My Ex_(1)

My Ex_(1)

my name is tim.. i am the father of two beautiful kinds and run a local garage

my story begins a few years ago…being the manager of a local garage i am incharge of the hiring and fireing of employees. i had lost a couple of techs and didnt have time to do what i normally do which is talk with the customers, and do the paperwork since i had to help out with the mechanics part of the business. i had put a ad in the paper for a secretary and to my surprise the very next day in walks the most gorgeous red head i had ever seen. i tried to conduct the interview with as much professionalism as possible but when the interview became a little flirtacious the girl who we will call emma noticed the bulge in my pants start to grow she leaned in and whispered i can take care of that also. before i could stop myself i blurtted out YOU HIRED!!!!!!! we talked over the technicalities and decided she would start the next day since i was so backed up on paperwork and it just continued to pile up. for some reason the next day i was so nervous, women never made me feel like i was feeling. i took an extra long shower and put on my cleanest uniform and headed to work. emma showed up shortly after i did wearing a very low cut shirt and a tight black mini skirt. i showed her around explaining her job duties. i noticed her continually adjusting her waistband and twitching around alot i jokeingly asked if her panties were to tight. she immediately replied "im not wearing any" and explained that she had gotten her clit pierced the night before. trying to hide the fact that my erection was growing i asked her if she was serious. without any hesitation she sat down on the edge of the desk like i was just one of her girlfriends and lifted her skirt and parted her sweet lips with two fingers exposing the sexiest thing i had ever seen.. being bold myself i asked her if i could touch it and she replied "sure" and slid further up on the desk and spread her legs wide open. i reached out an played with the shiny piece of metal resting between her pussy lips.. as i did she started to moan.. and of course wouldnt you know with my luck i noticed two of my techs walking across the parking lot. we fixed ourselves up and when they walked through the door i gave the proper introductions and walked out to the garage to start the days work. for the next couple weeks the flirting got a little worse but nothing major had happened. until one day when i noticed her crying i asked her what was wrong and she broke down and told me that she had gotten into a fight with her two roommates and had been sleeping in her car. now since it was the middle of febuary i told her that i had just ended a relationship and my ex just moved out and i offered he the couch in my one bedroom apartment if she wanted it, it took a little cohersing but she finally agreed. we took off a little early that day to go get her belongings from her old apartment. when we finally got everthing moved into my storage we went upstairs i showed her around the apartment and offered her the first shower since she hadnt taken one in a couple days. this situation continued for a couple days till the night of a big icestorm which knocked out power to the entire complex. i went to the store to buy a couple items including a kerosene heater, when i returned a couple hours later she asked where i had been. i told her i went to 3 different stores and could only find one heater. we lit the heater and sat on the couch and talked for hours. when i realized what time it was i suggested we go to bed since we had a long day of work tommorrow. thats when i remembered there was only one heater and it was way to cold in the living room for her to sleep. i noticed her going to the closet to get a couple extra blankets and i told her to take my bed i would sleep on the floor. as we headed for the bedroom she told me i didnt have to sleep on the floor that she had been hoping that i would invite her to my bed for a while now. 9 months later my son was born. 11 months after that my daughter was born. it wasnt long after that that we had split up and both moved on, needless to say she quite the garage.
this brings us to the present. i try to get my kids as often as i can and alot of times ill pick them up after work take them to dinner and back to my place and take them home in the morning, pretty routine until the morning that caused me to write this story.
i took them home to their mothers house and went to the door to get emma to help me get the kids out of the car like i always do. only this time no one answered. i got back in the car and drove to a few of her friends house looking for her not being able to find her i took the kids to my mothers house since it was way to cold for them to stay in the car so i could continue my search.i headed over to emmas mom house because she somtimes spends the night there if she gets in a fight with her boyfriend. i almost didnt go to the door since i didnt see her moms car. but tried any way. i rang the doorbell a couple times and got no answer, right as i was getting ready to leave i decided to knock, when i did the door slid open.i walked in just as i used when we were together. i walked up the stairs and noticed that her mothers bed was made and she wasnt home. i walked around the cornner and knocked softly on her old bedrooms door. and this i where the storie gets intresting. i slowly pushed the door open and noticed empty beer bottles all over the room. and to my surprise found emma passed out on the bed wearing a very thin white night shirt with no bra and a mini skirt hiked up way over her waist and of course no panties as she never wears them. my anger quickly turned into fantasy as i stared at the gorgeous redhead that i used to love. i stood there for a moment not knowing what to do. i didnt know if she would be mad for walking into the house like i did.after a couple minutes i walked into the room and around the bed and my fantasy quickly went away as i found josh her current boyfriend curled up on the floor butt naked. i decided to try to wake emma to get her to follow me back to my mothers to get the kids so i could go to work. i called her name softly trying not to wake josh. she responded with a couple mumbled moans. getting frustrated i tapped her on the shoulders a couple times and again got no response. not caring if she got mad at this point i stuck my hand on her naked waist and shook her a couple times again nothing i did it again but this time my hand slid over her ass a little and her mumbleing turned into a slight moan. as my erection started to grow i got a little bolder and my hand slid down a little further on her ass. her moans got a little louder but she showed no intention of waking up. testing the waters a little i started rubbing he ass and the inner part of her thighs. my cock felt like it was ready to explode. i dont know if it was the thrill of maybe getting caught or if it was just the sight of this gorgeous redhead laying on the bed who had way to much to drink and had no idea what was going on. i continued my groping and eventually slid a couple fingers into her already wet pussy as i did this she let out a long slow moan which got me even hotter. i quickened the pace of my fingers pistoning in and out of her soaking wet cunt. i layed down on the bed trying not to wake her and undid the button on my work pants and pulled out my already hard cock. i then lifted one of her legs and pulled it on top of mine laying behind her in the spoon position. i slowly placed the head of my dick at the entrance to her sweet wet love hole and slowly pushed it in trying not to wake her. i got about half way in when she awoke and let out a loud pleasureable moan and said " im sorry josh i was a bitch" and started to turn her head and kiss who she thought was josh. i quickly put my finger on her cheek and sssssshhhhhhhhhhed her to keep her from turning her head and finding out i wasnt her boyfriend. she must have gotten into a fight with josh the night before and thats why he was on the floor, and she thought i was josh try to make up. i pushed my dick all the way in "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love the way ur big cock feels in my pussy" she said. that got me so hard as i remebered how dirty she liked to talk while we had sex. knowing that my secret was still safe i countinued fucking the pussy of my childrens mother while her boyfriend layed naked on the floor five feet away. as we got into it she started to get up on her hands and knees luckily facing away from her boyfriend and asked me to stick it in her ass. this shocked the hell out of me because i tried to do this many times when we were together and she would never let me so i was happy to make her wish my comand. as she repositioned i snuck behind her without her seeing me and stuck a couple fingers into her love box pulling out a couple fingers full of her juices and lubed up her cute little sphinxter and placed the head of my dick against her hole. slowly i pushed my cock inch by inch into her tight anal canal till i was balls deep. ipulled it out as slowly as i pushed it in and then slammed it back in causing her to moan loudly. i stayed there for a minute hoping that it didnt wake up josh i looked back and thankfully found him still passed out, so i resumed fucking the hell out of my ex girlfriend ass and brought her off to many orgasms after her fourth one i felt my balls start to swell as i pumped load after load of hot cum deep into the ass of the mother of my children for the first time in the two years that ive known her. she collapsed down on the bed and i fell right behind her back in the spoon position and wrapped my arm around her stomach. i was about the same size as josh so i figured she wouldnt know the difference, hopeing she would fall back asleep and i could sneek out. we sat there panting trying to catch our breath for a couple minutes. when she finally did i got the shock of my life she let out a couple more after sex moans and said "mmmmmmmmmmm i missed the way that only you can make my pussy feel……TIM". i nearly shit myself i jumped up and looked at emma and asked how she knew. she gave me an evil grin and knodded to the wall in front of the bed. the whole time i was banging that sweet ass she was watching me in the vanity mirrior hanging on the wall. i mumbled a few sentences that made no sense then asked her why she let me go if she knew it was me. she said she didnt know at first until i had entered her all the way and she realized i wasnt josh since he is apparently much smaller than i in the genitailia area. still flabergasted she assured me that it was ok and thanked me for the fucking that shes needed since we split. she then thanked me again be giving me one her amazing blowjobs i blew another load of cum deep into her throat kissed her deeply and told her why i was there in the first place. she told me to go out to the car and call her and she would wake up josh and tell him i have to follow you to pick up the kids. once we got to my mothers house my mother immediately left since she was now late for work and told me to lock up when we left. we got the kids ready and headed for the door when emma turned and grabbed my cock in her hand and told me i could wake her up anytime i wanted to and then kissed me deeply, i helped her load the kids in the car and then headed off to work.

over the last couple weeks there were a couple more encounters.. if youd like to hear about them let me know in your coments


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