Me And My Best Friend_(0)

Me And My Best Friend_(0)

It all started one day when i watched a moving truck pull in across the road. we were getting new neighbors… yippie (it happened at least every few months and usually it was old people who ended up Dieing) This time it was diffrent there were 4 people move in a father in his early 30's, an older brother,aaron, 14 at the time, a younger brother, alex, 10 and then the one i dream was still across the street every day, ashlin, she was 12 at the time and more gourgeous than ever. And of course , me (amber) 12 at the time and coming into being bi-sexual and , my brother (menatlly retarted) 10-11 .

For a few days i was hesisatant to go outside because i waz very shy and wasnt ready to meet the new neighbors. My brother on the other hand wasnt shy at all he was outside every day talking to them and one day brought ashlin over to meet me! i was thinking in my head she's pretty and there is another friend for me… yay! Well after we meet she invited me over into her backyard where she had a shed… we talked about ghosts and aliens and experiences we had with lots of stupid things and then there it was we were talking about boyfriends and girlfriends and then it hit me she was bi-sexual too… but i wouldnt let her know i was bisexual until later after we got to know each other better because i didnt want to scare her away.

We talked for weeks about the same thing until one day … we were asking each other about how many guys we had kissed and how to do it and i told her i didnt know how because i had never kissed a guy before and she said had kissed her brother before many times because they had practiced with many things just to know how to do them when they grew up. She asked me if i wanted to practice and i thought for about 8 seconds and quickly said yes. Then she leaned in and i leanded back and we kissed just on the lips for about 30 seconds and i told her that was fun! she asked do you wanna make out. i told her i didnt know how but i had an idea so if i was bad then dont laugh please. She said okay and we both leaned in and turned or heads slightly to the side and kissed we kissed for hours it seemed like but really a few seconds.

We were impressed by each other and wanted to show someone. We turned to aaron and he said he would watch us. We were happy and we sat in the front lawn (in the middle of the night)
and made out aaron watched and said that was okay yall should practice tho because your rythms aren't right. We yet didnt understand fully what that meant but later the next week rythms would have a whole diffrent meaning.

The next week after school was out on friday she invited me over to stay the night. We were huge buffy the vampire slayer fans and we would watch the ones she had recorded on tape over and over again. We got hungary and put some popcorn shrimp in the oven and thought of something else we could make and out of nowhere she said cake so we made some.. that night we kissed and finally found out what rythm meant. We kissed slow and fast. Then we finally fell asleep.

Over the next few months we experimented with masterbating (not on each other… yet) and would use almost any thing that had the shape of a dick.

About 3 months later from when we found out wat rythm meant she invited me over to stay the night again and she asked if she could finger me (at the time aaron was in the room) i told her yes but aaron had to leave the room. so she told him to leave and he did. I laid on the bed as she instructed me to and stripped down. she told me to spread my legs so i did and she slowly licked her finger and rubbed my vaginga up and down until i cummed and she slowly stuck her finger inside of me and moved it slowly then she …………………………………

i dont want to finish this story until i get some feed back on it i will finish it later on today if wanted but i dont wanna let my deepest secrets out unless you want to hear them…


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