Maria – A true story

Maria – A true story

The following is a true story. It happened way back in 1988 so the dialogue, although not word for word, is as good as I can remember. The events I will never forget. Maria Brown (not her real name) was the town bike. Everyone got to ride her. She was 32 years old when this all happened and even after having two kids she had a red hot figure. She looked a bit like a brunette Geena Davis with a touch of Greek thrown in. Although these events happened in '88 I have chosen to write this as if it happened only recently. I simply find it easier. Remember this is a true, ridgy didge, fair dinkum story. Keep reading to the end because what happens to Maria is a bit of a spin out.

– – – – "Two beers thanks mate." Nothing really beats a few beers with a mate down the pub when your wife and his girlfriend have gone OS for a few weeks. We were one week into our two week bachelor stint and tonight we wanted a decent feed and a few beers. As we sat and hooked into our tucker I saw Maria, a friend of a friend, come into the pub. II'd heard about Maria being a bit of a slapper who put it about quite freely so I watched her with interest for a while and pointed her out to Goodie, my mate.

Goodie is a bit of a bad man, who one night shagged two schoolgirls who had just finished high school while his girlfriend was asleep in bed, but that's another story. Therefore I wasn't surprised that he gave her more than the once over. She was in the public bar area having a chat with a few friends and when we finished dinner we wandered over.

"Hello Maria" I said "How's things?"

Maria looked very nice tonight. She was wearing jeans and a nice black halter top that revealed her smallish tits quite nicely.

"Hello." she said. "Mark isn't it."

"Yep and this is Andy or as we know him Goodie."

"Good at everything I hope." she said flirting with him immediately.

"I specialise in a few things." He said with a wink. They were hitting it off very easily.

The night went on and we just sat and chatted and sank more piss. When Goodie went to the loo Maria asked me a simple question.

"Does Goodie have a girl?"

"Um yeah but she's in Bali with my wife."

"So you're both off the hook tonight then?"

"Um well yes we are."

"So tell me Mark what is your biggest fantasy?" I know I was pissed and heard what I heard but I just had to hear it again. "Pardon?"

She laughed and whispered. "Your biggest sexual fantasy. What is it."

In this delay I had the time to think."To be met by a woman who is wearing nothing more than a long black coat, fishnets and suspenders. And she is gagging for it."

"Wow!" she said "I have all those things at home."

"Yeah bullshit" I said truly believing she was full of shit. "And what's yours?"

"Oh I have too many to tell you about here." At this stage Goodie was back with more beers and some Tequila.

"Tell us what?" he said hearing the last part of the conversation.

"Maria wants to know our fantasies."

"I have too many." she said again.

"I want to do it with two Japanese schoolgirls." he said laughing.

"Well a threesome is only one of mine." Maria said and as she did so she pushed her legs apart and rubbed her knees up against ours. I still didn't think that this was anything greater than some harmless flirting. Goodie however caught onto what was happening. I was a bit
slow in this area. Maria downed her Tequila and excused herself for a walk to the powder room.

"Well what do you reckon?" Goodie said.

"What do I reckon about what?" I said.

"Should we take her back to my place?"

"I'm not touching her mate." I said "The missus would kill me if she found out."

"She won't find out."

"She probably has some horrible diseases."

"I've got boxes of frangers at my place."

"Fucking hell Goodie." I said. "You are an evil bastard. OK we'll see what happens but she's all yours."

Maria came back with freshly applied lipstick and a flushed appearance.

"Would you like to come back to my place for a bit of a smoke?" Goodie asked. "I haven't had any weed for months." Maria said.

"I have some nice gear at home." he said.

"It's a good thing the kids are being looked after by their dads." she said. "Let's go then."

It was nearly closing time anyway so we downed our drinks and as pissed as newts we hopped into Goodies old Falcon ute and took the backroad to his house. Goodie lived in a huge 4 bedroom home that was completely empty except for a crappy lounge, his stereo, a TV, his and his girls bed and a foam mattress in one of the bedrooms for the occasional
drunken guest. We marched in and I grabbed a few more drinks from the fridge while Goodie got his bong out and packed a few cones. Maria had put on some music and was doing a slow dance in the lounge when I came in with the drinks.

"Here's to life" she said as he sucked down a full cone in one pull.

"Fuck." I said watching her down the smoking pile of weed.

Goodie was up for the challenge and he tried unsuccessfully to down it in one go. I took my time with mine because I was farly pissed already. By the time I had finished mine Maria was looking fairly wasted and she stood up to dance some more.

"I have to keep moving." she said. She started doing some sexy dancing and rubbing herself all over as she did. Goodie and I just sat on the lounge watching our private show.

"Give us a striptease." Goodie said.

"Only if it will be worth my while at the end." she said.

I knew what she meant. I may be slow but I'm not that slow. Besides I had a stiffy already and looking over at Goodie so did he. All concerns about infidelity had been washed away by the booze and smoke. I was still worried about catching something nasty so I went into Goodies room and grabbed the box of frangers from next to his bed.

"Two secs." I said as I went into his room.

AIDS was at this time the big news in STD's and I was worried that someone like Maria was a potential threat. Maria was still dancing when I came out and when I walked past she moved over to me and started doing some dirty dancing. She squatted down in front of me and at one stage rubbed my cock through my jeans. I started dancing with her and when I threw the box of condoms on the lounge she almost melted with excitement. Goodie stood up as well and came over to us and grabbed her by the hips and rubbed his crotch up against her arse. She reached over to me and I moved over and began rubbing my cock against her groin. Her nipples were huge so I rubbed my hands up her side and grabbed a
handfull of her 36C boobs. She began grabbing at my zip and slipped her tongue into my mouth while she fumbled at my jeans.

Goodie grabbed her halter top and slipped it over her head and her great tits fell out. Goodie grabbed them from behind and Maria used both hands to open my jeans and when she reached inside my underpants and pulled my cock out I nearly exploded. I had never been with a woman as horny as Maria was. She bent over from the waist and slipped my rock
hard cock into her mouth Goodie saw this and immediately dropped his daks and began pulling on his cock. He moved around next to me and shoved his cock into her face. Maria dropped to her knees and with the glazed look of a stoned slut she muttered. " Two cocks, I've always wanted two cocks."

She swapped from mine to Goodies cock for what seemed like an age and all the time she still had her jeans on.

"Lets fuck her." Goodie said breaking the stoned silence. Maria stood up and undid her jeans and I could see the patch of moisture on her panties when she threw them on the floor. She rubbed her pussy and walked over to the lounge and sat down and spread her legs wide showing us her puffed labia and juicy pussy.

"Lick my cunt." she said to Goodie. "Let's see how good you are."

I took the rest of my gear off and stood on the lounge and fed her my cock. She sucked it down like the true sex maniac she was. I could feel my orgasm coming and as she tugged on my cock Goodie began licking at her clit and she came like a demon. Her language was truly offensive.

"Yeah lick my cunt, you fuck, fuck it with your big cock, you dirty cunt."

When she looked up at me and said "You can fuck my arse you cunting fucker." I lost it. I was ready just to blow all over her face but she kept me in her mouth and I unloaded the biggest load I'd ever had. There was so much she nearly gagged and had to let some run out of her mouth. She did scoop it back into her mouth though. Goodie reached over and grabbed a condom and slipped it over his cock. He pushed her knees back near her ears and plunged his cock into her pussy. She nearly fainted and her eyes rolled back into her head. The slopping sound from her pussy was unbelievable. She reached over to my cock after she came out of her second orgasm and it was all ready to go again. She pushed
Goodie away and stood up and threw me a condom.

"Put that on." She said.

As I put it on she grabbed Goodies cock. and said. "You are going to fuck my arse you fucking cunt." With that she moved over to me and grabbing my cock she knelt on the lounge and slipped my cock into her pussy. I grabbed her delicious tits and then felt Goodie move into position and then felt Maria tense up as Goodie slid into her arse. She rested her head on my shoulder as she came again and I could feel Goodies cock pumping away through the thin membrane between both holes. I could tell by Goodies movements that he was about to come and sure enough he slapped her on the arse and filled his condom full of cum. Maria was still in a trance like state and when Goodie pulled out she just kept humping my cock. Goodie fell back onto the lounge and pulled the condom off. Maria saw this and swung around taking his cock into her mouth. She worked her magic on him and once again he was hard and ready to go. "Time for some more pussy." He said. Maria slipped off my cock and got down on all fours on the floor presenting us with her gaping pussy and just fucked arse. Goodie knelt behind her and pulled a condom on and slipped into her pussy. I just sat back pulling my cock as he went to work on her. After a while he flipped her over and began the missionary position. She was still in a trance and I got down and leaning over her rubbed my cock over her mouth. She sparked up and began sucking me down her throat and began rubbing my balls. It didn't take long and I came again. This time I was in control and I aimed it all over her face spraying her with my jizz. Soon after Goodie came as well and this time he pulled his condom off and shot his load all over
her belly. After this we were pretty much rooted and I wanted to sleep so badly. I went and had a piss and went back into the lounge room but they had crashed out on the lounge so I went into the spare room and fell in an exhausted stoned heap on the mattress.

The next morning I awoke with a blinding headache and the sight of Maria at the end of the mattress kicking my feet.

"Wake up." she said. "I need to get home."

"OK." I said reliving the previous night in my head.

I grabbed my clobber and got dressed and saw that Goodie was still asleep in his own bed. I took his keys and drove his ute to Maria's house. It was only 7.30am and I was fucked. Maria thanked me for the night and gave me a big tongue kiss and a grab on the crotch before she went inside. Half way to her gate she turned around and came back to the car.

"You live in that old house near the tennis courts don't you?"

"Um yes." I said.

"When is your wife back?"

"Next weekend."

She smiled and with a wink said "Good, very good."

I pulled the junk mail out of the letter box and sumbled inside. I was absolutely whacked. By my reckoning I'd had about 3 ½ hours sleep and I was still pissed and stoned. I drew myself a good hot bath and threw in some Epsom salts. For some reason I thought that would help. As the water pressure was pathetic I cooked up some bacon and eggs while the bath was filling and ate them sitting on the toilet. (No I wasn't going to the toilet.) I would have looked a pathetic sight if anybody had seen me. The guilt of having rooted another woman while married was starting to surface as the food took hold and the grog wore off. I was truly miserable as I lay in the bath. I'd only lasted a week before I was off sticking the old boy wherever I could. The reality that I'd just had the best sex I'd ever had was not far in the back of my mind. I'm not sure if it was the weed, the booze, my lack of sleep or the good old Catholic guilt but I started to cry. I was a howling mess. The funny thing was though once I stopped crying and composed myself I didn't feel a quarter as guilty as I had. Actually I started to feel amazingly horny. I was so tired though I just crashed out and went to bed.

At about 1.00 in the afternoon the phone woke me from my slumber and I stumbled out into the lounge room and grabbed the phone.

"G'day mate." It was Goodie. "You got me ute?"

"Yeah mate it's out the back. Safe and sound." What followed was about 2 hours of silence. Or al least it felt like 2 hours.

"That was pretty wild last night hey?" he said

"Yeah reckon." Was all I could muster. "She was pretty wild."

"Me mate Bucko is coming up from Melbourne this arvo and we thought we might come over for a few ales and watch the cricket."

"Yeah righto." I said feeling that a few beers was just what the doctor ordered.

I made myself some lunch and flicked on the telly to watch the cricket. I must have nodded off again because I woke up when I heard a knocking on the door. I thought it was Goodie and Bucko so boy was I shocked when, lo and behold, Maria was standing at the door.

"Fuck." I said.

"Hello again." she said. "May I come in."

"Yeah sure." I was in shock.

I was a bit worried about the neighbours seeing a strange woman coming into my house but I wasn't going to leave her, for all to see, out on the verandah.

"This place is nice." She said as she wandered through the house. When she walked out of the lounge room I noticed what she was wearing. She was dressed in a knee length black coat with fishnet stockings on and black stillettos. I eyeballed her as she stood before me and my cock twitched as I recalled the previous nights events.

"You like what you see then?" She asked.

"It's very nice." I said. I had come around to what was happening and I really had to ask. "Maria, Why are you here?"

"Why am I here?" She said as she sat up on the dining room table. "I'm here to thank you for last night."

"Last night was thanks enough."

"You and Goodie fulfilled one of my biggest fantasies." She said as she began to open her coat. "And now I'm here to repay you." With those last words Maria opened her coat and revealed what I knew was underneath. Nothing. Nothing that is except for Maria wearing a pair of fishnet stockings and suspender belts. No knickers, no bra. Just one horny woman gagging to be fucked. My small brain took over from my big one instantly. But along with that came the guilt again. This time I couldn't blame the grog or the hooch.

I just stood there looking at this sex mad wench and a big part of me wanted me to throw her back on the table and fuck her senseless. The more analytical and judgemental side said "Go get a beer." I excused my self and went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. I opened it and stood sipping it as I rationalised the situation. I had to take a few things into account.

1) I had already being unfaithful so a bit more with the same woman didn't matter. 2)No one would find out because as far as I could tell no one had seen anything. 3)These things don't normally happen. These types of things are what you read about in Penthouse letters. No one would believe it. 4)Maybe my wife was in some Balinese bungalow being fucked as we speak.

I was really starting to believe that this was OK. My only concern now was disease. But I had that covered by the condoms we still had in our top draw. My wife had been on the pill for only 3 months and we hadn't thrown out the frangers just yet. I grabbed another beer out of the fridge and took it into Maria.

"Let's understand something Maria." I said to her as I passed her a beer. "This is the last time OK. After this we are square."

"Not a word to anyone." She said pre-empting what I was going to say.

"Agreed then." I said rearranging my dick in my pants.

"You certainly do like what you see." She said as I rubbed my hard cock through my jeans. "You know I've never had orgasms like I had last night. You two have released an animal." With that Maria ran her hands down to her pussy and rubbed her delightful pussy.

"My orgasms were so intense I thought I might black out." She said as she dropped her coat to the floor. "My word have I been wasting my time just fucking one man." Her talking like this was driving me nuts. When she popped her right leg up on the table and spread her legs I almost soiled my pants. My cock was about to explode. She rubbed her pussy and spread her pussy lips apart to show me her wetness.

"Here." She said as she moved off the table. "Let me help you with those." She came over to me and squatted down on the floor. I could see her pussy lips open up as she squatted down. Boy did I want to fuck those. She flicked her hair back and grabbed at my belt buckle. In a flash she had my belt undone and had my zipper down. She reached into my undies and with the look of total lust pulled my aching cock out.

I closed my eyes with bliss as she pulled on my dick. I looked down and saw her fishnet clad legs spread apart and her hand rubbing her pussy. My cock had a big blob of precum oozing out of the slit and Maria looked up at me as she slid her tongue underneath it and licked it up. Then she ever so gently slid my entire cock down her throat. This is the only time that anyone had been able to do this and not gag. Never before or since as anyone ever deep throated me. This was one seasoned performer.

"Oh fuck girl." I said in exasperation. "If you don't slow down I'll fucking cum all over you."

"I'm sure you'll get it back again." she said pulling on my cock even faster. "Besides we've got all night. I'm not in any rush." With that and the whole look of her bringing my fantasy to life was too much and I had the most furious orgasm I'd ever had. Whole jets of cum shot out all over her face, shoulder, hair and the floor as she pulled ferociously on my cock pumping, pumping, pumping.

"Yeah cum all over me." She said. My wife and nearly all other girls I'd had were all rather coy and never really got into dirty talk. Maria's language made it all the more erotic. After I came she sucked my cock some more tempting life back into it. She didn't have to try hard, it barely went down. I would have been happy with just the blow job. Maria, however, had other ideas.

"Come here." She said to me as she dragged me into the lounge room. "Sit down."

I sat on the lounge as directed by this assertive nympho. Maria moved the coffee table out of the road and she looked splendid in her fishnets and suspenders. I was in awe of both the look of her and her enhanced horniness. It was then that I remembered that Goodie and Bucko were due to come over any minute. I thought it only fair to tell her.

"Maria." I said to her as she turned her back to me and bent over revealing her arse and pouting pussy lips. "Remember how this morning I borrowed Goodies car to get you home."

Maria stood up and turned around to me. "Yes." She said.

"Well Goodie and a mate of his Bucko will be here soon to pick it up."

"Your fucking joking." she said. She seemed to almost pass out and had to sit on the lounge. "Do you think he'll want to do it again?"

"Well for fucks sake Maria. I'm the married one here and I want to. Of course he will."

"I need a drink and a smoke." She said. "And what about his mate?"

I went out to the kitchen and got the ciggies and the bong and another beer for myself. When I came back Maria had her legs spread wide apart and was rubbing her clit furiously. I thought I'd better lick her out before we all came shooting our loads all over the place. I lit her a ciggie and passed it to her and then knelt down on the rug in front of her gaping wet cunt.

"Thought I'd best get a taste of this before the night ends." I said. I love licking pussy. I love it more when the woman is egging me on.

"Yeah suck my clit." and "Stick your tongue in my cunt." Were two of her favourites. It wasn't long and she was cumming all over my face. When I finished licking her she bent over and began licking all my juice off her face. Although she hardly needed it the news of a possible three dicks was getting her even hotter.

"You don't know how long I've been wanting to be in an orgy." She said to me as she kissed me. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

We sat playing and rubbing each others bits and having drinks and bongs for what seemed like an hour when there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." She said almost leaping off the lounge.

"I hope it's not the Jehovah Witnesses." I said.

I heard the door open and then the unmistakeable voice of Goodie.

"Woohoo. She's fucking here. We don't have to go looking for her. Bucko this is her, Maria."

"Hi Bucko." She said.

Goodie came into the lounge and saw me in the nuddy holding a bong in my hand.

"You fucking prick." He said. "Fancy getting her over here without inviting me."

"She invited herself mate."

"I did at that." She said. "I was coming to your place tomorrow night."

"You still can."

Bucko walked in looking very shocked as he saw me sitting on the lounge, in the nude.

"G'day Bucko." I said. "Ever shaken hands with a naked man before?"

"Um no…G'day" he said shaking my hand. "Beer in the fridge?" He asked holding up a slab of VB.

"Yeah mate, cheers."

Goodie wasted no time and he walked up behind Maria and slipped his arms around her waist. She turned around and forced her tongue down his throat. Goodie went straight for the honey pot and grabbed a handful of her moist minge. My cock stirred back to life when Maria did what she did to me and squatted down in front of him and pulled his cock out of his pants.

"You going to fuck my arse again." She said to him. Just before she slipped his cock into her mouth.

"Sure am." He answered. "I think we all will tonight."

Bucko had come back into the lounge with the beers and put them on the coffee table. I stood up and went over to Maria and offered her my cock which she took in her left hand. She swapped from Goodie to me and back again for a while and Bucko just sat on the lounge sucking piss and pulling on the bong.

Maria saw that he wasn't naked and stood up which made Goodie and I move away.

"What are you fucking doing." She said with a joking tone. "You some sort of poofter?"

Goodie and I laughed at Bucko as he looked dumbfounded at Maria. She put her right leg up on the armrest of the lounge and spread her legs wide. She ran her hands down her side and rubbed her wet pussy. She reached over to his head and pulled him to her.

"Lick my pussy." She was being very dominant and controlling. She knew what she wanted. I sat back in the lounge chair and sucked on a beer as Bucko licked her out. Goodie stood behind her licking the back of her neck and massaging her boobs.

"Suck my clit." She kept saying to him. "Make me cum." She kept thrusting her cunt into his face and I was sure he'd come out with a broken nose. Goodie started talking dirty into her ear but I couldn't make out what he was saying. All I could pick up was things like "Fuck your arse, cum in your arse, fuck your pussy." When he slid a hand down and slipped a finger up her arse she came all over Bucko's face. She leant over Bucko and Goodie went to work on her arse with two fingers. She looked over at me pulling on my cock with that glazed expression she'd had the night before.

"Ok get off me girl." Bucko said pushing her away and standing up. "Goodie said you were a wild one. Now it's time for me to see how wild." He whipped his jeans off and pulled his shirt over his head. He was about six foot tall and well built. He played AFL and was very fit. He had long blonde hair and looked a bit of a surfie. His cock was about the same size as mine but maybe a bit thicker. He sat back down on the lounge and patted his lap.

"Come sit on this." He said. Maria wasted no time and Bucko obviously wasn't too worried about STD's. She stood up and threw a leg over Bucko and from where I stood I had the perfect view of his cock sliding into her moist slit. I'm sure that from that moment on Maria was in a constant state of orgasmic bliss. Goodie put on a condom and greased it with some KY and had the perfect position to fuck her arse. I moved over to her face and sure enough her eyes were half open as Goodie and Bucko worked like professionals. I slipped my cock into her mouth and she seemed to come around for a while before she came again and zoned out.

Bucko was going at it so hard that Goodie had to pull out."I'm going to cum in your pussy." He said to her. Maria just nodded and started bouncing some more as his cock made sloppy noises. He started to screw up his face trying to control his old boy but Maria just said "Cum in my pussy." and bang away he went. Maria kept hopping up and down on his cock as he shook his head in bliss. Maria eventually slid off his cock and flipped herself back on the lounge. She spread her legs wide revealing her cum filled pussy. Goodie didn't take long to fill her hole again and Bucko knelt up so that she could suck him off. I was happy to watch and yes I was worried about what Maria and now Bucko could have been carrying.

For the rest of the night Bucko and Goodie, who soon gave up on using condoms, fucked Maria on the foldout sofa. I didn't let them go into our bedroom. I didn't fuck Maria that night although I wanked over her face and at about two o'clock in the morning the three of them climbed into the ute and took off. Goodie said that she stayed at his place all Sunday and the three of them just fucked all day. I was happy to simply stay at home and reminisce.

Now you'll want to know what happened to Maria. I rarely saw Maria after that day and when I did we would have a quick chat and that would be that. She did move to Melbourne for two years but returned in 1995 to get married. She'd been proposed to by a local and she was moving back to town to live with him. They got married (I took the photos) and six weeks later, yes six weeks, he came home and found her in bed with two trainee pilots from the local airfield. The whole town knew about it and she quickly returned to Melbourne. She'd obviuosly not gotten over those nights back in 1988. Most recently however I have come to discover that Maria has become a Born Again Christian. But crazy people like Maria do crazy things and boy I'd really like to see her sermons.

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