Lost Valley Girl

Lost Valley Girl

When this first happened I felt bad and was sure the day would come that we would all get popped by the cops. Latter on I met the girl involved at school and she turned out to be a total bitch. I also found out she was a pill head. I don’t know if she deserved what she got but she never recognized me or any of my friends so I figured she was just too wasted to identify any of us.

It was late on a Saturday night and the boys and I were hanging out in front of Johns’ house tossing around a football. We were all totally trashed. John lived on one of the busiest streets in the Valley but at three am there was not much traffic. You would think we would have noticed when a car stopped across the street and a young girl got out but none of use remembers seeing it. As Jimmy turned to chase the football he saw the girl staggering around. “ Dudes check this out.” we all crossed the street to see what was up with this chick. I said “ hey lady what are you doing out all alone this late at night?” She said her friends were a bunch of lightweights and she was looking for a guy named Tom’s (won’t use last name) house and that she new he lived off this street some were. Tom was a local that we all knew so we told here we could give her a ride as it was just around the corner. This chick was so fucked up she just followed us across the street to Bobs car. She told us her name was Sherry. She was slim with mid length dirty brown hair. It was hard to really check out her bod as she hade on a Jacket and jeans but that did not make a lot of difference to a bunch of Horney teenagers. Jimmy nudged me as we followed behind her and pointed to her ass. “ I’m going to get some of that.” he said under his breath. Carl, Jimmy and John got in the backseat Sherry hoped in the front between Bob and me.

Now let me tell you we weren’t a bunch of bad kids and this did start out as us trying to help her out, some of us had had some run ins with the law but nothing violent, mostly drug shit and certainly not rape.

As we rode to Tom’s house Sherry was almost passed out. I know we were all looking to see who would make the first move. I was sitting next to her so I put me hand on her leg to she what she would do, she half came out of it and moved my hand. She mumbled something incoherent that sounded like nock it off asshole but she was really wasted. Jimmy asked her what she planed to do if Tom was not home. She told him he better be case she did not plan on spending the night with you losers. I don’t think she knew where she was cause she was talking a lot of shit by this time.

Bob pulled up a couple of houses away from Tom’s house and shut the car down. I pointed to the house Tom lived in and opened the car door. She pretty much climbed over me to get out of the car before I had a chance to move. Her tits rubbed over my chest and I grabbed her by the waist and ass to kept her from kneeing me in the crouch she fell out of the car and on to the ground laughing. I got out to try to help her up but she just pushed me away and told me to “get the fuck out of the way.” By know John had got out of the car and told her to kept it down or somebody would call the cops. “ Fuck the cops where is Tommy? Tommy, Tommy come out and play.” She was getting louder so John told her to shut and he would take her to the house. John walked down the street guiding Sherry as she staggered down the street.

“Man what a fucking bitch I hope Tom is home.” I told Jimmy and Carl standing next to me. That’s when Jimmy said we should take her up to the top of Tampa and fuck her brains out. Carl said, “I doubt she would go for that” Jimmy said “ fuck her what she going to do to stop us you guys in?” Bob said “ no way dude I’m not down with rape.” Carl was getting really nervous see we did not know at the time but he was still a virgin so I don’t know if he was scared of getting busted or getting layed. I told Jimmy I had enough of this bitch’s mouth and was with him.

About this time I saw the lights go on at Toms’ house and could her Sherry call out “ Tommy it’s me baby let me in.” I heard Toms’ dad call back that Tom was not here and to get the fuck away from his house. I was sure when I heard that the cops would be here soon. John drug Sherry back to the car. I had jumped in the back Jimmy got a hold of Sherry and pushed her in behind me and followed her in the backseat. John and Carl got up front and Bob speed off. John had no idea what we were talking about while he was gone but told Bob to pull around to the back of his house incase the cops were looking for the car.

Sherry was still half out of it and mumbling how she needed her Tommy now. I thought what the fuck this chick is so out of it she doesn’t have a clue what the fuck is going on. I leaned over and whispered in her ear “ hey sweetie Tommy’s right here.” And began nibbling on her ear. She turned to me and slid her tongue in my mouth. I began rubbing her tits through her shirt and worked my hand down to her crouch. She was now moaning and wiggling around. I moved my hand up and began to undo her pants. I look up and saw Jimmy give me a thumbs up. I slowly unzipped her pants and was very happy to find a very wet clean-shaven pussy. You may ask yourself why a 16-year would shave her cunt but this was a hardcore Valley Girl, in the seventies they start to fuck at 12 and were full on sluts by 15. I think she planed on getting laid that night but probley not like this. I still don’t think she knew where she was and she reached for my hard cock and began to rub it in my pants. The car had now stopped and we were parked in the alley behind John’s house.

Jimmy began to slide his hands up the inside of Sherry’s shirt and was now playing with her nipples. I think this was when she began to realize that there was more than one set of hands on her. Her pussy was wet and I had two fingers going in and out of her cunt when she began to try to pull away from me. All at once she snapped back to realty and said “ what the fuck do you think your doing?” she pushed me away and the fight was on. Jimmy grabbed her arms but she was known kicking and trying to punch us as hard as she could. Jimmy managed to sit on her stomach facing her while I held her legs. “ You better calm down and stop fighting or we will fuck you up bitch” Jimmy said “ fuck you faggot get the fuck off me” She spit at Jimmy and started to scream. John, Carl and Bob had been watching from the front seat and John said “shut her the fuck up or the cops will come” Jimmy gave her a hard shot with his fist up side the head. I felt her legs go limp and while she was still moving she was now dazed. I used this as my chance to pull her pants and panties off and was able to see her bald cunt. John was looking over the seat and said “holy shit look at that” Jimmy pulled her shirt up over her arms but left it rapped around her head so she could not see us. At that point Bob said “ you dudes are fucked up and I don’t want any part of this” he opened the car door and started to get out, this turned on the overhead light and we all got a good look at Sherry’s naked body, her 38 C tits were hard as a rock and Jimmy told Bob “ you’re a fuckin dwebe if you don’t want to fuck this slut” Bob closed the door and stood outside the car smoking a joint.

Carl was now leaning over the front seat looking at Sherry hard, John reached over from the front seat and got hold of one of her ankles pulling her foot up on the top of the seat. I had hold of the other leg and her hole was now spread wide open. I went right for her clit and began to suck and lick it slowly, Jimmy dropped his pants and sat on top of her so his hard dick was in-between her sweet tits, Jimmy spit on his dick and began to fuck her tits. Her slit was already wet from me finger job but now the juice was really flowing. I licked up and down and stuck my tongue deep in her cunt and asshole. Her hips were now moving with my tongue and she began moaning a low moan. John said “ I think she likes that I can’t wait to get my dick in that cunt.” Carl had his dick out and was jacking off while he watched the action. Jimmy pulled the shirt off Sherry’s head her eyes were wide open and tears were rolling down her face. Jimmy grabbed her by the neck and said “ you better give us what we want or they will find you in a ditch in the mourning.” He than slid up “ suck my dick and if you even think about biting me I will cut your tits off” He than shoved his cock in her face, she turned her head reached out for his dick and he was soon fucking her mouth in and out. I slid up from my position and pulled me pants down I had my dick up against her slit and began rubbing it up and down her cunt. “ Quit fucking around and fuck this bitch,” John said as he pulled his pants off and climbed over the seat. He began sucking Sherry’s tits while he stroked his meat. Sherry began humping me dick hard and I could feel her building. She slid Jimmy’s dick out of her mouth and said “ fuck me harder you faggot oh fuck oh fuck of fuck” she slid Jimmy’s dick all the way down her throught and began cumming hard on my dick. This was too much for Carl who was still jacking off in the front seat and he moaned and shot his wad all over the front seat. I think he was embarrassed cause he grabbed his pants and got out of the car. Jimmy shot next and I could her chocking on his cum. I gave her a few more pumps “ oh fuck her it comes you cunt fuckkkkkkkk” my cum filled her hole and began running down her ass. John looked up at me and said “ you nasty fucker I bet her cunt is too wet now Jimmy flip this slut over I want to fuck that ass” At this Sherry said “no” and started to fight and scream again. Jimmy took her t-shirt and used it like a gage as we flipped her over so John could get at her ass hole. I got out of the way as John mounted her doggie stile and began to shove his cock up her ass. Sherry screamed hard into the shirt and began to fight hard it was no use as Jimmy and I held her tight “ I guess you never had your ass fucked before I am going to pack your shit so tight you won’t walk for a week” John pounded her ass harder and soon she was no longer fighting she just lay there and grunt with each one of Johns thrusts. The inside light came back on as Carl and Bob got back in the front seat. “ What the fuck are you dudes doing to that bitch she’s’ grunting like a pig” Bob said, he than saw John pounding Sherry’s ass Jimmy had pulled the gag out off her mouth and was now trying to get her to suck him off again. John began to slap her ass gave out a load cry and filled her ass with his cum. He fell on top of her and laid twitching as he shot the last of his jiz deep in her hole. Bob was now staring hard and I new by the way he was looking he wanted some. “dude” I said “ you might as well get some cause you are in as much shit as us if we get busted” Jimmy pulled his now hard cock out of her mouth and climbed on top of her from behind. “ you better make up your mind soon I think were about to were this cunt out” He pulled her up on her knees and began sliding his cock in and out of her sloppy pussy. “you faggots couldn’t were me out if there were ten of you” Sherry mumbled “ come on needle dick is that all you got” “how bout I shove this needle up your ass” and with that he pulled out of her cunt and shoved his dick hard up her ass hole. Sherry began to grunt again. “your buddies dick was bigger so you better move your ass” Bob said “ I’m sick of this bitches mouth flip that cunt over I got something that will shut her up” Bob than pulled the biggest non movie dick I have ever seen out of his pants. “ whoa dude that’s a fucking monster” John said as Bob climbed over the seat and help Jimmy flip her over. She was now sitting on Jimmy with his dick firmly up her ass. That’s when she first saw Bob’s dick it was at least 13 inches long and fat as my fist. “ I don’t need to rape no sluts all I do is show them this baby and I own that pussy” Sherry without a word reached out and put both hands around Bobs dick. She had forgot about the dick in her ass and stared at Bobs cock like it was the first one she had ever seen ( so did we ). The only sound in the car was Jimmy trying to bust a nut up her ass. Bob put his dick in her face and she tried to get her mouth around it but it was getting bigger so she just ran her tongue up and down his shaft. “ You done yet needle dick” Bob said we all busted out even Jimmy. “ Fuck it” Bob climbed on top of Sherry and started to slide his monster cock in her cunt hole. “ Ohhahhohhhahh fuck me, fuck me, oh god fuck me” Sherry cried as Bob worked his dick in inch by inch. Jimmy stiffened up below them and shot his load up her ass. Sherry did not seem to notice, as all she could focus on was that huge cock in her now stretched out cunt. Jimmy some how climbed out from under them and we all sat and smoked a joint while Bob went to work. Bob soon was pounding Sherry like a jackhammer and it seemed like every four or five strokes Sherry would shake with orgasm after orgasm.
“Looks like you got the ten dicks you ask for all at once slut now hold on while I pump your guts full of cum.” Bob worked her hard gave out a groan and cummed deep in her hole. When he was done he said “ now fuck my buddies nice or I won’t let you have anymore of this real dick”

Carl finally got to lose his virginity and the rest of us all fucked her one more time. Bob was the last to fuck her and told us all to go in Johns house, as she had been a good slut so she could have his monster with out us around. After that he gave her a ride home.

Was this a rape don’t know is so she never reported it so what the fuck.

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