Me and my best friends

Me and my best friends

I was 14 at this time, Steve was 13 and CJ was 16

I had been a friend for a long time with CJ and Steve; I hung out with them together a lot considering they were brothers. It did annoy me how they constantly fought, but I understood having 2 bros myself.

It was 7 PM and I headed over to their house for a sleepover, it was nice cause we had an entire basement to ourselves. At the time, we each loved pro wrestling. Given, we knew it was fake but we didn’t care, we set up our own matches in their basement and beat the hell outta each other.

During one of our matches CJ was attempting to grab my leg to do a move, but instead grabbed my dick, which I had realized till then was rock hard. He gave me a weird look, I knew he realized what he just did, but I pretended it never happened. A few minutes later during our match, Steve ran upstairs to get a drink, and CJ made his move. Once again he fully grabbed my dick.

"I bet you like that,” he said and he slowly unzipped my pants. It felt this wasn’t his first time cause he seemed experience. He had slipped his hand under my pants and was given me a handjob for a few seconds. However, we heard Steve coming back so I quickly zipped up. My dick was so hard I desperately wanted to go to their bathroom and let out my load, I saw CJ wanted too as well.

Afterwards around 10 PM we decided to watch a movie. Steve jumped on the couch while CJ said the same cover but we were pretty distant from each other. During the movie Steve got up again and headed for the bathroom. This time CJ moved quickly.

In a flash he had unzipped me again and had shoved my cock deep in his mouth, I almost scream in pleasure, his mouth felt so warm to my hard cock. Then I felt he picked his head up off my dick and place my balls square is mouth and he sucks them as hard as he could. I leaned back in ecstasy, closing my eyes. Then let out a huge moan and open my eyes.

When my eyes opened I could not believe what I saw. Someone was standing over me completely naked, it was Steve. He had snuck back down without us hearing and CJ was still under the cover

"Suck it!" he demanded "Suck it like the cock-sucking slut you are!" He sat on my chest, strattling me, placing is rock hard 5 1/2 cock in front of my face oozing with pre-cum. I open my mouth and slowly engulfed is dick. It was then I realized that CJ had stopped sucking me and was now sitting on the couch masturbating to Steve and me.

"That’s right, slut, suck it! You know you like it" Soon he got up and started thrusting his cock in my mouth like it was a pussy or an ass. Faster, and faster and faster till I couldn’t take it anymore.

"You’re turn" said CJ who was standing above Steve, he mildly soft 6 inch dick was in front of his face. Steve took his dick out of my mouth and started pleasuring his older brother, who stood over him in a triumphant way. Then CJ sat on the floor and let Steve have better positioning on him. Then I noticed something. Steve nice ass hanging high in the air

Like a ghost, I moved behind him without being seen. I place my hands on his child ass checks and spread his asshole apart and licked it like it was a Popsicle

"Yes! Yes! Taste my ass you bitch! Tongue fucks me! Slut!" I did as I was told and stuck my tongue ass far into staves ass as I could. Surprisingly, I loved the taste. I reached around and grabbed his still hard dick and gave him a handjob.

"Imp going to ass-fuck one of you bitches" CJ said "And Steve's ass is preoccupied" He knelt down beside me, I could feel the head of his now rock hard 9 inch cock press firmly against my ass. Slowly and moved it in. Every inch hurt more and more but I loved it. Steve stood masturbating to us. CJ then rolled over so I was on top but he still was fucking me incredibly hard

"Steve, put yours in too" Steve knelt in front of me and lifted my legs; similar to fucking a chick but lifted them higher to gain access to my already throbbing asshole. CJ had stopped to give Steve a better way to get in. Slowly Steve stuck cock into my ass. I now had over 14 inches of cock pounding my ass. After a few minutes CJ pulled out, letting Steve work at my ass alone. CJ stood in front of me.

"I saw how much you loved the taste of my brothers ass, now its time to taste yours" He shoved his ass-coated dick in my mouth. The taste was better than Steve’s ass. I completed cleaned his dick off spotless.

"AHHHH! IM CUMMING!!! AHHHHH” shouted Steve as he let the hugest load Vie ever seen into my ass. He stood up and pulled his cum drenched dick outta my ass. I instinctly turned around and cleaned off the residue left on his dick. The taste of cum and ass was the best thing I had tasted all night.

"Take this" CJ said handing me a spoon "I want you to scoop all the cum out of your ass and swallow it, you SLUT!" The first time the spoon went in it felt weird, I pulled it out and lick the cum off of it. Again, again and again.

"Now swallow this bitch!" said CJ as he grabbed my head and forced himself to cum "OHHH! YES! MY GOD YES!!!!" he screamed and let a load twice as big his brother flop into my mouth. I couldn’t contain it all and some dripped off down my chin and chest. I swallowed his cum and scoop the remainder off of me and swallowed that too.

I laid back, exhausted we Steve sat over me, and all on his own, grabbed my throbbing cock and placed it in his tight asshole, riding me as I sat back. I was too tired to move. It didn’t take me long to explode in his ass. I had never came so much in my life. Then he stood up

"Open wide" he said as he squatted over me spreading his ass. I opened. And he farts out my entire load right into my mouth. I tongue fucked him again making sure I got all the cum out, and swallowed it.

I rolled and looked at the time, 3 AM. I saw CJ and Steve had already passed out, dreaming of the night’s events. I went to bed that night wondering what will come from this night

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