''BYE! And take care you two'', my mom said to me and my cousin NANCY . Well my parents and her parents were going out fot the week to attend a marriage but i and my cousin weren't interested in going .So they decided to let us stay together since they we would be safer that way.

Let me first describe myself to you .i am 5'7 ,slim, athletic and i have got 5 and half inch long dick when erect and my cousin nancy is 5'2 ,slim ,have firm breasts which i reckon are a full B-cup and a ASS to die for.The best part about her is her ass it is round and uncommonly large .It always shows when she wears jeans .Almost all the boys in our locality wanted to have sex with her and they wanted to bang in her ass and play with it .

This incident occured when i was 17 and she was 16. I never thought about my cousin sexually until i caught a glimpse of her ass when i accidently saw her in her panties . I saw her in her panties when our families had gone to a beach for a picnic .In India girls rarely wear swinsuits or bikinis so i had never seen any part of her body except her face and hands before.I accidently saw her in her panties when she was changing and i walked into the room unknowingly .She was very angry for it because she thought i had done it intentionally.She did not talk with me after that

After that incident i regularly used to masturbate with my cousin's ass as a stimulant .I knew it was wrong but i couldn't help myself .Her ass and her perfect body with large breasts had become my reason for masturbating .I wanted to see her naked ,i wanted to fell her body,smell her,taste her,and do everything to pleasure her .OH!I wanted her very badly.AND that chance came after two months my parents and her parents were going for a week to attend a marriage and decided to keep us together in my house so that we could be safe and take care of each other.Since they didn't know what a sex addict i had become they it was right.I couldn't be more grateful to them as i was getting a whole week to spend with my sweet and sexy cousin .I thought about how i could catch her bathing,in the toilet and changing clothes .My mind worked hard at all these thoughts and how to accomplish them .

Finally the day came when my and her parents were leaving and they left nancy and me alone at my house.I was almost jumping with joy on seeing her standing with her suitcase in the living room.I took her suitcase to the guest's room she didn't even looked at me or thanked me for it .She just closed the door at my face.It was okay with me i knew it would happen .I was waiting for tonight .We had our dinner at 9 p.m. and then without saying goodnight she went to her room . I went to my ,undressed and layed on my bed thinking how i could see her naked ssince the bathroom was in her room and i know she would lock the door whenever she will taking a bath or changing clothes so i thought the only time i could molest her or see her naked would be at night because i knew she slept in a loose and long T-shirt with no panties and bra .But i also knew she was a light sleeper so i thought not to to her room tonight.

The next day i bought a sleeping drug from a local chemist and added it to her food before dinner. I could see the drug taking effect after a half hour when we were watching T.V .She finally stood yawning and again without saying anything she went to sleep.I also shut the T.V off and went to my room ,got undressed, wore a loose T-shirt and waited . i waited for atleast an hour and than got up and went to her room.I opened her door and went in and there she was lying in nothing except a T -shirt. I catched glimpses of her pussy and her bush when she turned.She was looking so sexy and divine that i almost shot my load just by looking at her big but shapely breasts and her divine ass.But i knew i had to touch and feel her before blowing my load .

I went to her bedside and bent down to her face and looked at her eyes,lips,nose and touched them all.i lightly brushed my lips against her lips .I then caught het T- shirt and very slowly removed it .The sight which was on front of me was holding me mesmerised .i just kept looking at her breasts ,her small light brown nipples,her light brown hair over her pink virgin pussy and the famous ass which was hanging from the side of the bed .I went mad on seeing her naked body and came on her like a pack of hungry wolves .i bit her nipple ,touched and sucked on her breasts ,licked her pussy,inhaled her smell,bit het and licked her ass,inserted my toungue in her asshole,………………………………………I just went mad and i couldn't control myself .I stripped naked and started masturbating .i came very quickly,i must shot at least 8 to 9 wads of cum but still my cock was erect due to the nude display of my cousin's body.Then suddenly my cousin turned and she then slept on her ass revealing her pussy fully.Then on seeing her pussy i thought of fucking her.My cock was already very hard so i got up on her bed and slowly pushed my cock in her pink pussy but it was very tight and my cock was not going in easily. So i pushed in hard and because of the pain she waked up and looked in my eyes .I could see that she was very scared and also was i.I got up ,quickly grabbed my underwear and T-shirt and went towards the door when she suddenly shouted ''WAIT'' I turned around and looked in her eyes she was now not scared nor angry but there was a very seductive and naughty look in her eyes.

She came near me and caught my limp cock and smiled again…………………………………………….

P.S.- I will complete the story if i think u like my story.AND THANKS FOR READING .

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