Make Me A Man

Make Me A Man

I grew up lusting after Kim she was a beautiful girl, and even then had a reputation for allowing the neighborhood boys have their way with her. I was never so lucky; she always said I was to like a brother to her.
One day I was telling a friend Mike that I just had to have Kim. He said he would help me get her. I was still a virgin at the time so I had no idea what it would take to have her. He told me she had a weakness, she like to have her ears licked and sucked.
Mike said he had done this to her in the past and had received a blow job for his efforts.
We were happy to find a few nights later Kim outside playing. It was fast growing dark. Mike made his move on Kim. He started to kiss her then quickly moved to her ears. After a few minutes he started to reach out and touch her breasts outside her shirt. At first she pushed his hand away, looking over at me. Mike told her that I was just going to watch.
She still was unsure, but it also must have turned her on because she went right back to kissing Mike. I noticed that she was now reaching for his zipper and he now had his hand up her shirt, with the bra pushed up over her tit. My cock was busting out of my pants, my heart was pounding in my ears.
It was finally going to happen I was going to have Kim.
“KIM, KIM, come in, time to come in for the night“. Her mother Barbara called her in for the night. She pulled way “I will see you guys tomorrow”. Even Mike looked lost after that. He headed home and I have left with a cock that was as hard as stone.
It was then that I made the decision that would change my life. I had to see Kim naked so I went home quick changed to darker clothes and headed for the reservoir that separated our houses; I slipped under the fence and headed to her house. She had a hole in the fence so it was very easy to sneak into her yard.
I went to her window and watched. She had just come from the shower wearing a towel. I have in heaven, the towel was dropped and for the first time in my life I saw a real naked girl. She walked to her dresser to get a pair of white panties, and walked back over to her bed.
She must have still been horny because her hands went to her pussy and she started to rub herself like crazy. Than I saw her fingers dip into her pussy. I had never seen anything so hot, and so sexy in all my life. Before I knew it, I had my cock out jerking off like a mad man. I could see her starting to cum, pushing her fingers in deeper into her wet pussy.
My cock began throb and began to shoot sperm all over her wall.
I continued to watch her dress for bed, before I went home. But as I moved to leave. The light in her mother’s room came on and I looked in only to seen Kim’s mother getting undressed. I had never thought about Barbara that way before, but I was knocked out. She was amazing, her breasts were enormous and she had shaved her pussy.
My cock was back with a vengeance; she picked up a towel and went to the bathroom for her shower. I jerked off again and turned to go home.

I noticed that they had their laundry hung out so I snuck over and stole some of Kim’s panties and a pair of Barbara’s. I took them home and put them under my mattress. The next day I took my trophies out to so see what I had.
Kim’s panties were a light blue and I rubbed my finger over the crotch. I imaged her pussy touching the cloth; I wanted to smell her pussy, to taste it. I rubbed the crotch of her panties over my stiff cock. I then started pulling my cock up and down. In seconds I was pumping my juices into the panties.

Two nights later I was out again watching Kim’s house. She had a boy friend over and her mother was out late. The boy friend was a guy I knew from school named David.
He was a real asshole but Kim was in love. He had her naked in no time. Licking her pussy and tits, pushing his fingers into her pussy making her crazy with lust.
He had not even removed any of his clothes. She was writhing like a worm on a hook.
Every touch was driving her to one orgasm after another, “Fuck me, and please fuck me”. I could not believe what I was hearing. She was pleading for him to fuck her!
He smiled an evil smile “go get it” he said. She looked shocked and shook her head no.
“If you don’t I will leave” he told her. She again asked him to fuck her. But I could see she already was giving into his demands. She went into her mother’s room and came back with a huge dildo.
He ordered her to unzip him, and pull out his cock. She did as she was told, and he lay on his back with her on her hands and knees. He took the dildo and forced it into her wet pussy, it took four thrust into her before it was all the way in.
She seemed to have a hard time between the pleasure of the dildo and sucking David’s cock, but she must have been good because David was breathing hard.
I was jerking off watching this in the window; David was pushing the dildo in so far it was disappearing completely. OOOH! He started shooting his sperm into her mouth and it must have been a lot because she could not hold it all in her mouth.
I saw her lips and chin covered in his cum. She licked her lips and wiped off her chin, licking her fingers clean. My dick shot its load four feet.
After that Kim must have realized how late it was because she panicked and dressed on the way to the bathroom. David hung around for a while but left after her mother drove up.
A month past and I once again was on the prowl, this time Kim was gone for the night. But I was going to look in on Barbara. As I approached the hole in the fence I heard some talking and playful laughter.
Barbara and Neal her ex-husband were outside. Neal was sitting in a lawn chair and Barbara was in the small pool. I froze; this was to close to being caught!
I could not move away and was only incredible luck I had not be seen.
After a few minutes I found out Neal was drunk and Barbara was naked in the pool.
Neal was telling her how much he loved her bald pussy and that watching her play with herself was making his cock hard.
He took off his pants and start to jerk off. I could hear Barbara moaning as she started cumming. Neal got out of the chair and stepped into the pool. Barbara got on her knees and started to suck him. I watched her head bob up and down. With the sounds of slurping and moaning I could not take it any more, I grabbed my cock and jerked off watching Barbara suck cock.
Neal reached down and pulled her hair forcing her off his cock.
He turned her around and started to fuck her doggy style. Barbara was facing me.
I watched her face as Neal fucked her. They both seemed lost in the wild fucking that was going on.
Suddenly I was looking Barbara in the eyes she had seen me. Terror shot through me, I was caught! Then I saw her smile. It must have broken her lust because she no longer fucked Neal back. But she made no attempts to stop Neal or cover up. She just watched me and smiled. She must have felt Neal getting ready to cum because she looked over her shoulder and told him not to cum inside her. “I am not on the pill any more” she said. But Neal force her down and fucked her harder. Now she was getting mad, but he held her down. And than he came, shooting his seed into her bald pussy.
Barbara was pissed off, she started hitting Neal. She didn’t yell but I heard clearly as she smacked him around. “I would have sucked you; you could have come in my mouth you bastard”. I used the opportunity to escape.

I stayed way from Kim and Barbara as much as I could. Never allowing Barbara to be alone with me. I could not get a feel for how she felt about me watching. I knew she had not said anything to my mother.
About a month later I over heard my mother talking to a friend that Barbara was pregnant. I felt guilty for what happened maybe I could have stopped him. I went to see Barbara on Saturday, Kim and David were headed for the mall as I walked up.
I walked into the living room and we talked about the night and about Neal. She said she was surprised to see me that night. But it was too late to hide or cover up. I told her I was sorry for watching.
She smile again and said “you looked sorry, masturbating like that”. I told her I was still a virgin and that night had caught me by surprise too. That I had been coming from another block and just cutting through. I told that I was still scared of girls and that I wanted her to teach me everything. She smiled and told me that it was not her place to teach me. I would learn on my own some day.
Weeks went by and I was back on the prowl. But I found myself watching Barbara more and more. She seemed to get hungrier for sex using the dildos and vibrators she had in her room.
I again asked her to teach me, I asked her to let me lick her pussy and suck her breasts, and I told her I knew she was pregnant. And that I could not get her anymore pregnant. That it would be just our secret, I would never tell anyone. My cock was busting out of my pants my heart was racing.
Then she told me “if I go down on you this one time you must leave me alone and find some girl to take care of your needs“. I agreed at once.
She came over and got on her knees in front of me and unzipped my pants.
My cock sprang free and almost hit her in the face. She locked her eyes on my eyes and opened her mouth. I felt the warm wetness of the mouth swallow me. It was with a great deal of control that I did not cum right then. I knew I would blow any time but I wanted more. I saw her nipple poking through her top and I reached out and touched it. Barbara moaned, I pinched it and she moaned again. Like Neal I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up to mine. I kissed her and felt her tongue enter my mouth.
This shocked me. But I returned the kiss with my tongue. She broke away and started on my cock again. I shot my sperm into her mouth and she swallowed all of it down.
I pulled her top off. At first I thought she would stop me. And then I attacked her tits with my mouth. I was sucking one nipple and then the other one. I had no thought about what I was doing. I pulled her pants off and then her panties. The smell of female lust hit me like a truck. Her panties had never smelled like that.
She laid back and I mounted her. My cock found her pussy and it was wet and warm and some how wonderful beyond all words. I had never dreamed this could feel so good I came again. She some how had came too. My cock shrank for a short while. Barbara was looking me in my eyes; I could see this went too far for her.
But before she could ask me to get up, my cock was hard again so I started to fuck her more. She closed her eyes and started to cum again.
My cock was no longer sensitive, so I just concentrated fucking her for as long and as hard as I could. She came several more times and then asked me if I was going to cum again. I told her I didn’t know. “Well if your not then don’t wear it out on the first night“.
She said. I still was fucking her. I didn’t want to stop. “Does this mean I can have you again? I asked
“Yes” she replied.

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