Montherly Love

Montherly Love

true story, i think about it everynight before i go to sleep
I was at the age of 15 when i began to masterbate constantly, 3 or 4 times a day becuase of my intorduction to the female body. I had sceen my step dad watching a movie one night while i was comming upstairs. A woman was getting undressed in a room, fully exposing her titties and giving me a rock solid hard on, that took me 3 jerk sessions to get rid of before i could go to sleep.

My mom was 39, a beautiful woman, perfect sized chest, wonderfull body and a very very nice ass. I had not noticed her body and how much i admired it until one morning i was passing by the bathroom, on my way to the back room to put some cans in the recycle bin, when the bathroom door was cracked and she was taking a shower, i did not mean to glance in but i was stopped dead in my tracks when i saw her standing there washing her beautiful body, her chest and magnificant hairy mound with soap all over it. I was only able to stare for a quick min before she turned off the water, and i had to put the cans away and run upstairs without being heard. As soon as she came upstairs, dressed and all, all i could think of was her naked, the curves of her body and her hairy mound. My dick was so hard it hurt. i wanted to taste her and be in her more than anything in the world.. i ran off into the bathroom, locked the door are masterbated in the shower for about 30 min before i had to get out and get dressed.

As the weeks and months went on, i was able to stop by the bathroom door every now and then, when no one was home or when everyone was busy and wouldnt think of me peeping in at my own mother. One morning i was in the computer room, and she had just stepped out of the shower and was in a towel when she came in. Her long legs grabbed my eyes and i knew that she knew what i was looking at, she only smiled and asked what i was doing on the computer, i told her, while i was explaining she was running her hands through my hair, and then went into her room to change. I am lucky she didnt see the buldge in my pants…

But one afternoon i came home and she was working out in the workout room downstairs, everyone else was gone, my stepdad at work and my sister out for the night. I walked in the room to say hi, while she was doing her crunches. She was covered in sweat, her shirt loose and damp and her stomach, shiny and moist, my dick grew hard. She asked me how my day was and i told her, then she said i am going to take a shower, and to let the dog out and make sure he has food and water, and so i did. Before her shower was done, i was able to sneak a peak at her body…. then she noticed me peaking in, she gave a smile out of the side of her mouth, but i was too nervous and scared to notice.. seeing as how i have just been spotted… She came out, wrapped in a towel and told me that she understood that i was a boy, comming to age and wanting to see a womans body.. she gave me a hug and told me it was ok before she went to get dressed. Then i went with her to the store and got things for dinner, we were going to be alone tonight, my stepdad was out on business and my sister was out of town. All went well, from time to time, when i was behind her, she would, what seemed, purposely bend over to pick something up and pushed her ass against my groin, i wanted to touch her ass but i couldnt.. after dinner we watched a movie and went to bed… i lett my door open for the dog and before she went to bed, she stood in the door way, talked to me, and gave me a kiss on the cheek and i felt her tounge on my cheek as well.

The next morning she was working out again, covered in sweat. I was in boxers and that was all. I came down to say good morning while she was doing her leg lifts. I came over to her to kiss her goodmorning, when i was able to get a peak down her shirt, my dick grew hard and slipped out the front of my boxers… I felt ashamed that i had gotten a woody from my mom, and in the same room with her, she glanced down at it and smiled and said i knew it, your very well sized for your age. My face was red and i looked down at the ground, she grabed my face and told me that it was alright, that she had also been watching me explore myself and learn to masterbate and please myself. I felt ok with this, that she understood what i was going through. She asked me if i had ever touched a womans body, i said no, and before i could think about waht i said, she had my hand in hers, against her neck, and slowly moving down to her damp shirt and eventually up against her left breast, her nipples were very very hard.. Shivers went down my spine and my dick began to hurt, it wanted to be pleased. She said the shirt was in the way, and then took it off, giving me full view at her beautiful body. I couldnt controll my self, i took both hands and grasped both of her breasts and she gave out a little moan, then leaned in to kiss me.. we locked lips and she slipped her tounge into my mouth and began to move it in circles, i fallowed what she as doing and did the same.. at that time, i felt a warm, sweaty hand grasp my dick, i almost came on the spot.. she stopped kissing me and asked if i liked the feeling when i cum, i said yes and she said, laydown on the ground, i want to show you something.. I layed down, she pulled off my boxers and sat between my legs, playing with my dick.. Then she told me to close my eyes for a second, i did, and when i opened them, i felt a sensation that i could not put into words… her warm soft mouth had engolfed my dick, going up and down. I was going to cum and she knew it, my muscles contracted and i started to cum into her mouth, she didnt stop, she kept sucking and swallowed every little bit of cum that i was able to blast into her mouth. She leaned up, licked her lips and asked me if i liked it, i sad OMG yes, mom can we do that again? she said its my turn now. She was now standing and i was on my knees, face to her stomach. I grabbed her ass with both hands and started to pull down her sweat ridden shorts.. AS soon as i could see her black pubic hair, the smell of her cunt was overwhelming, my dick wanted to go in her.. Her shorts were at her knees and then she laid down and took them off. I sat there, looking at her beautiful open wet lips of her pussy.. she was soaked, and the smell of her cunt was pure beauty. I touched her pussy and she gave out a moan, then i laid between her legs and licked the bottem of her pussy to the top of her clit, over and over again, my face was deep into her mound.. she started to moan, load, and then started screaming, Oh yes, yes my son, lick me, eat me, oh yes. i could only lick faster and slide my tounge into her vagina as far as it could go, her wet hairs tickled my nose, i loved it. THen she pulled me up, and before i could understand what was going on, she took hold of my penis and guided it twords her pussy. It slid in, very very nicely, without any resistance. I was in her, all the way. The walls of her vagina were smooth and tight, the sensation was undiscribable, there i was, inside my mother, moving in and out of her as she moaned, i did this for about 10 min, slowly, as she told me to, then i felt a cum load comming on, i told her i was going to cum soon and she said to keep fucking, then i let loose, my load splashed the insides of her pussy, i moaned and moaned, she said oh yes.. cum in me baby… when i was done, i layed on top of her and she held me, then i rolled off of her, my dick, covered in vagianal juice and cum, slid out of her, and some juices from her pussy leaked on to the floor, she was ok with this and said we will clean this later, come with me to the shower, we need to wash up… so we took a shower together and i was able to get inside her again before the shower ended… we had sex multiple times after that, as the months went by, it was our secret…

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