Losing My Virginity_(5)

Losing My Virginity_(5)

This all started one day when i was 16…. i was in love with this girl more than anyone ever had her name was Melissa. we had been friends ever since i met her my freshman year of high school, i starred as mr. morbucks in the play annie melissa played annie. we became close friends but towards the end of my sophomore year we had become even closer i would go to her house and stay all weekend she'd surprise me at night by climbing through my window. one day at school we decided to stay after and go to the woods behind the school. we had already been there many times for makeout sessions.

we met in our usual spot right by the shotput practice feild and walked into the woods. we had plaaned to only stay there an hor till the 4 o'clock bus but you'll find out later. we got to our secret spot an ampitheatre that is never used anymore but i had been out there that summer getting rid of the tall grass. we went to one of the benches in the back and started making out like we usually do now i'm just 5"9" and weigh about 180 as i said before i was 16 she on the other hand was 18 6"3" and 230 pounds next thing i knew she was lying on top of me rubbing her crotch against my leg. i was pinned, then i suggested we do something we never had before she immediately agreed but was still scared she was afraid she was going to hurt me but i told her it would be no problem. so to calm her down a bit i spread her legs open she had a skirt and no panties per my request and i started to eat her out i had done this before and knew she would be very assertive soon just the way i like it. i licked her dripping slit finding her engorged clit with my tongue and started to nibble on it very lightly she always enjoyed this. then as i swirled my tongue around her clit i stuck 2 fingers into her dripping pussy. they moved in with ease i went in till i found her little wall i pushed it a few times causing her to arch her back as juices spurt all over my face drenching it completely.

At this point she was ready to do anything and i mean anything. she told me to grab a condom from my bookbag (my dad made me keep several on me at all times) i did as she told me to and found one to her liking she grabbed it from my hand and ripped open the package with her teeth. she then pulled me closer to her and unzipped my pants i had no underwear on either and my 8 inches of manmeat flopped out in front of her face. she licked the tip of it to get it nice and hard and as usual she commented on it like always she always loved how thick it was too. she then grabbed the condom and put it on my dick sliding it all the way down to the very bottom. she then told me to go lay down under the tall oak trees surrounding the ampitheatre i did and she followed now where she chose we were in clear view of the entrance to the theatre and i knew a few of the other girls were walking around the woods that day.

i layed on the ground i decided to let her have control since it was her first time i grabbed her sides and pulled her down towards me she reached down underneath her and grabbed my rock hard cock and pulled it towards her dripping opening. she then pushed the head in she started wincing at that moment but she kept on pushing the next thing i knew her legs gave out on her and she plopped right down on top of my dick tearing her wall to shreds the blood started pouring out but that just turned me on even more. she took a minute to get used to the feeling of my cock in her dripping cunt. she then started bouncing up and down she came up all the way till my head reached her outer lips then slammed back down all the way to the base.

After a few minutes of this i heard a gasp and looked up at her but she was too busy enjoying herself i looked towards the entrance and there was abby my friend for 2 years watching melissa having fun. i had recently found out that abby had had feelings for me for many months and i decided to let her watch. after a little while i felt mellissas pussy start to aqueeze my dick and i knew she was coming again that was the last straw as my dick shot forth the hot stream of cum it had been holding both of us laid there catching our breath and noticed abby had come and sat down on the bench right in front of us her jaw was open as wide as possible. she too was a virgin and i knew it but she knew melissa was a virgin too and had also seen my dick before she was surprised melissa could stand having it fill her up. now abby isn't all that bad 16, 5"7",150 pounds perfect hourglass figure with that tight heart shaped ass.

i noticed melissa had caught her breath and still in a state of pure sexual exctasy started to ride my cock once again. abby by that time had caught her wits and i could see straight up her skirt with the small wet spot forming dead center. i asked if she would like to come over she nodded and like in a zombielike state walked towards me i asked if she wanted some help. she asked how i could help her i told her to pull off her panties and lift up her skirt she did this but took her sweet time doing so when she did she stood right next to me i started to palm her cunt spreading her juices all around. i then told her to sit on my face and let me eat her out she blushed a deep red and sat down straight on my mouth i opened my mouth to let my tongue slide across her dripping cunt lapping up all her juices she arched at the touch of my tongue i then pushed it deeper inside her trying to part her lips. i succeeded using my nose to hold them open my hands were busy keeping melissa up straight the tip of my nose brushed her clit and i could feel the heat coming from deep within her pussy i pulled my tongue closer to her clit brushing past it a few times each time she moaned. she stated grinding her pussy against my face and let me tell you this both these girls shaved and that is the way to go. i swirled my tongue around her clit and then lightly bit into it causing her to scream i continued this motion for several minutes till she started to cum right on my face the smell of her cunt and taste of the juices caused me to spurt and the vibrations of my cock as it shot load after load caused melissa to cum once again.

abby slid off my face allowing me to breathe deeply the fresh air melissa came off my dick and came up to kiss me she laid next to me and fell asleep. abby wanted to know if she could play with my dick i would never deny her and let her do as she pleased. the next thing i know the condom had been ripped off my dick and i saw her head bobbing up and down unbeleivable this virgin girl was sucking my dick i couldn't beleive it her hot little mouth caused me to cum in just a few minutes she swallowed every bit.

she laid down on my other side and fell asleep. i started playing with her nipple but i was so spent i soon fell asleep. now remember we are still in the woods behind the school its still considered school property. i woke up the sky was dark and both girls were still happily sleeping away next to me i slid out from between them and found my clothes i looked at my watch it was 7 o'clock at night the last bus leaving school was at 4 i quickly woke the 2 girls who were as surprised as i was to know it was really late we all got dressed and started walking home luckily we all live about a mile from the school. i took abby home first when she got inside me and melissa walked a little longer and passed my house but like the gentleman i am i walked her home first needless to say we all had some fun that night and we all three met in those woods often after that but we agreed the next time we meet i would take abby's virginity as well but i'll save that for another story.

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