London Calling

London Calling

This is a true story that happened to me about six months ago, though obviously the names have been changed.

My fiancée and I had been invited down to London for a party by my best friend from school. Having not seen my friend for quite some time we decided to take some time out and head down. We arrived at the house to be greeted by my friend and his room-mate, a beautiful South African girl with shoulder length dark hair and a lovely pair of tits.

After a few hours at the party, my fiancée and I were feeling a bit tired and got very horny. My friend said that we could stay in his room because he would be staying at his girlfriend’s place that night. So Evie (my fiancée) and I disappeared upstairs to his room and started getting it on together. She is a slim brunette, about 5’8” tall with gorgeous, perfectly rounded breasts and I always enjoy fucking her. This occasion was no exception, apart from the fact that various people kept coming in and interrupting us. After about an hour of this we were both pretty exhausted and settled down to go to sleep.

While I was sleeping, Sally (the South African) and her friend Hannah (also from South Africa) had come into the room and were talking in the big walk-in closet. Evie woke up and went in to see who was there. Hannah was even more beautiful than Sally and Evie, in her drunken state, decided that she wanted to kiss her.

I don’t know all the details of what went on in between, but a short while later Evie came and woke me up. I turned round, bleary eyed, to see 3 naked bodies lying on the floor next to me. Evie, Hannah and Sally were all lying there looking up at me as if to say: “Aren’t you going to join in?”

I jumped out of bed, still naked from my earlier session with Evie and moved over towards them. I knelt down and started to kiss Sally tenderly on the lips. I felt a hand across my back and turned to see Hannah stroking me. She leant forward and gave me a sweet kiss, flicking her tongue between my slightly parted lips as she did so. Evie then came over and put her hands around me from behind, slipping one hand down to my cock, which was steadily growing as a result of this bizarre situation.

“Wow!” I thought to myself, “this can’t really be happening.”

I stood up, Evie was still behind me and Sally and Hannah were taking it in turns to kiss me and stroke me. As we moved over to Sally’s bed I turned around to give Evie a long, passionate kiss as a thank you for the presents she had brought me. We broke off and I turned to Sally to give her a kiss, moving my hands down her back to caress her lovely round arse as I did so. She moaned with pleasure as I squeezed her buttocks. Meanwhile, Evie and Hannah had started stroking each other and kissing and as I looked round, Evie was lying back on the bed with Hannah kissing down her neck, moving down to one of her breasts, taking her nipple into her mouth while her hand gently stroked the other one. I turned back to Sally, lustfully looking up and down her smooth flesh, my eyes resting on her freshly trimmed pubic hair. I pulled her head towards me, and as I kissed her I ran my hand up her inner thigh. She gave a soft moan as I gently ran my finger along her already damp slit before pushing it inside her lips, relishing the feeling of her moistness.

I pulled away from Sally and turned round to see Hannah’s head between my fiancée’s legs, lapping away at her pussy. Sally moved on to the bed to kiss Evie and I was faced with the gorgeous sight of Hannah’s arse right in front of me. I knelt down, ready to get my first taste of pussy of the night. Kneeling there behind her I pulled her arse-cheeks apart to get a better view of her pussy and quickly darted my tongue in and out just once. She wriggled her arse in pleasure so I stuck my tongue inside her for a bit longer this time, before running it right the way down to her clit, lingering there and circling it slowly, making her squirm with pleasure. I stayed there for a few minutes, sucking her clitoris, licking the full length of her pussy and all the time she was still working away at Evie’s pussy in the Sallye way.

By now I was rock hard and really needed to stick my cock inside her cunt. I stood up, pulled her cheeks apart and gently eased my cock between her lips, pushing it all the way in in one steady movement. I could see that Sally was now sitting astride Evie’s face, grinding her hips into her chin, forcing Evie to eat her pussy. Holding onto Hannah’s hips I started thrusting into her, slowly at first and getting faster and faster. I could hear her muffled moans from between Evie’s legs as I got up to full speed. I felt her pussy walls start to contract around my cock as I thrust in and she began to come. She moaned out as the orgasm rushed through her body and bit down on Evie’s clitoris bringing her off at the Sallye time. Watching these two beautiful women orgasm together set me off too and I pulled out to spray my cum all over Hannah’s arse.

Hannah stood up and turned round, slipping her arms around my waste. She looked into my eyes and moved towards me running her tongue along my lips before engaging me in a strong kiss. While we kissed Evie and Sally had changed position and now Sally was lying on top of Evie while they kissed and stroked each other’s backs. I looked longingly at the two of them lying there, Evie’s arse up in the air, Sally lying flat on her back with her legs spread wide so I had a great view of her cunt.

“You know you want to,” Hannah whispered softly in my ear. “You want to fuck her don’t you?” She was right. I DID want to fuck her. “Go on then,” she said. So I grabbed Sally’s legs and pulled her towards the edge of the bed, causing Evie to slide up her body until she was sitting over Sally’s face. I didn’t want to stick it in her until I’d had a taste of her juices.

I knelt down again and started running my tongue up and down her beautiful pussy, licking, sucking on her clit, stopping occasionally to blow gently on her lips. When I did this she shuddered with pleasure. Not wanting to wait any longer I stood up and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her cunt. In one swift movement I thrust my hips forward, forcing the whole of my cock into her in one go. As I pulled out right to the tip of my cock, Hannah knelt down and started licking my balls, gently taking them into her mouth one at a time. I started thrusting really hard and I could feel my nuts banging against Hannah’s face. By now I was fucking Sally really hard and she kept calling out, practically screaming in ecstasy.

She was shouting “Fuck me! Fuck me really hard! Fuck me! Fuck me!” over and over again. I finally felt her pussy convulsing around my cock as she came, screaming out one last time.

I still hadn’t finished but Sally obviously couldn’t take any more so I pulled out and moved onto the bed, kissing Evie and moving her away from Sally so that I could finish off inside her. I laid her on her back and put her legs over my shoulders, slowly inserting my knob all the way to the hilt. I fucked her hard and fast until finally I felt my balls tighten and I shot my load deep inside her. The feeling of my hot jizz set her orgasm off and I felt her come over my cock.

The three of us lay exhausted on the bed and Hannah came over and joined us. We lay there just kissing and stroking each other gently, enjoying the aftermath of the wonderful experience we’d just shared.

I still can’t believe that it really happened. We’re still in contact with those two South African beauties and you never know… might happen again one day…

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