul must
have thought so too because after a minute he asked me "do you want me to
cum in you or no?"

"cum in me". A second later he rammed it in as far as he could and shot
his load inside me. My first time was very quick but it felt great, I
wanted more. we went downstairs where he confessed he liked animals too. He
remembered when we played with the dog when we where little and how he saw
me sucking the dog when he came in the room and it made him hornyer then
ever before in his life.

We never talked about what we did the first time and I was real shy about
the whole thing. We later where playing around in my room in the basement
when we got the Idea to try a blindfold test of jack off lube found around
the house. We gathered a bunch of things, vegetable oil, hand lotion,
fabric softener, pepto bismol, grape jelly and what ever else we found. I
strung a rope between two poles in me room and draped a blanket across
witch divided the bed in two. He laid down with his head on one side and
his bare dick on the other. I started jacking him o with the different
items and had him wash his dick between each one. I went threw the things
and every round eliminated one. I got super horney while doing all this and
got an idea. We got to the grape Jelly again and I wrapped my mouth around
it and started to suck him off. It must have felt different because he
moved the curtain away and looked at me and smiled and laid back down. He
stopped me just before he came. It was neat watching him cum. Those big
globs shooting in the air.

The next time I went up to my moms room and went threw her clothes and
found a black lace teddy and stockings. I brought them down and showed
Paul. He told me he liked them and to dress up in them. I did and when he
saw me he went totally hard! He came at me and gently laid me down on the
bed and started feeling my legs with the nylons on with one hand and
playing with my breast the next. He pulled down the top and started to
suck on my nipples like I was a woman. This felt so good I almost came! He
then put me on all fours and unsnapped the rear end the teddy exposing my
more the willing ass. He grabbed some hand lotion from my nightstand and
lubed himself up. He came up behind me and inserted his manhood into my
willing ass. He fucked me like a man possessed until he sprayed his juice
in me.

A few days later I dressed in the same teddy and put my clothes on over it.
I called him on the phone and told him. He was over quick as lightning. He
escorted me down to my room and slowly undressed me. Then he pushed me down
and dropped his drawers and guided his dick in my willing mouth. I sucked
him almost to the point of climax before he pulled it out. He then laid me
down and sucked my nipples making them rock hard. He then rolled me over
and banged the hell out of me before once again shooting his wad in my

On the last day we ever did anything like this we here in a 69 and damn
could that boy suck a dick. I had been wanting him to shoot his load in my
mouth but was to shy to say so. So I figured if I came in his he would come
in mine. We where going at it and he was on top (I like being on bottom)
His dick was buried in my throat and he was going to town on mine when I
felt that all too familiar tingle I enjoyed the feeling as long as possible
before I shot my load in his mouth. He took all of it then got off and spit
it onto a rag and yelled at me. I was thinking he wanted it. Obveastly he
didn't. That was the last time we played that way with each other.

I wish I could do all this over again. I loved the feel of him inside me. I
enjoy being the woman, feeling the lace against me skin and having my
nipples sucked. I haven't ever put my dick into another guy and I don't
want to. I enjoy sucking and being fucked. Now that I'm older maybe I can
find someone who likes a submissive cross dresser . Someone who loves to
suck and get fucked and likes animals.

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